Commissioned by the Sunday Times, the JL Partners poll puts Labour well ahead in this Conservative-held seat: NEW: Shock poll on the Wakefield by-election. Here are the full results from @JLPartnersPolls. See the Sunday Times POLITICAL BIG READ for more — Tim Shipman (@ShippersUnbound) June 4, 2022

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Writing in The Scotsman yesterday, Alistair Carmichael said: Kirsty Blackman MP, speaking on the BBC earlier this week, made clear the SNP's outrage that North Sea oil and gas profits might be used to support the wrong sort of struggling family - that is, struggling families who live south of the River Tweed. Scotland's self-proclaimed "progressive" party of government has decided that solidarity and support for hard-up people across the country during the current crisis is a bridge too far. In doing so, the SNP have reminded us all of a fundamental truth - nationalism and progressive politics simply do ...

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The Guardian reports that a new national security law to be debated by MPs next week would give Ministers and spies immunity from accusations of assisting crimes overseas, diminishing the UK's moral authority to condemn atrocities such as the killing of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi: The concerns centre on a change to the Serious Crime Act, which was passed in 2007 and made it an offence to do anything in the UK to encourage or assist a crime overseas - such as aiding an unlawful assassination or sending information to be used in a torture interrogation. Under a clause ...

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Fri, 19:42: Six short stories about different incarnations of the Master. I thought they were all pretty good. Fri, 20:20: RT @RickOShea54321: Glorious 70 seconds of Nigel Farage going from uber-confident, to absolutely crestfallen. Sat, 08:05: Daily Octordle #131 8️⃣🔟 4️⃣🕚 🕐🕛 6️⃣7️⃣

Whether you are anti-monarchy or a monarchist let's face it, the Platinum Jubilee weekend has brought an infectious gaiety to the long weekend. With street parties, BBQs and picnics being planned for the weekend, there is no reason why those afflicted with diabetes should miss out on the great British tradition of having scones during ... The post Make these sugar free scones for your Platinum Jubilee Parties appeared first on A Midlifer in London .

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. They say that body language tells all. At yesterday's Service of Thanksgiving for The Queen's reign in St Paul's, Sir Ed Davey and Sir Keir Starmer were seated next to each other. So, what were the two men thinking? * Newsmoggie - bringing you comment from a different perspective

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