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Launceston Police Station is under threat. And the Conservatives - whose cuts have put it at risk but could still save it - are refusing to come to the rescue. The front counter service has already gone. So local people have to rely on the very inconsistent 101 telephone service where they could be hanging on for 30 minutes or more. Before the front counter was closed, the Conservative Police Commissioner - Tony Hogg - was warned about the failings of his proposed alternative, but he went ahead anyway. The next step has been to propose to remove the custody ...

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The Liberal Democrats are on 48% in a poll with the closest rival, the Greens, trailing in our wake with just a third of that total. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to change anyone's vote. It's in the Big Beard Poll on Keith Flett's blog. Keith runs the Beard Liberation Front which earlier this year announced our Julian Huppert as the Parliamentary Beard of the Year. The campaign says that it is entirely up to voters to decide but a key criteria is how Parties are prepared to go in signing up to the BLF Beard Friendly Britain Manifesto (below) BLF ...

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Tue 21st

A blue sky day..

Camelia beginning to fade &Geranium leaves emerging... Grape hyacinths marching along nicely& the jasmine has a flush of new growth... There's a sprinkling of purple &A pretty pasque flower... A peony in the wrong place& a big blue sky day... (Song or mistle thrush?)

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[IMG: Close up of a board game with a human shaped piece] Hard to beat this from Liberal Democrat Prue Bray: Is this a first? On the doorstep today a lady told me about some friends of hers who are so keen on me as a councillor that for Christmas the wife made the husband a board game about me, where all the pieces are made out of photos of me cut out of our Focuses. And they play it. Regularly.

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The BBC says that the Chilott Inquiry into the Iraq war may now not report until next year, a full 13 years since the misguided and ill-fated invasion. A source close to the inquiry, which began in 2009, told Newsnight "nobody thinks it will come out this year". An inquiry spokesman declined to comment. British forces lost 179 personnel during the conflict, of whom 136 were killed in action. By 31 August 2010, when the last US combat troops left, 4,421 US personnel had been killed, of whom 3,492 were killed in action. Almost 32,000 had been wounded in action. ...

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The Connect team are offering training in advance of polling day. ALDC's strong advice is to make sure as many relevant people as possible in your team get trained now, to avoid problems on the day.

It's been a bad campaign for the Tories so far. They've managed to turn Ed Miliband's public image from a geeky ditherer into a decisive, effective politician who's a hit with the ladies, as a notable for instance. Their latest trick involves attacking the SNP full on. There are only two things I can take away from this: that the Conservatives and those who support them in the media have decided that Miliband and the Labour Party are somehow indestructible; and that there is a deep hypocrisy right at the heart of all this SNP-bashing by the Tories that a ...

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To make sense of the opinion polls in Britain's general election it is best to look at the BBC poll of polls. [IMG: BBC Poll of Polls] There just isn't much going on. When each poll comes out there is a breathless headline, as the votes seem to shift from the last time the poll was taken – and this is usually expressed in terms of the gap between the top two parties. For example yesterday the Ashcroft poll showed a 4% Conservative lead rising from zero the previous time; and ICM showed the Conservative lead dropping by 2% to ...

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Five rules of politics that Nicola Sturgeon has broken - this is written as a comedy piece, but it's not. (tags: ) Britain's immigration debate has taken a turn for the toxic by @Kav_Kaushik (tags: ) As usual the interesting bit in the latest Lord Ashcroft Polls is the focus groups "I work for Royal Mail, so I got privatised. Now I've got to work for a living and it's a killer." (tags: ) 'Ghost' railway station discovered beneath the capital (tags: ) This Doesn't Mean Yes campaign: tackling the insidious myth of women 'asking for it' through clothing or ...

The burst of excitement about politics in Scotland is really unprecedented. It requires a little explanation, and why people who have been turned off from politics appear to be turning - to some extent at least - to nationalists. Nationalists, with all their intolerance too, which is all too obvious as they shout down opposing candidates in the streets. Why? It seems to me that there are two reasons. First, the idea of imagining your own nation has an empowering effect, whether it is practical or not. It allows people to imagine solutions to intractable problems which appear to have ...

