Sunday 8th April 2007

11:43 pm

A Night in the Life of Lindyloo - my vist to Bedford's Premier Gay and Lesbian Venue....the Crown

Gravatar Well, tonight I was invited to visit Bedford's new premier gay and lesbian venue the Crown on Brittania Road (by Bedford Hospital). They are offering discounts for County Council, Borough Council, NHS and police staff, is it something about uniforms??? Sadly, I no longer qualify, having left Beds CC last year and stood down as Borough Councillor 2 weeks ago. But exhausted as I was, having just moved, it was an offer I couldn't refuse. The pub (which in a former life it has to be said was a bit of a dive) has had a makeover. The slightly ...
9:37 pm

SNP MP apologises for drunken "romp" with teenagers

Gravatar The MP who sparked the cash-for-honours inquiry has apologised for a lapse of judgement after a newspaper said he had a “drunken romp” with two teenagers. The Sunday Mail reported that the SNP’s Angus MacNeil “kissed and fondled” the girls in a hotel room in July 2005. The Western Isles MP said he bitterly regretted the incident [...]
9:31 pm

Angus MacNeil and two teenagers

Gravatar What does an SNP MP do after a party when his wife his heavily pregnant ? Apparently he has a "romp" (make of that phrase what you will) with two teenage girls. For an MP for the Western isles, an area that takes its religion very seriously, this must raise a few questions about Angus MacNeil as a person. He led the calls for the cash for honours probe. Seems like he likes to do some probing himself ! P.S. Iain Dale hints on his blog about a dirty tricks campaign against Angus MacNeil eminating from ...
9:23 pm

How much crap can one person gather after four years on a council ?

Gravatar I decided today, having put up a load of new shelves and painted another room, too clear out all the council related stuff I have managed to acquire over the last four years. Christ alone knows how much rubbish my father, a councillor of sixteen years, must have, but I had enough rubbish, and let me be quite clear about this, it was rubbish, to fill nearly two bin bags. I feel I am purging myself of mt North Norfolk responsibilities, although if anyone in Fakenham has a problem, they still have three and a half ...
7:59 pm

Bristol: just a short train journey away!

Gravatar Just back from a quick visit to Bristol - the first time I've ever been properly actually, I went for the day once a few years ago when then boss Edward Davey MP was on Question Time there. Had a good trip, it's a really pretty city and the weather was great. Stayed at a B&B called Woodstock on Bath Road, as per the attached photo. I'm only including this as it is important to note that if you tell your taxi driver 354 and the actual number is 534 and you then have to spend a bit of ...
7:22 pm

Greg Rusedski retires from tennis

Gravatar Yesterday Greg Rusedski retired from tennis - going out on a high note, teaming up with Jamie Murray for a decisive win in the Davis Cup tie against Holland. Was always a big Rusedski fan, especially as his skills were never fully appreciated. Yes, he had a massive serve, but he had a good all round game too. And for now he is still Britain's last Grand Slam singles finalist (US Open in 1997), plus he was ranked as high as 4 in the world. Trouble is, until a Brit wins Wimbledon they will generally be considered a ...
6:44 pm

USA on Peak Oil

Gravatar The link is to the US Government Accountability Office report on Peak Oil. has interviews with Matthew Simmons one of the peakniks (like myself really). Peak Oil is an issue the world will have to face up to. Interestingly in the USA it has been possible to create the equivalent of an APPG on Peak Oil. Powerswitch are trying to do this in the UK (
6:13 pm


Gravatar I have now had my first alcoholic drink since Ash Wednesday. At lunchtime, I drank a bottle of Whitstable Bay Organic Ale by Shepherd and Neame. Phew! I feel human again.
6:12 pm

Holiday time!

Gravatar Not quite at my holiday destination yet, but here are some photos en route: Just checking this emergency door works. There are important dogs on board this flight! Not a bad seat, but I could do with more leg room.Now where's that man with the bone trolley? Look who I met on the plane! It's a small world. And it's full of cliches. 7 hours at Changi Airport. A dog can eat a lot of noodles in that time. Do you think I've brought enough clothes?
5:03 pm

On the streets of Edinburgh

3:38 pm

Congratulations Councillor David Murray

Gravatar David Murray rung me a bit earlier to tell me he has been re-elected to Albrighton South Ward of Bridgnorth District Council unopposed. Congratulations David.
2:09 pm

Bob Woolmer - was it death by natural causes after all?

