The Cromford and High Peak was an early line, packed with inclines and tight curves, built across Derbyshire to link the Cromford Canal at High Peak Junction with the Peak Forest Canal at Whalley Bridge. Sustained by heavy quarry traffic, the whole system survived into the 1960s. This footage was shot at the end of the previous decade.

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A new poll gives further evidence that support is growing amongst the public for a referendum to be held on the terms of the Brexit deal once it is know. A first referendum on the facts, as it were. The survey from Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research (GQRR) shows 34% backing a referendum in which people are given the choice between accepting the deal or staying in the EU. This is up from 28% in a similar survey conducted back in March. That includes majority support, just, amongst Labour voters. 51% of them want a referendum to be held giving the ...

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Six of the Best 727

David Cameron must bear some of the blame for the rise of the far right in Germany, argues former Lib Dem MEP Edward McMillan-Scott. Fintan O'Toole says the DUP has been taken for a ride: "The crappy get-out lines about the wonders of technology and the cheque in the post from London didn't disguise the truth that the Brexiteers are just not that into dealing with the complications of Ireland. Whether it likes it or not, the DUP has to join the rest of Ireland in trying to do so." "It's not about the app." London Reconnections explains the corporate ...

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On the last Wednesday of every month I co-host a radio show with Geoff Payne, Hackney Lib Dems, on a popular community radio station called K2K Radio - We go on air tomorrow, 27 Sept, from about 8.10pm for an hour and will be discussing the conference. To listen to us go to the website and click on the link in the top right hand corner. Our guests are Jonathan Fryer who is an expert in international affairs and spoke at the debate on the Balfour Declaration ; and Bobby Dean, PPC for Lewisham, who spoke at the debate ...

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For one day only, my novel Destroyer is available for only $1 (about 70p) on Kindle. If you've been thinking of buying it, check it out on Amazon UK or US. If you do buy it at this sale price, ... Continue reading →

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Victoria & Abdul

The extraordinary story of the maternal affection that the widowed Queen Victoria felt for a young Indian servant, Abdul Karim, brought over to England in 1887, is a worthy subject for Stephen Frears' new film, Victoria & Abdul, which is now out on general release. The real Abdul — dubbed the Munshi or teacher, because he [...]

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My photo, taken last week, of the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery, through the water of the fountain in Court Square, where Black slaves were bought and sold. I have to say that the news that Nigel Farage is backing an extreme right-wing candidate in a Republican primary (mark that: it's a party primary – not even a general election!) in Alabama, USA takes secure possession of a whole plethora of biscuits. Does this man stop at nothing to get some media coverage? I was in Alabama this time last week, so I feel the urge to comment on this, ...

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Neville Farmer says the Liberal Democrats should have adopted a bolder position on Brexit. I love conference, but something always happens to shake my faith. A classic example happened in Bournemouth. An unscheduled Sunday motion proposed that an elected Liberal Democrat government would reverse Article 50 without need for a further Brexit referendum. It was crudely drafted but it was strong and clear and answered Paddy Ashdown's call for some party radicalism - "Put Vince in No 10 and we'll end Brexit." Sounded good to me. When they heard that the planned and impotent Brexit 'consultation' had been changed to ...

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Synners, by Pat Cadigan

Second paragraph of third chapter:Sam hadn't really expected anyone to bother her about the insulin pump hanging on her side. The most attention anyone had given it was to screen it for off-color blips, and the security guard at the Bay jumper hadn't even done that. He'd just grinned at her, displayed his own pump, and said, 'Pray for better tissue matching, eh, sister?' Airport security was interested only in weapons and explosives, not unlicensed or bootlegged computer equipment. Besides, it really had been an insulin pump once, before she'd gone to work on it.I have to admit that cyberpunk ...

A recent visit to the Korean War Veterans' Memorial in WEST Potomac Park, Washington DC was very memorable. "DC" as they call it is rammed with memorials. Of all the ones I saw on my recent visit, the Korean War one was certainly the most moving. There is a wall where the images of those involved in the war are sand-blasted, plus some sculptures of troops on a recce (see my photo above). Nearly three million people lost their lives in the Korean War from 1950-53. I doubt whether anything would be achieved by a repeat performance (which is what ...

