Wednesday 8th November 2006

11:27 pm

Local government, the American way.

Gravatar Okay, I may give the impression that I dislike US politics. But I never cease to be amazed at local government in particular. Relations of mine have been mayors of Decatur (pop c 55,000) and of Double Springs (pop c 1000) in Alabama. But with the controversy raging in Virginia today I was looking at precinct returns there and local ballot measures. Take Arlington. Population 200,000. The county board of five people from what I can work out run the county with a budget of $900m. They have five elected officials - Sheriff, ...
11:25 pm

Disaster Ready Birmingham

Gravatar Birmingham City Council has recently published a guide advising people on how to deal with an emergency and information about planning for emergencies is available on the City Council website.Birmingham has apparently been named the city best equipped to deal with a major disaster in an independent survey carried out by Readers Digest magazine! The survey looked at ten high risk urban areas in
10:50 pm

Republicans Blame Election Losses On Democrats

Gravatar WASHINGTON, DC—Republican officials are blaming tonight's GOP losses on Democrats, who they claim have engaged in a wide variety of "aggressive, premeditated, anti-Republican campaigns" over the past six-to-18 months. " Full story here
10:41 pm

No 10, Tony Blair and Bath Rugby

Gravatar Tuesday 7 November A momentous day!! Started off at the Bath Spa Hotel for the Bath Chronicle Business breakfast meeting and the Chronicle debate on Bath Rugby and the Rec. The meeting was excellently chaired by John Inverdale and there were contributions for and against rubgy on the rec and for and against the 2 schemes being proposed. My statement:...
10:40 pm

The clock has now tocked

Gravatar It's interesting, sometimes, to look back at old blog postings. On the day of George W. Bush's second inauguration, 20th Jan, 2005, I wrote an article, After Inauguration - will it get better from here on in?: ... a mandate is about power, and power is a slippery, fluid, elusive commodity. ... There are other factors, too, which might mean Dubya's victory is as good as it gets for the Republicans
10:37 pm

Ladywell Pool Saved!

Gravatar Tonight, I went and spoke at the meeting where the Mayor decided whether to build the new secondary school at Ladywell Leisure Centre, or at Lewisham Bridge. Perhaps not as a direct result of my eloquence, he decided to reprieve Ladywell Leisure Centre from demolition, and build the school at Lewisham Bridge.What more can I say?No doubt I'll think of something. But, until then, sufficient unto the day is the pleasure thereof.And the Democrats have just gained the Montana Senate seat.. 
10:29 pm

Instability + gridlock = stability + good governme...

Gravatar It’s an odd equation, and yet one which seems to explain the response of the American money markets to yesterday’s political upheaval in the US. This from "I think the market had basically factored in that there was going to be a change in the political landscape," said Ted Weisberg, a New York Stock Exchange floor trader at Seaport Securities. "Whether you have the Democrats
10:26 pm

Do something amazing - donate blood

Gravatar Found out that I will not be able to donate blood this weekend as hoped, but hope to soon. You can search the National Blood Service website for your nearest donation session. There are afternoon and early evening sessions at St Cedds Hall near Chelmsford Cathedral [map] every two weeks but I usually go to the Sunday sessions at Mildmay Infant school, Robin Way (usually once a month). It really is
10:18 pm

The peerage scandal

Gravatar The US elections might seem like a good way to bury bad news. But what is being hidden and who is going to be hurt?
9:46 pm

Scilly Audit

Gravatar I blogged about the ten miles of roads on the Isles of Scilly - so was taken by this gem in Private Eye: The Council has been awarded nul points by the Audit Commission for failing to implement government initiatives to reduce the number of deaths on the roads. Council chiefs are now urgently addressing the problem of how to cut the carnage in a place where no-one, ever, since the...
9:40 pm

Luggage is here, the weather remains fine...

Gravatar Some good news on the luggage front, in that it has turned up. The 'bad' news is that I felt obliged to go shopping. It's Veterans Day weekend and the sales are intense. The luggage will be a lot fuller on the way to Dallas, but my upgrades for the two legs Albuquerque - Denver, and Denver - Dallas have come through, so I'll be comfortable anyway!
9:34 pm

The Joy of Politics....

