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Embed from Getty Images I thought that in the UK, we had a parliamentary democracy. We elect representatives to tackle, understand, debate and ultimately enact legislation in order to build a cohesive, fair and prosperous society. OK, our politicians have seen fit on a few occasions, to gauge the mood of the country and seek 'advice' from the electorate on a singular matter of importance, via a referendum. Surely, under these circumstances, that received advice should then be subject to the normal process of parliamentary understanding , debate and action as parliament sees fit. In this way the factors of ...

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[IMG: Compass] [IMG: Twitter] [IMG: Facebook] Richmond By-election Dear Iain, A progressive alliance isn't something we build for the future, but something we can create right now. Zac Goldsmith has given us a chance in Richmond Park - we must take it. Today Compass is issuing the following statement calling on Labour and the Greens to give the Liberal Democrats a clear run in the by-election: The Richmond Park by-election is a huge progressive opportunity. Zac Goldsmith ran a racially divisive campaign for the London mayoralty, and was staunchly in favour of the Leave side in this year's referendum. ...

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Friday night was awards night at the Gild Hall in Formby. This is a new and most inspired initiative from Formby Parish Council and got off to a brilliant start. There were twelve awards including Good Neighbour, Carer, Fundraisers, for Courage, Teacher, Young Person, Community Hero and Lifetime Achievement. The businesses of Formby had rallied around to sponsor the awards and local residents John Parrot, David Fairclough, and Elite Super Heavyweight Champion Alex Dickenson joined me in handing out the awards. The evening was expertly compered by Sandgrounder Radio's Neil Newton. A special mention must go to mother and daughter ...

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[IMG: Kurt Stephens] Sandgate Councillor Kurt Stephens Cllr Kurt Stephens represented Sandgate Parish Council on Tuesday night at Shepway District Coiuncil's Development Control Committee, speaking against application Y16/0584/SH to convert the shop at 44 Sandgate High Street to residential accommodation. Despite around a 40 minute discussion on the application, in the end the Development Control Committee decided overrule Sandgate's objection and to allow the application by a majority of 8-2. At the meeting, Cllr Stephens said: "Firstly, I would like to thank you for allowing me to come along tonight and to speak briefly regarding the change of usage on ...

[IMG: Pidgeon and Randerson no to Heathrow expansion] Yesterday's announcement has confirmed what we have long suspected. That Theresa May would bow down to external pressures from big business and the foreign owners of Heathrow Airport to give expansion the green light – disregarding her own constituents and MPs in the process. This is a green light that will see 800 homes and parts of the M25 demolished to make way for a development that even in its current form exceeds EU laws on emissions and is the cause of 28% of all those affected by aircraft noise in Europe. ...

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[IMG: Green Spice Restaurant & LOAF cafe, Sandgate High Street] Kent County Council / Shepway District Council are "consulting" on a series of new Disabled Parking bays across Shepway, including two in Sandgate and one in Cheriton. Although the bays have been installed following the request of a specific resident in each case, the bay is not for the applicant's exclusive use. Anyone with a valid badge will be able to park in a permanent disabled bay. If you have any views on the new bays (and removal of two old bays), the details on who to write to are ...

The Liverpool Echo has this most worrying to stories – see link above. There will be a serious accident or even a death if this yob behavior continues. Keep your eyes peeled if you use this local motorway.

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[IMG: Leeds L'pool in Lydiate 01 13] Autumn has arrived and the nights are closing in so here are a couple of shots (taken in Jan' 2013) of the Leeds Liverpool Canal through Lydiate after a light snowfall and in icy conditions. [IMG: View from Billy's Bridge 01 13] You can just feel the cold looking at these shots. Click on the photos to enlarge them

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I posted not so long ago regarding the recently notified restructuring of Merseyside Police and my concerns about the South Sefton Community Team being based at Marsh Lane Police Station which is far from being a central location for the area concerned. Indeed, my worry as expressed in that previous posting, is that communities such as Lydiate and Melling may be too far away from Bootle's Marsh Lane to get a effective policing service. My previous post is available via this link:- I asked the Clerk of Lydiate Parish Council to take up such concerns with Inspector Phil Hatton ...

