2m review must consider test, trace and isolate strategy Responding to reports that the Government will announce in the coming week whether the 2m social distancing rule in England will be relaxed, Liberal Democrat Health Spokesperson Munira Wilson said: The economic and public health impact of the Coronavirus is deeply worrying and has left thousands of families facing financial hardship and uncertainty. We all want to get back to normal life as soon as possible. However, any easing of the lockdown can only happen once the Government delivers a comprehensive strategy to test, trace and isolate to protect lives and ...

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The budget for Michael Reeves 1968 film did not run to showing the Battle of Naseby, but Witchfinder General does include a scene set immediately after the battle where the hero Richard Marshall meets Patrick Wymark's Oliver Cromwell. And where was Cromwell staying immediately after the battle? At the Bell Inn, Market Harborough. It used to occupy the corner where the Coventry Road leaves The Square.

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Ozan Varol's Book, Think like a rocket scientist is an enjoyable and comprehensive guide to the many foibles of the human mind.

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Sun 21st

Planting up Church Green

I am one of the volunteers with Planting Up Whickham and today we had a planting day on Church Green. All the circular beds were replanted. Social distancing rules applied at all times. The Green, as usual, is looking great!

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Slightly fuzzy photo – we were right at the back Today is the longest day – it's downhill all the way from now on... I've often wondered why we don't have a major festival to celebrate summer. The ancient pagan rituals around the longest day are only practised by a tiny minority, and for most of us it passes as just another day. In contrast, we all celebrate mid-Winter at Christmas with gifts, rich food and cosy family gatherings, possibly around a fire, whether or not we observe it as a Christian festival. Similarly we mark Spring at Easter with ...

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Second paragraph of third chapter:'What are you thinking about?' he asked Danny. What the hell did the guy think about?Back in the olden days, there were no DVD players or streaming services, and if you saw a film or some TV that you liked, the only way to experience again at a time and place of your own convenience was to read the novelisation. And if you loved the film Local Hero, as I do, you had to buy this slim book by David Benedictus from Bill Forsyth's original screenplay. I can't pretend that it's great literature. The book inevitably ...

I went to church this morning, for the first time in several years; you may remember I reported from the churchyard in the first of my lockdown videos, and now that the lockdown is easing, I wanted to see how the community is putting itself back together. Well, it's still not religion as we knew it before. No hymn singing allowed by the congregation, just a cantor intoning from the back; no communion for anyone except the priest; only every third seat in every second row was available to sit in. But it was still an important celebration. The service ...

Sun 21st

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Sat, 12:56: RT @johnnythin: A short thread on this evening's visit to a rare sight in Surrey: a large standing stone, some 3-4m high. But it's not qui... Sat, 15:34: The Beiderbecke Affair https://t.co/AYtGObXEkB Sun, 10:45: Man smuggling cocaine in artificial penis caught at Brussels Airport https://t.co/peDJLZN2DA Headline of the year?

In the world of international diplomacy, something remarkable happened this week to boost the morale of the UK's closest neighbour, Ireland. She was elected on the first count to the table of the UN Security Council as a non-permanent member, beating the far bigger power of Canada in the process. You might wonder why Ireland would even want to be there, or why in fact, others would want her to be there. In the short history of the recent state that is Ireland, it will be the fourth time that Ireland has taken its place at that table. An impressive ...

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The Guardian reports once more on the frustration felt by members of the Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee at the government's apparent refusal to release a report into Russian infiltration in the UK and the delay re-establishing their membership so that they can meet and get down to work. Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) has not met since before the general election in December - its longest break since it was established in 1994 - and critics say the government has sat on the committee's report into Russian interference for nine months. The paper quotes the former chair of the ...

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From my last mini-survey come promising signs of party members being more engaged with the current leadership contest than the last one.

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So, the greatest contention in the Covid-19 debate is now whether social distancing should mean 1 metre or two metres. Regrettably, we have seen examples in Allerton Road and Woolton Village where neither of those distances counted because young people ... Continue reading →

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A Los Angeles Times article last year said of Rickie Lee Jones: Forty years ago, in the spring of 1979, her self-titled debut made a splash: a best new artist Grammy along with a handful of other nominations, No. 3 on the Billboard 200 albums chart and top 10 on the Hot 100 for the single "Chuck E.'s in Love," and the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. "Pirates," the 1981 follow-up, did well too (both were reissued on vinyl this year). But Jones followed her ear and wound up in and out of critical and market favor as she chased ...

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S Glos are consulting on revised plans for more keep clear markings on Sundridge Park. The deadline for comments is 29 June.You can see the proposals and add your views

As we reflect with horror on the murder of George Floyd we must now consider what can be done to address the racism and structural discrimination that continue to affect the lives of members of our BAME communities. The strength of feeling and the protests internationally during the four weeks since George Floyd's murder have provided a call to action and a stark reminder of racial discrimination. This comes in the wake of research identifying the greater vulnerabilities of BAME communities to Covid-19. Racism that has persisted stubbornly for years has been brought to the fore by the Black Lives ...

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I thought it may be useful to detail the booking process for folks living in the Formby & East Parishes areas of Sefton who now have access to the previously closed recycling centres in their part of the Borough. The link below should tell you what you need to know:-

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This weekend, Layla Moran has set out her stall in terms of what her leadership of the Lib Dems would look like. Unsurprisingly, Layla plans to move the party to the left. Possibly, far to the left. "I will be more radical than Labour and I will be unapologetic about that," she said. She ruled out ever working with the Tories again while leaving the door open for a Lib-Lab something or other. She wants to "fundamentally change how people perceive the Liberal Democrats". There is almost no way this course of action won't result in total electoral annihilation for ...

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Numerous constituents have contacted me and the City Council's environment team in Neighbourhood Services about trying to keep biodiversity gains as the maintenance of parks and other open-spaces re-starts. Residents will shortly notice the maintenance in parks and open space areas starts up again as there has been good progress with the re-start of 'phase one' of the resumption of services - for example in cemeteries and sheltered housing areas. The Head of Environment has advised : "... over the last 3 months, I have received substantial correspondence from residents requesting that the council actively considers not defaulting to previous ...