Gravatar O Joy! O Happiness! O Chocolaty Cuddliness Everywhere! Orgasms! Enlightenment! Windows which clean themselves! Your heart's deepest desires satisfied at no cost!
9:30 pm

Meanwhile, on the East Coast...

Gravatar It would appear that Virginia state law obliges the State to hold a recount if the leading candidates are within 0.5% of each other, and have to pay for it. If the margin is greater than that but less than 1%, the second-placed candidate may call for one but, unless the result is overturned, they have to pay for it. A big decision for George Allen... Best of all, a recount cannot commence until
8:38 pm

Korean monster opens Kingston Film Festival

Gravatar Korean horror movies are not my usual genre. But to my great surprise I thoroughly enjoyed 'The Host'. It's a monster movie intertwined with a family drama set in and around the concrete banks, underpasses and sewers alongside the River Han in Seoul. It manages to mix comedy with fright, fast action and bathos. For me, the only shortcoming was the monster who looked like a...
7:53 pm

BBC Panorama Flu Pandemic - What is the government...

Gravatar Watching the brilliant but ultimately really terrifying BBC drama documentary "Flu Pandemic" last night on Panorama has left my mind today full of questions, but has also left me wondering why the government in this country and others around the world are so ill prepared. The program used experts and a fictionalised incident of blird flu mutating and spreading in a pandemic fashion, as it surely will at some point in the future, to highlight issues that people inthe UK need to know about. The most worrying aspect for me were : 1) It will take 4-6 months ...
7:35 pm

Rumsfeld to take up old hobbies again?

Gravatar Now that he's a private citizen again, Mr Rumsfeld will now have more time for foreign travel, fostering contacts with new allies and maybe saying bye-bye to old ones:
7:03 pm

Oops they did it again ..

Gravatar No, this is not a Britney Spears story, although I personally think she is well rid of a man who would leave his pregnant wife to hook up with Ms Spears in the first place. Obviously Britney is going to be doubly disappointed to hear I'm married now and am no longer available, but she'll have to live with it. Anyway, this post relates to the ongoing problems of the Tory party and racism. Twice now in a week they have become embroiled in a racism row. To be fair, they have acted in both ...
7:01 pm

Online conference registration now available

Gravatar You can now register online for the party’s next spring UK-wide (federal) conference. It’s being held on 2-4 March 2007 in Harrogate and registration information is here. conference
6:43 pm

Montana Libertarian Candidate Stan Wilson - Surely...

Gravatar Of all the candidates standing in the US midterm elections has to be Stan Jones, the "Libertarian" candidate who stood in Montana (who in the process almost gifted the seat to the Republicans). It appears that Stan Jones is the genuine "true blue" candidate that British Tories can only dream about. He opposes the EU, he is a libertarian and, he is genuinely blue, well, slightly grey at least. You see Stan Jones developed argyria, which permanently turned his skin a blue-grey color, by consuming home-made colloidal silver which he made because of his fears that the millenium ...
6:31 pm

Anglia TV News - Award for worst pronunciation

Gravatar Anglia News tonight tried to win the award for the worst possible pronunciation of a name. When doing a little montage of famous cup upsets, they did a summary of events in 1978, including the election of Pope John Paul II. The Anglia presenter said "Karol Wojtyla became Pope", but rather than calling him "Karol Voy-tee-ya", they called him Karol "Woj - tiller". I know the BBC are supposed to have a translation and pronunciation book. I guess it hasn't reached ITV.
6:00 pm

Rum do

Gravatar CNN are reporting breaking news that Donald Rumsfeld is to step down as US Defense Secretary. All those conspiracy theorists who said that Joe Lieberman would be appointed to replace him will be on the edges of their seats… Meanwhile, the Dems say they’ve won Montana and Virginia but the results still need to be confirmed [...]
5:56 pm