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Wed 26th

Six Quick Sci-Fi Stories

On sale at Lulu (click here) Six Quick Sci-Fi Stories: Simultaneity (a sort of stereo dreaming) The Double Take Shut-Eye Space Zombie Holiday The Final Vote The Reality Gap Six futuristic short stories featuring space travel, multiple universesalternate states, dystopian societies and space zombie horror.

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Embed from Getty Images This Saturday, an alliance of groups including Maternity Action, chaired by former Lib Dem Minister Jo Swinson, launches an action plan aimed at tackling maternity discrimination. The event takes place at the excellent Resources for London venue in Central London, where the Social Liberal Forum Conference was held last July. No matter where you live in the country, you can take part on Twitter by following #maternityrights and by watching the live stream here. If you are able to go, you can still register here. Here are some more details about the event: Please come and ...

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Update: health and phone

- have finished course of antibiotics prescribed for secondary problem. - primary problem still there, but at least I'm not suffering the side effects of the antibiotics any more. - side effects of antibiotics completely wiped me out in terms of energy and brainpower for over a week, and I couldn't even booze :( - all the other tests came back negative, so I'm booked in at the doctors on Wednesday next week. Will probably have to have more tests. - we've ruled out cervical cancer, and all the various infections; it could still be all sorts of nasty things ...

[IMG: Witney by-election team] No, not the by-election team's diet, but ten initial things we learnt from the campaign! Having had a few days to recover, I've been reflecting on the Witney by-election campaign and what I learnt from it. We will be producing materials and developing best practice advice based on the campaign, but for now here are [...]

Following Zac Goldmsith's resignation as Conservative MP for Richmond Park in order to force a Parliamentary by-election, the Conservatives have already announced they won't be running a candidate against his independent re-election bid. It's possible the field will thin even further because three senior Labour MPs have called for their own party also to stand aside, as LabourList reports. The trio are Clive Lewis, Lisa Nandy and Jonathan Reynolds. They say: Just months after fighting a nasty, racially divisive campaign to be Mayor of London Zac Goldsmith has triggered a by-election in his Richmond seat... With the Tories not standing ...

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The Little-Known Company That Enables Worldwide Mass Surveillance I'm white and working class. I'm sick of Brexiters saying they speak for me [IMG: comment count unavailable] comments

For those who have not yet heard, Zac Goldsmith has resigned as MP for Richmond Park over the government's announcement that Heathrow airport will be allowed to expand capacity. After a rather tepid speech in the House, all things considered, Zac said he would quit and thus a by-election would be held. In which he would run as an independent candidate. So basically, Goldsmith has quit the Conservative Party and resigned the whip but wants to remain an MP and feels he needs a by-election to justify this. What a man of the people. Anyhow, the real news is that ...

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[IMG: David Rendel] David Rendel was MP for Newbury from 1993 to 2005, winning the seat in a famous by-election with the largest majority ever attained by a Liberal Democrat. A campaigner of renowned energy, he was greatly admired both locally and nationally. At the time of his death in 2016, he still inspired huge loyalty within and beyond the Newbury and West Berkshire (NWB) Local Party and area. One of David's key strengths was his ability to inspire other people, particularly young people, to become actively involved in politics. NWB Liberal Democrats wish to establish an award in memory ...

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This report says that 82% of football-game-going people "would not have a problem" if a gay player was on their team. 8% would abandon their club. That maths suggests as much as 10% would turn up and think homophobic abuse toward their own team was the right thing to do. Manchester United's ground has a 75,000 capacity apparently: if half of them are supporting the home team and one in ten of those are good with yelling (whatever), that's nearly 4,000 voices from your own fan group telling you to **** off for being gay. What a welcoming environment. And ...

