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Lib Dem Councillors John Dodd, Daniel Lewis, Nigel Ashton and Yaso Sathiy, Focus Editor are holding their next advice centre in Churchtown. We will be at BoxTree Kitchen for Queenscourt café, Manor Road/Cambridge Road, roundabout, from 10:30 to 11.30am on Thursday 25th October. We also hold a monthly advice centre in Crossens, at St John's School, Rufford Road, Crossens every month (except August) on the second Saturday of the month from 11:00 am to 12:00. We will be there to meet you and discuss any Council problems you may have. No appointment necessary. Just pop in.

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They say that if you can remember the Sixties you weren't there. But I do remember them and I was there. I even remember the Summer of Love, though it may help that I was that I was only seven years old at the time. I wore shorts, sandals and those T-shirts with horizontal stripes and three buttons at the neck that were suddenly fashionable again a few years ago. In 1967 we had a family caravan holiday on Winchelsea Beach. The songs that bring it back to me even after all these years are Up, Up and Away by ...

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Without radical changes in the way we live, we could see droughts, floods, extreme weather events and mass extinction by the time this year's Freshers turn 30. The sector can hardly claim to be preparing graduates for the future without addressing this reality.

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It's a Sunday, and if you think that the Press Team go quiet, you'd be wrong. There's always someone on duty... Starmer must make People's Vote Labour's Brexit priority – Brake On his programme this morning, Andrew Marr challenged Keir Starmer over the number of "hurdles" the Shadow Brexit Secretary was putting in the way of Labour fully backing a People's Vote. Responding, Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake said: The People's Vote march was genuinely cross-party and one of the striking features was the number of Labour voters who attended. This backs up authoritative academic research showing that around ...

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Sun 21st

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Caron Lindsay went on yesterday's march demanding a referendum on the final Brexit deal. "At every stage of the Brexit process we have seen complete indifference to the fate of Northern Ireland. The "precious union" stuff is a gaudy orange garment borrowed from the DUP to cover the most nakedly obvious attitude: this Irish border stuff concerns a faraway people of whom we know nothing and care less." Fintan O'Toole says the Brexiters don't care about Northern Ireland. Penelope Gibbs on the rudeness of judges and why it matters. "The article on ringcraft ... notes approvingly that former British and ...

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This weekend we have seen at least one case of lousy parking in the town centre. Ludlow Town Council wants to solve this by banning daytime parking anywhere in the market and castle area. This will be on top of a hike in on-street charges to £1.60 an hour and conversion of Castle Street car park to long stay. The 15-minute free pop and shop will be cut to five minutes. The combined effect will make our town centre a lot tidier. We need to be careful it doesn't make it a lot deader. [More...] Ludlow is short of car ...

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"We are a national movement and we're here to stop Brexit." It couldn't be clearer. Vince set out our mission for the next few months yesterday as Liberal Democrats gathered in Hyde Park ahead of the People's Vote march. I've written about the day here. Watch his full speech below: He certainly showed why we were chanting "Theresa May's not strong and stable, exit Brexit with Vince Cable." * Caron Lindsay is Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice and blogs at Caron's Musings

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I promised you I would read and review Economics for the Many, a collection of essays edited by John McDonnell, Labour's Shadow Chancellor. The purpose of the book is to show that Labour is not trying to reheat failed ideas from the past - but it is brimming with new ideas fit for the 21st ... Continue reading Economics for the Many – voices from the echo chamber

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As previously mentioned, I enjoyed both the short-lived Doctor Who spinoff TV series Class and its associated novels; Big Finish have now done two series of audios based on the show, using all the lead actors, though not all at the same time. I've listened to the first and will report on the second in due course. Each consists of three stories. Gifted by Roy Gill picks up the April/Ram relationship (as played by Sophie Hopkins and Fadi Elsayed) and tests it against a rather excellent villain played by Deirdre Mullins with a sidekick played by Rhys Isaac-Jones. There's decently ...

Responding to the Government's modern slavery report, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesperson Ed Davey said: "Theresa May once rightly called modern slavery 'the great human rights issue of our time', yet her own policies are playing into the hands of slavers. "Her hostile environment makes it harder for victims to come forward, cuts to the police and the Border Force have left fewer officers on the frontline, and now Brexit threatens the cross-border co-operation that puts traffickers behind bars. "Liberal Democrats demand better for the victims of modern slavery. We will end the hostile environment, invest in the police and ...

