Sat 7th

Dachshunds at the BBC

Having spent a morning recently printing Focuses, I went to a BBC presentation and reception at the Sage, Gateshead, about the Great North Exhibition. There seemed to be a large number of dachshunds among the guests. The video explains why.

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Hanging Houghton has not had a church for centuries, and the manor house that was built with its stone is long gone too.I wrote on Monday. The Victoria County History for Northamptonshire gives more of the story:A chapel of some importance once existed at Hanging Houghton, but Bridges says that its ruins were used for the building of a manor-house, which in turn was left deserted in 1665 after the Montagu household had been carried off by the plague, which they had fled from London to escape.And the Historic England listing for the site tells you about the substantial but ...

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This morning I said I was excited about Pride in London today. Unfortunately, it has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons after a small number of transphobic protesters were allowed to march at the front and hand out transphobic literature to the people lining the streets. From the Huffington Post: Organisers of the most "diverse" Pride event in London have hit back at accusations it allowed a group of anti-transgender activists to lead the parade through the capital on Saturday. The small group, which reportedly only consisted of about 10 people, are believed to have carried signs with ...

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I have been attacked by Labour for having a life outside politics in the past. I make no apologies for that! I enjoy what other people enjoy. So when the opportunity for Kylie Minogue concert tickets comes along, I grabbed the opportunity, even if it meant missing the last day of party conference. The concert is in Newcastle on 18th September.

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Embed from Getty Images An interesting snippet from today's Times. In response to stories that, when David Cameron and Boris Johnson met, Cameron agreed with Johnson's condemnation of Theresa May's proposed EU settlement but persuaded him not to resign, you can read this: But Mr Cameron has disowned the claim and rejected outright any attempts to paint him as an enthusiastic Brexiteer. His former allies were apoplectic on his behalf, saying that he had consistently advocated a Norway-style soft Brexit, and regarded Mr Johnson's approach as a "fantasy" that ignored key problems. "When they met it was all whingeing, with ...

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It is (over) halfway through the year and I thought I'd do an update to this post in which I outlined my intention to read more books by women this year... So, how am I doing? Well, I think I'm doing well. Dialling the stats back to how they stood at the end of June, I had read 29 books - well ahead of target, which was 40 for the year. Last year 64% of the books I read were by male authors. This year, to date, that's been 45%. In terms of individual authors read, just 41% have been ...

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Embed from Getty Images We go back to Wednesday and this exchange in the Commons debate on the SNP's opposition day motion on the Claim of Right for Scotland: Alistair Carmichael (Lib Dem, Orkney & Shetland): What Scotland voted for was for the United Kingdom to remain part of the European Union. I campaigned and voted for that, but I did not want to see my vote then used as a lever to break up the United Kingdom. When the hon. Lady tries to do that, she does so not in my name or in the name of the majority ...

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Sat 7th

Beware grass fire risk

Beware of very high fire risk at present - please do NOT light fires, BBQs etc on grassland areas. This was a burnt-out area today near Shire Way, Yate.

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Second frame of third page: Hi Rose. I'm Christine. I'm Sidonie. Do you know where you are staying? A bande dessinée that I picked up in Paris a year or so ago, script by Gilles Schlesser who has written a number of non-graphic novels set in Paris and a literary guide-book to the city that has been translated into English. Young Rose comes to the city from Brittany in 1925, and ends up mixing with lots of people including F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway, who she briefly dates; meanwhile her other boyfriend is involved with a complex conspiracy involving ...

Narrated by the actor Ralph Richardson and the incomparable John Arlott, this film was made by the British Council to show the rest of the world what the country was like.

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It's been quite a week, what with being given 5 minutes notice to appear on BBC Radio 4's Today programme on Tuesday morning, giving a number of briefings, attending the Mayor of London's Pride party and a reception at 10 Downing Street. The last major event of the week for me was marching at London [...]

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This will absolutely warm your heart. Lovely to see young Andrew Hames embracing his wee baby brother, Gabriel. Our happy family of four. We're really enjoying getting to know Gabriel – one week old today. Thanks for all the good wishes. — Jo Swinson (@joswinson) July 6, 2018

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Monash and Chauvel: How Australia's two greatest generals changed the course of world history by Roland Perry is a big, comprehensive biography of two generals who, even if their exploits do not quite live up to the subtitle's hyperbole, certainly had a big impact on the course of the First World War.

