What prevents a cataclysm as the end of March approaches? May asserts only her government's proposed deal does this. Forget anything else, this is the reality, she tells Tory and opposition MPs; you had better vote for it. Never mind that a grasp for reality has not been May's strongest suit in this saga. In ... Continue reading Mrs May and the Deep Blue Sea

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Gove admits final say may go to the people Responding to comments from Michael Gove that a People's Vote is possible, Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake said: The Government has made a Horlicks out of Brexit and now one of its chief architects has admitted that the final say might go back to the people. Nobody voted for this bad deal. Michael Gove is right. If Parliament rejects the deal, the Liberal Democrats and many others across the House will demand a People's Vote with an option to remain in the EU.

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A striking photograph, particularly when you read the caption: 24th May 1965: Two boys watching constable Jim Green skin diving in the Grand Union Canal during a search for three missing children.A bit of googling reveals the story behind this image and that it had a happy ending. An article on Independent R's - a Queen's Park Rangers fan site - reveals who the children were: As a child at the time, I remember my parents and other adults talking about the children that had gone missing. A six-year-old boy, Michael Leigh, Juliana Adebona a seven-year-old and her three-year-old brother ...

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My first reaction to Vicargate - the appearance of a woman on Newsnight in a dog collar when she is not ordained in any recognised church - was that it was extremely funny. When I could see its serious side, I reflected that it was an unfortunate event that the BBC would wish to avoid in future. But I reckoned without Auntie's unwillingness ever to admit that she has made a mistake. Here is what Newsnight tweeted in response to those who questioned this incident: Claims that Lynn appeared on #newsnight as a paid actor are false. Lynn is a ...

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A shocking reworking of a beloved Queen song that turns it into a Nazi anthem? I see Laibach's version of One Vision as bringing out the totalitarian tendencies inherent in the song and in stadium rock in general. As Moe Bishop once said for Vice: If you don't have time to listen to their cover of the Beatles' entire Let It Be album, try their cover of Queen's "One Vision" (retitled "Geburt einer Nation," or "Birth of a Nation"). It's hilarious, but it's not satire or even parody. [Milan] Fras transforms the lyrics ("One flash of light / One God, ...

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To celebrate and get in the mood for the festive season I thought that we could have a writing competition. As many of you (on average at least 4,500 members visit the Lib Dem Voice site every day) write articles, read them or comment I propose a Christmas Article Competition. The proposed Competition Rules are: An Article should not be more than 550 words; The article in each of the specified areas will be jointly judged by representatives identified as experts in that area by Lib Dem Voice and Lib Dem editors; The starting date for the competition starts as ...

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I have been very fortunate in that twice last month I was able to attend major exhibitions about the work of Charles M. Schulz, one in London and one in California. The Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, Cailfornia, ia obviously Snoopy Central. The permanent exhibition consists only of a number of artworks inspired by the Peanuts characters, and recreation of Schulz's writing desk, and the wall of the nursery that he painted for his children. Three galleries have rotating displays of Peanuts or Schulz material. At the moment two of them look at different aspects of Snoopy (and ...

Atena Daemi faces years in prison in Iran for speaking out against the death penalty. Send her a message of hope to lift her spirits in prison.

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Here's Jo Swinson talking about the first meeting of the Lib Dem Tech Commission which she hosted on Friday: Here's what she said in her article for this site: Today I'm hosting the first meeting of the Liberal Democrats' Tech Commission: an impressive mix of tech experts, academics and thinkers exploring the key challenges and opportunities of technology for our country We are at the height of a technological revolution that is transforming the world around us at a head-spinning pace. Advances in robotics and artificial intelligence are opening up possibilities that until recently were the realm of science fiction. ...

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The 1st December was National Small Business Day. To help that day Lib Dems in Liverpool have tweeted about our favourite shops in our areas which are run by local people for local people. We are doing it using the hashtag ... Continue reading →

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Here's Vince's message for Hanukkah: Leader of the Liberal Democrats @vincecable shares his message on Hanukkah pic.twitter.com/4gbKDdRWFd — Liberal Democrats (@LibDems) 2 December 2018

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Three weeks on Tuesday, I'll be preparing my family's Christmas dinner, as I have done for the last three decades, by following the instructions in my battered and splattered copy of Delia Smith's Christmas. You know, I bought the updated version a few years back, but it's the old one I always reach for. In a dark cupboard, as I write, it's Delia's Christmas cake that's slowly maturing, helped along with the occasional injection of brandy, waiting for me to ice it on Christmas Eve. We've started every New Year for decades with her Filet de Boeuf en Croute. In ...