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Yesterday 700,000 people marched through London demanding a second vote. Lib Dems were at the heart of that protest and at the heart of a wider liberal movement. We now need to show that there are other major issues as ... Continue reading →

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Talking Pictures TV has started showing the series Public Eye, which ran between 1965 and 1975. Oddly, I have no memory of watching it. The other evening a 22-year-old Stephanie Beacham came on screen. She was carrying a transistor radio and it was playing this tune. I managed to catch enough of the words to look it up. (Thank God for the internet.) Like the might Eloise, The Colour of My Love was written by Paul Ryan and sung by his twin brother Barry. It was released as a single in the UK, but was not a hit. The tune ...

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[IMG: David Cameron was missing from the People's Vote march yesterday] The post David Cameron was missing from the People's Vote march yesterday appeared first on FeministMama.

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Transport for Wales has taken over the rail line through Ludlow, with international rail company KeolisAmey providing the service. There are promises of major investment in trains and stations, cheaper fares and better services. It could not come a moment too soon. Punctuality has been falling, trains are often overcrowded and the older rolling stock is getting unreliable. Unfortunately, last week was a pretty shaky start for KeolisAmey. It can be a pleasure to travel by train. I travel several times a month, to Shrewsbury and Hereford, and often to Birmingham and other exotic destinations. But delays to trains are ...

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Unfortunately, I was abroad last week and was still disembarking at Bristol airport as 700,000 people marched through central London demanding a people's vote on Brexit. If I had been in the country I would have joined them, because we are still looking for clarity as to what exactly Brexit means. And once we know then surely we have the right to vote on whether it is acceptable to us and anything like what was sold to voters in June 2016. Some commentators and all the Brexiteers, when faced with this argument, tell us that we have already had a ...

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Central London was brought to a standstill yesterday when an estimated 700,000 people marched from Park Lane to Parliament Square calling for a "Final Say" on any proposed deal between Britain and the EU — with an option to remain in membership. So many people turned up, from all round the country — far more [...]

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Sun 21st

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Sat, 12:17: RT @Dublin2019: Come meet the team at @Octocon today! Sat, 12:17: RT @Dublin2019: Putting the 'Irish' into an Irish Worldcon at @Octocon Sat, 12:56: Another Brexit policy failure. Sat, 12:57: RT @GuitarMoog: For Moldova, as with the EU, the UK has moved from a valued and trusted partner, to an unreliable and untrustworthy partner... Sat, 15:00: RT @profcotoole: This coming Halloween don't despair at the impending doom and Eldritch terror about to befall the world, join @dublin2019... Sat, 15:43: Ringworld, by Larry Niven Sat, 16:05: Heaven Sent — a letter to Steven Moffat Beautiful. By ...

Dear Board Members, In a very friendly way I am writing to suggest that you should not at this stage agree to have a special Party Conference in early January to discuss amendments to the Party Constitution. I am saying this not only after many discussions with Lib Dems in the North West and my own City of Liverpool but also in places as far apart as Taunton and Cambridge and with fellow Leaders from Local Government. I have some key questions for you before you make the decision. I am expecting the answers to these questions to be publicised: ...

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Did you know that the Government has a manifesto commitment to bring in compulsory ID for Parliamentary elections? They plan to require us to show some sort of ID before we are issued with our ballot paper in a polling station. The idea was piloted in five Boroughs in the recent council elections, and the Government is now looking for pilot sites for next May's elections. The Cabinet Office and the Electoral Commission have both published evaluations of the pilots. There is also an excellent report from the Electoral Reform Society setting the issue of voter ID in the context ...

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As Nick Clegg's biographer, I have always tried to stay above - or detached from - events involving him, so I can judge them dispassionately. But I can't help feeling an intense seam of sadness at the news that he has accepted a senior role with Facebook. In fact it feels like something of a betrayal.One can argue till the cows come home about Clegg's political legacy. Personally, I think he gave the British people what they wanted in 2010 - only once they got it, they realised it wasn't what they wanted after all. He rose to the top ...

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From Blether Tay-Gither : Bonsoir Dundee! The 2018 Scottish Storytelling Festival comes to Dundee with an event hosted by Blether Tay-Gither. It takes place this Tuesday - 23rd October - on HMS Unicorn, starting at 7pm. Join us aboard the HMS Unicorn for a night of stories that are inspired by this year's theme, Growing Stories, with our International guests. Enjoy the lively company of storytellers Fiona MacLeod from Brittany and Chantal Dejardin from Belgium, joining Blether Tay-gither storytellers for an evening of stories to treasure in your memories. Tickets are £6 and to book contact