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[IMG: Tim-Farron-Stronger-in-Europe] You ask, we deliver This week, we're responding to a request from an ALDC member who wanted some new templates highlighting the Liberal Democrats' plan for Britain post Brexit. If you have any request or ideas that ALDC should be offering please let us know by emailing Ed at Three options We have three, two [...]

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The predictable announcement by the Transport Secretary that the Tory Government plan to build a third runway at Heathrow was followed by the equally predictable resignation of Zac Goldsmith as MP so he can fight a by-election as an Independent opposed to the plans. The catch of course is that the Tories will not oppose him, so the chances are that if he is re-elected he will end up back on the Tory benches, part of a government which is going to go-ahead with the expansion anyway. He couldn't even be bothered to properly scrutinise the Minister before falling on ...

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Wed 26th

Future Tense

I think the major shock about the UK vote to leave the EU was the transformation in British culture that the vote seems to represent. From having been in the vanguard of the global economy and the globalized society, the UK seems to have rejected much of what it seemed to stand for. The aftermath of the vote- racist statements, racist attacks and all seemed to have turned the conventional wisdom about Britain on its head. The country was not as open or tolerant or globalized as it purported to be. This is despite the fact that a significant faction ...

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The Friends of Balgay Autumn Meeting & AGM takes place this coming Saturday - 29th October - at 2pm at the Mills Observatory. Liz Houghton from the Scottish Wildlife Trust will give a talk about urban wildlife. All welcome!

Embed from Getty Images Caroline Pidgeon, like all Liberal Democrats, has always campaigned against a third runway at Heathrow. The picture shows her speaking against expansion at a demo in Parliament Square last year. This is her reaction to yesterday's announcement that the Government has, inexplicably, decided to back the project: After an incredibly expensive lobbying campaign the Government has ‎foolishly accepted the myth that what is good for the overseas owners of Heathrow is also good for the UK economy. The reality is that airports such as Luton and Stansted have spare capacity. And in time HS2 will also ...

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Photopolis : Nethergate

This photograph of the north side of Dundee's Nethergate at the junction with Tay Street Lane (below) dates from after 1891, after which point numbers in that section were altered after extensive building works. The image may date from shortly afterwards. As there are no names on any of the shops, it is difficult to date the picture with any greater accuracy. The low building at the right hand side (and east) housed the galleries of J. Gonnella & Co., a family of Italian sculptors, several of them consuls. The corner establishment was the wine and spirits business belonging to ...

Good to see Tom Brake and Norman Lamb on the case: Tom Brake MP and Norman Lamb MP, Health Spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats, have strongly condemned news that indebted people are being charged up to £150 in return for letters confirming they are suffering from mental health conditions. In news that Lamb has called an "outrage", research from Money and Mental Health Policy Institute has revealed that one in three people who ask for the Debt and Mental Health Evidence Form to give to creditors are being charged. This has resulted in vulnerable people either pushing themselves further into ...

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What is Phishing? Take the OpenDNS Phishing Quiz I got 14 out of 14 right. (tags: Internet ) French toast: Socialists are already looking beyond François Hollande *gulp* (tags: france ) Wallonia's weak spot as an ethical trade champion: guns The counterattack. (tags: Belgium eu ) Insider's guide to Chișinău Nice piece! (tags: moldova )

I discovered this list of questions around a month ago and have been slowly answering them. I aim to do this once a year so I can see if I change in my personality, views and attitude throughout my life. When was the last time you tried something new? Last week. It was Cashew nuts. They're pretty tasty and a good alternative to chocolate and sweets. Who do you sometimes compare yourself to? God... no, I'm kidding. I compare myself to many of my favourite writers, which is a mistake as they have lived in different times and had different ...