Gravatar It seems that the whole Bob Woolmer murder investigation hangs on the laboriously long wait for the toxicology and blood tests. Rory Carroll's report in the Guardian yesterday raised some interesting points. Chief amongst them was the fact that Woolmer was found slumped up against the bathroom door in his hotel room, so that the chambermaid, who discovered him, had to push the door open. When
2:04 pm

Foolish decision to allow ex-hostage sailors to sell their stories

Gravatar It really is stupid for the Ministry of Defence to allow the fifteen sailors, who were taken hostage in Iran, to sell their stories to the media. Apart from anything else, it will expose them to unwelcome publicity. The MOD should protect their personnel. Anonymity in the forces is a valuable asset. It is wrong to expose serving personnel to the harsh world of the media. Menzies Campbell also
1:16 pm

BAE feels the heat: admits 50 staff were sacked

Gravatar In a belated attempt to improve its image, BAE’s latest annual report includes a much expanded section on how ethical (it claims) its behaviour is, and in this new spirit admits that 50 staff have been dismissed in the last year for unethical behaviour. It’s all quiet on the Al Yamamah front though in BAE’s [...]
1:14 pm

Leaflets and eggs

Gravatar Many, many thanks to the hard-working colleagues and friends from the Lib Dems who have given so much of their time this weekend to help with the campaign. We have achieved a great deal over the last few days, leafleting virtually the entire ward. In addition, our canvassing is going very well, and we have identified lots of supporters willing to help with the campaign in many ways. Today we are
12:21 pm

The Most Perfect Eating Machine Ever Devised

Gravatar A Happy Easter to all of you at home! Richard and I are just off for dinner with family, but he’s already given me something edible this morning – yes, after last year’s rival Dalek and TARDIS eggs, M&S have this year produced a larger black Dalek Sec Easter Egg, as well as one of the two competing Dalek double-egg-cups this season (strange idea, I know). It’s the big one that’s impressive, though. Not just the photo-illustrated sloping shape, but that it’s a Dalek casing with something “Organic” within: surely that makes it the most accurate Dalek model yet released? ...
11:52 am

Day 2288: DOCTOR WHO: The Shakespeare Code

Gravatar Saturday: HURRAY for the power of petitions! After last week’s EXCESSIVE rhino intrusion, I have given Dr Who a stern talking to, and lo and behold this week he stays in a pub called THE ELEPHANT. Things are definitely LOOKING UP! I think I will let my daddies carry on watching this show after all. For my NEXT petition… I think Dr Who needs a SOFT TOY as his assistant! Well, Shakespeare was never like that when I was at school. The Power of Words is one way that we often refer to Doctor Who’s seventeenth ...
11:34 am

I am a one in ten, a number on a list

Gravatar Did you know that 72 per cent of all statistics, just like this one, are made up?  Take this morning.  I heard on the radio that a study has found that parents who smoke at the time of conce...
10:38 am

Hustings Events

Gravatar Nominations are now closed for the May 2007 Elections and it appears that Colin and I are doing a good job as not as many candidates have come forward to contest the seat as did so in 2003. Colin and I are standing for re-election and we have the usual two from Labour and Conservative Parties. The Greens have only put up one candidate , who was the independent fron the 2003 election who wanted to knock several stories off Berekley House. So that leaves 7 candidates. 10 stood in 2003. There are two husting events in ...
9:57 am

Long weekend

Gravatar As you may have already guesses I’m taking a break from the blog for the long weekend - mainly at my wifes request but as she’s gone to a car boot sale this morning I have five minutes I however don’t have anything to say - other than that it looks like I was [...]
9:13 am

Catch a fire

Gravatar Easter Sunday, and I am taking a rare day off campaigning to catch up with family commitments and to rest my weary legs. The mid-campaign break actually started last night with Dr. Who followed by a trip to the cinema to see the excellent 'Catch a Fire' starring Tim Robbins and Derek Luke. The film takes the Apartheid struggle in South Africa during the 1980s and looks at its impact on two families: one headed by a non-political family man who is wrongly accused of a crime by the security forces and leaves to join the ANC so as ...
7:21 am

Happy Easter!

Gravatar Can I wish everyone a very Happy Easter. Beautiful weather has made campaigning in the City Council elections a thoroughly enjoyable experience thus far and we had a super day yesterday in various parts of the City. The lane closure on South Marketgait has now been temporarily lifted - click on headline above to view more.
3:17 am

Cut and paste

Gravatar Cut and paste is an excellent way of making sure one simple mistake ends up on 10,000 leaflets, which end up having to be recycled and reprinted. It’s going to be a long night. Last year, for the bank holiday weekend, we went camping in Sandringham.  This year, I’m spending it on the office, slaving over a [...]
1:33 am

Westminster, Wine, Wit and Wisdom

Gravatar From the looks on the faces of some of the well-heeled residents I encountered yesterday morning while out delivering leaflets in the Abbey Road ward Westminster Council by-election, the good burghers of St John’s Wood don’t quite know what’s hit them. One of the greatest assets the Liberal Democrats have is being able to count on help from [...]

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