No denying Brexit made Honda factory vulnerable Responding to Honda's announcement that its plant in Swindon is set to close with a loss of 3,500 jobs, Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake said: No matter how hard the Conservatives try to spin this news, there's no denying that Brexit made Honda's factory in Swindon more vulnerable to closure. This decision is a body-blow for the thousands of workers who now face redundancy, not to mention the huge risk posed to the rest of the car industry, for which there is no Brexit 'dividend'. People deserve better than this. They deserve ...

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Crews remain on the scene of a fire in Regent Street, #Kettering. Road closures remain in place and residents are advised to keep doors and windows closed against smoke. Please avoid the area while the fire is tackled. Read more here:— NorthantsFire (@northantsfire) May 13, 2019 Press reports describe it as the Kettering Bedding Centre, but Historic England know this building as the Regent Works, Regent Street. It was built for the boot and shoe firm Hales & Jowett in 1890. It is Grade II Listed and that listing says: This finely-detailed factory is little altered and the ...

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The North East Lib Dems have produced a brilliant campaign video – a brilliant contrast between Labour chaos (starring Barry "Bail the Tories out" Gardiner) and what the Lib Dems offer for the north east – the NHS, the countryside, the environment. Don't put our future at risk, they say. Vote Lib Dem to stop Brexit says Fiona Hall. Fiona was a superb MEP until 2009. Let's hope we can get her back.

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Second paragraph of third chapter (on the migration crisis): The demand for action had a different character from that which accompanied previous crises. The Ukraine crisis of 2014-15 was a matter of war and peace; the Union itself had hardly any resources or powers to bring the conflict under control, so active intervention by the member states jointly was an obvious necessity. Moreover, application of the magnetic forces provided by the Brussels diplomatic toolkit, the showpiece being the association agreement with Kiev, had worked out badly. No one at that point, therefore, disputed the primacy of events-politics. In the fields ...

Ensuring that consumers are protected is at the heart of the Single Market, and ALDE have played a central role in building upon it during the last Parliament. Roaming Charges consigned to the history books ALDE played a key role in ending wholesale roaming charges in the European Union. Legislation adopted in 2015 provided for the abolition of retail roaming charges on voice calls, data and SMS as of 15 June 2017, a victory for mobility and consumer rights. Safer food for EU consumers ALDE has supported efforts to harmonise the EU's legal framework for official hygiene controls. We also ...

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In a move designed to put pressure on the Labour Group ahead of their Annual Meeting on Monday night the City Council's Lib Dem Group are to submit a request to the incoming Lord Mayor, Cllr Peter Brennan for an ... Continue reading →

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How Not to Go to War

With tensions rising in various parts of the world and forceful leaders in power in China, Russia and the US, we are right to be concerned about things boiling over into global conflict (and on more local levels, not least in the Middle East, such conflicts are ongoing). Moreover, with global warming and desertification taking [...]

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[IMG: Trainers] Until this time last year, I hadn't run since school (and those who knew me at school will know that I ran as little as possible there too). Then last April, I started to diet. In June, I started the "Couch to 5km" to help with that diet. I completed that in August, and have kept up running, a couple of times a week, exceedingly slowly, since. And yes, the diet worked: between the exercise, eating less and drinking less, I've lost about 4.5 stone, and on a really good day, by BMI is no longer overweight... Now, ...

Environmental protection is one of those fields where international collaboration is key, and so it shouldn't come as a surprise to see so much being done at a European level... Tackling single use plastics ALDE successfully steered legislation through the European Parliament to limit the negative effects of single-use plastics, in particular marine litter. Single-use plastic products for which alternatives are readily available, such as cutlery, cotton bud sticks, plates, straws and beverage stirrers, will be banned from the EU market from 2021 so that they can be replaced by more sustainable alternatives. The consumption of several other items, for ...