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That was the title of the talk given by former CentreForum chief economist – these days chief scientific advisor to the Department for Education – Tim Leunig. I'm usually a bit "meh" about Ted-style talks and their over-simplistic attempts to cram nuanced arguments into "wow!" gobbets. But Tim is the real deal and this is an excellent riposte to the trite Ken Robinson-esque critique that schools somehow kill kids' creativity:

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Zac Goldsmith's resignation as Conservative MP for Richmond Park in protest at his Government's decision to approve a third runway at Heathrow is, at least on the face of it, good news for the Lib Dems. A Tory-Lib Dem swing equivalent to that achieved in Witney last Thursday (19%) would see the seat, which Jenny Tonge then Susan Kramer held from 1997 to 2010, re-gained. The Conservatives' tactically savvy but politically cowardly decision to give Zac a free run as an independent Tory makes the Lib Dem task trickier. And all the candidates will, of course, be against the expansion ...

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I recently turned 60 and inconceivable as it seems to me the world has changed in ways I never thought possible Looking back it's as if I was born into a world that was black and white, since that was the predominant available hue in both print television and film, and back in the past, with less Media news was also clearer with no spin News outlets from the BBC to our own local newspapers, have made news less important than commentary I guess because we can all comment with out awkward facts getting in the way of our mood ...

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A relief to read this on the BBC: The American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) has announced new screen time guidelines for children aged up to two. It had recommended that children have no screen time before the age of two. But it now says children aged over 18 months can use video chat with family, and 18-month to five-year-olds can watch "high quality" programmes with parents. However, it also says physical activity and face-to-face interaction should be prioritised. [IMG: wpid-img_20160928_175506.jpg] My 19 month-old is already an iPad addict (iPaddict?). He scrolls happily though YouTube, exploring its nursery rhymes, flicking from ...

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In what appears to be a series of orchestrated announcements between Zac Goldsmith and the Conservative heirarchy we now have a by-election in Richmond Park without an official Tory candidate. Goldsmith has been installed as the bookies favourite standing as an independent on a straight anti-Heathrow expansion ticket. But despite his frequent assertation that he is an independently minded MP he votes with the Tories more than nine times out of ten. In fact since we had a full blooded right wing majority Tory government in 2015 he has rebelled just five times out of 146 votes - less than ...

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The Safer Ludlow partnership is a joint initiative between West Mercia Police, Ludlow councillors, and Ludlow and Shropshire Councils. Safer Ludlow will be holding a public drop in session at Ludlow Methodist Church on Broad Street on 2 November. Councillors and police officers will be present from 12 noon. This is the second in a... Continue reading Safer Ludlow partnership to hold drop in session on 2 November →

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Second paragraph of third chapter:"The Mizar Quartet are Sol-type hydrogen-fusing dwarf stars-"I didn't know Colin Harvey well, but I met him and enjoyed his company at P-Con in 2007. I know that he was a good friend of many friends of mine. This was his second last book, published in 2009, in the middle of his very short publishing career from 2006 to 2011 (excepting his first novel of 2001). He was only 50 when he died; if he had lived, and kept writing at the same pace, he would have doubled his output by now. I liked this book ...

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above Goodness me this one has dragged on and on. Surely it can't have done Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust any good at all being distracted into what seems to have been a complex set of disciplinary matters involving a number of senior members of its management team. With the NHS generally being close to being admitted into emergency care itself due to lack of funding you have to hope that our local Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust can now turn the corner quickly under an effective leadership. ...

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The Conservative MP for Richmond Park, Zac Goldsmith has, as expected, resigned his seat. You can view his speech in Parliament earlier today here. More information on the by-election will appear here as we get it. Update: Zac Goldsmith will stand as an Independent and the local Conservative party will not put up a candidate. * Mary Reid is the Monday Editor on Lib Dem Voice.