Playing Ping Pong...or Not

Gravatar This time of year is always exciting because it's the turning over of a new leaf; on Wednesday 15 November, the Queen will preside over the State Opening of Parliament for the 2006-2007 Session. Befor...
5:50 pm

Snow and Co Go Blogging

Gravatar Jon Snow and the Channel 4 news team have a new blog available at: In hos opening post Snow promises: I and the others will be blogging regularly, and irregularly, giving you an insight into what’s going on and how we are tackling it all.
5:29 pm

Labour: choose the next Prime Minister for £12

Gravatar The Labour party are allowing the entire British public to have a say in choosing the next Labour party leader and Prime Minister of Britain - all you have to do is join the party (for a minimum of £1pm unwaged) first. Labour’s “Join up, join in” campaign says: “Being a member of a political party means a lot and [...]
4:57 pm

Action update: Pavements

Gravatar I received a letter from a local couple on Barnhill Road yesterday, asking for some help with the condition of the pavements outside their home. This has been a problem highlighted to the St Mary's Focus team before, but despite requests, little seems to be happening from the Labour Council in terms of getting the problem fixed. Cracked and uneven pavements are a dangerous problem - they can trip
4:41 pm

The speed of environmental politics

Gravatar On Friday I was at a conference for Lib Dem environment portfolioholders in London. A really good event with lots of interesting speakers, including Chris Huhne MP, our environment spokesperson. I came away with a long list of new ideas. One of the highlights was the leader of Richmond upon Thames, Serge Lourie, who explained the thinking behind their proposals for variable residents parking
4:09 pm

Tapestry funds

Gravatar Spent some time going through the most recent list of grants for City organisations involved in art projects. There's some fascinating ones there.. and I am very glad to say that in my own area the Come Alive at 55 group are getting just over 4 and a half thousand pounds for a project. They are planning to create a tapestry showing the history of Garston and Speke. What an imaginative way to do local history. I look foward to seeing the finished product.
3:44 pm

Fire and donkeys

Gravatar It is said that a great deal can be lost in translation. This however, is the most unfortunate incident yet: Scotland's fire services have scrapped hundreds of leaflets after a mistake urged members of the public to jump on a donkey when fleeing a house fire. The leaflet by the Scottish Executive for the eight fire and rescue services was aimed at Urdu readers. The advice was that anyone leaving a burning building from a window should lower themselves on to cushions. However, the authors got the Urdu word for cushion mixed up with another very similar Urdu word ...
3:30 pm

A second Tory racism story in a week

Gravatar The story about A-List Tory candidate Ali Miraj puts the focus on the yawning gulf between the inclusive image the Conservatives are trying to portray nationally and the attitudes of the Tory grass roots. If you haven't read his blog, do so now - it makes for uncomfortable reading for the Cameroonies. Seems as though the nasty habits of the Conservatives die hard. For those not
3:21 pm

Virginia Democrat margin down to 6,000

Gravatar CNN report that 2,000 votes previously thought to belong to Democrat Webb, have now been taken away from him, reducing his margin over the Republican challenger to 6,000. Those 2,000 votes need to be "recalibrated" which could mean they go back to Webb or to Allen or somewhere else (?!). There were 400 absentee ballots for the State. Those are about to be counted. The State authorities have
3:16 pm

Why is Montana taking so long?

Gravatar USA Today give some detail of the tortuously long count in Montana. The reason for the long count is explained by the local election law as described Associated Press: A candidate in Montana can request a recount at his own expense if the margin is within half of a percent, which would be a margin of roughly 2,000 votes in the Montana U.S. Senate race. If the margin is less than one-quarter of a
3:07 pm

Holmes re-elected parliamentary party chair

Gravatar Chesterfield MP Paul Holmes has been re-elected by Liberal Democrat MPs as chair of the parliamentary party. He was challenged by Cardiff Central MP Jenny Willott but won by 43 votes to 16. Evan Harris defeated Chris Huhne to be elected as the English MPs’ representative on the Federal Policy Committee. chrishuhne evanharris fpc [...]
2:56 pm

