Last year, in Gateshead, the Lib Dem group successfully proposed a motion calling on Gateshead Council to investigate the possibility of switching from annual to once-every-four-years elections and to cut the number of councillors by a third. Gateshead is one of a relatively small number of councils in which all wards are three member. One councillor is up for election each year after serving a

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Glen Campbell

I'll be doing a proper blog post in a couple of hours, but just wanted to acknowledge the death of the great singer and guitarist Glen Campbell. It's not necessarily a sad thing that he has finally died — by ... Continue reading →

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John Grindord blogs about this film, which has just turned up on Youtube: On the 27th March 1986 BBC2 broadcast a documentary called T. Dan Smith on the 70th birthday of Mr Newcastle himself. Smith, out of prison after serving a corruption charge for his part in the John Poulson scandal, is interviewed and is his usual pugnacious self. "I would rather have a scheme like this," he says, indicating a series of Poulson-designed system built towers, "corruptly conceived, than houses like we did have honestly conceived."

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Following my last post, here are a few more highlights from my do-it-yourself tour of Fleet Street last Sunday, when I was looking for remaining vestiges of the street's history of printing and journalism. There are still quite a few pubs which had strong connections to writing and journalism. Here's some photos of a few ... Continue reading Clambering around in the spiritual home of British journalism

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Six of the Best 715

"In 2197 when the aliens invade but allow humanity to have an election on whether they should be enslaved or not. The Lib Dem leader Sir Menzies Campbell will implore people to reject enslavement and embrace freedom but the hard left will go, 'well you lied about tuition fees so I can't trust you, now where do we sign up for a stint at the sulphur mines on Rigel IV?'" Neil Monnery on the rabid inflation of tuition fees as a political issue. Isaac Chotiner says Venezuela is collapsing and asks if a civil war could be next. Hazel Gaynor ...

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Gnu did his bit for Derbyshire tourism by filming along the A57 Snake Pass last weekend. It's beautiful. This is the stretch from the turning for the Fairholmes Visitor Centre near Ladybower Reservoir to Glossop. I must have been lucky – no sign of another vehicle in front or behind me (on my side of the road) for almost the ... The post Blatting along Snake Pass appeared first on ten pence piece.

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It's 42 years since my first book (The Great Wall of China) was published, but as I get stuck into Number 16, I ruefully reflect that writing never gets any easier. At least, not for me. It's not just the brain-wringing over every word and phrase, or the countless rewrites in my head before I commit [...]

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[IMG: LDV FANTASY FOOTBALL] The English Premier League kicks off this Friday and LibDemVoice has revived its Fantasy Football League to mark the occasion. So if you fancy pitting your soccer selection skills against fellow party supporters, here's your chance. To enter all you have to do is click on this link. Simply register your details, pick your team, and away you go. If you need the joining code at any point, it's 926270-223363. And for those who don't feel they have the insider knowledge to compete, you can always choose the 'auto-complete' option so your team is picked for ...

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Tuition fees. No two words in the English language drive more fear into a Lib Dem heart. It has become not only a stick for other politicos and the media to beat the party with but the electorate themselves think a stick is far too tame and keep imploring the previously stated politicos and media to turn that stick into a baseball bat, then drive in some nails to said baseball bat, coat the baseball bat in cow pats and then and only then start swinging at the Lib Dems. As has been written about here (and on many other ...

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Last week the York Liberal Democrats were delighted to welcome Sir Vince Cable for a flying visit to his home city. Vince was born and brought up in York and many local members have fond memories of the two energetic general election campaigns we fought when Vince was Parliamentary Candidate for the old York constituency in 1983 and 1987. York is an interesting city politically in that the three main parties each have roughly the same number of councillors. Since 2015 the Liberal Democrat Group has formed part of the joint administration running the Council. One area in which we ...

