Tuesday 25th December 2007

11:47 pm

Season's Greetings and Best Wishes for the New year....

Gravatar Christmas Card Caption Competition .........? £1 or more to enter....... pledge to raise money for the Mayors Charity ............? Best one Wins tea in the Mayor's Parlour, of even 2 tickets to Kingston Theater now its open ! Answers via comment box below, or email bart@bartricketts.co.uk . To reduce my own Eco Footprint, I have deiced to reduce the number of Christmas Card's I send...
10:47 pm

A traditional Christmas

Gravatar So I've eaten too much, had to take some paracetamol, had bit of a sleep, I'm wearing a jumper (a rather nice one) I was bought as a present, spoken to the relatives, and am now watching a succession of Christmas specials with my wife with my son just fed. That's a proper Christmas !
9:00 pm

Feeling wistful?

8:03 pm

Someone's Trying To Do Me Out Of A Job!

Gravatar So where was the SHIPS AGENT in Voyage of the Damned? Is someone trying to do me out of a job?
7:59 pm

What Exactly Are Families?

Gravatar When Nick Clegg was elected the new leader of the LibDems, he surprised many members by announcing that he was going to establish a network of ordinary families round the country, people unconnected with mainstream politics, so he could find out what they were thinking. My left eyebrow certainly went up sharply. Not because I don’t [...]
6:34 pm

Christmas across the world

Gravatar Merry Christmas everyone! BBC News Website has some great photos of today across the world. Here's a few of the ones I like the look of: Palestinian Christians attend mass in Gaza city. Christmas at the Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception in Moscow. Christmas on Bondi beach in Sydney. Nice santa hats girls!
6:03 pm

Christmas, as scored for two guitars and an accordion

Gravatar Welcome to the hamlet that is Creeting St Peter, where my new family (that's additional, not replacement) are celebrating Christmas in, I am told, traditional style, with music and song. Liam and Jamie, Ros's youngest, are playing guitar, and Maggie, a friend of Ros's sister Ann, is playing her accordion. Christmas dinner has been prepared, and roast goose, Suffolk ham, stuffing and all the
5:52 pm

Time to set an example?

Gravatar Isn’t it time MPs awarded themselves a pay rise in line with those paid to public sector workers? Of course it is! But is it going to happen? Whilst I sincerely hope so, it looks very unlikely. The Senior Salaries Review Body looks set to recommend that MPs receive a pay award 1% above inflation. That's scandalous! Perhaps MPs need to take a long hard look at the public sector workforce just to see what sort of pay they get for the sort of jobs they do before trying to justify their own award on the grounds that they “work ...
1:58 pm

Citizen Survellience

Gravatar I have just been reading about a statue in Miami, Florida that’s been fitted with a Global Positioning System (GPS). Although the story is innocent enough, it does enforce my paranoia that ‘Big Brother is always Watching’. Have you ever seen the 1998 film ‘Enemy of the State’? A high tech survellience thriller with a dose of George Orwell. It sees the life of lawyer, Will Smith, systematically dismantled following the sanctioned murder of a US congressman. Trust me, if you are a conspiracy theorist, you’ll love it! Anyhow, a BBC World transmission ‘From Our Own Correspondent’ suggests that the ...
12:36 pm

Merry Christmas - and let us know your Liberal Voice nominations

Gravatar A very merry Christmas from the Lib Dem Voice collective to all readers, contributors and comment-makers. Christmas is a time of peace, joy, and the perfect opportunity to nominate your Liberal Voice of 2007. Suggestions so far include Mitch Benn, Simon Jenkins and Al Gore. Have your say this Christmas day.
12:08 pm

Don Clegg Christmas message

Gravatar Don Clegg ask me to convey Christmas message to Liberali Family: "Fratelli, it gives me great pleasure on this Winterva... I mean Christmas Day to thank-you for all your hard-work for the Family. It is important on this day, to remember the essential of message of Christmas. A message for which I have great respect, even if I don't necessarily believe it. The message of giving. A theme then of my leadership of the Family will be social justice. It is simply wrong for the Families to be stealing more from the poor than we do from the rich. While ...
11:40 am

My alternative christmas message!

Gravatar Point 1. There will be a recession. Point 2. Don't pay any attention to it. Point 3. Oh dear! Merry Christmas from Jo! ;@)
8:34 am

Merry Christmas Everybody

Gravatar Have a good one!
8:07 am


Gravatar Oh great! Just woke up and guess what? I have Full Blown Man Flu' (F.B.M.U). For those unfamiliar with Man flu, let me say it's not, as is often suggested by women, a psychological condition by which men claim to suffer more from a cold than women - it really exists! Why else would we men take more time off work than women. According to a Nuts magazine poll of 2,000 people - December is said to be the worst month for'man flu' . The poll also found that men, moan more than women, fork out more on remedies than ...
6:35 am

A new look for Christmas!

Gravatar The very observant amongst you will have noticed, I hope, that I've been very quiet for a couple of weeks.  Well, since this marks the anniversary of this Drupal version of my blog, I decided to give it a make-over.  Partly this was prompted by having been nominated in summer for the best designed Lib Dem blog, because the previous "look and feel" was not terribly technically tinkered with standard Drupal theme.  So I wanted to have a play and see what I could achieve "under the bonnet" of Drupal. So, I've reached the point where I'm into that last ...
2:48 am

Happy Christmas...............anyone free to come help wrapping pressies?

Gravatar Oh dear, it is gone 2 am on Christmas morning and I am procrastinating about the million pressies I still have to wrap, thus blogging is a shameful distraction! My normal pattern on Christmas Eve is to promise to go to Midnight Mass - then realise I am not going to get wrapped in time and pull out, listening to the radio or TV version whilst wrestling with the blessed sellotape! I rarely finish before 3 and in the days when my darlings got up at 5 (or earlier) this meant Christmas Day was somewhat of a struggle. In those ...
1:09 am

Thought of the Day

Gravatar Every time I see that Nina Ricci perfume advert I have to resist the urge to shout “Mind the oranges, Marlon!” Share This
12:02 am

12 Days of Christmas

Gravatar A link below to a 12 Days of Christmas video clip re-worked Bollywood style.
12:01 am

Happy Xmas

Gravatar Happy Christmas and I hope all my readers have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year
12:01 am

Day 2550: Fluffy Christmas, Everyone!

Gravatar Christmas Day: On the FIRST day of Christmas, my Daddies gave to ME... an ELEPHANT in a FLUFFY HAT! Ho ho ho! {Posted by Picasa}

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