Circling over the carrion

Gravatar Yesterday's Plenary session saw an attempt by Welsh Labour to invent a new spin term - 'vulture politics'. It was first used by the First Minister during his question time and was then picked up by Business Minister, Jane Hutt in replying to points on the Business statement: Let us look at this: there is a question to Andrew Davies tomorrow afternoon on the Wales Screen Commission from one of our Liberal Democrat colleagues. It is quite high up on the agenda, so I am sure that the Presiding Officer will ensure that it is reached tomorrow afternoon. There ...
2:46 pm

Virginia, I just don't care

Gravatar ...who cares what Senator makes the arduous journey all the way to DC from Virginia. They all deserve to hang their heads in shame. Whoever wins will have been elected with a substantial number of votes that also voted for this bigotted bullshit - even Webb will have to stomach the fact that he has a hundred thousand bigot ballots. In the words of that ancient Arab curse: "May all their children dishonour them with their low slung pants".
2:31 pm

Work it out launch

Gravatar Wednesday 8th November 2006 - I was delighted to host a visit to Brussels today by colleagues from Westminster, Andrew Stunell MP and Lorely Burt MP, as part of the continuing development of closer working relationships with the two Parliamentary parties. Andrew and Lorely were here to look at a range of issues relating to community cohesion and disability. Liz Lynne and myself took the
2:25 pm

Pipped at the Post

Gravatar Well, having been at place 14 on the list of questioners for the Prime Minister (probably too low down to be called) then parliament is prorogued (cancelled until the official opening next week). Hence no question.
2:19 pm

Travel, and how not to make it more relaxing...

Gravatar Alright, so I fled the country... again. I needed a break from the day to day stresses of my life, so I headed to the airport yesterday, to catch a noon flight to Washington. Despite my usual inability to be organised in good time, I caught my flight, and settled in for the usual seven hour drag. We got to DC on time, and I made my way to Immigration to have my smile photographed and fingerprints
2:07 pm

This is Mark Valladares, reporting live for Liberal Bureaucracy from Albuquerque, NM...

Gravatar It's been a pretty good night for anyone hoping for a change in American foreign policy. As I write (it's 7 a.m. here in Albuquerque, New Mexico), the Democrats have gained twenty-six seats in the House of Representatives and four in the Senate, leaving them two short of control there. Having said that, the two remaining states to declare, Montana and Virginia, show the Democratic candidates to be
2:03 pm

Democrats to win Senate?

Gravatar More from the US mid-terms. It seems like the Republicans are trailing - perhaps fatally - in the remaining two Senate races: Montana: Tester [D] 49% (194,914) Burns [R] 48% (193,179) 99% reporting Virginia: Webb [D] 50% (1,170,564) Allen [R] 49% (1,162,717) 99% reportingIn Virginia, just a handful of precincts remain, largely in traditionally Democrat areas. Montana has just one county to
1:46 pm

The Speaker Phone Menace

Gravatar Has anyone else noticed a growing phenomenon of people using their mobile phones like walkie-talkies? In other words, they switch the phone onto ’speaker’ and then talk into it like you could a dictaphone, as opposed to holding it up to your ear. It’s an exceptionally annoying habit. Not only do you get to [...]
1:34 pm

Not feeling well!

Gravatar Last night I went to see another Bury FC win, but I’m paying for it today. The game last night was between Bury and Wrexham, and since my manager at work is a Wrexham fan, I tagged along to support my local team. It’s the second time I’ve been this season, although I used to go every home game when I was younger. These days I just don’t get the chance on Saturdays! We won 1-0, which was excellent news, but I hadn’t been feeling well all day, and three hours in the cold did me no good at all. ...
1:27 pm

Keeping the WULF at the door

Gravatar Two news stories today cannot help but make one long for the halcyon days of past governments. Both hark back to positions and policies that many of us thought had long been cast into pre-history. Firstly, there is the small matter of Councillor Peter Davies of Newport. Councillor Davies is the father of David Davies MP AM but that is as far as his relationship with the Welsh Assembly goes. The moment when David stands down as an AM in May clearly cannot come too soon for his father if his recent missive to the Western Mail is anything ...
12:59 pm