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Rip off

So, a couple of months ago I wrote a short article for a book edited by a chap I know, for free. Now I discover that the book is for sale for €690. No, there is no missing decimal point. That's the discount rate for early orders. The full price is €890. Well, you won't be getting my free labour again.

Opposition councillors at County Hall have been shocked and angered to hear that Herts County Council are intending to extend the contracts of much-criticised highways contractors Ringway for a further five years. Councillors were informed in a short email sent on Monday afternoon, with the news that the full decision would be made in November. "This was [...]

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'Year zero' was declared by a Labour councillor at the Sefton Council meeting last week. Everything 'before JC' , as he put it they did not accept responsibility for. With JC all was made new and the world began again. We had the usual rants about how evil and wicked the Lib Dems were for agreeing to reduce the deficit. I thought it appropriate to point out the 2010 Labour manifesto proposed cuts more swingeing than those actually carried out by the Coalition. The Labour councillor did not dispute that. It simply didn't matter because it was 'before JC ' ...

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Responding to Keir Starmer's speech to Labour conference, Lib Dem Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake said:"Starmer happily condemns the Tories for a lack of vision on Brexit, but the reality is Labour is just as clueless. "It is misleading for him to pretend that some new customs arrangement can be reached which doesn't cause massive disruption to British trade. "Instead of joining the Tories in the land of fairy tales, Labour should be fighting with the Liberal Democrats to maintain membership of the Single Market and Customs Union. There would be a parliamentary majority if Corbyn and his comrades got off ...

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My tweets

Mon, 13:01: AfD leader quits party hours after German election breakthrough Mon, 18:13: Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe Tue, 06:54: RT @martinstabe: The Bundestag since 1949, by @BillyEhrenberg inspired by brilliant NZ version by @fogonwater https...

Campaign group chief found guilty of refusing to divulge passwords I am a Liberal and I am against this sort of thing. Dillie Keane of Fascinating Aida sings her anti Brexit song at Lib Dem Glee Club Sound quality could be better; song quality is astounding. And yes, that IS me doing Wayne's World style "we're not worthy" bowing at the end. Sadly because of the angle of the camera you can't see my Glee cohost Sarah Brown (Manchester) doing it alongside me. I mean this is the equivalent of having Flanders and Swann do a sudden guest spot in ...

Liberal Democrat Newswire #104 contained a new pamphlet about the future of the party and Iain Dale's always controversial annual list of the 50 most influential Lib Dems.

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Liberal blogger David Boyle and I are the same age. We have worked together on Liberal Democrat policy. But, according to David, we are on the opposite sides of a great divide across the heart of what he calls the "radical centre". But I don't think we are. David is a much more successful blogger ... Continue reading The Great Divide in liberalism: school holidays or basic income? @Radix_UK →

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New Trek, you guys!

First new Trek series in more than 20 years! And I'm happy to report I really loved it, although I had a couple of niggles:( cut for Spoilerphobes ) All in all, a solid start and I am actually excited to see how it goes from here. [IMG: comment count unavailable] comments

"Formerly no one was allowed to think freely; now it is permitted, but no one is capable of it any more. Now people want to think only what they are supposed to want to think, and this they consider freedom" "What we need is not freedom of the press, we need freedom from the press." [...] The post Cassandra, freedom of seduction and freedom of speech appeared first on Radix.

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Mark Pack has the story on his web site – see link above This reminds me of a couple of incidents when I have been insulted on the doorstep whilst canvassing. The best one was when a chap came out of a house and down his path to insult a group of canvassers. He made his point and then said 'just wait until I see that Tony Robertson I'll tell him a thing or two as well'. I was stood right in front of him at this point and he clearly did not realise this. He must have heard ...

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The Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer yesterday, stood up before the Labour Conference and announced his flagship policy, he pledged to bring at least some private finance initiative (PFI) contracts "back in-house". What he was not so specific on was how big a commitment this is. What is going to cost and how is he going to pay for it. So far, so Labour manifesto - expensive, uncosted, unfunded and very expensive. The Guardian says that McDonnell himself refers to a figure of £200bn for payments "over the next few decades", while John Appleby of the Nuffield Trust is quoted ...

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