Hello! I'm Mark Pack, author of both 101 Ways To Win An Election and Bad News: what the headlines don't tell us, along with maintaining the largest database of national voting intention polls in the UK, stretching back to 1943. The next general election is most likely several years away, but political polling of voting intentions for a general election is in full swing. Half-a-dozen firms are polling regularly, with a handful of occasional surveys from others too. Below the table, you'll find the option to sign up to email updates about new polls and also a set of answers ...

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Pessimism is the prevailing wisdom of the times. So it is for most commentators looking back at the terrible events of 11 September 2001. In The Times Gerard Baker's article is headed "Awful truth about 9/11: the terrorists won", which the editor says "has the ring of truth". The veteran BBC correspondent John Simpson has ... Continue reading 20 years after 9/11, the terrorists have failed

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Senior Lib Dems have been reflecting on 9/11 and its aftermath: Twenty years on, we remember that awful day; the horrific scenes; the 2,977 who lost their lives; the tens of thousands who lost loved ones, friends, and family members. We will never forget. — Ed Davey MP [IMG: 🔶] [IMG: 🇪🇺] (@EdwardJDavey) September 11, 2021

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Writing in the Independent, Lib Dem Tower Hamlets Councillor Rabina Khan reflects on how 9/11 changed things for British Muslims. She described her reaction on the day. Like our editor Caron Lindsay, she was cradling her baby as she watched events unfold on the television: She described her sadness, and anger at that the perpetrators had done but also fear about what was coming for Muslims as a result of the actions of a few extremists who would be held to represent an entire religion: At the same time, I felt anxious, knowing that some people would assume that all ...

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Sat 11th

9/11 remembered

Twenty years ago, about this time, I arrived home. It was a particularly uneventful Tuesday. My then toddler and I had been to parent and toddler group and had walked home and were about to have a wee snuggle on the sofa watching the Tweenies. Later that evening, my friend Anne and I were going to head off for a power walk to kickstart our Autumn fitness project. And then I turned on the telly. Instead of watching Milo, Fizz, Bella and Jake do their thing, I sat, transfixed, by the events unfolding in front of me. The toddler was ...

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Sat 11th

American Beauty

American Beauty won the Oscar for Best Picture of 1998, and four others: Best Director (Sam Mendes), Best Actor (Kevin Spacey), Best Original Screenplay (Alan Ball) and Best Cinematography (Conrad Hall). The Hugo that year went to The Sixth Sense. I have not seen any of the other four Oscar nominees, which were The Cider House Rules, The Green Mile, The Insider and Hugo-winner The Sixth Sense. IMDB users have it 4th on one ranking and 8th on the other, respectable enough, with Fight Club, The Matrix and The Green Mile ahead of it on both. 1999 was the year ...

Sat 11th

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Fri, 12:56: RT @TheLocalFrance: After spotting this sign in his local café, @john_lichfield muses on the French code of manners, and who is most likely... Fri, 15:30: Along the Dijle with Bo - a guided tour of historic Leuven, four years ago https://t.co/bhe8ClWqEo Fri, 16:05: RT @DrKatyBarnett: @DrMCastan @juliettemm Someone (who knows me well) sent me this yesterday. Coffee is important. And sometimes it gets... Fri, 17:11: Among the Believers https://t.co/Yfc2OlP51f Lovely piece on identity, growing in Utah without being Mormon. Fri, 18:12: Friday reading https://t.co/uLbGLuzNuk Fri, 18:50: January 2013 books https://t.co/C6ckLFnYJA Fri, 20:48: Hugo Book Club Blog: How I ...

The Guardian reports on official data that shows Britain's trade with the EU falling sharply in July, with Brexit and the global pandemic driving exports £1.7bn lower than in July 2018 and imports falling by £3bn: The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said the fall was largely driven by declines in medicinal and pharmaceutical products, which have been particularly hit by the need for separate regulatory approval post Brexit. Experts said the latest ONS figures could be a sign that the UK is losing its overall competitiveness. Compared with 2018, which the ONS describes as the most recent "stable" period ...

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It is the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Two decades since 2,996 lives were lost in suicide attacks on the World Trade Centre, the Pentagon and in a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. In New York the occasion will be marked by families of the dead reading statements about their loved ones. The event will be closed to the public. Elsewhere in the world, the anniversary will be marked with foreboding. The attack was carried out by Al Qaeeda and was planned and coordinated from its base in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Within weeks a US-led NATO force toppled the Taliban government. There ...

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I have recently received a number of complaints about the pathway that runs from around half way up Tait's Lane eastwards to Peddie Street - it is really needing a tidy and new planting. I took this up with our local council environment manager who has responded helpfully as follows : "The path is overgrown with weeds, this is manly due to our recent staffing issues and there are similar issues in other areas of the city. We are currently putting together a list of them and are putting together a hit squad to deal with all these areas in ...


Jago Hazzard takes us to the site of Central Croydon. This station, which was sited where its name implies, was a commercial failure. It was open for two short periods: 1868-71 and 1886-90. The short branch to it from East Croydon was long ago lost under the Fairfield Halls and Town Hall, but Jago manages to find some scant remains. And he tells us how it might have become an Underground station. you can support Jago's videos via his Patreon page.

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