Laughable Ken Livingstone

Gravatar Interesting that Livingstone, who apparently can not tell democratic America from dictatorial Cuba, found that Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez is as mercurial with his "friends" as he is with everyone else. As a tax payer, I rather think that Mr. Livingstone should repay the cost of these trips. Anyone who wants Britain to be more like Cuba under Castro or Venezuela under Chavez is either deluded, stupid or evil. Perhaps Livingstone will stand "indefatigably" with George Galloway in the Dunce's corner of British politics -reserved for those who kow-tow to the enemies of our country.
12:41 pm

Midterms: Where are we now?

Gravatar With Sky News on the TV and 18 Doughty Street and CNN live on my laptop (18DS seemed to have the greatest concentration of Republican cheerleaders in the UK; poor Tim Montgomerie’s face when Rick Santorum lost), plus browser windows for MyDD, Daily Kos, CNN and CBS, I had the election results on a saline [...]
12:23 pm

Political trivia

Gravatar So, today’s question is: which US Senator has a brother who is a County Councillor in the UK?
12:16 pm

CNN: Montana likely to go Democrat, Virginia result could take weeks

Gravatar Alexander Bolton from The Hill newspaper on CNN has just said that Montana should go Democrat but it will probably be weeks before we know the Virginia result for sure.
11:18 am

It's Neck & Neck Ache

Gravatar Fell asleep on the settee around 3am watching CNN.  Knew no more really than if I had gone to bed three hours earlier.  Woke to Radio 4 telling me the Democrats had taken back Congress ...
11:17 am

It's so close!

Gravatar At last I have woken in the morning to good news from a US election. Now I know there are those who argue that many of the winning Democrats are Conservatives - but having Bush under the control of Nancy Pelosi - the first female speaker of the House has got to be good news. The senate is hanging on a knife edge, with lawyers from both parties rushing to inspect the ballot counts. But the
11:10 am

America sees sense

Gravatar The Democrats have won back control of the House of Representatives and made huge gains in the Senate following yesterday's mid-term elections. The gains "reflect voter discontent with the war in Iraq and the Bush administration" (BBC). Bush will have a more difficult time than he has thus far, but I hope the Democrat momentum carries through to the Presidential elections for the sake of mankind.
10:48 am

Montana results

Gravatar I'm reassured. I've just gone through all the partial results for Montana on a county-by-county basis. My approximations are that (a) the proportion of precincts declared is the same as the proportion of votes declared in that count and (b) the remaining votes in the county will split in the same proportion as the votes declared so far. On that basis, the Republicans will close the gap by about 2,000 votes - but the gap is about 5,000 so I'm no longer as stressed. The only heavily-Republican counties that aren't 100% declared are Fergus and Meagher, ...
10:15 am

Victory for Webb, Fawcett goes down fighting

Gravatar Barring something very odd happening in the recount Democrat challenger Jim Webb has taken Virginia by a small margin. I soent the early hours of this morning in the company of Ken the Militant Moderate and various assorted Oxford students round at Richard Huzzey's gaff. As well as watching the utterly bizarre Jim Pinkerton (who, I assume, is what Democratc bloggers mean when they call someone a 'wingnut') on Sky we were glued to the Virginia State elections site which added up the votes as the precincts reported. It was nailbit9ing stuff with Webb trailing by anywhere beteen 38 ...
10:13 am

US mid-terms: best of the Lib Dem blogs

Gravatar Here’s a quick round-up of the best Lib Dem commentary on the mid-terms Will Howells puts the contest in context  (try saying that after a few drinks) Richard Gadsden summed up the situation at 7am Paul Walter points out there’s a chance the Virginia result could take months to come in - currently the Democrats are ahead by 0.36% And Stephen [...]
10:07 am

