Sunday 31st December 2006

9:47 pm

Those top 5 posts

Gravatar Copying Stephen and Will here are the top 5 posts of the year: 5: The News Quiz - a post about my shop appearing on said radio programme (426) 4: Torchwood on CBBC - the screenshot of the BBC mistake (533) 3: TV on your P990i (Xvid / DivX / MP4 / AVI / MPEG / 3GP) - [...]
8:47 pm

Iraq and Global Warming

Gravatar So Saddam has hanged. A solution that will solve non of the problems created by the Bush invasion with the backing of his Labour and Tory cohorts in this country. To go to war on a lie is bad enough but to go to war with no plan for the aftermath is criminal. But then this whole war is criminal, illegal and immoral. I am still proud that all the Liberal Democrat MPs voted against the...
7:54 pm

Saddam Hussein

Gravatar So Saddam Hussein was executed yesterday. I have my reservations about the trial itself and the fairness of it, although I wouldn't expect him to be found innocent of course. Whatever the outcome of the trial though, no society that wishes to consider itself civilised has any business condemning people to death. We are responsible for this really - the government hasn't been very vocal in its criticism of course, but apart from that, we generally have a policy of not turning prisoners over to countries where they may face execution. I believe that he was being held by the ...
7:19 pm

2006’s top posts

Gravatar Shamelessly stolen from Stephen Tall as I see Google Analytics has been counting for me, here are the five most popular posts on this blog in 2006. Additional honourable mentions for my anal gig list (an anally-maintained list of musical gigs I’ve been to, let’s be clear), which would have made the top five were [...]
7:03 pm

Soggy delivery

Gravatar The last couple of days haven't been fantastic for getting out on the streets, but I braved the elements to help Colin Ross in Tettenhall Regis ward. I was struck by how similar it was to parts of my own ward in Selly Oak, such as Corisande and Woolacombe Lodge. These are areas where we have worked continuously for some time, and are now strongly Liberal Democrat. I see no reason why Tettenhall Regis couldn't be like Selly Oak and return Lib Dems Cllrs.
6:59 pm

Should these defections matter?

Gravatar Iain Dale has highlighted a number of recent defections from the Liberal Democrats to the Conservatives, mentioning that no Lib Dems have since commented on it. Well in my case, I read it first on Iain Dale’s website, although I notice that a few people have now responded but not so much on the [...]
6:57 pm

Revitalised PCs

Gravatar The post-xmas period is when I've got a few spare days that don't involve too much council work or liberal democracy. So I normally spend it "spring" cleaning... So far I've thrown about 20kg of paper out, ready to be recycled, 2 PC base units that are either bare-bones, or empty. But, I've also managed to resurrect a couple of PCs that can now be used for various things (running committee rooms for elections etc). The last time they were up and running was during the Hodge Hill by-election. Now that we have a fantastic new PPC in place (Tariq ...
6:56 pm

Jon Stewart on Time's 'Person of the Year'

Gravatar The comedy genius behind The Daily Show pricks the pretensions of Time magazine’s decision to award its coveted annual title to ‘you’ - click here for the clip. Favourite quote: “It’s almost as though consumers have moved on because mainstream media has abdicated its responsibility.” Hat-tips to: Sobering Thoughts via the ASI Blog.
6:21 pm

Is it trying to tell me something?

Gravatar You Belong in Australia Ace! Sunny, upbeat, and cute You make the perfect surf bum Now stop hogging the vegemite! What English Speaking Country Are You?
6:11 pm

test blog entry from mda

Gravatar This was initially entered using a new MDA vario II. My version 1 has slightly worn out and the handsfree set was not working which caused some problems travelling around Birmingham. I, therefore, got an upgrade yesterday. The new version is still a bit slow on the net compared to broadband, but is not at all bad. I don't think I am going to go for that much "blogging on the move",
5:56 pm

Saddam Execution video

Gravatar I have copied this across from the Out from Under Blog. I repeat the wording from there: Below is the full video of Saddam Hussein's execution. I have posted it here to show how barbaric the death penalty, and hanging in particular, really is. It shows him falling through the trap door and hanging on the end of the rope - please consider that before you decide to watch it.
5:34 pm

