Why am I missing from this site?

I personally don't know every LibDem so if you are missing just drop me a line at ryancullen@libdemblogs.co.uk. Please provide your real name, twitter handle and membership number.

I'm a Councillor, why haven't you listed me as one?

I went through each profile and if it said you were a councillor, or if I knew you to be one I added you to the filter. Sorry if I've missed you, but drop me a line and I can add you to it. The same goes for MPs and Lords.

Why am I on this site?

I believe that you are a LibDem, or that you have asked to be on here, however if you wish not to be shown let me know and I'll take you off. Alternativly just block @liberaltweets.

Hmm, that person isn't a LibDem?

It's not possible for me to keep track of which people have since left the Party, so if you have spotted someone who isn't a member anymore, just let me know.

My tweets don't show up?

Have you protected your account? If so Twitters rules don't permit me to publish them to the world. However I continue to list you as a know LibDem in the People list.
Did you just tweet? Whilst I would love to be pulling content in realtime, the API and my server don't support it. Instead it grabs new content every minute, so just wait a few more seconds.

Urgh, I don't like the way it looks

I spent quite some time trying to find ways to get more content on the screen. It was at this point I found that tweets in columns has the greatest effect. However columns aren't supported in older browsers and may result in problems. If it looks wrong, let me know including screenshots, browser name and version, plus the OS of your computer / mobile.

The people page says I've only tweeted 39,999 times but I just passed 42k?

As the people on the list don't change that often and the grabbing of the all the data is expensive in API calls it only checks a couple of times a day. Sorry if your follower, tweet count and last tweets are slightly out of date, but twitter isn't a competition.