All this particular, and many more effective features of Advanced systemcare 11 key Free (such as the particular sophisticated registry cleaner) arrives in the 100% totally free package that will not really require any kind associated with high technical knowledge through its users. Anyone may install this excellent bundle of modifications quickly, choose the type of optimization scan that you would like to carry out (the main control table lists everything from disk de-fragmentation and removal associated with unwanted files to things such as the privacy sweep, removal of malware, vulnerability maintenance and system registry repairs) and simply pressing the ...

Fri 12th

Six of the Best 759

Jeremy Corbyn has always been in favour of taking Britain out of the EEC and then the EU, says Mark Pack - and he gives numerous links to prove it. Tony Wright shows that we are increasingly being governed by people with little experience of the world beyond politics: "As I heard someone express this recently: 'if they have never had to worry about paying the gas bill how can they represent people like me?' This can easily become the perception that it is only the game of politics itself that they are interested in, and the rewards that go ...

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Embed from Getty ImagesThe decision to move to a newly built embassy south of the Thames was taken in 2008 when George W. Bush was President. And he didn't sell the Grosvenor Square building, because it is the only US embassy in the world that is not owned by the US government. londinoupolis explains this anomaly. He says the Americans: asked the Duke of Westminster, who owned Grosvenor Square, how much they would have to pay to buy the freehold of the land. However, what they did not know is that the Grosvenor family never sell. Their vast wealth is ...

Posted by Jonathan Calder on Liberal England
Fri 12th

In Another Life *****

In another life, Adnan (Elie Haddad) was a teacher in Syria, but he and his wife Bana (Toyah Frantzen) had to flee as their home city, Aleppo, was destroyed around them. Their flight took them through Turkey to Lesbos in Greece, then braving hostile security guards and dogs in Hungary before arriving in Calais. Bana [...]

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I'm hoping to have this out within a couple of weeks, so here's the first chapter of the second book in my Sarah Turner Mysteries series: The Glam Rock Murders. If you like this, then why not try the first ... Continue reading →

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Second paragraph of third chapter: The nation seemed to stand still during the special broadcasts, as the Recovery 7 craft was sent into space to link up with Mars Probe 7. City streets were virtually empty and cinemas complained of a massive drop in attendances. They blamed the Mars Probe crisis - why should people go to the cinema to see simulated drama when the real thing was being beamed directly into their homes 24 hours a day? The event turned presenter John Wakefield into a television star overnight as his intelligent and thoughtful commentary gave simple explanations to the ...

As I read the news, probably like you, I am astonished at the almost unending stream of bad news in the UK - before we even get to Brexit. Over just the past few weeks we've seen debilitating and potentially life-threatening patient logjams in A&E Departments, not to mention non-urgent surgery being cancelled across the NHS in England during January. Rail transport is becoming dire with constant delays for commuters, despite rail fares in the UK being amongst the highest in the world. And what of crime? Law and order may not always have been a top policy priority for ...

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Neither I nor my Lib Dem Council Group Colleagues will be dissuaded from saying what we believe to be right in the face of legal threats Today's Liverpool Echo has a story about attempts by the Council in Liverpool to ... Continue reading →

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Embed from Getty Images There's a queue for the doorstopper version of "Fire and Fury" by Michael Wolff. So on the day of the book's release last week, I got the Kindle version. I then decided to make my life easier by opting for a free trial of "Audible". So, I have listened to two-thirds of the audio version of the book, read beautifully by the author and Holter Graham. I am sorry that I have not yet finished the book but I admit I am finding the latter half of it rather heavy going. There's no doubt though, that ...

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Back in July 2016, we reported that the Conservative council would be cutting the black bin sizes from 240 litres to 140 litres. The roll out of the new smaller bins starts next Monday and will take around three months to complete. This is what will happen on the day yours changes: Your black bin will be emptied into the usual lorry.A crew following behind will remove the wheels and stack the old bins at the roadside in groups of ten. The stacks will be placed on their sides without blocking pavements, driveways or footpaths. Later the same day, another ...

