Tom Scott made a video surrounded by old-school CRT monitors and televisions - and forgot to remove the high pitched whine they produce. Here's why.

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Over the last couple of weeks, I've seen numerous public figures say that there is a high possibility of Jeremy Corbyn leading Labour into government. One of the first posts on Tim Montgomerie's new blog UnHerd was entitled: Get ready for Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn... and President Sanders... Yesterday the Conservatives' policy chief stated that Corbyn ... Continue reading Why I don't think Corbyn will become Prime Minister

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In 2015 and 2016, the Hugo Awards suffered a serious crisis. At nomination stage, several hundred activists collectively voted for slates of candidates proposed by various individuals. The slates completely dominated several categories, and included a number of candidates which were not to the wider taste of fandom, with the result that a record five No Awards were made in 2015 and another two in 2016. A number of reforms were passed in 2015 and ratified in 2016 to make it more difficult for entire ballot categories to be dominated in this way in future. This post is about the ...

Sun 23rd

Melling in Bloom

The Waddicar part of Melling Parish is looking lovely with Waddicar Lane being bedecked with summer flowers. I represented Melling on Sefton Council for 12 years so still have an attachment to the area. Here's some shots I took today of the work of the Melling in Bloom Volunteers:-

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News reports say that Jeremy Corbyn has committed Labour to leaving the single market, in the mistaken belief that membership is tied in with being in the European Community. However, his interpretation of the rules was immediately challenged by one of the main rebels on the EU within the Labour Parliamentary Party: The Labour leader's explanation of his party's Brexit policy was questioned by the former shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna, one of the party's leading advocates of a soft Brexit, who pointed out that several countries including Norway were members of the single market without being full EU members: ...

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Sun 23rd

My tweets

Sat, 16:38: Thread Sat, 17:59: RT @alexmassie: In which the indefatigable Mr Matthew Parris reignites The Spectator's very civil civil war: Sat, 18:00: RT @mrjamesob: Surely not the Daily Mail that's registered in Bermuda, run from Jersey & owned by a chap who lives in Wiltshire but claims... Sat, 23:16: RT @Mumbler3: Worth remembering that the Lineker-bashing ('ho ho crisps') began because he suggested that ppl could stop being shitty towar... Sat, 23:16: RT @stevenjbarnett: Having attended the same (all-boys) school at roughly similar time, I can say with confirdence that this is almost cert... Sat, 23:19: RT ...

Another song from the reruns of Top of the Pops. This was a hit in 1984, and sounds much better today than I had remembered. But I still don't believe the Thompson Twins know what it means to work hard on machines.

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The next edition of Lib Dem Newswire will include a list of summer reading recommendations... and whoever makes the suggestion which ends up most popular with readers will win a free copy of

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I have highlighted over numerous past years the superb job the City Council made of Seabraes planting each year. 2017 is again no exception - see below - a real credit to the City Council's environment team in Neighbourhood Services :

Published in 1979 complete with a foreword by Mike Yarwood, this is a collection of brief pen portraits of television stars of the day. Just to list those thought worthy of discussion brings back a lost era. James Galway, Wendy Craig, Ron Pickering, Dickie Henderson. Max Boyce, Pam Ayres, Brian Glover, Penelope Keith. And because this is 1979 no one on television is gay and only Trevor McDonald is black. But the real interest of This is Their Life lies in the identity of its author. It is Jonathan Meades. Meades turned 32 in 1979 and fame was still some ...

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The Ludlow Advertiser wins our Headline of the Day Award. Many thanks to the reader who nominated this one.

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In an interview with The Observer, new Lib Dem leader Vince Cable has set out his approach to taxation, including a fondness for land taxes: Vince Cable has signalled he will examine radical new taxes on wealth to ease inequality in Britain... [He] said he wanted to look at ideas such as aligning capital gains tax with income tax to ensure the richest pay more. The former business secretary also said he was interested in exploring the concept of a land value tax, which would see an annual levy placed on properties according to the size of their plot... He ...

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One of the things anticipated for this Parliament is that Brexit, and its associated legislation, will dominate everything. That's not to say that legislation for other things cannot happen - there is still space allocated for Private Members Bills, for example. But the scope for other Government-sponsored legislation is small. The other complication for Government [...]

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This week brought the tragic news of yet another relatively young father taking his own life. This one was famous, and famous particularly for lyrical angst. This was something that some people dismissed as mere sales-related, unhappy-teen-attracting, pseudo-angry posturing, of course, as is often the case with 'angry music', or anything that tries to use a musical medium to say anything more meaningful than 'Oooo I love you baby'. We need to talk about mental health. We need to talk about changing public attitudes, and we need to talk about healthcare policy issues, and we need to talk about it ...