My ten highlights of 2006

Gravatar So with 2006 about to close, here are my top 10 highlights of the year, in reverse order: 10. Running the local election campaign in Gateshead that saw us grab one seat from Labour, slash Labour's hold on another ward by 90% and trebble our majority in our most marginal ward. 9. Changing jobs from Lib Dem Policy Officer to "Intelligence Officer"! (It's a good ice breaker at parties!) 8. Being
4:59 pm

Happy New Year

Gravatar This song was written by Dave Goulder. I know it from the Martin Carthy album Landfall . The January Man The January man he walks the roadIn woollen coat and boots of leatherThe February man still shakes the snowFrom off his hair and blows his handsThe man of March he sees the Spring andWonders what the year will bringAnd hopes for better weather Through April rains the man comes downTo watch the birds come in to share the summerThe man of May stands very stillWatching the children dance away the dayIn June the man inside the man ...
4:50 pm

Dealing with defections: have the Lib Dems “gone native”?

Gravatar Conservative and Labour bloggers have been having a field day with the story of three Lib Dem PPCs defecting to the Tories. Kerron Cross says “This is clearly conclusive proof that the Lib Dems are all lying cheating scumbags with no principles.” Iain Dale says “The Lib Dems are going to lose lots of votes, and we'll see a return to two-party politics.” Most of us have been pretty silent on the subject. Iain Dale scratches his head, and wonders why on earth we’re not talking about it. It’s not really difficult, is it, even for ...
4:47 pm

2006: What if?

Gravatar What if we hadn't started the year with a series of own goals?
4:45 pm

Hello 2007 - Goodbye 2006

Gravatar Nich Starling tagged me to name the 7 best things I have done this year, but to tell you the truth it has been one of the least inspiring of recent times. 2006 saw Grace and I (and our colleague Mike Hall) fail to get elected in Chelsfield & Pratts Bottom. And we are living in a bit of a limbo at the moment, house wise. High points: Bromley & Chislehurst byelection - nearly robbing the Tories of
4:29 pm

Lord Bonkers' last diary of the year

Gravatar This is Lord Bonkers' contribution to Liberator 315. He also has his own website. After writing the item on football in Rutland I discovered that the Pukka Pies people are one of the major shareholders in Leicester City. That explains a lot. Monday You will often find me in New York, perhaps enjoying a Nick Harvey Wallbanger in one of Manhattan’s more exclusive bars. A few days ago I visited a club where the famed comedian Woody Allen has been known to appear and, sure enough, he turned up that evening. Some of you will be familiar ...
4:00 pm

Tories and the working class vote

Gravatar Much indignation has been voiced at 'Dave' Cameron's claim that the Tories are the party of the working class. For the best part of the 20th Century I think this was largely correct, it was the working classes who gave the Tory government's their vote, through a conservative sentiment in much of the population as well as populism and at times imperialism. The Labour Party to contrast was a
3:25 pm

Labour Ministers Campaign against Labour Government Policy

Gravatar The idea that a Labour Government minister responsible for the policy on maternity services would actually campaign against the outcome of his own policy is quite surreal. There was another symptom of this disconnection between policies of the government and the policies argued for by Labour MPs on Planning during the Xmas adjournment debate. It is no good criticising the planning appeal process
2:01 pm

Why you never see Ivan Lewis and Peter Kay together

Gravatar I've just realised why I've never seen Labour MP (and hypocrite of the year according to Iain Dale) and comedian Peter Kay together.
1:58 pm

A guid Hogmanay!

Gravatar Auld Lang Syne Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And auld lang syne? CHORUS: For auld lang syne, my dear, For auld lang syne, We'll tak a cup of kindness yet, For auld lang syne! And surely ye'll be your pint-stowp, And surely I'll be mine, And we'll tak a cup o kindness yet, For auld lang syne! We twa hae run about the braes, And pou'd the gowans fine, But we've wander'd monie a weary fit, Sin auld lang syne. We twa hae paidl'd in ...
1:05 pm

That was the year that was... as chosen by you

Gravatar My review of the year is brought to you by… you. These are the five blog-postings which have attracted most hits in 2006 in ascending order of unique visitors: 5. ‘New vidcast: my take on Webcameron’ (1st Oct): what I thought was a subtle piece of satire suggesting that David Cameron’s inaugural attempt to speak to the YouTube generation perhaps lacked a certain authenticity appeared to get
12:59 pm

Is anyone intersted in hourly updates about new year ?