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It's that time again, where I ask my Patreon backers for suggestions as to comics I can review coming out tomorrow. See anything you'd like my opinion on? Remember, these review posts go to Patreon backers only. If you'd like ... Continue reading →

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I was disappointed that the working group on welfare at the recent Brighton conference decided not to back a Universal Basic Income (UBI). An amendment (defeated) put forward by members from Calderdale called for negative income tax. But actually, fundamentally, a UBI is both far more essentially liberal and—in any case–the current societal context and demographic trends demand that we should look far more closely at this, especially as we are a progressive party. The current welfare system, introduced just after the Second World War, has become complex, bureaucratic, top-down and increasingly intrusive—note that all these descriptors are fundamentally illiberal. ...

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Getting set for your AGM

[IMG: LGC Hustings Crowd (500 x 375)] Local parties around the country are just about to enter the season for local party AGM's. Your Annual General Meeting is one of the most important dates on the calendar - it's a chance for your members to have their say on the work that the Liberal Democrats are doing in their community, and to [...]

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Embed from Getty Images London Liberal Democrats organised a protest outside Downing Street today objecting to the expansion of Heathrow. Tim Farron says the decision is a betrayal of the communities in West London: The 'No Ifs, No Buts' pledge from the Conservatives has been thrown by the wayside in the rush to bulldoze homes and build a new runway. Zac Goldsmith has failed Richmond Park on Heathrow and betrayed them on Brexit. The turbulence in the Conservative Party is nothing compared to the anger felt by those they have betrayed by giving up their commitment to the environment and ...

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I know I keep banging on about the worrying gun culture here in Sefton and indeed across Merseyside but the incidents keep on coming. This one is covered by the Liverpool Echo – see link above. Just how many illegal guns are in circulation locally? Are Merseyside Police going to be able to get on top of these all too regular shootings? What is our Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner doing to combat gun crime?

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[IMG: clock-705672_960_720] We have created a template MyCllr story and an email that can be sent to members or to contacts to remind them about the clocks change – which is also an ideal time to check your fire alarm. Scroll to the foot of the story for instructions on adding the text in the MyCllr download files [...]

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The Independent has the story on is web site – see link above Well those of us on the Remain side thought this would happen just as we thought the Nissan car plant may be pulled out of the UK. Both now seem to be strong possibilities. Of course we are in quite a Brexit mess and I wonder how bad things need to get before Brexiters realise that they have put the UK on the road to ruin? Of course none of us has any love of bankers after the financial crash which we are still reeling from. ...

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On 4th August 2012 I sat, like so many other millions of Brits, and watched our country's achieve its best ever athletic session of a summer Olympic... Read more "Liberals need to reclaim patriotism"

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Earlier in the day The Huffington Post reported that Conservative members in Richmond Park had received an email from the local party stating: You will no doubt have seen the announcement in the media this morning that the government has given the green light for expansion at Heathrow. Zac has contacted the association to let us know that he intends to honour his pledge to resign and force a by-election in Richmond Park. The chairman has called an emergency meeting for the executive council for Wednesday evening to discuss the turn of events and will issue a full statement to ...

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So after a couple of decades of delay, the Conservative government has announced that Heathrow Airport will be expanded with a third runway. This will lead to thousands of extra flights in and out of London, already one of the world's busiest airports. This is a terrible decision. It's bad for the environment as extra [...]

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I've recently received an update regarding improvements to the brook: Water quality samples are showing an improvement in Dissolved Oxygen and processing of the chemical Phosphate. The berm and pool features are trapping sediment. The berm and pool features are trapping sediment. Habitat is flourishing especially plants near the water's edge (marginal plants), freshwater shrimps [...]

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On 4th August 2012 I sat, like so many other millions of Brits, and watched our country's achieve its best ever athletic session of a summer Olympic Games as Great Britain won three gold medals in the space of an hour to make a total of six gold medals that day, soon dubbed 'Super Saturday' by the press. While the run up to the games was marred by our country's somewhat infamous national pessimism of such events such doubts were soon cast away in favour of awe at the game's show-stopping opening ceremony. From Shakespeare to the internet, from rolling ...

