Purfleet, famous as the site of Carfax Abbey in Bram Stoker's Dracula. Standing on that windswept shore beneath the twisted steampunk towers of the Proctor and Gamble factory, I imagined the unfortunate Jonathan Harker battered by the same damp Thames Estuary gales before his ill fated trip to Transylvannia. Carfax Abbey may have been Bram Stoker's creation but the P&G Factory is equally worthy of a work of dystopian fiction. John Rogers is our guide for a walk through an extraordinary landscape. He has a Patreon account to support his videos.

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Mon 16th

Six of the Best 976

James Belchamber explains why Liberalism is left wing - and why it matters. "With little support and no counselling, the survivors nonetheless took up the threads of their lives and wove a new existence. News of Sutcliffe's capture and his conviction came as an overwhelming relief, but the damage done to the women's reputations as a result of institutional sexism brought agonies of their own." Carol Ann Lee looks at what happened to the women who survive attacks by Peter Sutcliffe. David Hencke looks at the Independent Inquiry on Child Sexual Abuse's report on the Roman Catholic Church: "It suggests ...

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Our Headline of the Day Award goes to the Leicester Mercury. I hope the gentleman in question did not found himself living next to one of Lord Bonkers industrial plants.

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A few weeks ago I bit the bullet and sent a DNA sample off to Ancestry.com, having already done so for 23andMe a while back. The fact that it ties the DNA into the genealogy side of things makes for a snowstorm of new distant relatives of whom I have never heard. Most of them were people who were well enough off in their time and place for official records to be kept of their birth, marriage, offspring and death, but otherwise unremarkable. But I've come up with a lovely connection, my third cousin three times removed (ie his great-great-grandparents ...

When people talk about politics, they inevitably break it down along a spectrum - with ideas and values attributed to each end of this spectrum. Social Justice on the left, respect for hierarchy on the right, etc, etc. Universal Healthcare, Wealth Redistribution and Workers Rights on the left. Law and Order, Discipline and a strong military on the right. etc etc. Liberals often want to avoid this conversation entirely - believing (correctly, but unhelpfully) that the left/right spectrum lacks the nuance and dimensions necessary to convey what we believe, they instead seek to lecture on why the spectrum should be ...

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I loved the first two seasons of The Crown, not least because of Claire Foy's sympathetic rendering of the young Queen. The historical context of some mainly peaceful examples of decolonisation such as Ghana was particularly engaging, too. But the third season was more problematic. Though Olivia Colman is one of my favourite actors, I [...]

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Sun, 12:56: RT @RaoulRuparel: Ahead of a crucial week in Brexit talks, issue of level playing field (beyond state aid) has become a major obstacle to a... Sun, 14:10: Never Eat Alone, by Keith Ferrazzi with Tahl Raz Aimed at the thrusting, selfish young executive; tells them to calm down, do favours for others and be generally nice because it is fun, and will help your career. #nwbooks https://t.co/GPiDRDkx91 https://t.co/XxFdI9RPsj https://t.co/zrj9ERFZHR Sun, 14:45: The Breaking of Nations, by Robert Cooper "States have at their disposal three main instruments of influence: words, money and force. They can persuade, they can bribe ...

London Region have recently been running a series of Zoom calls for people who are thinking of running for their Council in the 2022 elections. I have taken part in a couple of these and it has made me think about what I enjoy being a Councillor and why I would recommend others think about doing so. I have been a Councillor for the Dundonald Ward in Merton since May 2018 - the ward runs from Wimbledon to Raynes Park along the railway line and it is characterised by terraced houses occupied by middle class professional families many of whom ...

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Living in a chumocracy

The Sunday Times carried an important article yesterday in which it revealed that the government has awarded £1.5bn of taxpayers' money to companies linked to the Conservative Party during the coronavirus pandemic. None of the firms were prominent government suppliers before this year. They say that in normal times, ministers must advertise contracts for privately provided services so that any company has a chance of securing the work. A person's connections are not supposed to help. The government is also legally required to publish details of awarded contracts within 30 days, so the public knows how its money is being ...

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i) births and deaths 16 November 1931: birth of Kenneth Watson, who played Craddock in Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. (Cushing movie, 1966) and engineer Duggan in The Wheel in Space (Second Doctor, 1968). 16 November 1956: birth of Karl Zwicky, who directed several episodes of the Australian K9 (2010). 16 November 1967: birth of Alexa Havins, who played CIA analyst Esther Drummond in Torchwood: Miracle Day (2008). ii) broadcast anniversaries 16 November 1963: broadcast of the first ever trailer for Doctor Who, a week before the first episode. 16 November 1969: broadcast of third episode of The Invasion. Vaughn ...


DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL - WEEKLY ROAD REPORT REPORT FOR WEST END WARD - WEEK COMMENCING MONDAY 16 NOVEMBER 2020 Hawkhill - lane closures for 5 weeks for street lighting column installation works. Glamis Drive - closed from Monday 9 November for 2 weeks for carriageway surfacing. Perth Road (at Farrington Street) - temporary traffic lights for one week for SGN work. Lochee Road (at Rankine Street) - mini contraflow Tuesday 17 November for one week for Scottish Water work. Forthcoming Roadworks Seafield Road (Perth Road to Roseangle) - closed from Monday 23 November for 5 working days for carriageway resurfacing ...