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Fri 12th


He had fled as a child from the world of flood, a refugee unwelcome in his pack who had felt afraid from the first; to find another place of faction in which the weakest could show strength, where features concealed his fear... His hands bled: not minding strings of razor wire, he clambered on our [...]

Posted by AL Franklin on Maintain the Advance!

A strange turn of events in Wigan: Chaos reigned yesterday after Wigan Council insisted an independent councillor could not reverse his decision to quit the chamber. Coun Steve Jones, independent representative for Bryn ward, performed a dramatic U-turn when he posted on Facebook that he was staying on. This came just a few days after he announced he was stepping down on February 20 for personal reasons. However, the town hall has now insisted that he actually resigned on the day he said he would step down and a notice of casual vacancy for a new councillor has already been ...

Posted by Mark Pack on Mark Pack

The Federal Policy Committee met on Wednesday night, with an agenda mostly of finalising items for debate at spring conference. First up was reviewing the policy paper produced by the working group on education, and finalising it for proposal to spring conference. This is an impressive paper covering a wide range of aspects of education, especially funding, supporting and promoting teachers and good teaching, and inspection and improvement arrangements. It also covers the curriculum, schools structures, Further Education, Early Years, SEND and health (including mental health) in education. FPC has discussed this twice through the autumn and last night had ...

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Fri 12th

My tweets

Thu, 12:24: RT @APCOBXLInsider: This is a great start of 2018, @APCOBXLInsider reached 11.000 followers! We will continue to shed our light on EU affai... Thu, 12:56: New Doctor Who Target books coming from Steven Moffat, Russell T Davies and Jenny Colgan Ol... Thu, 16:05: I've always said that borders are really tide marks in the ebb and flow of empires. Thu, 16:43: RT @MalmstromEU: Happy to be with #TeamJunckerEU in Bulgaria to discuss with the Government and Parliament joint priorities for the coming... Thu, 18:15: Lincoln in the Bardo, by George Saunders Thu, 20:48: RT ...

Yob's Rocket Ends Up in Ornamental Spiderman's Bum Headline of the week, I think Brexit: 'No-deal' could cost UK economy £50bn, independent economic analysis commissioned by Sadiq Khan shows There is no sector which is not negatively impacted. (warning: autoplaying video) Liz Barr reviews Star Trek: Discovery 1.10 - "Despite Yourself" Liz's fandom writing has always been exceptionally perspicacious, and her writing on Disco continues that trend. I share her worries about *SPOILER* Samsung is the latest OEM to unlock FM chips in new phones If you like what you see here (or even if you don't) please consider dropping ...

Earlier this week I was asked whether I would go on the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire show to discuss freedom of speech and no platforming in universities. This comes on the back of giving evidence in December to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights on the same topic. Sadly, I had to turn the BBC [...]

Posted by Helen Belcher on Challenging Journeys (Phase 2)

I want to say at the start of this article, I'm still a little uneasy about the whole concept of a second EU referendum myself. This is because either result of such a referendum would bring with it major problems. If Remain won, there would be an undoubtable feeling of "the establishment kept asking the people until they gave the correct answer" which may well infect our politics even further; if Leave won again, it may well cement the idea of the nuttiest version of Brexit imaginable being carried out. I say this now so that my critisism of Corbyn ...

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Fri 12th

Strange Obsessions

The local paper reports a handful of danger-to-their-own-children type parents up in arms because Altrincham Grammar School for Girls has advised staff to call pupils "pupils", "students" or the like, rather than "girls". The thinking being that it makes the place more accommodating for pupils who have been at the school for some time and then start to either question their gender identity or to come out as trans or enbee. "But if they aren't girls, why do they want to go to a girls' school?" is the first silly question being knocked about. If you were starting out afresh ...

Posted by Jen on Either / And

Listen to Willie Rennie's start of year interview with BBC Scotland's Good Morning Scotland. He said that public opinion was shifting in favour of a referendum on the final deal. The Liberal Democrats' fortunes were improving too, with more MPs, more members and running more councils. We have constantly raised concerns about the running of Police Scotland and the way the Scottish Police Authority works and he said it was time for a root and branch review of the Authority after it invited the under-investigation chief constable to return to work before the conclusion of the enquiry into his conduct. ...

