Tonight's press releases are brought to you from Madrid, where hundreds of liberals from across Europe are gathering for the ALDE Party Congress. This feature might be rather more erratically timed than usual until Sunday... Brexit legal advice must be published Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake has called on the Government to end their "murky games" and publish all legal advice on Brexit plans for the Irish border. Mr Brake said: Refusing to publish legal advice on Brexit makes a mockery of the discredited mantra 'Take Back Control'. Choosing to withhold this information from the public raises serious questions ...

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There's another chess story in the Shropshire Star. This one is not about the death of a stalwart of the game in the county but about a teenager being expelled from a tournament there for receiving electronic assistance: The teenager was taking part in the inaugural Four Nations Chess League international congress in Telford and racked up an astonishing - and ultimately judged literally incredible - eight straight wins in the first eight rounds of the nine-round competition. The schoolboy from Surrey was in the lowest section, for players with an international Fide rating of 1825 or below. ... But ...

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Here's the new film from the Liberal Democrats, with party leader Vince Cable MP sending best wishes to everyone celebrating Diwali.

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Second paragraph of third chapter: Maeth and Ross were doing different courses, but would be on the same campus in Europe Central. Issette, Cathan and Keon would be together on a campus in Europe South. The other tour of us would be heading off alone. I'd always known I would be, of course, since Pre-history Foundation classes spent the year working at some of the major dig sites. This is a rather good YA novel, which I picked up as a freebie at Loncon and have only now got to. In the future, humanity has discovered how to travel betwen ...

Wed 7th

The Spirit of Córdoba

Having so often cited the Umayyad emirate (later caliphate) of Córdoba in my Humanities lectures at SOAS, as an historic example of religious tolerance and the promotion of an independent spirit of enquiry, it is perhaps surprising that I had never been to this Andalusian city myself until last night. Of course, I am 1200 [...]

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Pharma leaders call for urgent action to protect medicine supply A group including representatives of major pharmaceutical companies have written a joint letter to the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, to state that if urgent action is not taken the UK will not have a medicine supply that will suffice in a no deal Brexit. A letter has been sent to the Health Secretary from organisations including the ABPI, the Brexit Health Alliance, and the ABHI urging the Government to raise the warning level to 'red' in regards widespread shortages of medicines and device supply in no deal Brexit. In the ...

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Today I had my first check up back at Derby after my stem cell transplant. My blood test results were reasonable, if a little on the low side. (Haemoglobin 125 (normal is 120-180), Platelets 116 (150-450), Neutrophils 1.03 (2.0 – 7.0)). This means I'm still neutropenic, but at least I won't bleed to death 🙂 [...] The post Transplant +56: The check up appeared first on ten pence piece.

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A group including representatives of major pharmaceutical companies have written a joint letter to the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, to state that if urgent action is not taken the UK will not have a medicine supply that will suffice in a no deal Brexit. A letter has been sent to the Health Secretary from organisations including the ABPI, the Brexit Health Alliance, and the ABHI urging the Government to raising the warning level to 'red' in regards a widespread shortages of medicines and device supply in no deal Brexit. In the joint letter titled "Request for Urgent Roundtable on Medicine ...

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HS2 - Is it worth it

I have been ambivalent about HS2 and working in the rail industry was somewhat biased towards the idea of building a high-speed rail link. I am not always convinced with the arguments when people say we can spend funds better elsewhere as I find such arguments lack a follow through or a wider perspective (yet I propose to do precisely that in this article). However, the astronomical costs of HS2 are making me question if there is a viable business plan anymore. The drive for its build now seems to be political rather than economic. The Department for Transport (DfT) ...

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In Newman's footsteps

While our universities have moved on a bit since 1852, Newman's arguments still cast a shadow over the higher education sector. Continue reading →

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I have just started a six week tour of Australia. Right now I am in Perth pictured), our first stop. Australia is a country I know quite well. I have visited it in every decade since the 1980s. In the late 1990s and early 2000s my visits were frequent as I was working for an ... Continue reading Is Australia a neoliberal success story?

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Last week was the regular meeting of the Greater Manchester Corporate Issues and Reform Scrutiny Committee. Prestwich Councillor Tim Pickstone represents Bury on the Committee: This months meeting focussed on three issues: Kerslake Report Implementation Following the Manchester Arena attack, an Independent Review of the events and aftermath of the attack was conducted by five independent members and chaired by Lord Kerslake. This led to the publication of a report making 50 recommendations. The Committee is receiving updates on the implementation of this Report. Some of the recommendations need to be addressed nationally, and contact has been made with Government ...