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Edinburgh West is clearly the place to launch your election manifesto these days. However, when Willie Rennie, Mike Crockart and Jo Swinson launch the Scottish Liberal Democrat manifesto it won't be in a massive venue surrounded by an audience of cheering party supporters, it'll be in the heart of the community, in a small business, in South Queensferry. Ironically, it'll be almost exactly opposite the spot across the Firth of Forth in North Queensferry where he gave his first interview as Scottish leader in May 2011. Last year, Willie talked about a "sunshine strategy" and it looks like he'll be ...

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[IMG: Liberal Democrat Newswire logo] Liberal Democrat Newswire #62, the latest in my weekly general election specials, came out at the start of the week, including five things you may have missed in the Lib Dem manifesto, why Maidstone is more interesting than you may think and other stories. You can also read it below, but if you'd like the convenience of getting it direct by email in future, just sign up here. It's free! Welcome to the 62nd edition of Liberal Democrat Newswire, rounding up some of the Lib Dem-related election news you may have missed in the last ...

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Tue 21st

Want a poster?

I know it's old fashioned in the age of the internet, but window posters remain a positive way of expressing support for the party or candidate of your choice. It's also a very strong message. Anyone putting a poster in their window signals a much higher level of commitment than the average. Of course there are lots of very understandable reasons why people prefer not to do so, but if you'd like a bright orange poster for your window please get in touch and we'll get one to you. [IMG: Diamond poster]

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From the City Council : Overnight Road Closures for Surfacing Work You will be aware that Dundee City Council is currently re-developing the Central Waterfront of Dundee. Another important stage of the project involves the resurfacing at Riverside Drive, eastbound and westbound at the new junction at Discovery Point. To ensure the safety of the public and workforce while construction is taking place we will unfortunately have to undertake 2 closures over 2 weekends. The first closure involves the closure of the eastbound carriageway of Riverside Drive from the mini Roundabout at Tesco Service access to the junction of Yeaman ...

[IMG: Above Cafe Nero - Lord St.] Southport's Lord Street is internationally known but how often do we look up from modern shop frontages to admire the old buildings that make Southport what it is. You can of course say this about any town or city with a rich architectural heritage in its main shopping area – Liverpool without doubt is another example. The photo is of just one Lord Street frontage, which happens to be above a branch of Cafe Nero, that caught my eye in recent times. Just think if these shops were built now how bland and ...

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Britain backs further welfare cuts A poll for the Financial Times by Populus has suggested that George Osborne's plan to make further cuts to Britain's welfare bill has the support of 75% of voters, who still believe "too much money is being wasted on paying benefits to people who don't need them". Of the benefits a future chancellor might cut, there was most support for reducing child benefit, then working-age benefits and finally pensioner benefits such as the winter fuel allowance. Many of us on the left of British politics have been taken aback by the ruthless way the Labour ...

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Every gulley should be jetted at least once a year to make sure it's free-flowing and rainwater can run away. We all know that, while most work fine, some are blocked – and look like they've been blocked for a long time! [IMG: gulleys cleared] If you spot a blocked gulley, you can report it here. If it's not sorted, let the Lib Dem team know and we'll chase it up for you. It isn't always the council's fault though – here are some reasons why we can still get water pooling: a car was parked over the grid so ...

A resident raised the issue of a large pothole in front of the parade of shops on Stonepail Road and my first thought was "is this Council land or private?". If the council's responsible we can get it sorted fairly easily. If it's private then it's a different matter. Landowners have responsibility for their own land and the Council has barely enough money to maintain it's own roads and pavements without doing other people's too. (There are some limited cases where the Council can act, normally on unadopted roads where there's a real danger). So what if you want to ...