Gravatar The BBC, ITV and Sky News are under the mis-apprehension that anyone is interested in the fact that each and every hour, somewhere around the globe, a new day and a new year has started. So what ? Does it warrant sending a team of presenters from Radio five live across to Australia ? Do I care that they are having a firework display, and will I care in an hour that the same will happen in Hong Kong, then an hour later in Bangladesh, then an hour later in Delhi, etc, etc. I like fireworks, but they are something ...
12:23 pm

Font of all knowledge - Hazel Blears

Gravatar Hazel Blears, fresh from protesting about cabinet decisions that affect her own constituents whilst seemingly caring little of they affect other people's constituencies hsa found a new side line. Social commentator and philosopher. According to the BBC HERE she knows why British people like to drink so much. Apparently, according to Hazel "Font of all knowledge" Blears, its our "Anglo Saxon mentality" and "risk-taking" and "wanting to push the limits of danger". Also, and this shows clearly that there is just no start, sorry, end to her talents, she reveals that British people "like getting drunk". Everytime ...
12:20 pm

Stuck In Traffic For Two & Half Days

Gravatar I blogged on 21 December about my meeting with the elected Mayor and his vision for Torbay.  People locally voted for an elected Mayor but got an Estate Agent whose vision is to sell off assets t...
12:07 pm

Quote of the Day

Gravatar Sucess consists either of making the world a lot better for a few people or of making the world a little bit worse for a lot of people.
11:47 am

Is it April Fools Day already ?

Gravatar Apparently, according to David Cameron, the Conservative Party are the party of the working people ! Read more HERE. Yes April Fools day has come four months early. I wonder if we looked at the demographic of their councillors across the country just how it would prove or disprove this ? My guess, from my own experience, is that it would disprove this massively. In know you can fool some of the people some of the time, but David Cameron really is under the mis-apprehension that you can foll all of the people all of the time. An ...
11:45 am

Get those proles out of my shopping street

Gravatar Apparently the mayor of Paris is upset that the Champs-Elysees is turning into something downmarket like Oxford Street, and that he has taken steps to stop this happening by keeping shops like H&M out. On the other hand, the fool is even more upset that French citizens are no longer using the Champs-Elysees and it is being taken over by tourists. So he is desperately trying to keep cinemas open
11:34 am

New Year Resolutions

Gravatar Let me start with a confession - I do not believe I have ever kept a new years resolution! Clear proof that I am a member of the human race. So in an attempt to break this unblemished record of a...
10:24 am

Day 2190: ROBIN HOOD: Was this any good? A Clue: No

Gravatar Saturday: Oooh dear. This was a bit of a TRAIN WRECK. I am still trying to get Daddy Alex to climb down from the ceiling. He has just cut a DVD of the episode, together with a clip from Richard Greene’s “Robin Hood” from the 1950s followed by Cardinal Borusa saying: “That’s MUCH better. I can BELIEVE that!” Daddy Richard transcribes some of their rantings… So, Sheriff Vasey commits (never mind a number of murders) High Treason in front of witnesses, including the former Sheriff, and Robin doesn’t shoot him full of arrows? Central to the way ...
8:37 am

2006 - A review

Gravatar As 2006 draws to a close I thought it might be an idea to review the year, its been a busy year with some ups and some downs. Here it is:
8:04 am

New Year resolutions

Gravatar I may have said on this blog in the past that I am not in the habit of making New Year resolutions. Indeed the last one I made was that I would make no more and that vow has remained unbroken until now. The problem was that in my role as a member of the Assembly's Shadow Commission I have been charged with working with the Electoral Commission on their get out the vote operation for May 2007's Assembly Elections. So, when I was rung up and asked on the spur of the moment to give a New Year ...
12:13 am

2006 another year gone

Gravatar Well 2006 is nearly done so here is my review of the year In January 2006 I started this blog and my Fatboy returned with its new paintwork - oh and Charles Kennedy resigned and the leadership battle kicked off. February came and my wife decided she wanted a bigger one! and we had a great result in Dunfermline. March had hardly begun and Ming Campbell was elected leader of the Liberal Democrats whilst I maintained my record of never having voted for the leader. Reading finally achieved Premiership status after 135 years. In April Reading took the Championship title ...

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