With the light getting gloomier as winter draws in, my decision to fit a pair of LED rear light clusters to the Seven looks like it was an excellent idea. The ones I've bought are from Just Add Lightness. I pre-ordered them in mid-September and they arrived, very well packaged in reams of bubble wrap, earlier on this week. Even ... The post Gnu gets a rear light upgrade appeared first on ten pence piece.

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Embed from Getty Images Our third update from the LDV Fantasy Football League. Congratulations to Elliott Mears, our Manager of the Month for October. His team, Hart Broken Bilic, scored an impressive 183 points, just edging out Graham Bates' Viennafoxes and Ross Pepper's The Pepperpots, each with 182. It's an international break this week, so you have til 18 November to select your teams to start closing (or, in Sam Kay's case – see below – extending) the gap. Here's the first full league table: There are 200+ players in total and you can still join the league by clicking ...

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Second para of discussion of third episode of Spearhead from Space: This is what makes Spearhead from Space frightening. It doesn't play fair. It lulls you into a false sense of security, saving a lot of its chills for long sequences of tension — then turns about and shouts "boo"! You can't relax with it, because it'll slow down, then speed up, then slow down again, all the best to create its scare moments. It's extremely clever. This is the much-delayed second volume of commentary between Shearman and Hadoke; I read and enjoyed the first back in 2011, and look ...

Network Rail have told us: "Due to the progress made with our electrification work on the M4 Blue Bridge last weekend, the motorway will not be closed at Junction 19 this weekend (11/12 November) as previously planned. We will keep you informed of progress with our upgrade works around the Bristol Parkway area which continue this weekend (11/12) and next (18/19) with no trains calling at the station. Please check before you travel at gwr.com/bristol2017 or crosscountrytrains.co.uk" So the M4 motorway will be open this weekend, but Bristol Parkway Station will still be closed.

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In last year's European Referendum, UKIP and other arch-Brexiteers argued that the European Union is sinking and is bound to break up, whereas the developments of the past few months have shown that, on the contrary, the EU is pulling together while Britain, mismanaged by a Brexit-drunk Tory Party, is steering the country straight for [...]

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So, here on andrewhickey.info, this week is going to be Games Week, as I write two reviews/recommendations for computer games you should be spending small amounts of money on. Now, some might say that I am literally the worst person ... Continue reading →

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I write this while visiting various parts of the USA. During the trip, I couldn't resist baiting some of my friends by suggesting that Donald Trump could quite possibly win a second term. Most of them looked horrified at the very idea. But then the conversation started. One friend tells me about a conversation with [...] The post Don't count on Trump populism just fading away appeared first on Radix.

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It's natural that those who want to boost our image as "global Britain" make much of any positive information about the performance of our economy. Eighteen months or so ago much was made of the statistic that we were " the fastest growing economy in the G7." Now, since the referendum result, we've slipped to the slowest among the G7, we no longer hear much about that. However, last week there was "good" news: our current level of unemployment, at 4.3% is the lowest since the days of Harold Wilson, and now among the lowest of the major economies of ...

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North East Lib Dem regional conference was held last Saturday so here are a few of the photos I took of proceedings. Regional chair, Amanda Hopgood, introduces guest speaker Vince Cable. Northern Durham were the winners of the Alastair Wardlaw trophy given to the party which shows greatest membership engagement and growth. The President's Award, for greatest contribution to the regional

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Earlier, we brought you a flavour of Vince's big pre-Budget speech. Here is the speech in full: As Leader of the Liberal Democrats, it is one of my responsibilities to give a serious Lib Dem analysis of the economics around the Budget, and to present an alternative. I have recently been returned to Parliament from exile. One of my regrets, however, is that the previous competition between the parties on economic competence no longer exists. The likes of Gordon Brown, George Osborne, Ed Balls and Oliver Letwin were all serious players and thinkers even if I often disagreed with them. ...

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Fri 10th

Stubbing out UKIP

Voting UKIP is a bit like taking up smoking. You know you shouldn't do it, you know it's damaging to your health, you know it has long term negative consequences, and you know you shouldn't do it in public. For some, there is the soothing qualities of a rush of nicotine. The good people of Fareham yesterday seemed to have kicked the bad habit of voting UKIP. In Stubbington ward the voters went to

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Thu, 12:56: Thread. https://t.co/yePclqGgD8 Thu, 14:38: And look who's in front of @Cyrille_MT and @captain_europe ... https://t.co/47asHbrdfF Thu, 15:09: This is glorious. https://t.co/pvsWQuPyZ4 Thu, 18:33: The Past Through Tomorrow, by Robert A. Heinlein https://t.co/b1gci3J4EJ Thu, 20:48: RT @avaltat: Typologies of influencers according to @cginisty. Which one are YOU? #EuroPCom #influence #socialmedia https://t.co/fEsutp1b4m Fri, 10:45: RT @APCOBXLInsider: The last active year of this #EU_Commission before 2019 #EUelections should have a distinct impact the future of #Mobi...