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The end of our latest visit to Rutland's most celebrated fictional peer. I must thank him for the confidence he expresses in me here. My secretary does not get up to That Sort of Thing I see the Duke of Rutland has had the rozzers crawling over his Estate after one of his employees turned out to be a former Conservative MP with a conviction for caning rent boys. This shows, I feel, the importance of insisting upon references before offering someone employment. I have every confidence that my own Secretary does not get up to That Sort of Thing. ...

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We read that much of the former Liberal Democrat support, dismayed by our performance in government, is transferring itself to Labour. In her interesting account of her time in parliament, Green MP Caroline Lucas sums up very well why we need to be cautious. Time and again - 1931, 1950, 1997, 2008 - Labour have been in power, yet have been seduced by the bankers and financiers, or backed down in the face of their threats. Where communities and whole cities have pinned their faith in Labour it has led to cronyism and corruption, and the local equivalent of one-party ...

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Two more photographs from the University of Leicester Special Collections. These were taken in 1965. As far as I can make out, the Ragged School stood on the corner of what are now Bedford Street North and Upper George Street.

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Earlier today, I took part in the new Dundee fleet launch of the Co-wheels community car club that took place in the City Square. Co-wheels is a public access car club that is run as a social enterprise and now has a Dundee fleet of 15 vehicles, including low emission, hybrid and electric cars and a vehicle suitable for wheelchair use. It's a really exciting initiative that allows local people to use a pay-as-you-go car club where you can get access to a vehicle as and when you need a car. You can find out more about the scheme at ...

Last summer, when tales of a peer who faced accusation of the sexual abuse of children but might escape justice because of dementia began to appear, I blogged about the case of Michael Collingwood. In that post I quoted a 2010 report from the Western Morning News: A Devon man has been found guilty of abusing six under-age girls in a trial held in his absence at Exeter Crown Court. Jurors yesterday unanimously found that Michael Collingwood, now 69, of Tedburn St Mary, near Exeter, committed 23 sex offences, including raping one girl. Judge Paul Darlow instructed the jury to ...

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Good: Lib Dems will demand an immediate review to look into reinstating EU search and rescue programs in the #Mediterranean http://t.co/f9TJPJb2Mh — Catherine Bearder (@catherinemep) April 20, 2015

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Lib Dems Believe Wordle 32 Freedom - realising your potential

Liberal Democrats exist to promote the freedom of the individual within a society in which all can achieve their potential. Liberal Democrats have a fundamental belief in the equality of all regardless of income, wealth, status, gender or gender identity, disability, personal capacity or sexual preferences - and that this should be enshrined and supported in law. Liberal Democrats believe the role of the State is to facilitate the ability of individuals to reach and exceed their potential and to provide an underpinning of support for those who fail to do so. They believe that spending to meet these aims ...

For as long as I have been visiting Stamford, my first stop has been at the specialist railway bookseller Robert Humm. First stop, because it is housed in the town's railway station. Now comes news that their lease on the station buildings is running out and they are moving to premises elsewhere in the town: The process will take most of this year; we hope to be fully established in our new shop by the start of October. There will be a spell during the summer when neither Station House nor the new shop will be open, but we mean ...

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Party President Sal Brinton appeals to supporters in and around Devon to go and help Nick Harvey's campaign, It certainly looks lovely, warm and sunny there. Here are the ways you can help out or if you can't make it in person, you can donate to Nick's campaign here. * Newshound in training. I'm sweet and full of mischief, just like my stories.

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Mon 20th


As I secondary school teacher myself I know that a good education is key for every young person to get on in life. There is a direct link between achievement at school and the background young people are coming from; the gap starts even before children start school. Liberal Democrats have introduced the Pupil Premium [...]

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Headline of the Day goes to the Telegraph. An honourable mention to the Standard for: Mysterious model of Taj Mahal made out of toast discovered on south London street corner

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24 days ago, I wrote that We're heading for a Labour minority government backed by the SNP. Since then, there have been thousands more people polled, millions more pounds spent on campaigning and millions more words written/said about the election. So, I now have a ++BREAKING NEWS++ update! We're still heading for a Labour minority government backed by the SNP. The Guardian's Poll Projection (other projections are available and, more or less, agree), which sucks in and uses all nationwide and constituency polling, shows that, based on current polls, the only feasible bloc of parties which would form a majority ...