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I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon on Sunday mooching about Fleet Street in London. When I last visited, it was 1968. Then, as I walked down the street, and a few of its offshoots, I could see the buildings (housing offices and printing works) of every national newspaper in the country. It was tremendously exciting. Now ... Continue reading Dennis the Menace is one of the last signs of Fleet Street's glorious past

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I have felt the flighting spirit close, brought to bay and strapped onto your turning cross to be filtered clean; while my simple sequences collapsed to pass their fitting through your gauge, flickering expunged... Although I had been sentenced when times changed, to official mercy, then also to redemption, I could still draw breath – with [...]

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Martin Thomas and Jo Grimond, 1964 Once upon a time, just about when Vince was leaving school, the then Liberal prospective candidate for West Flint, Maldwyn Thomas, (later Sir Maldwyn), resigned to go into business only six weeks before the 1964 general election. So much had been spent in promoting "M Thomas", that it seemed a good idea to the local executive to ask me to step into his shoes. Last week, Rhys Lewis who had pushed out leaflets for me as a boy, contacted me out of the blue after 53 years, and caused me to turn up my ...

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Responding to warnings by Supreme Court President Lord Neuberger that UK judges need more clarity over the role of the EU Court of Justice after Brexit, Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake commented:"Judges have already been branded 'enemies of the people' for daring to challenge Theresa May's plans to force through an extreme Brexit with no accountability."Now the Government's inability to set out clearly how, whether or when ECJ rulings should be taken into account risks leaving judges in the firing line yet again."The Government must provide greater clarity in the Repeal Bill over the role the ECJ will play ...

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Bjornøya, or Bear Island, is the only (small) piece of land between Norway proper and Svalbard, and it's not a hospitable place, home to a small group of researchers and nobody else. There is no harbour, no easy landing point. However, in fair weather, you can more in a cove on the southern tip, and that what we were aiming for. The sea was choppier than we had become used to, and Ros opted for a morning on the ship. I decided that it was time to find out just how successful my adjustment to life afloat had been. It ...

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Checking the bees

The Whinnies Community Garden asked me recently if I would put a bee hive on their plot. I was happy to do so and the opportunity came along a few weeks ago when one of my hives swarmed. I rehoused the swarm in a spare hive which I then put in the orchard of the Whinnies. Yesterday I checked the hive with a constituent who is interested in getting bees. I'm pleased to report the colony is in

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How alt-right was Roman Britain?Sorry, it's in the Speccy. Sorry, it's Nick COhen. Nevertheless, it's a pearler. "Those who don't fight the cranks before they become powerful are doomed to be governed by them when they do." [IMG: comment count unavailable] comments

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My tweets

Mon, 12:56: Who was that mysterious middle-aged bald guy that appeared in like EVERY early '80s MTV video? Fantastic research. Mon, 13:28: RT @NathalieTocci: My take in @washingtonpost Macron touts Europe's interests, but early actions put France first @... Mon, 16:01: RT @davidallengreen: Why the UK is at a disadvantage on the Brexit bill By me, at @FT Mon, 16:05: Four friends and 64 pubs: how we did the ultimate Cambridge crawl Worth it. Mon, 19:51: RT @naomimcdonald_: I don't run for buses anymore, I have enough rejection in my life already. Mon, 21:45: RT ...

I remember the days when I was much younger than I am now. Back in those teenage and early 20s years I would have a pretty steady Saturday morning ritual before either heading to Fratton or St. George's Park to take in my live football. That ritual would involve enjoying Sky Sports' Soccer AM. The show fronted by Tim Lovejoy and Helen Chamberlain wasn't must-see TV but a nice relaxing route into the footballing day. As I got older though I fell out of the habit, not just because of age (and maybe some maturity) but because when Tim Lovejoy ...

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This chap offered me a lift. What could possibly go wrong?


The deadline for this year's Party Awards has been extended until Friday - don't forget to nominate! I know there are people all over the country who deserve to be rewarded for all the hard work they put in during the election period, not to mention the invaluable ongoing work which so many party officers and others have been carrying out. As a reminder, please see below the various categories, and how to apply. President's Award – any member elected to public office. Harriet Smith Award – any member never elected to public office. Belinda Eyre-Brook Award – to recognise ...

