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"Grenfell Tower should mark a point of no return. No return to the frenzied deregulation, cost-cutting and rampant inequality of the last four decades. These are not new evils. They have been lurking for many years. But it took the light of a burning building for the whole nation to see them." Jonathan Freedland says this disaster must be a turning point. And Henry Porter says it has become a metaphor for Britain's year from hell. Alwyn Turner looks at the appeal of revolutionary violence to the ageing Labour left: "When the Tories and their friends in Fleet Street attacked ...

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This is Ludlow at its most fantastic. A real delight for the eyes. You could not have visited the Millennium Green beside the Teme today with wanting to laugh, splash in the river or just have a sneaky ice cream. I was heading towards the Millennium Green after a report of fly-tipping. I couldn't help but smile and laugh as the children leaped on and off the weir. I even paddled out myself, even if only to get a snap of a sofa and a child's bike that had washed downstream. We'll report this debris to the Environment Agency. The ...

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Having blogged last month that Northampton's Eleanor Cross was in danger, I thought I had better take a look. I was having a stiffener yesterday lunchtime, prior to undertaking the walk up the hill to it, when the news came via Twitter that the Department for Culture, Media & Sport has granted consent for repairs to be made to it. When I got there the only sign to the untutored eye that something is amiss was that plants had established themselves within it. Reader's voice: But what is an Eleanor Cross? Liberal England: You will find the answer here.

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Sun 18th

Sunday reading

Current Watchmen, by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons (a chapter a month) A Woman of the Iron People, by Eleanor Arnason Last books finished Authority, by Jeff VanderMeer Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J. K. Rowling Acceptance, by Jeff VenderMeer De Mexicaan met twee hoofden by Joann Sfar What She Does Next Will Astound You, by James Goss De Poppen van Jerusalem by Joann Sfar Dune, by Frank Herbert De piraten van de Zilveren Kattenklauw by Geronimo Stilton Sapiens: A Brief History of Humanity, by Yuval Noah Harari Next books Marzi: A memoir, by Marzena Sowa HWJN by ...

Embed from Getty Images This is from a Liberal Democrat News column I wrote in November 1999, before most of my readers were born. I had been down to Kensington and Chelsea to help in a by-election. The Conservative candidate was Michael Portillo. Sent out canvassing, I found that few residents were in: So instead I talked to a council workman who was sweeping up the leaves. He soon explained my difficulty: "They'll all be at their places in the country." He also pointed out a house that had just had a million pounds spent on it. It hadn't been ...

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From castle to castle: The eighteenth we went to view the Island, which is a high monstrous castel, of many roomes, but very filthye and full of cow-dung. Thence to Castel-Magne, where we camped that night, to the great comfort of the Ward, who was kept in close by the traytours, and a certain Sept of the Erle's followers, dwelling on the Reyver Mange, called the O'Moreartaghes (O'Moriarties). Thyther came there to us the Lord Fitz-Morrice, and his eldest son Patrick, with xvi horsemenne and gallowglasses, and xvi shott, well appointed and victualled, and attendeth the Lord Justice to the ...

Over on Liberal Democrat Voice, Liberal Democrat MP Jo Swinson explains why, despite the widespread support for her in the party, she won't be running to be leader of the Liberal Democrats: I have been overwhelmed by so many lovely messages from people I know, and from many members I have not yet met, encouraging me to stand for leader. I am touched and flattered that you look to me - and I am determined to play a key role in our party's leadership... When Tim resigned, my instincts told me that the best way I can serve the party ...

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No declared candidates, lots of rumours, and the first signs that the leadership contest may not be the edifying, inspiring event that it really ought to be. Not a great start.I am disturbed that members are already urging individuals to declare their intentions to run. Look, the job of Leader is a tough one. It requires the post holder to make sacrifices that most of us cannot comprehend. It exposes you to increasingly microscopic and often hostile examination of your life, the lives of friends and family, and makes you the bearer of the dreams and aspirations of Party members, ...

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It feels like an age since I was knocking on doors in the pouring rain in the final hour before polls closed, then hearing the shock of the exit poll on the car radio heading home to a hairdryer and somewhat less bedraggled attire for the count. Yet here we are just a few days later, embarking on an election for leader of the Liberal Democrats. I went to see Tim on Wednesday afternoon to tell him I thought he should definitely stay on, and I was excited at the prospect of putting myself forward to be Deputy Leader. I ...

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According to the Sunday Times, Conservative MPs have told Prime Minister Theresa May she has 10 days to prove herself before they ditch her. Frankly, that is 10 days too long. It's not just that she ran the worst election campaign in living memory. Or her inability to have human contact with people, including after [...]

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Destroyer: Chapter 5

Ian Fleming hadn't had much of a chance to head into town recently. While he was technically still working at the Admiralty, he'd been seconded to Bletchley for several months now, and London was too far away, and too dangerous, ... Continue reading →

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Farewell to Dad

Dad died in May and on Monday 12th June we held his funeral at Saltwell Crematorium. A humanist service and a great send-off for Dad was followed by a wake in the Bridle Path in Whickham (which is also run by one of my cousins). Dad was in good health until last year. He had 85 years of good health and one of poor health. He was proud of the fact he still had a head of hair and his own teeth!

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I got an unexpected invitation to a party last night. The music had already been chosen, but someone asked what tracks I would choose to drink beer to on a summer evening. I think this would be one of them.

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Liberal Democrat Newswire #100 came out last week, taking a look at the Liberal Democrat 2017 general election result.

