The Manchester Evening News reports: The deputy leader of Stockport's Liberal Democrats group has stepped down to focus on her bid to become an MP. Councillor Lisa Smart will now concentrate her efforts on fighting the marginal constituency of Hazel Grove at the next general election... Hazel Grove is currently held by Conservative William Wragg, but a 5pc swing would hand it to the Lib Dems – making it one of the party's top targets nationally... She [said]: "Our area is being taken for granted by Boris Johnson's government and it deserves better. "We need an MP who is going ...

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Second frame of Chapter 3: Second frame of Chapter 9: Having hugely enjoyed the first volume of this, I went back and reread it along with the second volume. As I said before, it's an audacious reinvention of the Matter of Britain, where King Arthur returns as an undead horror in league with present-day fascists, and our hero, together with his tough-as-nails granny, must thwart them. The whole thing moves at a cracking pace with some good set-pieces in south-west England. In the second volume, the dark forces (led by the undead Arthur and the hero's gone-to-the-dark-side mother) summon Beowulf ...

Motions to Liverpool City Council - 26th January 2022 Liverpool has talked for long enough about the problems of climate change but has done very little about it. Our air quality is poor, our recycling rates dreadful, and our renewable ... Continue reading →

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Here's the latest running tally of seats changing hands in principal authority council by-elections held since the last May round of local elections.

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Only one principal authority local council by-election this week, a Conservative defence on Wychavon Council in Worcestershire.

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Fri 14th

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Thu, 12:56: RT @robertshrimsley: It is not easy to oust a sitting prime minister. But increasingly Tories are wondering if the only choices left to the... Thu, 18:09: The Young H.G. Wells: Changing the World, by Claire Tomalin Thu, 23:05: RT @Mij_Europe: Looks like Telegraph have abandoned their man!

Fri 14th

Yet more parties

Was there a day in 2020 when staff in 10 Downing Street were not having a party? The Guardian reports on allegations that Staff inside Downing Street held two staff leaving events featuring alcohol, and one with loud music, on the evening before Prince Philip's funeral in April last year, when such social contact remained banned. They say eyewitnesses have told the Daily Telegraph that a combined total of about 30 people took part in what appeared to be social events in different parts of Downing Street, before both gatherings combined in the garden: According to one attender, a staff ...

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We are from today making changes to the comments policy on Lib Dem Voice. We also will more proactively encourage female voices on LDV, both in making comments and in authoring posts. This change comes after a meeting of editors (online as we are scattered around the country) to discuss where we are on LDV and where we want to go. We are concerned that LDV posts and comments are dominated by men. In recent weeks, three quarters of posts have been authored by men and nine in ten comments were by men. We intend to change that gender balance ...

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From the City Council : Dundee City Council propose to make an Order under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 for the purpose of facilitating footway resurfacing works. The Order is expected to be in force for 2 weeks from 20 January 2022. Its maximum duration in terms of the Act is eighteen months. The effect of the Order is to prohibit temporarily all vehicular traffic in Tait's Lane for its entire length. Access for residents will be maintained where possible. An alternative route will be available via Corso Street, Peddie Street and Hawkhill. If you have ...