This was taken on my second visit to the island, which was in 2002 (or thereabouts).

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DON'T LOSE YOUR DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS Deadline to apply for postal votes for May 2018 local elections across much of Britain: 5pm, Wednesday 18 April Deadline to apply for proxy votes for May 2018 local elections across much of Britain: 5pm, Wednesday 25 April If you are not able to vote in person at your local polling station in an election, you can instead apply for either: A postal vote – ballot papers are posted out in advance of the election and need to be returned by the usual close of polls time on polling day. Ballots can be posted overseas, ...

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Here is what Lib Dem leader Vince Cable said earlier today: We cannot stand by and ignore the horrific scenes from Syria. We condemn the Russian Government for vetoing a full UN investigation into chemical weapons use in Syria. The Syrian Government must allow full and unfettered access for the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Three times Jeremy Corbyn declined to raise human rights abuses backed by Russia with Russian ambassadorThree times Jeremy Corbyn was asked to raised concerns over Russia's human rights record in Syria with the Russian ambassador. Three times he passed up. more The use ...

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These are evenly divided between SF and fantasy (Nagata, Roanhorse, and Prasad clearly SF, and Wilde, Yoachim and Vernon clearly fantasy). Again, I did not find it too difficult to rank them; there was only one that I really bounced off. (See JJ's list for access to all of the 2018 short fiction finalists, and much more, online.) 6) "Clearly Lettered in a Mostly Steady Hand," by Fran Wilde Third paragraph: No one wants to be pinned between an entrance and an exit, unless you're part of the show. Lyrically written, appears to be about being swallowed. I did not ...

I'm taking part in a campaign launched by the cross-party group More United today, to restore the fund that supports deaf and disabled people into political office and I'm asking you to join me by sharing this video and signing the petition here​​ This campaign matters a lot to me. And this is why. I was the first deaf British Sign Language-user elected to public office, when I was elected as a London Borough councillor in 1990 and again as a District Borough Councillor in 2007. From 1992, I lobbied Parliament and ministers to provide greater funding for candidates with ...

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Helping the Homeless

A few friends and I decided about three years ago that we would raise funds to feed the homeless in Reading. Since then we have done that every Friday. I remember the first time we took food a homeless man pulled me to a side and said: "Listen, mate, I appreciate the food, but we do not do vegetables, only meat". Over the weeks I got to know many of them and listened to their life stories, I can honestly say the difference between many of the homeless and me can be expressed by the proverb "There but for the ...

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Every single Liberal Democrat Councillor elected on May 3 will be another voice for probing, reviewing and holding Joe Anderson and his team to account. Read our manifesto today Today Liverpool Lib Dems have launched our manifesto for the May ... Continue reading →

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The Independent, or at least indy100, wins our Headline of the Day award.

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Embed from Getty Images Ed Davey's contribution (on the next steps to decarbonize the UK) to a new collection of essays from the Social Liberal Forum is a tour de force in strategic thinking. One of the great strengths of Liberal thought through the ages has been an ability to find practical, scientifically and economically-sound solutions to pressing social challenges. For an excellent example of this, from someone who has held high office, look no further than Sir Ed Davey's essay in Four Go In Search of Big Ideas, which not only provides a wide-ranging discussion of the challenges of ...

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Google Contributor This looks sort of like the thing has been after, sort of. The American Chopper meme, explained The Internet has serious health problems, Mozilla Foundation report finds Jennie Rigg's review of Pretty Fly For a Mai Tai tl;dr: it was all right, but I had one big problem with it Instagram photo: Spike is sleepy, but also wishes to know if I move at all If you like what you see here (or even if you don't) please consider dropping me a tip: [IMG: Paypal Donate Button] [IMG: Buy Me an uncaffeinated beverage (because I'm allergic to coffee) ...

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Tue, 12:56: The royal wedding - or the ginger betrayal of Prince Harry British ritual explained, from an Irish perspective. Tue, 14:06: RT @DenchenThe: [This tweet is for non Doctor Who fans.] These two people are the exact same character. It's just the second one is older.... Tue, 16:05: When nobody cares @ArianeSherine on what matters and what doesn't. I had not heard of her before, but I loved this. Tue, 19:20: The 1943 #RetroHugo finalists for Best Short Story Tue, 19:26: RT @CharlesTannock: Always a pleasure to talk to Slovak media often more interested in my ...

Some of the local election candidates in Kingston upon Thames (plus an MP) I have been rather quiet on Lib Dem Voice recently – and for very good reason. Two high profile election campaigns having taken up a great deal of my time and attention. In last year's snap General Election I headed up the digital campaign to get Ed Davey re-elected in Kingston & Surbiton. We developed new ways of working, made excellent use of many of our new members, and created a social media campaign that has been quoted as a model for other local parties to follow. ...

Posted by Mary Reid on Liberal Democrat Voice The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above The sad fact is that the Tories/DUP/UKIP have been given what is little less than a free pass by our Official Opposition over Brexit. As a progressive I'm ashamed to see a supposedly progressive party like Labour adopting almost childlike polity stances towards the biggest issue of our times. Brexit will make is all poorer so the poor will suffer the most – what self respecting progressive party could possibly support such a process?

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On March 21, 71 to 20 majority of the elected members in the 135-seat Catalan parliament voted for the immediate freeing of the political prisoners detained by Spanish police. Representatives who dissented with the declaration of independence, and criticised the former president Puigdemont's decision, also voted for the release. The news of the former president's [...] The post Could the Catalan crisis lead to a transnational European party appeared first on Radix.

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The radio event of the year was enjoyed in Rutland too. Wednesday I am no great lover of the Today programme as it can be Terribly Unfair. Only the other day I was given a hard time over the travails of my Rutland Fried Chicken empire, and a few weeks before that is was my cryptocurrency Rutcoin that attracted their scorn. I also found it disconcerting that, halfway through my interview with an irascible Welshman (who, if I might say, was Getting On A Bit), a member of the production team came in, pulled out the waistband and stuffed handful ...

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Rimrose Valley Country Park Join Rimrose Valley Friends for an organised, Ranger-led walk for your enjoyment on Sunday 15th April, 2018 starting promptly at 10.30 from the St Mary's Road Entrance. Rimrose Valley Country Park is bursting with wildlife, including vast numbers of birds such as kestrels, sparrow hawks, buzzards, black caps, jays. See link below for more details:-

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The Dundee Partnership has recently launched the local community plans covering the various communities across the city. Here in the West End, our own local community planning partnership has highlighted a number of priorities for the West End for the next few years and these include :

I read Rhodri Morgan's autobiography not so long ago and in particular the way that the Welsh Labour establishment lined up to stop him leading them into the first Assembly elections. The union block vote was ruthlessly manipulated to get Alun Michael past the finishing line, effectively disenfranchising ordinary members, and the irony is that it was all within the rules. Of course, they paid the price at the elections, as Labour voters refused to support a man they considered to be Tony Blair's puppet, and the resulting controversy nearly torpedoed the devolution project this side of Offa's Dyke for ...

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