In August Nigel Atter wrote me a guest post about his new book In the Shadow of Bois Hugo, which is a history of the incredible bravery of the 8th Lincolns at the Battle of Loos in 1915. You can now hear him talking about the book in the latest edition of the Mentioned in Dispatches podcast.

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I have to say, I'm not unhappy to see the back of Priti Patel from Government. I have never forgiven her for caving to pressure and withdrawing funding from an innovative and successful project which changed attitudes and behaviour, protecting girls from harassment and violence. She can't protect women and girls from violence, but she's happy to talk about using our aid budget to help out an occupying army against government policy. It's quite astounding that Patel wasn't sacked when the initial revelations about her behaviour came out at the weekend. Jo Swinson said that there still questions for No ...

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Second paragraph of third chapter: Second paragraph of third chapter:A hundred such cases were known, and while the hardheaded scoffed, none needlessly traveled the countryside by night. Indeed, if ghosts truly haunt the scenes of tragedy and heartbreak, then the landscape of Old Earth must be home to ghosts and specters beyond all numbering - especially that region across which Xanten rolled in the power-wagon, where every rock, every meadow, every vale and swale was crusted thick with human experience. The Last Castle won the Nebula for Best Novella and the Hugo for Best Novelette. For the Nebula, it beat ...

A couple of days ago contractors working for Sefton Council turned up and the 'dropped' trenches across Southport Road adjacent Astor Court were finally filled in. The trenches had been caused quite some time ago and probably at differing times as utility contractors had dug up the road surface. Trouble has been that the filled in trenches had dropped down and the noise and vibrations caused by vehicles hitting them was disturbing Southport Road residents. My previous posting from August 2017 refers as Cllr. Edie Pope had been chasing this matter up:-

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If you back me on the $2 per post tier or higher, I'm sending out your physical copies of the Basilisk Murders *on Saturday*. Let me know by then (by messaging me through Patreon) if: I haven't got your address ... Continue reading →

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Ed Davey has written for Politics Home about the need for proper funding of community policing. He outlined what has been happening in recent years: We are seeing the police disappearing off our streets, clearing the way for criminals. After years of falling crime rates the latest statistics show a 13% increase recorded crime across England and Wales, and even steeper increases for violent offences including knife crime. That is why I am leading a debate in Parliament on the issue of police funding ahead of the Budget. It also leads to the Met Police saying they aren't going to ...

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The French President, Emmanuel Macron, is here in Abu Dhabi today, for the formal inauguration of the Abu Dhabi Louvre, a $1bn+ museum that will show several hundred works on loan from its Paris "mother" institution, including a Van Gogh self-portrait and Leonardo da Vinci's "La Belle Ferroniere". Located on Saadiyat Island and designed by [...]

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Another day, another new party: A new political party will be launched this week and aims to persuade residents in its first electoral battle that it can tackle poor governance at Kensington and Chelsea council. The party, Advance, hopes to capture the spirit of the En Marche movement in France which helped to propel Emmanuel Macron to the presidency this year. Advance plans to field candidates in all 18 wards of the borough in May's council elections, and has recruited a dozen potential candidates. They will be led by Annabel Mullin, a former Liberal Democrat, with the aim of agitating ...

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(you can read the letter in full here) I want to say up front that I agree with the vast, vast majority of the content of the letter. I agree that much of what has happened in the last few years will discourage complainants from coming forward. I agree that the party needs to do more and better. I think Vince calling Lord Rennard "an ordinary member" of the party is disingenuous and lamentable. Where I disagree is here: I do not like that the party informs the police of potential criminal conduct whether it has the consent of the ...

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Tue, 12:56: Brexit: Terra Nova (pdf) More sober analysis from @AndrewDuffEU. Tue, 17:15: RT @Berlaymonster: Intern: "So will we be getting to grips with actual policy work?" Commission: "Oh absolutely." Tue, 18:38: From Bed to Bed, by Catullus, trans. James Michie Tue, 23:08: RT @Peston: So I am hearing that Priti Patel is likely to be sacked within hours. That would be two cabinet ministers gone in a week.


It was an emotional day in the Scottish Parliament yesterday. In the balcony, men openly wept as First Minister Nicola Sturgeon delivered a heartfelt apology to gay men for historic convictions as the Scottish Parliament prepared to pass legislation that would pardon them. All the Scottish party leaders joined in to add to the apology. Here is Willie Rennie's speech: Can I start by thanking the First Minister for making her statement and her apology on behalf of the Scottish Government. It is an important thing to do. For many gay people the idea of a pardon carries with it ...

