Good news from The Victorian Society: Following an application by the Leicester Group of the Victorian Society, Historic England have recognised the importance of the former "Home for Penitent Females" on Stoneygate Road in Leicester by granting it Grade II listed status. You can read more about the Home on this blog.

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"The same, only different." This is the advertising slogans I remember most clearly from the later 20th century (the 1970s most likely). I can't remember what it was for, and a Google search doesn't help. It was not one of the era's more successful slogans, evidently. The advertiser was trying to say that its product ... Continue reading The same, only different – from Tony Blair to Keir Starmer

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Data last date 14/2/2021 This table reports admissions into hospital trusts for covid in the order of the number of admissions in the last available week compared to the total number of admissions. The idea is to highlight those trusts which are having a high level of admissions that has grown in the past two weeks. Some trusts serve areas where there is a high level of immunity and hence few

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The BSFA short-list is out! And there are no less than ten novels on it, which is not so very short... Goodreads LibraryThing reviewers av rating owners av rating Piranesi, by Susanna Clarke 35802 4.33 1174 4.26 The City We Became, by N.K. Jemisin 27370 4.00 1063 4.06 The Ministry for the Future, by Kim Stanley Robinson 2667 3.97 252 3.90 The Doors of Eden, by Adrian Tchaikovsky 1852 3.91 93 4.38 Light of Impossible Stars, by Gareth L. Powell 896 3.95 57 3.65 The Sunken Land Begins to Rise Again, by M. John Harrison 370 3.70 66 3.60 Comet ...

The February Savanta ComRes tracker poll includes this finding on the timing of the next big round of elections: There are due to be local elections in England, as well as devolved elections in Scotland, Wales and London, in May this year. Some say that the elections should go ahead as planned, but others say that they should be postponed due to the pandemic. Which of the following is closest to your view? Postpone: 40% Go ahead: 38% That is essentially a tie given the margins of error involved. I've not seen other polling on this question recently, so we've ...

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Layla Moran has been talking to the media today about long Covid. She makes the case that it should be recognised as an occupational disease, and that compensation should be given to key workers who suffer from it. Many frontline workers, the heroes of the pandemic, have developed long Covid while saving lives. They are now unable to return to full time work. We cannot abandon them now or ever. The Govt must recognise their sacrifice by launching a compensation scheme. — Layla Moran [IMG: 🔶] (@LaylaMoran) February 18, 2021 She is appearing on Question Time this evening, so ...

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Well what a surprise. The Labour Party have paused their selection process for a new mayoral candidate to re-interview the three short-listed candidates. Why is this really not a surprise? Simply because there are a key set of questions that ... Continue reading →

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Twenty, twenty one

Who cried those tears?Who are you, with your first world problems?There's a pandemic on you knowand they have to make us more securethan we have ever been before... It's a nasty little virus, from la Chine profonde,sprung from venal filthy exploitation,unsuccessfully suppressed by liesthey'd prefer we didn't blame them for,compounded by our populist complacency Who [...]

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Wed, 12:56: RT @YiannisBab: A very rare sight, the Acropolis covered with snow Wed, 14:53: RT @HutchinsonDave: @nwbrux 😊 Wed, 15:00: Why Don't Penguins' Feet Freeze? And 114 Other Questions, edited by Mick O'Hare Sequel to Does Anything Eat Wasps?, with again loads of scientific trivia. Though I'm not completely sure I believe what it says about snot. #nwbooks Wed, 15:30: Dublin Castle and the 1916 Rising: The Story of Sir Matthew Nathan, by Leon � Broin This is a good example of how to take a rich and largely untapped vein of source material and ...

Considering the 2016 EU referendum was mischaracterised by Brexiteers as throwing out allegedly unelected EU bureaucrats and taking back control of our country, there is a certain irony in the fact that the man who negotiated our exit agreement has now been elevated to the House of Lords as an unelected legislator and given a full-time ministerial job and a place at the cabinet table, where he will lead on Britain's relationship with the European Union despite never having been elected to that role. The Guardian reports that Frost will replace Michael Gove as the UK chair of the partnership ...

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A reminder for councillors of all political parties about the importance of knowing and following donations rules comes with this month's batch of enforcement updates from the Electoral Commission. Glasgow Labour councillor Matt Kerr has been fined £200 by the Electoral Commission for a, "failure to report donations within 30 days". Last year Councillor Kerr ran to be Labour's deputy leader in Scotland. Keep up with news about elections by email If you'd like to be notified by email when new posts about how are how our elections are run appear on this blog, just sign up here. (Note: if ...

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The Welsh Liberal Democrat Spring Conference will be taking place online this year on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th March. Full details are on the Welsh Lib Dems website, with the agenda here. Registration is free for Welsh members, for members from outside Wales (Saturday only) and for the media (Saturday only). You can register here. Policy debates include the 2021 Manifesto Senedd manifesto: Put Recovery First, Go Green not Go Broke and The Next Steps for 'Our National Mission'.

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"The first act of any developer is to ransack the countryside and cut everything down." That's typical of many comments I have received recently from people concerned about the impact new developments are having on the hedgerows and trees around the edge of our town. This is quite a new phenomenon as Ludlow has tended to approve developments rather than get them built. Now, we have work beginning again on Foldgate Lane, the Sainsbury's supermarket storming ahead and housing being built south of Rocks Green. Preparation work is also underway on Sheet Road and that had led a new round ...

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i) births and deaths 18 February 1967: birth of Guy Ferland, director of three of the Torchwood: Miracle Day episodes (2011). 18 February 1993: death of Jacqueline Hill, who played the First Doctor companion Barbara Wright from 1963 to 1965 (she is the first regular cast member to actually appear on screen), and then returned to play Lexa in Meglos (Fourth Doctor, 1980). 18 February 2012: death of Peter Halliday, who played a number of roles in Old Who including Vaughn's security chief Packer in The Invasion (Second Doctor, 1968), Pletrac in Carnival of Monsters (Third Doctor, 1973) and the ...

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