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Question: what is the closest to a election that a party has released its manifesto? Because I'm pretty sure that outside of snap elections called at breakneck pace, the SNP choosing today to launch theirs must be one of the latest. Indeed, judging from some of the comments I've sen, it may be a real first in a party delivering its manifesto after votes had started being cast – some places had their postal ballots arrive at the weekend. That's something that could raise an interesting discussion – what if you cast a postal vote for a party and then ...

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Birtley Hustings Meeting

Last Thursday evening brought us the first hustings meeting of the Blaydon campaign. Held at the St Joseph's Catholic Club in Birtley, it is something of a tradition, having been held at every election since 1992. All 5 candidates were invited but the Greens and UKIP didn't turn up. So it was me, David Anderson (Labour) and Ali Griffiths (Conservative). It was the first time I had met her. She

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The 2015 Parliament could witness the greatest transfer of power from the Executive (and Whitehall) to the Legislature (and the people's elected representatives in the House of Commons) in the history of our countries. Tony Greaves has written here and here seeking to explore how this Parliament might operate. It takes me back to an afternoon in Winchester in 1986. Hampshire County Council, run by Tories for over 100 years, is about to set its budget. The Tories, until that morning, have the slimmest of majorities, thanks to the Chair's casting vote, but news swishes through the corridors of County ...

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A message from Lynne


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For a significant period of time I have been the subject of misogynistic online trolling and harassment of the most personal and unpleasant kind. In response to that I made a series of tweets that I realise now have caused offence. I have now deleted those tweets and apologise to those I have offended, whether in my own party or members of the public. I am also grateful to those in the party who have handled this fairly and promptly. I will release a longer statement in the coming days.

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FBI overstated forensic hair matches in nearly all trials before 2000 - this is horrific (tags: ) the best reaction to the hatefulKatie Hopkins I have ever seen from a mainstream news outlet (tags: ) Awesome, AWESOME scifi ideas via @Linothel - I love the one right at the end about the hatchling (tags: ) Top of the Pops set for comeback with Dermot O'Leary and Fearne Cotton as hosts I suggest we all go out and buy Top of The Pops by Rezillos if this actually happens (tags: ) Lib Dems complain BBC reneged on TV debates deal with ...

* Europe: the dog that doesn't bark At the East Midlands Liberal Democrat conference in February Sal Brinton's advice was not to make Europe a campaign issue. Subsequent events have proved her right. My agent urges caution as UKIP did well in this constituency in the European elections. Ed Milliband ran it up the flagpole at the start of the short campaign by pointing out how destabilising a referendum would be for business, but but no-one saluted. Tony Blair mentioned it and had a similar non-response. On the doorsteps it's barely figured. A handful of people have voiced strong anxiety ...

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Lindsay's office


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@julianhuppert Thanks for helping to keep government sensible! #reason #science #libdems http://t.co/egPylxcd9y pic.twitter.com/i5PaZxCGtG — Bristol Uni Lib-Dems (@LDSocBristol) April 19, 2015

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[IMG: May2015] In this run up to the election we have been bombarded with opinion polls on who is going to win the election - or not to win it, as it now seems. Looking at the May2015.com website, which tracks polling results, in the month to 18th April, 53 polls were published, an average of almost two a day. On 9th April for example five separate polls were published. I don't know if the same people have been asked several times, but the results seem amazingly consistent! I, like some others, have some concerns about this plethora of polls. ...

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For text click here: Manifesto 2015 The Liberal Democrats in St Albans have today launched their manifesto for the District Council elections in St Albans which take place at the same time as the General Election on 7 May. The manifesto, entitled 'Time for a New Approach', contains details of the Party's programme for the local [...]

