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A very important poll

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Skip the first five and a half minutes of this video and you will find a discussion between the British comic writers David Nobbs and Jonathan Coe. It was recorded in Barcelona in 2014. David Nobbs died the following year.

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This morning a summit took place in Parliament to discuss ways of working together to make sure that the UK stays in the single market on which so many jobs depend. Our Vince was there Spot which UK party leader is standing up for British jobs at today's cross-party summit on staying in the single market and customs union pic.twitter.com/ZGN7e9WOeg — Lib Dem Press Office (@LibDemPress) January 9, 2018 And so a little video did the rounds reminding us all of Jezza's long standing opposition to the European project. And what was he doing while the others were trying to ...

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The relative parts of hope and fear, optimism and pessimism, plans and threats that should go into a political message has been a regular matter of debate through various recent referendums and their postmortems. It's not an issue just for party politics and referendum campaigns, however. It's a broader campaigning issues too, and hence the piece in The Guardian looking at the balance between hope and fear amongst campaigners against climate change: There's a debate in climate circles about whether you should try to scare the living daylights out of people, or give them hope - think images of starving ...

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More comedy genius from Tripp and Tyler, following up their great 'conference calls in real life' video.

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Lump anxiety

This year (or should that read last year), I was fortunate to have one of the longest Christmas and New Year breaks that I've ever taken from work. We had Christmas at home, followed by seeing in the New Year at the wonderful Tithe Barn in Ashburton. I finally got back to work yesterday. The only downside of taking such ... The post Lump anxiety appeared first on ten pence piece.

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... will be forthcoming when the results are not embargoed. Sorry about that. But, you know, I take my commitment to report back to my electorate seriously. (none of this is particularly exciting to anyone not massively invested in Lib Demmery but some of it is commercially sensitive. I promise you'll get an exciting blow-by-blow as soon as I'm allowed) [IMG: comment count unavailable] comments

Artists often make wonderful subjects for biopics. Gilles Bourdos's Renoir (2012), for example, was marvellously evocative of both time and place, as well as a sharp portrait of the man at work, and Kobiela & Welchman's animated treatment of Van Gogh, Loving Vincent, was one of the highlights of last year. So I watched Edouard Deluc's Gauguin — Voyage de [...]

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Second paragraph of third chapter: La première nuit, j'ai fait un rêve : j'étais sur un arbre en train de couper une branche avec une scie. En bas, ma mère jouait avec un medecine-ball orange. Ce n'était qu'une petite fille aux cheveux d'or, mais dans le rêve, c'était ma mère. Elle courait après le ballon en fredonnant une ritournelle. Soudain, elle s'est arrêtée de taper dans le ballon. Il y a eu un silence bizarre. Ma mère avait du sang qui gouttait sur sa tête, sur ses épaules nues, à ses pieds. Elle a levé les yeux sur l'arbre, et ...

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Fire and Fury

By now you've almost certainly heard about Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff, the book which has reignited debates such as "is Donald Trump actually suffering from Alzheimer's, is he a sociopathic narcissist, is he just a viciously racist overprivileged ... Continue reading →

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Phillip Dunne, our Ludlow MP, is from today no longer a health minister. It comes just a day after he made an uncharacteristic gaffe in the House of Commons. But few will be surprised that he has lost his job after a lacklustre performance in the health role. Now we have an opportunity to have an MP that puts Ludlow first and a parliamentary career second. Will Philip take it? Update: Philip Dunne's statement on his resignation from government. Dunne had an opportunity to shine yesterday. He took health questions in the Commons while his boss, the health secretary Jeremy ...

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Stephen Lloyd writes on Politics Home today warning that without provision direct payments to landlords of the housing element of Universal Credit, there will be rising evictions and private sector landlords will be less willing to take on UC tenants. On Universal Credit however, payments continue to be paid directly to claimants until they have built up hefty rent arrears, arrears which recent evidence shows will inevitably lead to a rise in Section 21 evictions, and yet another rise in homelessness (in the last 12 months, the RLA reports that 1 in 3 landlords have attempted to evict a tenant, ...