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Bury Council is urging parent to take advantage of extra childcare and help with costs when a new system starts in September. The Government has changed the rules which means that eligible working parents will be entitled to an additional 15 hours of free childcare per week, double the current total, for 3 and 4 year olds. (Eligible broad means both parents working, or one parent in single part households – exact details here.) They can also apply to set up an online Tax Free Childcare account, into which they can save money to pay for other childcare costs, which ...

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This is cross-posted from the Radix blog. I was called quite late a few nights ago by a reporter in Toronto to ask me why it was that I thought the Canadian Dunkirk hero Jack Cracknell had been excised from history. And, more particularly, excised from the new blockbuster Dunkirk film, which is still packing them in across the USA, but has been less well reviewed on this side of the Atlantic. There were two reasons why I was interested to see the film myself. First, because I've written my own book about the affair, recognising the parallels with the ...

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Prestwich Lib Dem BBQ

Sunday 20 August 2017 is the annual Prestwich Lib Dem BBQ. This is an very informal event, all members, friends and supporters are very welcome. The event takes place this year at the house of Councillor Mary D'Albert: 17 Prestwich Park Road South, Prestwich M25 9PF, 2.00-5.00pm. Tickets are £10 which includes all-you-can eat BBQ and your first drink. Children are free. Tickets available here.

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The Guardian has the story on its web site – see link above If anyone understands the muddle (that's putting it politely) that the UK is in following the EU Referendum then Vernon Bogdanor does. Yes I know we are not supposed to take any notice of experts these days as we make up things to match our prejudices as we go along, but just for a minute please let's consider that we are in a very deep hole and that the further digging of it by May and Corbyn just might not be in our interests. Seriously, this ...

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I was called quite late a few nights ago by a reporter in Toronto to ask me why it was that I thought the Canadian Dunkirk hero Jack Cracknell had been excised from history. And, more particularly, excised from the new blockbuster Dunkirk film, which is still packing them in across the USA, has been less well [...] The post The hidden messages in the new Dunkirk film appeared first on Radix.

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Do you know a community group that deserves special recognition for making your local area a better place to be? Nominate them for a Groundwork Community Award today! There are fantastic examples of community groups who work selflessly and tirelessly to improve their neighbourhoods. Thanks to their efforts parks and open spaces are better looked after, libraries and heritage centres are being kept open, food banks and furniture projects continue to help people meet their basic needs and communities are blazing a trail in recycling and renewable energy. Groundwork thinks it's time that their commitment was recognised. The Groundwork Community ...

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All residents will soon be receiving a form during August asking them to confirm that their details on the electoral register are correct. This canvass is conducted every year to ensure that everyone who is entitled to vote is registered to do so. You can complete the form online using the security code provided, or use an automated poor or text service, or using the post. Local elections will take place in May 2018, and returning your details means that you will be able to vote in them. Anyone with any queries can ring the elections office on 0161 253 ...

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The racist and misleading campaign by Brexiteers may well have been enough to win the referendum in June 2016 but it has come apart at the seams ever since. In particular the much-mocked and untrue claim on the side of a bus that leaving the EU would lead to an extra £350m a week to invest in the NHS was debunked fairly quickly. None of the UK Ministers who made that pledge are prepared to deliver on their promise, which begs the question as to why they continue to promote the leave agenda? The Independent has now published figures which ...

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LDEG (the Lib Dem European Group) is an associated organisation of the party campaigning for Britain's role in Europe and for peace and prosperity across Europe. The last few years have been harrowing for Liberal Democrats and pro-Europeans. Our representation in the European Parliament reduced in 2014, a reckless Europhobic government elected in 2015 and the narrow loss of the 2016 referendum. Things will not change if we do and say the same things we have done and said for years. Nor can we just complain or retreat into self-satisfied disdain of those whose support we failed to win or ...

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