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440 days of plague

I was in the office again today, entirely on my own, which gave me the freedom to play loud music and yell at the top of my voice; but that gets old fairly quickly as it turns out. Who knew? Both the Belgian numbers and the weather have been improving, which greatly lifts the spirits. As I predicted lsat time, the number of COVID patients in hospital is now well below where it had since before the October lockdown, and the number of new infections seems likely to drop below that benchmark in the next week or ten days (and ...

June 15, 2021 Sandgate Library, James Morris Court, Sandgate High Street, Sandgate, Folkestone CT20 3RR [IMG: Gart Fuller and Tim Prater] As part of their commitment to listening to and working with local residents, Tim Prater and Gary Fuller, Lib Dem District Councillors for Sandgate and West Folkestone, hold regular drop-in advice surgeries in the ward each month. No need for an appointment - just turn up to discuss any issue you would like our help with. The surgeries are in a public place: if you'd prefer to speak to Tim or Gary one-to-one then please contact them directly and ...

It's not been hard to pick up on the fact that Molyneux ward Labour Party have not been a happy bunch of campers for quite some time so when Sefton Cllr. Tony Carr announced he was resigning from the Sefton Council's Labour Group, last week, to see out the rest of his term as an independent it did not come as a complete surprise to me. If memory serves Tony was elected to serve for Molyneux ward (Southern Maghull, Melling and Aintree) in 2010 the year before I moved from Molyneux ward to Park ward (western Maghull and Lydiate) as ...

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In a previous article I was scathing about this government's approach to education - a regressive insistence on churning out compliant automatons while employers demand creative, self-directed and specialised workers. But in their approach is a logic - that learners all need to be calibrated to a common criteria. This plays out in a national curriculum - literally, everyone learning the same things at the same point in their lives - and comes with the values (uncritical obedience and an unwavering respect for authority) that are required of any system that tries to achieve this.I no longer believe that should ...

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We want your views on how to improve the party's independent complaints process. Any organisation with a hundred thousand members will have conflicts: what matters is how we deal with them. Wherever possible the process needs to be quick and effective - and it must always be transparent, fair and independent of political influence. It is key that if someone actions are damaging to other party members or members of the public, they can't expect to be protected by who they know or what role they hold in the party. When conference voted for a new independent complaints' procedure at ...

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Sun, 12:56: RT @Scott_Wortley: I recommend reading the full Foster v Jessen judgment. The analysis of Jessen's utter lack of credibility and reliabilit... Sun, 14:48: Strange Confection: The Commitments and the Battle for Dublin's Soul Looking back, thirty (!) years on. Sun, 15:54: August 2011 books Sun, 16:18: Another genealogy case Sun, 16:18: Check out my walk on Strava. Mon, 09:30: Whoniversaries 31 May Mon, 10:45: RT @TraceyMaryHart: Number 20 😂😂😂😂😂

It is one thing to promote Brexit by appealing to the Tory backwoodsmen who long for the glory years of empire (and yes they are mostly men and no, beneath the surface there was not much glory in the way British colonies were ruled) but surely things have gone too far once the Prime Minister starts to spend taxpayers' money on his own version of 'gunboat diplomacy'. Johnson has long sought to model himself on Churchill, has wrapped himself in the union jack flag at every opportunity and unashamedly uses the trappings of power to promote himself as a British ...

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Whoniversaries 31 May

i) births and deaths 31 May 1940: birth of Peter Mayock who played Ibrahim Namin in Pyramids of Mars (Fourth Doctor, 1975) and Solis in The Deadly Assassin (Fourth Doctor, 1976) 31 May 1948: birth of Lynda Bellingham, who played the Inquisitor in the Sixth Doctor's Season 23 (1986), and returned to the role for some excellent Big Finish plays. 31 May 1983: birth of Reggie Yates who played Martha's brother Leo in the 2007 series of Doctor Who. ii) broadcast anniversaries 31 May 1969: broadcast of seventh episode of The War Games. The Doctor and friends start a rebellion, ...

From Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education : Zoom into a world of exciting career opportunities and new horizons at the Al-Maktoum College Virtual Open Day on Wednesday 2nd June from 4pm to 6pm. You'll have the opportunity to chat with current students about what to expect in studying at Alm College.Our admissions team and academic teaching staff will also be on hand to answer any questions throughout the event. You can sign up here.