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Embed from Getty Images As expected, the Government has favoured the expansion of Heathrow, over its rival Gatwick. The Transport Minister will make an announcement at about 12.30pm today, but the BBC reports that the decision was approved by a Cabinet Committee earlier this morning. The political interest in this will be to see how many Conservatives speak out against the decision. Ministers will be allowed to state their opposition to the plans, but have to get permission from the Prime Minister first – these will include Justine Greening and Boris Johnson. Down in Richmond all eyes are on Zac ...

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The UKIP leadership contest progressed from joke to farce yesterday with the announcement by South Wales based member, John Rees-Evans that he was throwing his hat in the ring. The announcement came by way of a rather tedious five and a half minute video on YouTube which saw Mr. Rees-Evans wander around a South Wales Valley town in a leather jacket talking to camera about his desire to transfer power to the membership, rectify the party's financial crisis and prevent it being hijacked in the future by vested interests. It was Forest Gump at a walking pace. There was not ...

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The decision to approve Heathrow airport has been "taken" by the government. The reason for the quotations in the last sentence is what has me worried – not about airport expansion but rather about Brexit. The cabinet has decided as a whole that Heathrow should be allowed to expand. Only there is apparently still a long consultation coming our way on the topic. Also, May is giving anti-Heathrow ministers (namely Boris and Justine Greening) a chance to speak about their opposition, thus making the "decision" not subject to collective cabinet responsibility. So one has to wonder what "approval" by the ...

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Embed from Getty Images Commenting on the blocking of the EU-Canada CETA trade deal by the Wallonia region of Belgium, Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Tom Brake said: This is a stark warning against a hard Brexit that takes us out of the Single Market. The fact that a small region of Belgium was able to block a massive EU deal with Canada shows just how delusional those expecting the UK to throw its weight around post-Brexit really are. If we leave the Single Market there is no going back and any trade deal with the EU will be incredibly ...

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Returning from the summer Recess, Ros was back in action pretty quickly. As the former Chair of the House of Lords EU Sub-Committee on Energy and Environment, you might have expected her to have something to contribute to a debate tabled by Kate Parminter... Baroness Scott of Needham Market (LD) My Lords, I join noble Lords in thanking my noble friend for tabling today's debate and giving the House an opportunity to debate an aspect of Brexit which was underdiscussed both during the referendum campaign and subsequently. At the outset, it is worth reflecting on how far we have come ...

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Embed from Getty Images Here is the full text of Tim Farron's speech last night on combating post-Brexit racism, which he delivered at Queen Mary University at an event organised with The Runnymede Trust: Patriotism has too often been seen as the preserve of the right. And I resent that. I'm a patriot. I love my country, but not to the exclusion of others. That's the difference between a patriot and a nationalist. I want others to look at Britain as a beacon of hope, independent spirited, community minded, strong, maybe stubborn, but decent and compassionate. And so, the rise ...

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Local people are being asked for their views on proposed changes to Bury's Council Tax Support Scheme. Council Tax Support is a means tested benefit to help people on low incomes with their Council Tax. The scheme is part funded by the Government, and part funded by the council. The proposed changes will see some residents who receive Council Tax Support contributing more to their Council Tax. Proposal 1: everyone should have to pay something towards their Council Tax We are proposing that from April 2017 all working age households, who receive Council Tax Support, will be expected to pay ...

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From Blether Tay-Gither : Tonight - Tuesday 25th October - from 7pm at the Frigate Unicorn, Victoria Dock - DARE TO DREAM - International Storytelling Festival on Tour. Treat yourself to a special storytelling night where guest Storytellers Ruben Corbett from Mexico and Wayqui Cesar Villegas Astete from Peru will transport you to the colourful world of Latin America. Bi-lingual support will be provided by storyteller Laura Escuela. Tickets for this event are on sale at £5 from or by phoning 01334 474836.

