What are Conservative Party members like? Who are they going to pick for party leader? And what does it mean for the Liberal Democrats? Find out in the latest episode of Never Mind The Bar Charts, where I teamed up again with the Lib Dem Pod and ace expert, Professor Tim Bale. Feedback very welcome, and do share this podcast with others who you think may enjoy it. Show notes The Lib Dem Pod.Tim Bale on Twitter.How do you make someone join a political party? One of the previous top shows with Professor Tim Bale.Footsoldiers: political party membership in the ...

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There is something both interesting and nauseating about Conservative MPs and especially cabinet members taking part in a ding-dong battle between themselves about tax, the economy and inflation. Anyone who had just arrived from outer space and tuned into the Tory leadership debates would be forgiven for thinking the contenders and their supporters had come from opposing parties who had not been

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Good work by Alistair Carmichael and the Lib Dem researchers and press team in working out and highlighting that the Home Office paid out £70 million in compensation to people it has wronged in the past year. They have calculated that this would amount to an extra 1700 Police officers who could have been employed. That's a big number but behind it are people whose lives were ruined, damaged, who were put through absolute hell by Home Office injustice and incompetence. That is unforgivable. From the Guardian: The payouts, highlighted by the Liberal Democrats, are believed to be the highest ...

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Without a significant change in government direction, my feeling is that civil disobedience/unrest is all but inevitable this autumn and winter over fuel prices, rampant inflation and the consequent poverty many are being forced into. In an odd way, civil disobedience has already become a common thing on our roads since the first Covid lockdown. I refer of course to red light jumping and excessive speeding which has become all but the norm for too many drivers. So we've already got a section of our society who frankly have taken the view that the rules of the road are just ...

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This week has had more than its fair share of dire economic news. The prospect of a deep, prolonged recession at a time of soaring prices means that people on the lowest incomes are really going to suffer. Let's think about what that looks like. It means that people on the lowest incomes will simply not be able to afford the basics that they need to survive. If they don't face the prospect of losing their home, heating it to an adequate level will be a challenge. Putting food on the table will be tough. Even if they just manage ...

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The biggest set of concerns that are being relayed to me at the moment relate not to council problems but the problems of people having to cope with the daily grind of soaring inflation. Families who have always had enough ... Continue reading →

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Fizzing with Liz

Having got rid of one party leader, whose reign was mired by allegations of impropriety and by investigations into some of his activities, the Tories seem intent on electing another who likes to court controversy. The Independent reports that Liz Truss is facing the possibility of her first major sleaze probe amid claims she failed to declare "murky donations" related to her leadership campaign. The paper says that Labour have appealed to the cabinet secretary to open an investigation into the Tory frontrunner over funding for a so-called "Fizz with Liz" champagne dinner, while the Liberal Democrats have also written ...

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Only two principal authority council by-elections this week, one an all-independent contest in Shetland (with votes at 16 and the alternative vote, as is standard for Scottish contests) and the other in Luton, featuring a Lib Dem candidate after there wasn't one in the ward last time out. Thank you to Basharat Hussain for standing for the Lib Dems there – and moving from no candidate last time to an impressive second place this time: Dallow (Luton) council by-election result: LAB: 53.6% (-12.9) LDEM: 38.8% (+38.8) CON: 5.6% (-7.6) IND: 2.1% (-18.3) Votes cast: 2,774 Labour HOLD. — Britain Elects ...

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From WASPS Studio - Floor 3, Meadow Mill Studios, West Henderson's Wynd : Wasps is delighted to be welcoming visitors once again and throwing open its doors for its ever popular open studios weekend! Come and have a wander round the building. Chat, browse and buy from our amazing designers and artists showcasing a diverse range of disciplines and talents: fine art, fashion, jewellery, ceramics, illustration, prints, cards and much more. There really is something for everyone! Opening times this Saturday and Sunday - 12 noon to 5pm on both days. Free onsite parking (they will give you a day ...


What with one thing and another, it's been two years since I posted something from this series. So let's carry on the with the first part of its treatment of Roman Leicester. The blurb from Jim Butler's Hidden Histories channel on YouTube says: Leicester's transformation from Iron Age settlement to Roman Civitas Capital didn't happen overnight. This film charts the evolution of the Roman Town from its earliest days to the middle of the occupation, using the amazing archaeology discovered to highlight key events and people.

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