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Fic post: Ask a Space Manager! In which Saru writes to Ask a Manager about Lorca. [IMG: comment count unavailable] comments

A few days before the so-called Pestminster scandal began to bubble up, a picture of a famous piece of embroidery appeared on Sarah's Facebook account. It had woven into it the phrase 'Boys will be Boys', with the second 'boys' crossed out and replaced with "will be accountable for their f*****g actions". On the face [...] The post Conventional disapproval and the sound of silence appeared first on Radix.

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A massive hole has opened up in Welsh politics. The sad, tragic and premature death of Carl Sargeant yesterday has diminished Welsh politics and deprived his family and his community of a husband, a father, a community leader and a caring, passionate advocate for social justice and equality. For all but 18 months of Carl's 14 years in the Assembly, I was on the opposition benches working with him, scrutinising him and for most of that time shadowing his portfolio. His competence and grasp of his brief was beyond question, his commitment and his compassion to the many causes he ...

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Cllr Claire Young at the Tormarton junction Temporary traffic lights have been installed on the A46 at the Tormarton junction while the Bromley Heath viaduct works are being carried out. Local people have told us that overall these have improved safety but the lights will be removed once the viaduct works are complete. We believe that a permanent solution is needed. We are calling on the council to work with Highways England to resolve any concerns about the manoeuvres allowed and traffic building up on the J18 roundabout so that permanent traffic lights can be installed. If you agree, please ...

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As we know, the Government has ███████████ fifty-█████ reports covering sectors as diverse as █████████, ███████, ████████ █████ Banking, and Higher ███████████. Understandably, people ██████ in those █████ wanted to know precisely how ████████ they were. In what has been a regular ████████, the ███████, led by the ████████-in-███████ ████████ ██████ decreed that we mere ████████ were too ███████ ████████ ███████ to ██████ the contents. So, finally, after months of pointless █████████, the massed forces of ██████, the L█████l Democrats, the Scottish National ██████, and the likelihood of rebel ████████ forced the ██████████ into a humiliating ██████████. But no sooner ...

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Simon Stevens, chief executive of the NHS, is going to make a speech today alluding to the idea that the government should live up to its promise, one made during the referendum, of an extra 350 million pounds a week that is supposed to be spent on the National Health Service in the event of Brexit. There is a problem, however: the government never made that promise to divert money to the NHS. Vote Leave, an entity which no longer exists, made it. And that's the main problem with referenda: anyone can promise anything because there is no political cost ...

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From The Times edition of 8th November Labour-run councils in £12m tax avoidance Labour councils are using offshore companies to avoid paying millions of pounds in tax, The Times can reveal. Jeremy Corbyn was accused of hypocrisy yesterday after an investigation found that two authorities controlled by his party avoided paying more than £12 million in stamp duty on the purchase of commercial properties. On Monday Mr Corbyn hinted that the Queen should apologise if the offshore investment of £10 million of her personal wealth — as revealed in the leaked Paradise Papers — was designed to avoid tax. Yet ...

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The Thirteenth Annual University of Dundee Culture Day : GROWTH Today - Wednesday 8th November 2017, 1.30pm-5pmLecture Theatre 1, Dalhousie Building, University of Dundee This year the University's annual Culture Day takes Growth as its theme, reflecting several important anniversaries - the centenary of D'Arcy Thompson's On Growth and Form; the 350th anniversary of Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver's Travels (in which size really matters); and the University's own growth as we celebrate our 50th anniversary as an independent institution. Full details here. You can still book your free place via Eventbrite here.

Due to the closure of Upper Galdeford over the next couple of weeks and some buses will be diverted. The 722 park and ride service will travel via Gravel Hill, Henley Road, the A49 bypass, Sheet Road, Weeping Cross and Old Street. The bus departing the town centre on the hour will call at Parys Road and Tollgate on the way back into town. The bus on the half-hour will serve the Rocks Green estate and the Steventon loop. The supermarkets will be served on the way out of town, not the way in. The 701 will operate its usual ...

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[IMG: A scene from the movie 'Airplane' which could be a parody of the PM's stance on Boris Johnson] How many lightbulbs does it take...? How many more and more serious gaffes does Boris Johnson have to make before he is asked to resign as Foreign Secretary? His latest error is a serious one... The post A scene from the movie 'Airplane' which could be a parody of the PM's stance on Boris Johnson appeared first on FeministMama @ambitiousmamas.

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