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Well here we have the proof that Jeremy Corbyn is really not up for fighting our Bluekip Government's crazy Brexit. When a cross-party Leaders meeting was set up to discuss how to protect jobs and the opportunities of young people because of the devastating consequences of Brexit he was not there, indeed he refused to attend! The empty chair was between Lib Dem Leader Vince Cable and Green Co-Leader Caroline Lucas. The SNP were there and so were Plaid Cymru, so that's all the supposed progressive political parties represented in the House of Commons except Labour! And also supposedly, 80% ...

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This morning it has been announced that Toby Young has resigned from the board of the Office of Students. The resignation follows a barrage of complaints on social media, almost solely from the Left. The attacks seemed to focus on two things in regards to Mr Young's supposed lack of suitability for the job. Before I look at those, it is worth pointing out that Toby Young was simply taking up one of fifteen seats on a board, not being put directly in sole charge of anything. You wouldn't have got that from any of the various attacks on him ...

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Do the top 1% of earners pay 28% of the tax burden? - Full Fact tl;dr: no What's in a name? More than we can imagine "I changed my name. 'Jasmeet' was banished from the top of my CV, replaced by 'Millie'. The interview offers could not stop flooding in. Every time I checked my emails, someone wanted to call me up for a phone interview or they wanted to meet me that very week for a formal interview. Every time I put the phone down, it would be ringing in a matter of seconds. Nothing had changed. My CV ...

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Mon, 12:31: Sorry to hear of his ill health. But a fresh start desperately needed. https://t.co/CYhgLxrlXn Mon, 17:06: RT @bbcdoctorwho: William Hartnell, the formidable First Doctor, was born 110 years ago today! #DoctorWho https://t.co/hf3OZ7Nqw5 Mon, 18:41: RT @FaullJonathan: RIP Peter Sutherland. Among many achievements, his work as European competition Commissioner (1985-89) laid the foundati... Mon, 18:49: RT @Number10gov: Karen Bradley MP becomes Secretary of State for Northern Ireland #CabinetReshuffle https://t.co/5TbHJJRI1h Mon, 22:23: Monday reading https://t.co/NYnjH4vtUt Tue, 08:08: Very sorry to hear that we lost Elizabeth Meehan. Like many others, I am tremendously grateful to her for many thin... https://t.co/1PZjqcCQM8 Tue, ...

Justine Greening (Photo: Standard) In advance of the Prime Minister's cabinet reshuffle, I thought that the events of yesterday would tell us a great deal about the Prime Minister, her direction, how well she is able to reinvent and rebrand her party and how effectively she can revitalise her cabinet. My expectations were not particularly high, but even I was surprised by the ineptitude of the attempted reshuffle. It did indeed tell us a great deal about the Prime Minister and her government, some of it quite surprising. From the official party's twitter account wrongly congratulating Chris Grayling on becoming ...

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Prestwich Plodders is a running group in Prestwich for women of all abilities. The group m meets 7pm on Wednesdays at St Mary's Park car park – rain or shine! The group says: "There is a big community of ladies in our local area who have taken up running and would like some support, would like to start running or run as part of a community but are a bit scared by the thought of running clubs. We hope that this is a group to discuss our triumphs, offer our support to each other and promote running in the local ...

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Prestwich Library had its opening times slashed from the start of 2018. The new opening times are: From May 2018 the Library will be completely closed on Saturdays. (For reference the times last year were Monday ➔ 9.30am to 7.30pm Tuesday ➔ 9.30am to 5.30pm Wednesday ➔ 9.30am to 1.00pm Thursday ➔ 9.30am to 7.30pm Friday ➔ 9.30am to 5.30pm Saturday ➔ 9.30am to 1.00pm Sunday ➔ 10.00am to 1.00pm) (47) Last year the Council undertook a long review of Libraries which meant that 10 out of 14 of Bury's Libraries were closed at the start of this year. The ...