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My tweets

Tue, 12:56: How the Spice Girls changed feminism Fair. Tue, 14:15: RT @TerribleMaps: Antarctica, the confusing continent. Tue, 16:24: RT @ZNConsulting: Which #EUinfluencer is the best #poet? @JusticeLeagueEU, @mvanhutten or @nwbrux? You tell us! 🤔 Come see them again at #... Tue, 17:13: I took this picture! Tue, 17:39: RT @EuroCelt: If I had a vote in #EPPHelsinki I would be voting for @alexstubb His campaign has shown he deserves it. If not now, then... Tue, 17:59: RT @alexstubb: Boomerang sideways. Tue, 18:18: RT @alexstubb: Lots of smiles when our @EPPGroup MEPs landed in Helsinki and ...

LAUNDERS EDWARD United Kingdom Signaller Royal Field Artillery "D" Bty. 162nd Bde. Age: 20 Date of Death: 07/11/1918 Service No: 262577 A.3. In four days time well be remember all those who fell in both World Wars as we mark the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918 when the Armistice was signed and First World War came to an end. It is possible that in one house in Yorkshire that celebration was the same as the rest of the nation, looking forward to the time that they would see their elder surviving son once again. But is it ...

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Sunday: Mr Chibbers is continuing his high concept drama of "let's prove we can do trad Doctor Who using Russell's model." Russell set the standard for his revived series with present, future, past and back to the present stories. And didn't much vary from that for four years. So after three weeks of cracking Dr Who episodes... the "look what effects we can do now" one, the "moving historical" one and the "Holy Freekin' Giant Spiders scary" one ...the model says we should be on to the "this year's Dalek one" one. Oh. We've skipped to "The Long Game" instead. ...

Tory Minister slammed for accusing police of exaggerating pressures A lot of Tories seem to have taken an approach that when their backs are against the wall say what you need to get away and deal with the consequence later. This is just another example. Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesperson Ed Davey has today slammed Policing Minister Nick Hurd for accusing police chiefs of routinely exaggerating the pressures they face. Speaking in Parliament today, Ed Davey warned "Police chiefs say the pension deficit, if it's filled, could cost up to 10,000 police officers." He asked the Minister "Does he agree ...

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I decided to have a good look at what Network Rail and their contractors are up to whilst the Liverpool – Ormskirk Northern Line of Merseyrail has been shut down for enabling works to take place so the stations are ready for the new class 777 Stadler EMU's in 2020. All the photos were taken on 5th November. The first couple of shots show the ongoing platform works at Maghull Station:- This next shot in effect shows why the works are being done at stations across the Merseyrail network:- If you look carefully (it may be best to click on ...

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Last month I wrote about UK Ministers banning charities and companies working with universal credit claimants from criticising or harming the reputation of the work and pensions secretary Esther McVey. Now the Times reports that the use of these gagging clauses by Ministers are even more prevalent than previously suspected. The paper says that cabinet ministers have banned 40 charities and more than 300 companies from publicly criticising them, their departments or the prime minister, as part of deals costing the taxpayer £25 billion. They add that: Chris Grayling banned 39 prisoner rehabilitation charities from causing him "adverse publicity" when ...

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I last wrote about artificial intelligence here in February 2014. Four and a half years ago it wasn't something that very many people were paying attention to. Artificial intelligence (AI) had been fashionable in computing circles back in the mid 1980s, but its popularity as a mainstream topic was long gone. Cognitive scientists and psychologists [...] The post Artificial intelligence is (mostly) not intelligent appeared first on ten pence piece.

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Results from the largest opinion poll since that slightly odd one in 2016 are in, and what a surprise: Brexit negotiations have not convinced people that the sunny uplands are just over the brow of this particular Everest. Instead, there is a definite shift in public views: an eight-point majority for Remain in Survation's 20,000-person poll (54-46). More interesting was the map showing the extent of the change; Leave-loving Wales is now Remain, while 'Labour Leave' constituencies in the north of England have also seen the light – or the lights going out. As is so often the case, there ...

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From Sheena Wellington : Wighton Heritage Centre, Central LibraryLunchtime Recital with Dolly O'Rourke and Friends today - Wednesday 7th November Dolly is a fine singer, well known in Dundee as she was head teacher at Ancrum Road Primary School until her retirement. She and her friends are stalwarts of several musical sessions across the area so with Dolly and Mike on vocals and guitar, Lorna and (the other Mike) on accordion, fiddle and Lesley's unaccompanied singing we are promised a lively and friendly mixture of melody and song. The Lunchtime Recital runs from 1.15pm -1.45pm and admission is free though ...

Well, I've stayed up, clicking refresh like a hyper-ventilated gerbil for the last six hours, so you didn't have to.... The Democrats have comfortably won control of the House. The Republicans have gained ground in the Senate. The Democrats have so far flipped four governor's mansions, including in Kansas, where Laura Kelly beat Kris Kobach. Is it is a Blue wave? Taegan Goddard of Political Wire says it is, quoting some convincing figures. The New York Times estimates the Democrat vote margin, based on nationwide House votes, as +7.6%. These last elections were considered "waves": 1994: R+7.1% 2006: D+8.0% 2010: ...

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