Two sources of inspiration - Julie Reay and Simon Toyne

Gravatar Julie Reay (who is, incidently, an Honorary Alderman of the Royal Borough) has been chairperson of Kingston Arts Council for the last four years. She has decided to stand down this year although she will continue as a member of the executive committee. Kingston Arts Council is the umbrella body that unites over 100 arts societies in the borough. I was delighted to be...
10:06 am

50-50 Nation

Gravatar As the last few results come in from the United States mid-term elections, there are plenty of people who are poring over the entrails to divine what changes these results may portend. The expected gains for the Democrats in the House of Representatives leave the Speakership in the hands of Rep. Nancy Pelosi- a rather polarising figure, to say the least. Meanwhile, as I write, control of the Senate rests in the hands of Montana and Virginia, and by margins that are extremely tight. The Republicans need only hold on to one in order for their control over the Upper ...
9:56 am

Were you still up for Virginia?

Gravatar This is why I don't bet on elections any more. Delighted that I can type the words Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO). Still fingers crossed that it will shortly be Sen. George Allen (R-VA). (Fell asleep about 3am, exhausted by continually clicking refresh on the Virginia online election update.)
9:52 am

US Elections

Gravatar The two races I have an interest (by proxy) in resulted in Democrats defeating the Republican incumbent, IN02 and IN09. The first is my fiance's House District, where she is glad to get rid of Chicola and the Democrat seems fairly okay, the second is where a good friend of hers was helping with the Democrat campaign (Bill Clinton apparently liked his tie). The second race was interesting due to
9:25 am

Guido won't be happy

Gravatar It seems that Nicaragua is back in the grip of the Sandinistas. In other news: I haven't been following the mid-terms too closely, but am delighted to see that Rick Santorum has lost Pennsylvania – by all accounts he is a complete arsehole.
9:00 am

Cosmo backs Swinson

Gravatar Jo Swinson, MP for East Dunbartonshire, has been honored with a National Award in The Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female Awards with Olay.  The initiative, launched earlier this year, celebrates women with the FFF factor - smart, passionate and inspirational women from a variety of backgrounds, who have been truly inspirational and not afraid to break [...]
7:48 am

Governor turned away from voting - Chelsea Clinton also

Gravatar There were some interesting stories overnight from the US: The Governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford, was turned away by staff who work for him when he went to the polling station to vote. He didn't have his voter card. It was in Columbia. (eh?!). So he had to hang around while another card was produced. Chelsea Clinton was also turned away at the polling station. She couldn't vote for her
7:47 am

Democrats to control Senate - news expected by Christmas

Gravatar ...hopefully earlier than that! Making the somewhat dangerous assumption of a Democrat victory in Montana (where the Democrat is ahead by nearly 2% or 5,277 votes after 85% of the precincts have been counted) it will all come down to the recount in Virginia which can be invoked by the apparent loser as the margin between the candidates is less than 1%. Don't hold your breath. Last year in
7:46 am

Alternative Premiership table!

Gravatar Interesting idea from the Hob Nob site This is the mini-league which ignores results against the top 8 teams (or at least the teams the poster thinks will finish top 8 - the big 4 plus Spurs, Everton, Villa & Portsmouth) and puts Reading 2nd! Not sure I agree with the eight but it gives at least some idea of how Reading are doing against the teams they need to take points off. In their last six games they have played all th big four and still walked away with four points.
7:32 am

Yay! Bernie Sanders, Vermont Progressive Party Senator

Gravatar Forget the battle between Dems and Reps, the US now has an elected independent socialist in the Senate. Bernie Sanders.
7:21 am

Electoral Races I 'd Followed

Gravatar A good night for the Democrats, thankfully. But the two challengers I'd been particularly watching didn't win: Democrat Tammy Duckworth (standing for the House of Representatives) looks set to lose in Illionois, trailing 48 percent to 52 percent , after the votes from 82 percent of the precincts were in. And Republican Bob Krumm (standing for the Tennessee State Senate) lost in Nashville by
7:12 am