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2017 was a year when a lot of unpleasant events occurred - from the Trump inauguration, to a continued Tory government, to reminders every other week that Labour still think foreign policy is something that only happens to other people. One story you may have missed however - and one of the most shocking - was that of an undocumented migrant being arrested by border security after reporting her own rape to police. That modern Britain is in a situation where the police will simply hand over extremely vulnerable victims of violent crime to the Home Office's enforcers - a ...

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The Conservatives' roll out of Universal Credit risks driving up homelessness, Stephen Lloyd, Liberal Democrat Work and Pensions Spokesperson, will warn in his Westminster Hall debate this morning. Lloyd is leading calls for the reform of the housing benefit element of Universal Credit before a "disaster occurs in an already dysfunctional housing market". He will call on the Department for Work and Pensions to make some further changes to the way they administer the housing element of Universal Credit before it is too late. Speaking ahead of the debate, Stephen Lloyd warned: "If further urgent changes are not made to ...

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Responding to the resignation of Toby Young, Vince Cable, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, said: "Toby Young's appointment was a serious mistake, but at least the man himself has realised as much and resigned. "The Conservatives must get their basic due diligence right - getting a role in public office cannot be based solely on being a friend of Boris Johnson. "Theresa May stood by a misogynist and supporter of eugenics. She has shown poor judgement and, coupled with a troubled reshuffle, has made a bad start to the year."

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There is an astonishing case of the UK Government wanting to have their cake and eat it in yesterday's Financial Times, who report that David Davis has consulted lawyers over the EU's preparations for a no-deal Brexit, claiming Brussels' planning is harming British business and breaching the UK's rights as a member state. The paper says that in a letter to the Prime Minister, the Brexit secretary pointed to EU "measures" that could jeopardise existing contracts or force British companies to decamp to the continent if the UK leaves the EU without a deal. Mr Davis said in the letter ...

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Jigsaw are currently looking to recruit Group Leaders to join their existing team to work with young disabled people in the Borough of Bury. Jigsaw is a sports and social group for young disabled people aged 13 – 30, based in Bury. Their aims are to promote fun, freedom and independence; support people to enjoy an active social life, help people reach their sporting potential and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Visit the link below to download their Group Leader Job Advertisement, Job Description and Application Form. http://jigsawbury.org.uk.gridhosted.co.uk/?p=1191 If you feel you have the necessary skills and would like to become ...

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A reminder about the Parklife Communirty Fund. £20,000 for projects that take place in Prestwich, maximum grant £1,500. Priority is for parks and open spaces. It would be great to see local groups and projects funded with this money. More information and an application form here. Deadline is 14 January 2018. ParkLife 2017 Community Fund Highlights of this years fund is listed below, full details can be found in the Application form/guidance which is available to download opposite:

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They were surprised. And I was surprised that they were surprised. I was giving a talk to some senior business people and pointed out that there is a trade-off between organisations being efficient and them being resilient. They were surprised because efficiency has always been the driving force to which they were working. As an [...] The post Why we can't have a proper debate about the NHS appeared first on Radix.

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Hawkhill/Kincardine Street area : The photograph appears to be taken from the Trades College in Balfour Street and is looking towards Balgay Hill. At the bottom of and in the middle of the picture appears to be the junction of Kincardine Street with Hawkhill (Photo - Dundee City Archives) :

A cold day at Maghull Station, where once Liverpool Exchange to Glasgow steam hauled trains would thunder through. I've recently been reading a book by Michael S Welch called 'Lancashire Steam Finale' published in 2004 and which has some stunning photos of the very last days of steam power on British railways within it. And then it dawned on me 2018 is 50 years since steam engines last ran on BR before being replaced by diesel and electric trains altogether. What's more the line from Liverpool Exchange through Aintree, Maghull, Ormskirk, Preston and on to Carlisle was the very last ...

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