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[IMG: Quinton Colour] Well organised parliamentary hustings last Thurs in Tring. Lib Dem Nigel Quinton did well. Click here to view the video by Dee TV showing snippets from 5 questions asked on the night. To see full answers to each question please click here http://www.deetv.tv/events/hustings-2015-sw-herts/, you can also hear the opening and closing remarks from each candidate . Berkhamsted Hustings are on Wednesday 22 April at the old town hall.

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[IMG: Tim Farron MP speaks at the rally] In an article for the New Statesman Tim Farron writes: The tragic deaths of migrants in the Mediterranean this week must force us to change direction. Immigration is one of the major issues of this election and Labour and the Conservatives continue to portray all immigrants in a negative light. But immigration is not an issue which can be solved by Britain on our own. Or by oversimplifying and stoking fears based on one stereotype. The Liberal Democrats' manifesto will not ignore the plight of refugees playing a lottery with their own ...

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Mon 20th

Care Act - Success

Knowing that you will receive the best care possible means the world to everyone who finds themselves or their loved ones in need of social care. Lib Dem Care Ministers Pail Burstow, Norman Lamb and other Lib Dem colleagues we have worked hard to reform our badly out of date care system. This April we reached a major milestone with the Care Act coming into effect. As the independent health charity the Kings Fund put it, "the coalition has made more progress [on care] in five years than the previous government did in thirteen". The Care Act creates new rights ...

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Mon 20th

Is sin trendy?

It appears pretty clear that – in the Western world at least – once you get past childhood, the younger you are the less likely you are to attend church. The Church cannot rejuvenate itself without reversing that trend. This subject is the focus of the Atlantic's interview with Rachel Held Evans about her new book. She [...]

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Spare a thought for a moment for the hapless policy wonk. I don't really speak as a represetative of the guild, so to speak - I am far too opinionated. But I have enough policy wonk in my genes to know what they are going through, and two weeks from a general election is an absolute nadir. The general election campaign has reached its height. Those interested in policy have waited for this moment for five long years when, at last, the issues would be aired and hammered out effectively, and decisions would be reached, contradictions revealed and we could ...

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That statement has perhaps never been as boldly underlined as it was this week, with the continent-wide consciousness being collectively appalled at the unfolding horror in the Mediterranean. The horrific events have mobilised a pan-European discourse of outcry in a way that other EU issues often fail to do, primarily because it highlights the need for European collaboration, and the human cost of our failure to do so. It is also perhaps because it underlines to us the extent to which Europe is viewed as a single entity, or collective, by the rest of the world. Immigration, regional and international, ...

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Our thanks to everyone who attended our ALDC-Team 2015 Manchester Phone Bank on Thursday. Every week, we have been happy to welcome some new members, alongside some familiar faces. We made calls on behalf of a number of campaigns across the North of England and succeeded in finding local Lib Dem voters, new helpers, and more volunteers to [...]

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I have had a hustings with students at Edinburgh University and a meeting with the Edinburgh University Students' Association. They have produced a manifesto and I will detail my response. They have asked for a phasing out of tuition fees and better support for the diverse needs of post graduate students. Obviously I couldn't commit to the former, But I would like to point out that raising tuition fees was a Conservative policy, one that the Lib Dems could not block! As more coalitions are formed, I'm sure the British Public will recognise the limitations of individual manifestos as well ...

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I know, I know. The only "new" electoral registration figure you're allowed to report is old data from December, and even then you're only allowed to report it wrongly and you mustn't mention the newer data about it going up. So ignore this graph showing the volume of electoral registration applications made centrally via Gov.uk, because we're all doomed, democracy is dying and the world's about to run out of chocolate. [IMG: Online electoral registration applications] P.S. Today is deadline day to get on the electoral register in time for the general election. So do register now if you haven't ...

