It is Remembrance Sunday on 12th November. I will be attending the parade and service in Whickham though Cllr Jonathan Mohammed will be laying the wreath on behalf of our Whickham South and Sunniside residents. Below are some details about the various local events.WhickhamWhickham now hosts the biggest Remembrance Parade and wreath-laying service in Gateshead. For those wishing to see the parade,

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GDP Stats: On the no growth path 72 billion litres of sewage pumped into the River Thames in just two years Welsh Lib Dem leader honours the fallen GDP Stats: On the no growth path Responding to the latest ONS figures which shows the UK economy stopped growing between July and September, Liberal Democrat Treasury Spokesperson Sarah Olney MP said: Conservative chaos has delivered a hammer blow to our economy leading us down a no growth path. Hard-working families shouldn't be paying the price of the Conservative party's economic vandalism. The Autumn Statement should deliver a proper plan to grow ...

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Fri 10th

eFocus edition 184

We recently published our latest edition of eFocus for the Whickham area (no. 184). Issues covered include:Gateshead Council not to be cut in size;King Arthur Garden at Whinnies Community Garden opened;Tyne Bridge repairs taking place;Central Nursery arson and demolition;Leven House plan withdrawn;Planning applications;Sunniside leek show;Musical Comedy comes to Swalwell;What happens to your

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Talking Pictures TV recreates Saturday morning pictures every week. And at 10.15 tomorrow you can see Treasure at the Mill, a 1957 Children's Film Foundation production based on a story by Malcolm Saville. Most film shown on this channel can be watched afterwards on their catch-up channel TPTV Encore, but some CFF productions seem not to make it there. Don't despair. You can buy a DVD of Treasure at the Mill, which also has another Saville film (Trouble at Townsend) and lots of extras, from the Malcolm Saville Society.

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There were 6 principal by-elections this week. Lib Dem candidates stood in 5 of the vacancies. There were some brilliant results to celebrate, including some excellent holds in Wales. If you want to sharpen your campaigning skills to help you win upcoming local elections and by-elections in your area there are still discounted places available at ALDC Kickstart in November. Book your place here The only place to start with the by-election roundup is Powys Council in Wales where we were defending two seats in Crickhowell with Cwmdu & Tretower. The two vacancies were caused by the resignation of Independent ...

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As a nation, we have a somewhat chequered past. We've done good things. But we've also done more than our fair share of bad things. Some argue that we should erase all traces of our unsavoury endeavours. I say we should own our history. The good bits and the bad. And that we should strive to be better in the future. On 7th June 2020 in the city of Bristol (just down the road from where I live), a group of protestors participating in a demonstration against racism in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd toppled a statue ...

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I enjoy publishing guest posts here on Liberal England, so if you've got an idea for a post you could write for this blog, drop me a line. As you can see from the list below, I accept posts on subjects far beyond the Liberal Democrats and British politics. I'm happy to entertain a wide variety of views, but I'd hate you to spend your time writing something I really wouldn't want to publish. So do please get in touch first. These are the last 10 guest posts on Liberal England:How Blackpool won the Second World War - Ruth BrightDefections, ...

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YouGov asked people, "To what extent, if at all, do you prioritise having fun in your day‑to-day life?" Here are the results, broken down by political affiliation.

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Over at the Guardian, Sean O'Grady outlines tha case against Suella Braverman and why she is a danger to democracy, the constitution and to multicultrism. In doing so, he sets out the many reasons why the Home Secretary is so toxic: She is inflicting huge damage on our multicultural society, on the party she purports to serve and the constitution of the nation. She's not just potentially dangerous - she is undermining the police, eroding the right to protest, encouraging Islamophobia, stirring up hatred and effectively encouraging violence on the streets in a lot of what she says and does. ...

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Six council seats in five wards on principal authorities up for election this week, plus the Mayor of Hackney by-election this week. As well as a Lib Dem candidate in the latter, there were candidates for five of the six seats, up two on the last time these seats were up. First up a double defence in the council that gave the Lib Dems our first council leader in Wales for a decade: Crickhowell with Cwmdu & Tretower (Powys) Council By-Election Result: [IMG: 🔶] LDM: 58.3% (-0.7) [IMG: 🌳] CON: 24.6% (-16.7) [IMG: 🙋] INDs: 9.7% (New) [IMG: 🌹] LAB: ...

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Two Temporary Traffic Orders from the City Council : THE ROAD TRAFFIC REGULATION ACT 1984 - SECTION 14(1) 1 : THE DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL AS TRAFFIC AUTHORITY being satisfied that traffic on the road should be prohibited by reason of carriageway resurfacing works HEREBY PROHIBIT the driving of any vehicle in West Grove Avenue (between Farington Street and Perth Road), Dundee This notice comes into effect on Monday 13th November 2023 for five working days. Pedestrian thoroughfare will be maintained. Access for residents will be maintained from the north. Alternative routes for vehicles are available via Perth Road / Farington ...

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