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Seen on a BT junction box in Green Lane Maghull (and on another on a similar box in Liverpool Road North) but what on earth is it all about? A Google search brought a fellow blogger up and an explanation:- Seems BT could be making a charge here to me for advertising on their junction boxes so our telephone bills could come down:-)))

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My tweets

Sat, 13:30: RT @youngvulgarian: Blimey, that's a leader and a half. Sat, 13:34: Excellent from former U.K. Diplomat and EC official @guitarmoog Sat, 16:05: RT @TeaAndCopy: One for sorrow Two for joy Three for a girl Four for a boy Five for silver Six to speak to customer services Seven to hear... Sat, 16:11: RT @swombat: The Tories' negotiation approach will guarantee that the UK gets a shit deal. #ToriesOut Sat, 17:11: RT @HeracliteanFire: 'Why May's "Bloody Difficult" approach to Brexit Negotiations is so wrong' Sat, 17:17: RT @JeremyCliffe: This is from my January briefing on ...

miss_s_b | The Blood is the Life for 17-06-2017 I posted The Blood is the Life for 17-06-2017 to my dreamwidth blog Instagram Instagram photo: Bit of burger bantz in central London Twitter Instagram photo: Bit of burger bantz in central London Twitter I read Batman '66 Meets Steed & Mrs. Peel - here's my review on Goodreads Jennie Rigg (Brighouse, WYorks, The United Kingdom)'s review of Batman '66 Meets Steed & Mrs. Peel I read Batman '66 Meets Steed & Mrs. Peel - here's my review on Goodreads [IMG: comment count unavailable] comments

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has attacked new Environment Secretary Michael Gove for U-turning on cheap food. During the referendum campaign Gove promised British consumers they would enjoy cut-price groceries due to there being more imports from outside the EU. However, with the government's extreme Brexit under threat as the Conservatives split over the single market and customs union, Gove has rowed back from his promise. Tim Farron said: "This is yet another Brexit lie, to go with the £350m a week extra Michael Gove promised the NHS. He has only had his feet back under the cabinet table a ...

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'They say that cats know that God exists. Cats know we're only the middlemen.' This documentary looks like it is well worth downloading.

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Yesterday I had a discussion regarding Tim's resignation on Twitter. We disagreed and I was blocked. I won't name the person as this post is not about victimisation, or vindication, it is about where we are as a party and my thoughts on moving forward (and looking at recent past), though I do see blocking [...]

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We have been contacted by a number of concerned parents that the council is cutting the subsidised bus to Ralph Allen School from the Southdown area that goes through the Odd Down area. This leaves the 20A 20C as the main bus, with massively reduced capacity. How does this stop Bath Stalling ? Seem a silly thing to do at the same time you are closing Culverhay (BCA) and sending pupil all around

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Tim Farron was a great Leader of our Party. He should be proud of his achievements in just 2 years in terms of increased numbers of members, councillors and MPs Before answering the question of the day for us Lib ... Continue reading →

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Ludlow Town Council has issued this statement: The Buttercross flag was set at half-mast on Friday and will remain at half-mast until Tuesday as a mark of respect for the victims of the Grenfell Tower Tragedy. Our hearts are with the survivors, those who witnessed the tragedy and the emergency services, who risked their own safety to try to save others. There will be a national minute's silence at 11am on Monday 19 June. Please join us at the Peace Memorial by Ludlow Market at 11am. The silence will be led by a vicar from St Laurence's Church.

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Don't forget that from the week beginning 19th June 2017 your recycling will be collected every week. You can find out more at

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I'm a man. I'm cis. I'm gay. I'm middle-aged (oh come on...approaching!). I'm middle-class (yes, I can de-stone an Avocado without cutting myself). I am also a liberal. I am also a Liberal Democrat. We must, as liberals and LibDems, absolutely remember the most famous part of our oft-mentioned pre-amble to our constitution: " one should be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity." No one. No ONE person, shall be enslaved by any of those facets of liberalism. Every time I've gone to quit the party, or cause an uproar with a fiery post, I keep coming back to these ...

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The Liberal Democrat policy of holding a referendum on the terms of the Brexit deal which gets negotiated did not work out as planned in the general election. An important lesson for the party to pick over what to learn from. Was the problem some mix of circumstance and execution which means the policy could be a much more successful part of a future, possibly pretty imminent, further general election? Or was there an inherent problem with the policy in the first place? That is a question I will be returning to over the summer as more evidence about how ...

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DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL - WEEKLY ROAD REPORT REPORT FOR WEST END WARD FOR SUNDAY 18 JUNE 2017 Guthrie Street (Horsewater Wynd to Blinshall Street) - closed on Sunday 18 June for BT manhole repair works. REPORT FOR WEST END WARD - WEEK COMMENCING MONDAY 19 JUNE 2017 Riverside Esplanade/Riverside Drive (Tay Road Bridge off ramp to 75m along Riverside Drive) - westbound nearside lane closure for 22 weeks to facilitate V&A construction works. A85 Riverside Drive - prohibition of right turn from westbound lane of Riverside Drive into Riverside approach and prohibition of right turn from Riverside Approach in to ...

[IMG: 360px-Grenfell_Tower_fire_morning] The Grenfell Tower inferno is a tragedy on a scale that is difficult to process. It has already generated acres of comment in the mainstream media and on the blogs. While much sense is being talked, there is some nonsense out there. Some of the comment from the tabloid right has been reprehensible, as it seeks to co-opt these terrible events to reinforce entrenched, but irrelevant, obsessions against, for example, the EU or climate change. I received a text yesterday asking whether I was going to blog something on social housing now. Am I going to come out ...

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