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The surprise of the election campaign thus far has been the fact that Labour seem to still be slightly ahead in the polls. As things stand, unless there's some sort of late surge towards the Tories, Ed Miliband will be in prime position to form the next government. This is a position for which he and his party seem, from the outside anyhow, to be utterly unprepared for. And by that I don't mean the trappings of power or the burdens of the executive - I mean simply that the Labour Party appear utterly unready to interface with the parties ...

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I'm sorry but.......

For the time being this blog will not be getting updated! As you may know by now, I'm standing for election to Parliament on May 7th? Did you know it's nearly 100 years since our city had an MP representing them who was actually born in the city? As you can imagine, the campaign is [...]

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24 days ago, I wrote that We're heading for a Labour minority government backed by the SNP. Since then, there have been thousands more people polled, millions more pounds spent on campaigning and millions more words written/said about the election. So, I now have a ++BREAKING NEWS++ update! We're still heading for a Labour minority government backed by the SNP. The Guardian's Poll Projection (other projections are available and, more or less, agree), which sucks in and uses all nationwide and constituency polling, shows that, based on current polls, the only feasible bloc of parties which would form a majority ...

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Just out is the latest version of the Electoral Commission's guide for (Acting) Returning Officers on how they should rule on doubtful ballot papers at the general election. The new guide includes examples using the new design of ballot papers introduced for this election. One particular point is worth noting, even for (perhaps especially for) experienced count attendees. The guidance in 3.11 is that a ballot paper marked 1,2,3 etc. should count as a vote for the candidate with a 1 next to their name. Fans of hanging chads will, however, be disappointed by page 6. Download this document

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Here's something interesting I noticed in the Tory manifesto over the weekend. In a section headlined 'We will build on our Olympic and Paralympic legacy' on page 42, tbere;s a commitment to support elite sports funding along with a list of big events happening in Britain over the next few years and then this: We will support new sports in the UK, in particular through greater links with the US National Football League, the National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball, with the ultimate ambition of new franchises being based here. It's curious that this turns up in a section ...

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The European Union's Supreme Court is to scrutinise the UK government's compliance with laws limiting air pollution, after campaign group ClientEarth took legal action against Britain over excess nitrogen dioxide emission. The Times covered this story. With thanks to the LGiU for the lead to this story. [IMG: images] The results of this scrutiny will be interesting. We would all hope that Britain would be meeting safe nitrogen dioxide emission targets but there is clearly some evidence to say that it is not doing especially in some of our major cities.

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Readers of this blog will know that I am a big supporter of our railways and in particular the campaigning activities of OPSTA our local rail lobbying group for Southport and West Lancashire. Below is an article from Rail User Express about the recent activities of OPSTA:- [IMG: opsta logo new] Ormskirk, Preston & Southport Travellers' Association - operator continuing with improvements OPSTA has now been involved in meetings with all three of shortlisted bidders for the Northern franchise. There are only about 14 months left to the end of the current franchise, so OPSTA finds it encouraging that Northern ...

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[IMG: Votematch] * Voter Advice Applications. I have been drawing your attention to a number of websites which either tell you who the candidates are in your constituency or help you to decide who to vote for, such as Unlock Democracy's VoteMatch. MySociety has produced a list of the latter types under the snappy title: A list of Voter Advice Applications - AKA 'who should I vote for?' tools - for the UK General Election. It lists a dozen or so sites, and others are mentioned in the comments. Now although it is comforting to prove that you think like ...

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Mon 20th

West End Ward Surgeries

With the school holidays over, it is back to West End Ward surgeries tonight. These are : • Mitchell Street Centre - Mitchell Street (The Base) - Mondays - 4.20pm (prompt) (except school holidays) • West Park Centre (Old Mansion House Reception Area) - Mondays - 4.50 pm (prompt) (except school holidays) • Blackness Primary School (Staff Room) - Thursdays - 6.15 pm (prompt) (except school holidays)

Mon 20th

How not to canvass

For those heading out on doorsteps tonight, here is a masterclass in how not to canvass, care of the Labour Party:

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