Many residents may have noticed the local organisation the Creative Living Centre - a charity helping people with mental or emotional distress, has moved to new premises at 1A Rectory Lane – next door to Prestwich Metrolink. The move is a relocation from their former base at the top of the Prestwich Hospital site. [IMG: Screenshot 2016-10-25 08.31.19] Creative Living Centre are applying for much needed funds, but need us to vote for them. If you want to support CLC, please take a few minutes to vote for them - it would make such a difference. Just click here and ...

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Tue 25th

Photopolis : Tay Square

Tay Square is the present-day location of The Rep theatre. It stands to the west of South Tay Street, which runs north from Nethergate to the junction with Overgate to the east and West Port to the west. It is impossible to date this photograph below by Alexander Wilson as not only are there no visible names, but there was very little change of ownership over a considerable time span anyway. No 9. (the house behind the central tree!) was home to James H. Laing. No. 10 belonged to David Ogilvy, tailor, and No. 11 is listed in the Dundee ...

Blink, and you might have missed one of the most important political stories in the last few days. The Belgian Prime Minister reported to the EU that the country cannot sign up to CETA, the trade deal between the EU and Canada that has been more than seven years in the making, because the region of Wallonia objected to it. I could bore you with the reasons behind their objections, but the practicalities are less important here than the consequences of it. Many Brexiteers have sought to crow over the failure, citing it as vindication of their long held belief ...

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Earlier in the year we were pleased to support the application of our largest local allotment society, the Langley Allotments for a great from the Council's Community Fund to help develop their facilities. The application was successful which has enabled the construction of ramped access to the existing club room which has a kitchen and seating. The ramp has now been built and allotment users were there last weekend for its first official use. More information on the Langley Allotments from their website

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Sorry, everyone. I've been on a bit of a Harry Potter binge recently. However, I want to talk about the friendship between Harry and Hermione. I now many people wish it was these two who got together not Ron and Hermione or Harry and Ginny. But for me, I can't see it. The truth is, I enjoyed the fact that J.K Rowling seemed to break the cliché of the hero gets the girl he's closest too and for once seemed to have a male to female friendship that was entirely platonic. Now I know that J.K Rowling, herself, has said ...

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Just a reminder – the formal consultation on this process from the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in Bury ends on 31 October 2016. If you haven't already please do make your views known in their online consultation. The more people who say why we must keep the centres open, the better! The link to the consultation is here. We'll obviously be sending in the petition with all the comments you have made as part of this consultation, so if you have not signed it please do here. [IMG: Screenshot 2016-09-06 09.00.46]

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During the 2015 Lib Dem leadership contest, both Tim Farron and Norman Lamb backed the idea of a 'Morrissey 2' report, a follow up to Helena Morrissey's report into Liberal Democrat culture and processes which would focus on race and ethnicity in the party. (The original Morrissey report, triggered as it was by allegations that the Liberal Democrats had failed to handle properly complaints of sexual harassment properly, had focused on other aspects of the party's processes.) Speaking last night, Tim Farron confirmed plans for this now to go ahead, with Lord John Alderdice chairing it. This is its remit: ...

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Inside The Strange, Paranoid World Of Julian Assange Fascinating and horrible. (tags: wikileaks ) Christopher Marlowe credited as one of Shakespeare's co-writers on all three parts of Henry VI. Makes sense to me. (tags: shakespeare ) How Not to Do It: Liquid Nitrogen Tanks Bang! (tags: physics ) This Election is Positively Delightful Compared to 1828 A history lesson. (tags: uspolitics history ) Britain: narcissist nation Sorrow, not anger, from a Dutch commentator. (tags: ukpolitics eu brexit ) Celebrating the Women Leading the Fight to Eradicate Polio I am proud to be part of this. (tags: polio Afghanistan ) Sci-Fi ...