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As you read this, I'll be on my way to the beautiful Highlands for two weeks. I need my spiritual home to work its restorative magic on me. I have decided that I'm going to have a proper break. In previous years, I've still done meetings and continued to write for LDV albeit at a reduced rate. This year has been a bit of a rollercoaster. From the personal drama of my husband's serious illness last Autumn to the Council elections to the General Election and starting a new job, I've not had much space to draw breath. I need ...

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Labour MP Wayne David revealed in Parliament this week that the police are "formally considering" investigating the Conservative Party's 2017 election campaign for illegal activities following a Channel 4 investigation: Mr David said the Electoral Commission had written to him confirming the police were "formally considering the allegations". An undercover investigation by C4 News, broadcast last month, claimed call centre workers may have been carrying out paid canvassing, banned under electoral law, as they promoted key Conservative messages to undecided voters in the weeks before the election. [BBC] Channel 4 first aired the results of its investigations in June, which ...

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Queen Elizabeth revealed her favourite pop song and it's a gay anthem · PinkNews Second best Lillibet stroy ever, after the Prince Abdullah and the Land Rovers one What's really behind The Sun's decision to publish Jodie Whittaker nudes Be afraid: An adventure of the Thirteenth Doctor I'm glad that my first 13th Doctor fanfic was a good one. I really liked this. Although it gave me a "My Sharona" earworm... [IMG: comment count unavailable] comments

When someone commits suicide such as someone famous, you hear a lot of people say that it doesn't matter how good someone's life might appear, you don't know what's happening inside their mind. It's true, you don't know but you can find out. There is a high chance someone in your life will at some point struggle with mental illness. Some might even consider suicide. The way you can help them is by making it clear you are open to listening. Listening is the key. Discussing what is going on inside our minds, especially with the stigma surrounding mental health ...

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I have almost certainly written more letters and emails as Vince Cable than I have as myself. Back in late 2006/early 2007, I spent four months of my gap year as an intern in his Westminster office. My main job was to draft replies to correspondence for him. Me and another intern would print out [...]

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The approaching 30th anniversary of Guns N' Roses 1987 album, "Appetite for Destruction", and the accompanying fanfare around this event, has pushed me to my limits. I don't think I have a larger media related pet peeve than the overhyping of the cultural relevance and musical significance of GN'R. I was a teenager in 1987; I remember the record coming out very clearly. How it was received at the time by myself and people I knew was that it was a better than average hair-metal album; superior to Poison, let's say, but certainly less good than Motley Crue. The cultural ...

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The by-line says it all - Deborah Orr is a Guardian columnist, and in that capacity she is obliged to find so many hundreds of words each day to bore us with her wisdom. It is easy to find fault, the hard part is to have something constructive and useful to say, as no doubt I will now prove. In the latest diatribe, Ms. Orr lambasts Vince Cable for his failure to grasp the nettle ten years ago and save us all from the dreadful coalition government. She says that the best that could be said for Nick Clegg is ...

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This is a great set of exercises to start the day with if you haven't done any in a while like me. Give it a go.

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Today, Liberal Democrat MSP for Edinburgh Western, Alex Cole-Hamilton turns 40. I have to confess to being slightly traumatised by this – much more so than by my own imminent Golden Jubilee. You see, I don't feel 50. I feel about 28. And I'm in much better shape physically and mentally than I was at 28, so it's all good here. And the waiter at the Indian last night referred to me as a "young lady." Even better. Alex's big day, though, provides inescapable evidence of the passage of time. I can't help but remember that I first met him ...

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Children aged 3-10 years are invited to bring your families along to the Garden for a Mad Hatter's tea party on the afternoon of 30th July. Arrive in time to get your picnic set out for a 3pm start. Entertainment will be provided by the University's JOOT theatre group, so you might want to brush up on your Alice in Wonderland characters before you come! Bring your own picnic and some rugs to sit on for the tea party, and wear a MAD HAT. You might want to make your own? There is no charge for this event, but numbers ...

The Guardian has the story on its web site – see link above 'Parliament needs to leave London and reconnect with the people' Simon Jenkins This is an interesting read indeed. With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting

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Traffic congestion in the Prestwich area has seemed pretty bad recently, probably due to the roadworks through the village, and people finding ways to avoid them. Two more sets of roadworks start soon. We have already asked the Council's Director to reconsider what can be done here, and why ALL THREE sets of roadworks have to happen at the same time. No reply yet... Highways England – A56 Bury New Road/Junction 17 - Bridge maintenance works Bridge maintenance works, due to take place on the A56 Bury New Road at the M60 Junction 17 roundabout. The works will include replacement ...

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