Brexit could mean very bad news for the four billion sandwiches which Britain gets through every year, as Politico points out.

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I've twice done two dogs explain politics (political speeches and candidates versus the electorate). Now it's time for three dogs.

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With characteristic speed, yesterday's resolution is put into effect. Alfred has wandered in unbidden from Toad of Toad Hall, A.A. Milne's stage adaptation of The Wind in the Willows. Tuesday I spend the day on the speaking telephone assembling a crew for the Flower of Rutland. I, of course, am the captain, but Paddy Ashplant will make a splendid second-in-command and navigator - it has rightly been said that there is nothing more dangerous than a British office with a map. For muscle (opening locks, coiling ropes and so forth) who better than Jo Swinson and Layla Moran? Come to ...

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Well done to The Times: We wrongly referred to Tommy Robinson as a "girlfriend-beating football thug" ("We ignore Tommy Robinson at our peril", Aug 4). His 2005 conviction was in fact for assaulting an off-duty police officer who had intervened in a domestic incident. We apologise for the error.

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I was fascinated to read this and begin to understand from these experiences what a degrading experience it can be now to deal with some public services, because of the absolute contempt with which the establishment regards service users of any kind. Not perhaps because they are snobbish or useless - though some of them may be both - but because they are technocrats blinded by target data. They peer myopically at the figures that show the basic numbers and feel reassured. The passengers arrived, didn't they? The case was settled, wasn't it? What is all the fuss about, they ...

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Like so many listeners to BBC Radio Shropshire, I am shaken to hear of the sudden death of Vicki Archer at the age of 41. She would normally be broadcasting to our county as I type this. Tributes are pouring out on social media and on air. They are richly deserved. There is something special about radio. Especially local radio. It worms its way into your ears. It becomes part of the fabric of your life. It is not just entertainment. It is not just about the sometimes grim news of the day. Local radio is part of the fabric ...

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Commenting as the pound hits its lowest value in eleven months, Leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable said:"We have always known that some of the most crucial evidence of the problems caused by Brexit would be the fall in the value of the pound, which leads to price rises and higher cost of living."The Government is sleep-walking into a disastrous no-deal Brexit, which is causing the pound to drop even further."The Conservatives are edging closer and closer to creating a cost of living crisis through Brexit. This is why the people must have a Final Say on the Brexit ...

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The ever-valiant editors of Liberator magazine, who make the Lib Dem glee club sing from the same sheet, have just published a guide to discern all the opinionmakers, leaders and groups in the Brexiteer and Europhobe bubble. And according to the European edition of Politico Magazine, Steve Bannon, the beast from Breitbart, is assembling what could be called the "Dad's Army" of Eurosceptics and Europhobes discarded by their own groups, or whose sell-by date has long expired. Using Breitbart as his platform, Bannon had (in the years 2012-16) assembled an assortment of rightwing, libertarian, neonazi and other extremist splinters, and ...

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Mon, 12:23: RT @Frances_Coppola: I am sick and tired of hearing ignoramuses like Bernard Jenkin claim that the Millenium bug didn't exist. IT DID. I wo... Mon, 12:56: A young person's guide to European conferences by @cdotcampbell. Mon, 12:58: RT @AlbertoNardelli: Just a reminder that EU, and EU27, have been expecting UK to start blaming EU for no-deal for weeks. All this may whip... Mon, 15:21: RT @sturdyAlex: Since I buy more from my local Tesco than they buy from me, I figured they need me more than I need them. So, I demanded a... Mon, 16:05: RT @hhesterm: ...

Liberalism is often characterised as a compromise philosophy, with individual freedom being in essential conflict with egalitarian views on justice. The values that are thought of as liberal are often represented as forming some watered down consensus where everything is a compromise for a comfortable life. These values are gathered into bland lists such as that provided for school projects on "British Values". According to Ofsted, British Values are:DemocracyThe rule of lawIndividual libertyMutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.Here I will attempt to defend the view that liberalism is a ...

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The whirlwind of politics isn't going to stop for very long this year, but you might want to take some time over the Summer to think about how you could become more involved in the Liberal Democrats. One way you could do that is to stand for a role in your local party. This Autumn, every local party will hold its AGM and elect its committee for 2019. Now is the time to think about whether you could take on one of these roles. You could choose to stand for one of the Officer roles – Chair, Secretary, Membership Secretary, ...

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The quality of political debate in Britain is hitting new lows. The politicians are not interested in helping us understand what is going on, just in promoting some half-true story or other. 'Twas ever thus. What has changed is that challenge from journalists and commentators is weaker. Most media are promoting their own agendas. The ... Continue reading Amid the noise about no-deal, a blind Brexit is being put in place

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The problems of the UK will never be solved while the whole of the Country is dominated by Westminster and Whitehall. I have believed that for all the 51 years I have been a member of our Party (or its predecessor!) I believe it now and that is why I am more than a little disappointed with the policy paper and motion being sent from the FPC to Party Conference. It just isn't strong enough, urgent enough or angry enough! Whilst still a Liberal member I was asked on Radio 4 to respond to the parody often created then of ...

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Banners are going up all over South Liverpool as the community rallies to save part of our much loved park from developers, Redrow Homes. On Saturday the campaign raised more than £2,000 for our judicial reviews against the Council's ... Continue reading →

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They say that the chances of a no-deal Brexit are rising. If there is one thing that these Brexit negotiations show it is the fundamental differences in governance philosophy between Britain and continental Europe. It is one reason why the UK has never been comfortable in the European Union. The UK's tradition of common law [...] The post Why the EU and UK can't understand each other appeared first on Radix.

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Sophie Tyrill, new Liberal Democrat member and formerly of the Conservative Party, has written about what it is like to switch political parties: This was not a decision that I made lightly, I have been thinking about it for a couple of months. It's also incredibly scary, I never thought about what it would be like to defect from one political party to another... I can honestly say that, even within the space of 12 hours, I can already tell that this has been a great decision. Since posting my tweet announcing that I had officially become a Member of ...

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More people will trip on Ludlow's pavements and end up in hospital. More cyclists will be tipped into the carriageway. More cars will have their wheels wrecked. These are just a few of the consequences of a proposed new policy for highway repairs, which Shropshire Council slipped out for consultation without so much as a press release. I have no doubt these policies will come in. Shropshire Council is beholden to the motor car. And it has cut back the highways budget so severely that reductions in the repair schedule are inevitable. For months, we have been bombarded with bullish ...

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