Sat 2nd

RIP Kevin

I visited The Whinnies Community Garden in Sunniside yesterday. The news I picked up there was not good. Kevin, one of the volunteers who had worked so hard to make the garden a success, had passed away. It was a shock as he had always appeared to be in good physical health. Sadly a heart attack and stroke had taken him from us.RIP Kevin.

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Second paragraph of third section:It begins in childhood. Play is necessary to an immature mammal, a means of learning to handle the body, the perceptions, and the outside world. The young human plays, must play, with its brain too. The more intelligent the child, the more its imagination needs exercise. There are degrees of activity, from the passive watching of a show on a screen, onward through reading, daydreaming, storytelling, and psychodrama . . . for which the child has no such fancy name."The Saturn Game" won both Hugo and Nebula for Best Novella for work published in 1981. (So ...

When I do training on how to run local Liberal Democrat social media accounts, one of the main topics I run through is 'evergreen content'. This is, content which is most timeless and which it is beneficial to repeat every now and again. Information about when the local Lib Dem team holds surgeries, or a prompt to join the party for example. Liberal Democrat digital tools and services: get them hereBrought together in one place, here are the Liberal Democrat tools and services that I look after to help party activists keep informed and campaign. more is a social ...

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Scarcity was fun when I was growing up in Asia many moons ago. Power cuts meant candles, no homework and neighbours congregating in streets to share food, drink and what snippets of information they had about the power cut. The gossip mill went into overdrive about the reasons for the cut and when it would ... The post Scarcity does not build character appeared first on A Midlifer in London .

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I've often commented that electoral reform is one of those topics where the exact question wording can make a noticeable difference to the results of a poll.

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A very exciting set of by-elections this week with the Lib Dems making some spectacular gains, and coming within a whisker of even more, and sadly also suffering some very narrow losses. We begin with an agonising near miss in Sunderland where Lib Dem candidate John Lennox was just 27 votes off a stunning win in Hetton ward. The Lib Dems finished 6th in the ward in May's local elections with 63 votes. This time the Lib Dem team increased their vote to 634 with a 28% swing. Hetton ward, Sunderland City Council Well done to John and the Lib ...

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We don't hand out Freedoms of Liverpool like a bag of sweeties. Instead, what we do is to give them to Men and Women whose service has been so special and great to our city that we can conceive of ... Continue reading →

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Sat 2nd

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Fri, 14:08: Global Britain, eh? (Would be very interested to see the analysis indicating the elevated risk from ID cards, which are perfectly secure.) Fri, 15:27: Grateful to @BrusselsNI for this insight. Fri, 16:05: RT @RaoulRuparel: Article 16 trigger being talked about again in NI Protocol but so much of the discussion is missing the point & still doe... Fri, 18:05: Friday reading Fri, 18:36: The Bloodline Feud, by Charles Stross Sat, 10:45: RT @silentmoviegifs: Movies that take place at roughly the same time

That's the conclusion from a new opinion poll on immigration by Ipsos-MORI for the think tank British Future.

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Political Complacency is dangerous. It stifles innovation and sweeps problems under the carpet because they involve difficult decisions that might rock the boat but end up sinking it if they are ignored too long. Angela Merkel was in many ways a good German Chancellor. She was a good European leader. She was a consensus builder inside coalition structures. But her constant search for consensus led her to compromises on important issues which needed to be resolved. This was the downside of an otherwise upbeat chancellorship. Political agreement resulted in economic prosperity for the Germans—and complacency about the unresolved issues, both ...

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Wendy Chamberlain is the only female former Police Officer in Parliament. We are very lucky to have her. She gave a brilliant interview to Sky News yesterday about the murder of Sarah Everard and what the Police needs to do now to regain trust. She explained very well how the Police are getting it wrong and what they need to do to get it right.

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From the City Council : Dundee City Council proposes to make an Order under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 for the purpose of facilitating retaining wall repair works. The Order is expected to be in force for 15 months from 11 October 2021. Its maximum duration in terms of the Act is eighteen months. The effect of the Order is to prohibit temporarily all pedestrian traffic in North Marketgait and Lochee Road from Parker Street to a point 100 metres or thereby west of Dudhope Roundabout. An alternative route for pedestrians will be available via Lochee ...