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Sat, 12:56: What's Stronger Than a Blue Wave? Gerrymandered Districts https://t.co/PUgh42SVA5 Shocking. Sat, 14:48: International trade: 10 facts about the UK's deal with the EU https://t.co/bo4qvABBgB Brief but objective and clear. Sat, 16:05: Bad sex award 2018: the contenders in quotes https://t.co/awaNoBis00 Wow. (All seem to be by men.) Sat, 19:03: All The King's Men: 1949 film and novel by Robert Penn Warren https://t.co/HCX8eIFP6R Sun, 04:15: Wow, that was close!!! https://t.co/dPNn48MPLE Sun, 06:34: RT @Dublin2019: We are very excited to announce that @AfuaRichardson will be joining Maeve Clancy and Jim Fitzpatrick as one of our feature... Sun, 10:45: RT @davidschneider: ...

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I was messaging a friend yesterday and mentioned that I now know them well enough to hear their messages in their voice. The reply that came back made it clear that the very concept of this confused said friend. I am certain that had we actually been in the same room they'd have looked at me like I was bonkers. And that response intrigued me enough that I put a poll up on twitter and lots of people joined in a conversation which included other people doing polls and links to research. There's not a lot of research on this, ...

A social media post by a friend of mine, citing Brexit-induced stress for lack of sleep made me realise this week that I feel the same way. Even if I don't reach for my phone to check the headlines if I wake up in the middle of the night, the impending disaster facing the country is never far from my mind. Then this morning an email arrives in our inbox telling us about Headspace's new meditation packs for stressed out British people with one targeted at the almost three quarters of us who cite Brexit as something that is worrying ...

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Lib Dem Councillors John Dodd, Daniel Lewis, Nigel Ashton and Yaso Sathiy, Focus Editor are holding their next advice centre on Saturday 8th December. from 11 am to 12 noon at St John's Primary School, Rufford Road, Crossens. We will be there to meet you and discuss any Council problems you may have. No appointment necessary. Just pop in. We also hold a monthly advice centre in Churchtown, at BoxTree Kitchen for Queenscourt café, Manor Road/Cambridge Road, roundabout, fourth Thursday of every month (except December) from 10:30 to: 11.30 am. We will be there to meet you and discuss any ...

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The news that the Lib Dem MP for Eastbourne, Stephen Lloyd, is going to vote for Theresa May's Brexit deal triggered speculation about what Norman Lamb, usually seen as the least enthusiastic pro-European amongst the party's MPs, will do. The New European has the answer: I have a responsibility to make the best judgment in the national interest. I do not think this deal resolves anything. Therefore I cannot back Theresa May's deal. She has attempted to find a place between two stark positions. But I have been lobbied by both Remainers and Leavers to vote against the deal. Since ...

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The video accessible via the link below is probably the most powerful I have seen in debunking the lies told in the lead up to the UK's EU Referendum. Go on have a look at it especially if you voted Leave and have begun to wonder if what you had been told by the lead Brexiteers may not have been true:- A People's Vote is the only way out of the chaos. With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting

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Has Britain ever had an Advent with less expectation of a happy arrival? On December 11, general expectation is that Theresa May's EU Withdrawal Bill will be defeated. Nobody can tell what will happen next. All that seems certain is that no political grouping will be completely satisfied. There can be no fulfilment of much-touted aims, only grudging compromise. Besides, for Christians, the joy this year surely should be qualified. To be shopping extravagantly now and feasting lavishly then, for those who can afford it, doesn't feel right when there are 420 Trussell Trust food banks supplying more than a ...

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The Friends of the University of Dundee Botanic Garden have a 2019 calendar now available. You can purchase this (£10) from the garden's reception or by clicking here :



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