A "progressive alliance" of the centre-left parties (Labour, Liberal Democrats, Greens, maybe some Nationalists) to defeat the Tories is flavour of the month amongst many political columnists, though less so among the loyalists of all these parties. One of the major obstacles to a formal alliance is a clause in the constitution of the Labour Party which insists that their party must (must) field a candidate in every parliamentary constituency in every election. The reasoning behind that is perfectly logical. Labour purists believe that they are fighting a class "war" for the workers against the capitalists. This belief may be ...

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The latest edition of my weekly political polling round-up, The Week in Polls, is now out. As it says: YouGov's headline this week will have put conspiracy theorists in a spin and a spring in the step of Lib Dems: "Conservatives set to lose 26 of their 64 Lib Dem battleground seats". For the conspiracy theorists, the puzzle is how a fake-polling-Tory-owned-front put out such a grim story for the Conservatives. And for the Lib Dems? Find out what it means for the Lib Dem by reading it in full online here or sign up to receive future editions here. ...

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Sun 3rd

Pride in the Lib Dems

Yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of London Pride and Liberal Democrats were right there marching with all the pride we could muster -both as Liberal Democrats and throughout the parade Liberal Democrats were marching with other groups and organisations from the Armed forces to NHS trusts to Sports Groups. It was amazing to be part of this piece of history with 1.5 million people involved! Thanks to every Lib Dem who came yesterday, whether you were marching with the group or elsewhere or supporting from the crowd – and many thanks to our fabulous GLA Assembly Members - Caroline, Hina ...

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How much more of a spring in our step should Liberal Democrats have after the Tiverton and Honiton win, and what are the lessons for the party?

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Sun 3rd

Bygone Family

Sometimes you don't know what you have missed until it is no longer there. I have certainly felt that a bit recently, especially with regards to my Dad who passed away just over five years ago. I have started to develop a big regret about not listening to stories about the family and his childhood, ... Continue reading Bygone Family →

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In 1967 Keith West was one cool dude. His psychedelic band Tomorrow was a favourite of the critics and of John Peel in particular. Steve Howe, the future guitarist in Yes, was a fellow member. Tomorrow has twice featured here. Once with their song White Bicycle, which was later a hit for Nazareth, and once under their previous name The In Crowd with Blow Up, which was intended to be the theme song of the Antonioni film but not in the event used in it. West had just one big chart hit, reaching number 2 with this near novelty record ...

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The Welsh Liberal Democrats have expressed concerns over Cardiff Council and South Wales Police plans to introduce a new begging protocol which would include the threat and use of fines to tackle begging and street homelessness in the city. The concerns follow an announcement during Council yesterday that Cardiff Council will work with South Wales Police to implement a new begging protocol based on the Operation Luscombe model. Operation Luscombe was introduced first by the City of London Police in 2018. The system operates on an escalation model where those found begging or rough sleeping are initially invited to attend ...

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Local Liberal Democrats have selected Olly Glover for the Wantage Parliamentary constituency.

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Sun 3rd

My tweets

Sun, 06:51: Saturday reading (a bit�late) https://t.co/xxcVoarWpI Sun, 10:45: RT @SurreyHeathLDs: Loving this 👇 #gtto https://t.co/BI7PRiaFWo </ul

Vince Cable has a new role in the European Movement, the pro-European organisation founded by Winston Churchill in 1948.

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There is not enough work carried out in the UK Parliament, or indeed any of the devolved Parliaments in holding administartions to account for their manifesto promises. This is despite the fact that Ministers will oftne gloss over or redefine their commitments in an effort to avoid being branded a failure. Often the problem is one of over-promising or not doing the homework necessary to ensure that the commitment is deliverable. In Boris Johnson's case it is that he believes that he can get away with anything, a belief that has so far served him well. It is reassuring therefore ...

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There is a feeling that it is a new gold rush. In reality the current suite of planning applications for solar farms east and south east of Ludlow is being driven by farmers seeking a more secure income in turbulent times, the pressing need to reduce CO2 emission from electricity generation as part of the UK's net zero commitment and the opportunities for to connect solar farms to the national grid. There is currently one solar farm east of Ludlow suppling the national grid. Another four are at different stages of the planning system. They may not be the last ...

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Sun 3rd

Tom Arms' World Review

So we know that abortion is now, or is about to be, illegal in about half of the American states. But what about the rest of the world? And what affect is the Supreme Court decision having elsewhere? In Brazil at the moment abortions are allowed in cases of rape and incest. Populist right-wing president Jair Bolsonaro has used the overturning of Roe v Wade to call for a total ban. At the same time, other countries have condemned the ruling. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called it a "major step backwards." Almost simultaneous with the Supreme Court decision, Germany ...

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Blackness Library is running its Gadgeteers summer reading challenge and various workshops throughout the summer holidays. Details below :