On Monday night, Ludlow Town Council debated whether to allow the May Fair this year. Councillors were told that only 30 people would be allowed into the fair at a time. Putting aside that would bankrupt any commercial operation, government rules say that 4,000 people, even more, are allowed for outdoor events such as funfairs. On the proviso they don't all come at once and the familiar social distancing rules are enforced. At the same meeting, councillors approved space for the Green Festival and the Fringe Festival in the town centre without a limit on numbers. After what I can ...

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Biggest frame of vol 1, page 3: Biggest frame of vol 2, page 3: I saw this recommended somewhere: two albums written by French author Filippi, best known for his writing for young adults, and illustrated by Dodson, better known for his Marvel and DC work on superheroes. I'm not sure that I'd repeat the recommendation. Our heroine, Coraline, takes a job as governess to a teenage boy who invents lots of machines in his spare time. At night she has strange dreams which always seem to end with her clothes falling off. The end of the second volume reveals ...

Local organisation Action for the River Kennet (ARK) is launching a new project to protect European Eels locally, and is looking for schools, groups and individuals to be part of it. The iconic European Eel was once a common fish in the rivers Kennet and the Pang, but is now critically endangered. The project is offering free workshops and assemblies for schools, as well as free eel talks and riverbank walks for community groups and the general public. Participants will learn all about the European Eel's incredible life cycle and migration, as well as the importance of the rivers Kennet ...

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Labour in Gateshead last year created a traffic management scheme that has added enormously to congestion and air pollution. Lib Dems exposed the cost of the fiasco - £500,000. Labour are not happy and in their typical one-party state approach, they are pursuing a complaint against Lib Dem Councillor Daniel Duggan who first exposed the costs. The traffic fiasco has not gone down too well with

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Tue, 18:18: Birthday: Colin Baker, megaliths and erotica https://t.co/jKQw1XOPjq Wed, 09:30: Whoniversaries 28 April https://t.co/hCxRAHgGxT Wed, 10:37: I see it's non-paper time again - so soon after the last one? This is obviously a set up to destabilise negotiations. (I remember a similar leak in the Northern Ireland peace process in February 1995, the so-called "Framework Documents".) The best response is not to respond. https://t.co/jzMlvxG5Dv Wed, 10:45: RT @moylato: Belgian man parks in garage 6cm wider than his car https://t.co/uqy1J7JdA7

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Whoniversaries 28 April

i) births and deaths 28 April 1928: birth of Raymond Cusick, who designed the Daleks. 28 April 1977: death of Anthony Coburn, who wrote An Unearthly Child (1963) and the never-produced story The Masters of Luxor. i) broadcast anniversaries 28 April 1973: broadcast of fourth episode of Planet of the Daleks. The Doctor and Jo are reunited, and the Thals disagree about how to tackle the Daleks. 28 April 2007: broadcast of Evolution of the Daleks. The Daleks' experiments are destroyed by the Doctor and Dalek Caan escapes.

I have recently been in discussion with both Police Scotland and City Council officers following the recent disgraceful vandalism on Magdalen Green that resulted in a table and seating being destroyed by fire. Additionally, as the photo shows, another table was recently also vandalised although the damage was less severe than happened to the other table and chairs. Environment management will ensure repair of this. As I said to the media at the time of the vandalism, it is vital that the vandals do not win and I am grateful to Police Scotland for the comprehensive response I have received ...

Yet another impact of Brexit has been highlighted by the Independent. They report new figures have revealed milk and cream sales to the EU have slumped 96 per cent as a result of Brexit-related trade barriers: The Food and Drink Federation said the new trading arrangement with Europe had cost exporters more than £1.1bn since January, when Britain left the customs union and single market. Milk and cream exports collapsed by 96.4 per cent while cheese sales to the EU fell by 64.6 per cent in the year to February. Figures published by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, citing ...

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Willie Rennie, leader of the Scottish Liberals Democrats, has said the party is set to gain the Cathiness, Sutherland and Ross seat in next month's Holyrood election. The John O'Groat Journal and Caithness Courier quotes "party polling" from the Lib Dems that shows their candidate Molly Nolan is just three points behind the sitting SNP member. The figures are SCP 37.2 per cent, Lib Dems 34.2 per cent. Rennie told the paper: "We know we can win this, we can take out a Scottish Government minister - who I don't think has served the community particularly well on the list ...

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