If you're worried about the ethics of AI (artificial intelligence), you're probably worried about the wrong thing. I explain why here ... For example, are you aware how large the carbon footprint of Bitcoin has...Continue Reading The post Worried About the Ethics of AI? appeared first on ten pence piece.

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Tue 13th

Tuesday reading

Current De Bourgondiërs, by Bart Van Loo Alina, by Jason Johnson The Dispossessed, by Ursula Le Guin Last books finished John De Courcy, Prince of Ulster, by Steve Flanders Adventures in Kate Bush and Theory, by Deborah M. Withers Doctor Who: Scratchman, by Tom Baker with James Goss The Time Ships, by Stephen Baxter Second Generations, by Mary Tamm Next books Children of Time, by Adrian Tchaikovsky Berlin Book Three: City of Light, by Jason Lutes

Lord Beaverbrook was an extraordinary man , who as a politician and much more importantly owner of the Express and Evening Standard was highly influential in the first half of the 20th century. He was a man who aroused extraordinary strong opinions he was described by Atlee and Rebecca West ( one of his innumerable ... Continue reading "How evil was Lord Beaverbrook ?"

Following the news of a councillor joining the Lib Dems in Bolton, now a Labour councillor in Scotland has also switched*: Fiona Dryburgh, who represents an East Kilbride ward on South Lanarkshire Council, announced she had defected to the Lib Dems because of her "vehement" opposition to Scottish independence... Her defection was welcomed by Scottish Lib Dems leader Willie Rennie. He said: "... She joins the many former Labour members who are proud to call themselves Liberal Democrats and she is representative of thousands of former Labour voters who are now backing the Liberal Democrats. They have been offended by ...

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Tue 13th

Now comes the hard part

We Lib Dems have had a great three months. The local elections were good, the European elections outstanding, we got a high-profile defection from the crumbling Tiggers, and we've just won a by-election in a Leave area. We've even had our new leader going down very well among voters we need to attract. But now comes the hard part. As the celebrations from Brecon & Radnorshire die down, we need to recognise that we only won there because the Greens and Plaid Cymru stood aside. It was the smart decision, but they will want something in return, indeed the Lib ...

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Tue 13th

My tweets

Mon, 12:56: Another good thread on the backstop, from s writer who previously argued for more flexibility from the Irish govt,... https://t.co/mDKLOqkcEq Mon, 16:05: RT @GuitarMoog: Brilliant exchange! Backstop=UK locked in "indefinite" CU(1) - So tech won't quickly solve it?(2) No, we totally think... Mon, 18:12: Small Wonder, by Barbara Kingsolver https://t.co/JvzS5HEusa Mon, 20:22: RT @GeorginaEWright: .@guardian reporting that British diplomats based in Brussels will pull out from EU meetings within days. While this s... Mon, 20:23: RT @AtlanticBooks: 'I can't accept the idea that the Troubles defined Northern Ireland' Malachi O'Doherty discusses his new book #FiftyYea... Mon, 20:38: Launch ...

I have a lot of respect for Caroline Lucas - I think she has generally been brilliant and a voice of reason on Brexit. Her willingness, like Jo Swinson, to work proactively and co-operatively across party lines on the crisis facing our nation is very welcome and laudable. However, I was dismayed to hear Lucas proposing an all-female emergency cabinet to stop Brexit. At a time when families, communities and the nation are so bitterly divided over the most important and pressing issue of the day, do we really want to manufacture yet more division along gender lines? I'm going ...

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Tue 13th

Selected for Blaydon

I have been selected as Lib Dem candidate for Blaydon. The email informing me of this incredible opportunity to spend less time with my livestock and jam pan arrived last night. Assuming there is a snap general election this autumn, it will mean we have experienced four elections this year (local, European, PCC by-election and general election). Is this a record? And it will mean I have been a

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Are you fed up with the debate on Brexit? Well I am! The biggest problem we have with it is that it will not stop if we do Brexit. Some people think that an Oct 31st Brexit will mean that ... Continue reading →

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The hawkish US National Security Adviser, John Bolton, is in London for a couple of days, schmoozing Boris Johnson's Brexiteer government. Though he is dangling the prospect of a significant US-UK trade deal after 31 October — whose terms will doubtless be more beneficial to Washington — his real motive for being here is to [...]

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I keep on pressing for the promised footpath/cyclepath from Park Lane to the now far from new station to be opened up ASAP. Indeed, I've recently raised the matter with both Merseytravel and Sefton Council. I went to have a look at where the path runs (from the far end of the station car park) towards Park Lane a few days ago and you can clearly see it together with the signs:- The path was actually laid out back when the Ashworth South site was going to be a new prison so why on earth the present housing developer needs ...

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Chuka Umunna writes in the Independent about how the Brexiteers are trying to manipulate us: Ministers know that a no-deal Brexit will involve an immediate shock to the economy which is one reason why they will seek to hold an election almost immediately after exit day - if it hasn't happened beforehand - so it takes place before the pain is really felt. Michael Gove even floated the idea of announcing a bank holiday on 1 November in an attempt to delay the inevitable chaos until after people have been to the ballot box. There is a description for this ...

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"If I hear Brexit one more time, I'm going to scream.' These are the words that seem to be on almost everyone's lips and it is clear the public has had enough. However, couple this with underrepresentation in Parliament, continually dismissed concerns, an inadequate education system and selfish politicians, one might see why young people today have almost completely disengaged from parties and Parliament. There is a simple solution to this: lower the voting age. Lowering the voting age, though radical, forms a significant part of fixing the swathe of issues mentioned above, which create a vicious and exclusionary cycle ...

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Here's the details of the upcoming evening classes from HERA - together with information about enrolment night - click on the images below to enlarge and also more details are available here :