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Commenting on news that leading company GKN has been subject to an attempted takeover by Melrose, Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable said:"GKN is at the heart of the industrial strategy in the car and aerospace industry in the UK. "If it were to be taken over this would be a massive blow to our industrial strategy."GKN stands for long term investment in advanced manufacturing whereas Melrose are in the business of short term financial engineering. "I will be writing to the Secretary of State for Business asking him to intervene and ensure this damaging takeover does not happen."

Posted by LD Neath on Aberavon & Neath Liberal Democrats

The sudden conversion of Nigel Farage to the idea of a second referendum on whether we should leave the European Union or not, backed by the co-founder of the Leave campaign, Arron Banks, has certainly animated many Remainers. Even Sir Nick Clegg tweeted, 'I agree with Nigel'. Nigel Farage's rationalisation for his U-turn is that another Brexit vote would lead to a more decisive victory for the leave campaign and silence remain supporters for a generation. My view is that the result of a second plebiscite would be close, could go either way and could still leave the issue unresolved. ...

Posted by Peter Black on Peter Black

Keep your eye on Moldova. It could be the cause of the next Ukrainian-style flare-up between Russia and the West. A bit of background for those who have never heard of Moldova. It is sandwiched between Romania and southwestern Ukraine. It is the poorest country in Europe; ranks 103 out of 168 on Transparency International's corruption scale; is bitterly divided between pro-Russian and pro-Romanian factions; and Russia has troops in a narrow strip of land on the eastern border which has declared itself independent. Over 80 percent of the country speaks Romanian. They two countries also share common traditions and ...

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The Liverpool Echo has details of the forthcoming Merseyrail strike days via the article linked above So the Merseyrail train guards dispute rumbles on with no sign of a resolution. At face value it's the RMT Union against Merseyrail, the private sector franchise operator of trains on Merseyside. But hang on that's far too simplistic an assessment of the dispute. Why? Because the genesis of the dispute is firmly within the hands of Merseytravel the public sector transport Committee of the Liverpool City Region. It was Merseytravel who agreed to purchase new trains that can/will run without train guards ...

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The vast Maghull East site seen from Poverty Lane presently used for growing crops but under Sefton Council's Local Plan it will be concreted over. The Liberal Democrat leader on Sefton Council, Cllr. John Pugh is calling on Sefton to review its housing plans following a new government statement toughening up environmental requirements. In launching the new environmental policy last week, the Prime Minister and the government called for the principle of environmental net gain to be embedded in the planning system. What this means according to Cllr. Pugh is that any development must enhance and improve the environment. "It ...

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Airlie Terrace - now DUSA (from the University of Dundee Archives) :

In December, Chris Skidmore, Minister for the Constitution, wrote an opinion piece in the Telegraph called: 'It is an affront to democracy that 27 million people are currently under-represented'. The purpose was to mount a defence of the proposed boundary changes which, as it happens, would significantly favour the Conservative Party and damage all other parties. Given that, [...] The post One minister who takes us all for idiots appeared first on Radix.

Posted by Joe Zammit-Lucia on Opinion - Radix

After last week's slow start to this year's council by-elections, this week brings four council contests. Only half of them, alas, had Liberal Democrat candidates. Conservative HOLDs: Preesall (Wyre). Wyre Rural Central (Lancashire). — Britain Elects (@britainelects) January 12, 2018

Posted by Mark Pack on Mark Pack

Two posts on consecutive days? That's not something that's happened for a long time! Although this is, essentially, a re-hash of some thoughts I posted on Twitter earlier. There was much excitement amongst "Remain"* campaigners today when Nigel Farage announced he was beginning to come round to the idea of a second^ referendum. His thinking being that a second** "leave" win would kill off any further thoughts of re-entering the Union "for a generation". On this last point he is right - just as it took dissenters^^ from the 1975 result over a generation to reverse that decision. (Of course, ...

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