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Sun, 13:29: RT @StevePeers: 1/ Surprise! When Farage does answer questions, nearly every word is a falsehood. Let's break this clip down. Sun, 13:33: RT @StephenFarryMLA: Terrible, sad news about Conor McDowell. Over the years while visiting Washington, many people from NI would have met... Sun, 20:06: Doctor Who: the Episode Guide, by Mark Campbell


You would expect liberals to take a key role in fighting climate change and protecting our environment, and here are some of the highlights in that field... Climate action to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement ALDE was a driving force in strengthening the system for national greenhouse gas emission reductions to meet the EU's target under the Paris Agreement. ALDE steered the legislation that determines the binding national 2030 climate targets through Parliament and introduced changes to make sure that the Member States' annual emissions ceilings are set in a way that does not overshoot the EU's 'carbon ...

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YouGov released some polling this morning which painted a political landscape in the midst of massive change. One poll was measuring Westminster voting intention, with both the Tories and Labour on 24%, The Brexit party on 18% and the Lib Dems on 16%, with the Greens on 7% (the rise of Farage's new group seems to have destroyed UKIP totally). The focus in the political media, to some extent understandably, has been on the Tories declining numbers against the sudden rise of the Brexit Party. What isn't being talked about enough is how badly Labour are also doing. In addition, ...

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North East Lib Dems have produced an excellent campaign video about the European election campaign and why people should vote Lib Dem on 23rd May. You can view it on this link.

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Given how little coverage there has been in the British media of the work of the European Parliament, it comes as no surprise that few voters know what it does. Luckily, the ALDE Group in the Parliament have produced a guide to their achievements since the last European election in 2014, and I'm going to take the opportunity to highlight some of them today. More stable financial markets Scandals around the manipulation of the LIBOR and foreign exchange benchmarks, as well as the alleged manipulation of other indices, has highlighted the importance of benchmarks and their vulnerabilities. ALDE led negotiations ...

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The story was scooped by the Aintree and Maghull Champion newspaper on 8th May and what a seemingly bizarre story it is too. You see I was a member of Maghull Town Council for 30 years (until) 2015 and chaired it's former Amenities Committee for many of those years and I can't recall anyone asking for the hedges at Fieldway/Bridge Road to be taken away. I've also spoken with another former chair of that committee, former Maghull Town Councillor Andrew Blackburn, and his recollection is like mine. The hawthorn hedges have been there literally for generations so how on earth ...

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It really is enough to make Remainers scream. Not only could the 'Remain parties' not manage any kind of joint front for the European elections, they have now managed to make a hash of the Peterborough by-election, thanks also to the non-co-operation of the People's Vote campaign who, reportedly, finally killed off the chances of [...] The post It's enough to make Remainers scream appeared first on Radix.

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Hello! I'm Mark Pack, author of 101 Ways To Win An Election, and the maintainer of the largest database of national voting intention polls in the UK, stretching back to 1943. Welcome to a round-up of the latest voting intention figures from each of the polling firms who are currently active in Britain. The Lib Dem surge continues with the latest YouGov poll (the newest poll out although not quite the newest in terms of fieldwork). It puts Vince Cable's party on their highest rating with any pollster since January 2012 on Westminster voting intentions and, for Europe, puts the ...

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DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL - WEEKLY ROAD REPORT REPORT FOR WEST END WARD - WEEK COMMENCING MONDAY 13 MAY 2019 West Marketgait (North of Nethergate) - off-peak lane closures for 3 weeks for pedestrian crossing upgrade works. Perth Road (at Roseangle) - off-peak temporary traffic lights on Tuesday 14 May for BT work. Riverside Drive (at Riverside Avenue) - off-peak (9.30am - 3.30pm) stop/go traffic control from Tuesday 14 May for 3 days for fencing/landscaping works.

The new episode of "A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs" is up! Learn about "I Got A Woman" by Ray Charles, why Sammy Cahn would not have liked The Voice, and how what we now think of ... Continue reading →

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The Brexit Party may be fighting the European elections without a manifesto but that didn't stop Nigel Farage setting out some of the policies he supports on the BBC yesterday. As the Guardian points out, Farage has complete policy control over his party, which has paid "supporters" rather than members, describing it in a newspaper interview on Sunday as "a company, not a political party". His agenda is also that of the Brexit Party. and it may shock many. Far from pouring an extra £350m a week into the NHS, Farage has said private health companies should "relieve the burden" ...

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