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[IMG: I am fully behind England in the World Cup and there are no 'buts'] Ethnic minorities have very little to thank Norman Tebbit for. Actually, come to think of it, there is nothing to thank Norman Tebbit for if you are an anti-Thatcherite but that's another matter. Tebbit's... The post I am fully behind England in the World Cup and there are no 'buts' appeared first on FeministMama @ambitiousmamas.

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We expect President Trump to turn our long-held values on their head. Whether it's banning Muslims or building a wall against Mexican migrants, withdrawing from the world's agreement on limiting climate change, cosying up to Russia's President Putin and doubting if NATO is still valuable, Trump's Presidency seems like a bad dream from which we, and America, will only awake when his term ends. But that will be years hence, Meantime he will visiting Britain next week. Has America changed so much that this presidency is not an aberration but a consistency? Britain has to stand strong against that fear ...

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Well, I wish I had allowed my heart rather than my head to determine my predictions for yesterday. As it was, congrats to huskyteer, trepkos and sevenorora for calling both France and Belgium to win. If I may say so, hooray!

Sat 7th

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Fri, 13:20: Quarter-finals, more anticipation Fri, 13:54: RT @EP_President: Bulgaria's first-ever European Council Presidency punched above its weight. Congratulations @BoykoBorissov on your work a... Fri, 13:55: RT @ayubsumbal: Bulgaria Backs New Chinese 'Smart City' Near Sofia, The Saint Sofia project, a huge, high-tech entertainment, retail, hotel... Fri, 13:58: RT @OrientedR: "EU upholds democracy and multiculturalism. Withouth EU there is no globalisation" Li Keqiang, China's PM at #16+1Summit in... Fri, 18:43: Le Mariage de Figaro, by Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais Fri, 18:46: RT @MSmithsonPB: Why Brexit resignations would be pointless Fri, 20:48: National Gallery buys Artemisia Gentileschi masterpiece ...

If you wander round Edinburgh, you might think that men were the only people who ever did anything important. Alex Cole-Hamilton has reflected of the lack of recognition for women in a post for the Women 50/50 campaign's blog: Well, because all told, statues of animals outnumber statues of women in the city by about 5:1. Walking down the Royal Mile, you couldn't swing a dead Great Auk around your head for fear of hitting the stone effigy of a bloke who was big during the enlightenment - but there is no sign of the women who built so much ...

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Ludlow's park and ride service is operating normally despite nearly half the parking area being closed with safety barriers. This follows serious damage to the surface earlier in the week. Yesterday afternoon, Shropshire Council erected barriers around the worst affected areas of the car park. But there is enough space for people to park today and the buses are serving the site as normal. Yesterday afternoon, we heard that temporary repairs will be made on Monday. After this we must urgently look at long term maintenance of the park and ride site, which is falling apart. This particular episode of ...

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A few days ago I picked up on the increasing trade union opposition to Brexit, and to Jeremy Corbyn's current line on it too. Now there's another significant move going on in another source of political power. This time it is the media, and the Daily Mail to be precise where a new editor is inbound: Mail journalist to me last night on the panic the imminent arrival of Geordie Greig is causing: "All the leavers are becoming remainers. It's the only way they can remain in their jobs" — Nick Cohen (@NickCohen4) July 5, 2018 Interesting times.

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Well, there's plenty to distract us from the awfulness of Brexit this weekend. I'm probably most excited about the sheer joy, fabulousness and sparkliness of Pride taking to the streets of London. The first time I ever came across a Pride march was in London in 1992 when I was down for a Women Lib Dems Policy Committee. It was one of the happiest things I had ever seen. So much progress has been made since then, but, like all things we hold dear, we have to keep fighting. While LGBT people face hatred and discrimination on the street, in ...

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My previous posting of 3rd June reported on the potential for some trains running into and out of Liverpool to Scarborough being disability unfriendly from July this year – the link below refers:- Thankfully The RAILWAY Magazine reports in its July edition that the plan, which would clearly have made life more difficult for those with disabilities has been dropped.

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