US Midterm Elections

Gravatar I've been following these all night, as, I'm sure, have many other Lib Dems. CNN have just "called" Missouri for the Democrats, which leaves just two seats to be decided in the Senate, and, while there are twenty-odd undecided House seats, the trend in that body is pretty clear. The Democrats have won back control of the House of Representatives, which they lost in 1994. They have won a victory of near-landslide proportions. Getting on for one in ten of the seats have changed hands, which is amazing when you consider how many seats are gerrymandered ...
4:26 am

A good night for New Hampshire Democrats

Gravatar As the Democrats have gained control of the House of Representatives, we learn that in New Hampshire the Dems have not only re-elected state governor John Lynch by a landslide, but somehow managed to pick up both New Hampshire House seats. The New Hampshire 1st was such a surprise, in fact, that it wasn't even on CNN's Key Seats list! Looking at the results in 2004, we can see why: NH-01: GOP
1:22 am

Hopefully last posting of the night

Gravatar I was planning an early night, and to see the US election results in the morning when they have settled down (been to bed too many times full of optimism, to have it shattered in the morning). But I suffer from Barrett's Syndrome which is particularly bad tonight, and I can't be horizontal now, so it may be a long night watching results.
1:17 am

Midterms: Changes so far

Gravatar A few seat changes as called thus far by the American networks (because if the media say so, they needn’t worry about counting votes or anything trivial like that ). House Democrats take the Vermont at-large seat from Independent (who caucused with the Dems), who has been elected the new Vermont senator. Senate Ohio has been taken [...]
1:17 am

This Life

Gravatar I don't really watch TV. But also on tonight is a This Life rerun - which brings up another old lust, Daniella Nardini. As my wife has been lusting over the bloke in the Green Wing, and John Barrowman (no relation) and... I excuse myself the indulgence. After all, what better than a feisty, outspoken, brown eyed scot. And Daniella Nardini ain't bad either.
12:43 am

Fox News - What awful election coverage

Gravatar Watching the US mid term election coverage here in the UK, it is a sign of how bad Fox News is that I find their coverage almost unwatchable. They tell the viewer nothing, their coverage is bland, their presenters make watching paint dry seem a better choice. At least, I think, they've made my mind up for me to go to bed. It amazes me because Fox is owned by the same people who in the UK run Sky News, who in stark contrast to Fox, well informed, slick in their presentation and actually report proper news without ...
12:27 am

Day 2126: TORCHWOOD: Ghost Machine

Gravatar Sunday: Shhh! Do not tell Daddy that I have been watching "Torchwood" on the DVD recorder! Appropriately for Halloween week, "Torchwood's" third episode is a ghost story, in the form of an homage to Nigel Kneale's classic "The Stone Tape". If you're not familiar, that story concerns the discovery of an "explanation" for ghosts as the recording of events, usually highly charged emotional events, into the physical surroundings of a location. And jolly terrifying it is too! Here, the Torchwood team discover for want of a better term a "Stone Tape Player": an alien device that reawakens those ...
12:23 am

Because we're fallible...

Gravatar The 13 "Enemies of the Internet", according to Reporters Without Borders, for their marvellous achievements in suppressing freedom of expression on the internet: BelarusBurmaChinaCubaEgyptIranNorth KoreaSaudi ArabiaSyriaTunisiaTurkmenistanUzbekistanVietnamSee Also: The full list, with details.
12:09 am

Election multi-tasking

Gravatar Okay, so I'm currently watching, 18 Doughty Street and Fox News (spit) online, with Sky News on the telly. And I'm surfing between Political Wire, Wonkette, and, of course, the good ole' Aggregator. What did we do before the googleinterwebulator was invented?
12:07 am

Go Bernie!

Gravatar Since everyone else is having fun watching the US midterms and blogging about them, I thought I'd add my tuppence worth. I am supporting Bernie Sanders for the Senate for Vermont. Bernie pretty well started the Community Land Trust movement in the US many years ago when he was the socialist mayor of Burlington. Since then he's been the state's only congressman for fourteen years (it's so small - only the population of Oxfordshire - that they only get one). So he's a pretty sure fire bet. No Dems run against him and the Republican's a sure ...

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