Government amendment on "deeply damaging" non-disclosure agreements does not go far enough to protect victims Shoplifting: Govt continues to let organised gangs off the hook Cole-Hamilton criticises state of sewage monitoring SNP burn through ScotWind cash in record time McArthur responds to opposition to assisted dying bill Government amendment on "deeply damaging" non-disclosure agreements does not go far enough to protect victims After tireless campaigning by Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran, the Government in the House of Lords has tabled an amendment to the Victims and Prisoners Bill that ensures non-disclosure agreements preventing victims from disclosing information to the police ...

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I don't think I've heard Asquith's voice before. This is him speaking on the People's Budget of 1909: presumably this recording was intended for distribution as a gramophone record. It is remarkably clear, and we even catch what sounds like a "Will this do?" at the end.

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Embed from Getty ImagesThe Shropshire Star wins our Headline of the Day Award. At the insistence of the judges, allow me to point out that the case continues.

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The Cass Report, billed as an independent review into NHS provision of transgender provision for adolescents was published today. I've read the summary and recommendations (the whole report runs to over 300 pages), and running throughout it are the scars of the so-called "culture war"—a social movement where transphobes who hold so-called "gender critical" beliefs have been campaigning to marginalise trans people and roll-back hard won protection in equality law. The report itself acknowledges the toxicity of debate around transgender healthcare. I'm going to try and be fair to the report here and deal with it as neutrally as I ...

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We at Liberal Democrat Voice would like to wish everyone celebrating Eid Mubarak. In his message for Eid, Ed Davey talked of our collective values of compassion and justice and assured British Muslims that the Liberal Democrats stand with them in solidarity and celebration. He said: Eid Mubarak to everyone in the UK and across the globe celebrating Eid. As we mark the end of Ramadan, let's reflect on our values of working together, of compassion and gratitude for what we have in common. I know there are so many of you who have gone through this holy month and ...

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The recent default of Thames Water on loans in the past few days has highlighted how the funding of the water industry and infrastructure has fallen apart. There is talk now of renationalisation or some degree of government intervention.Privatisation of water back in the late 1980s was done because of the need to raise capital to invest in and modernise the water supply service. After decades of

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There are those who claim that Lord Bonkers has built up large stocks of Stilton to enable him to withstand a strike by the miners, but I'm sure that's not true. Lord B. does indeed like his Stilton gamey, but that is a taste that export markets have yet to acquire. Friday You may have noticed - if you've had the window wound down you can hardly have failed to - the mountains of unsold Stilton beside the Great North Road in the Far East of Rutland. They have accumulated because Liz Truss failed to negotiate a trade deal with ...

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Dundee West Church's Guild has a coffee morning this Saturday at the church's upper hall at 132 Perth Road - 10am to 12 noon. All welcome!

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