Government, business and our personal lives are increasingly driven by our personal data. Credit card transactions, location data, and health records have the potential to improve products, provide insight for policymaking, and detect security threats. But they also challenge our notions of privacy, intimacy and autonomy. How can results from privacy research be translated into policy? The session was chaired by Richard Gomer, a researcher in Meaningful Consent. The panellists brought expertise from the areas of publishing, computer science, artificial intelligent and security Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye (Data Scientist and privacy researcher at Imperial College London) Luc Moreau (Professor of Computer ...

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At the end of the summer, I reviewed whether or not Theresa May remaining as leader of the Conservative Party was the best thing for that particularly party. Now I feel the need to consider whether or not her continuing as prime minister is in the best interests of us all, paying particular attention to what is likely to follow her premiership, should it end within the next six months. For starters, let us dispel the myths that May going would end Brexit, or that an election in the next year which resulted in Corbyn becoming prime minister would end ...

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Following the news that former Lib Dem MP for Cheltenham Martin Horwood is not seeking to run at the next general election comes news of the shortlist of candidates to succeed him. The shortlist (via Jonathan Calder and the local media) to be the next prospective Parliamentary candidate (PPC) for Cheltenham is: Elizabeth Adams (former candidate for Stratford-upon-Avon twice over) Chris Coleman (Gloucestershire county councillor and Chelteham borough councillor; former candidate for Devizes and the Forest of Dean) Adam Hanrahan (Sheffield City councillor) Sally Symington (former candidate for Hemel Hempstead) Max Wilkinson (Cheltenham borough councillor and former candidate for Stroud) ...

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If you are worried about someone sleeping rough, you can use Streetlink to inform the local council of your concerns. They can then visit the rough sleeper to offer them support and try to help them find accommodation. You will also find advice on Streetlink's site about where to find help for someone at risk of becoming homeless.

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The world's media is rapidly changing. And as it changes it plays a sad role in helping to divide society. The irony is that the press in all its forms has never been freer, more competitive and offered a greater array of opinion and facts. The number of traditional print platforms has markedly declined, and the ones that remain are only just staying in business with slashed circulation figures. The print business, however is being rapidly replaced with news websites. As of the start of this year there were an estimated 100 million news websites worldwide. This compares to about ...

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Five council by-elections this week, with a complete set of Liberal Democrat candidates (hooray). Even better, a Liberal Democrat gain in Stubbington, Fareham.

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If the UK Government thought they were making progress with the Brexit talks then they would have been swiftly disabused by the latest intervention from the Irish Government. As the Telegraph reports, Ireland is now pushing hard for concrete reassurance on the Irish border question ahead of the crucial EU leaders' summit in December, despite UK officials thinking that this matter had been parked for the time being. A 'leaked talking points paper entitled 'Dialogue on Ireland/Northern Ireland' shows Ireland is now pushing hard for concrete reassurance on the Irish border question ahead of the crucial EU leaders' summit in ...

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Exponential Growth

From the Curator of Museum Services at the University of Dundee : Exponential Growth features new work by Graphic Design and Illustration students from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, one of a series of events celebrating the centenary of D'Arcy Thompson's landmark book On Growth and Form. Over the past few weeks, the students have created an amazing variety of sketches, objects, illustrations, collages and magazine layouts inspired by D'Arcy's ideas and collections, the best of which will be shown in the exhibition. Open now and running until into the New Year - details below :


I have blogged about the rebuild that is presently ongoing at this Merseyrail Station before. My last posting is accessible via the link below:- I went back to have a look at progress last week and things on the Southport bound platform side are clearly radically changing as steelwork for the new station building is now up – see lead photo above. The state of the old station buildings can be summed up with this photo:- What you are looking at is the rear wall of the platform building on the Liverpool bound side of the station (facing Chesterfield ...

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Congratulations to Jim Forest and his team in Fareham for a fantastic result! And thats another GAIN for @JimAdLib of @FarehamLibDems Jim Forest LD 1,185 Conservative 769 UKIP 117 Labour 76 pic.twitter.com/X4Qcb6cosZ — ALDC (@ALDC) November 9, 2017 * Caron Lindsay is Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice and blogs at Caron's Musings

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Commenting on the appointment of Portsmouth MP Penny Mordaunt to the Department for International Development, Jo Swinson, Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, said: "Development aid is vital to saving lives, removing people from abject poverty, and improving the lives of others across the globe. The UK should be proud of the role we play. "Having an International Development Secretary who does not dismiss the entire concept of international aid must be the first qualification for the job. "Penny Mordaunt must immediately distance herself from her predecessor in this regard."

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Commenting on new data which reveals the numbers of individuals referred to the Prevent Programme, Ed Davey, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesperson, said: "Prevent is being dangerously overused. This data reveals exactly why Prevent has become so toxic. "The Liberal Democrats believe that Prevent has too many flaws and should be scrapped and replaced with a new system that fixes its shortcomings and has community engagement at its heart. In the meantime we need to ensure there is proper training for those who have a statutory duty to refer to ensure it is used properly. "Because of its many weaknesses ...

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Commenting on reports that Lord Kerr, the author of Article 50, will reveal in a speech later today that the Brexit process is reversible, Vince Cable, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, said: "The author of article 50 revealing that the process can be revoked is a significant development. "There is no longer any refuge for brexiteers who argue that this whole process can't be revoked. "The possibility of an exit from Brexit is still very much on the cards."

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