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A cat in Clarendon Park

I shall tweet a favourable notice to The Cat Reviewer presently.

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Prime Minister's Deal is dead – Tom Brake Further Gender Identity Clinic delays unacceptable Davey: Govt is failing in its duty to protect the public Welsh Liberal Democrats only chance for 2nd remain seat Prime Minister's Deal is dead – Tom Brake Responding to comments made by Matthew Hancock, the Health Secretary, on the Today Programme, that the Government will bring forward its bill on exiting the EU, Tom Brake, Lib Dem Brexit Spokesperson said: The Prime Minister's deal is dead. They can bring forward votes on that deal and a speculative bill every week, for the rest of the ...

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Simon Callow by Mark, Flick CCL One of Britain's finest actors has backed the Lib Dems in the European election. Simon Callow, whose performances include Gareth in Four Weddings and a Funeral, for which he was nominated for a BAFTA, Sir Edward Tilney in Shakespeare in Love and a role which will appeal to many Lib Dems – Charles Dickens in two episodes of Doctor Who – said: The Liberal Democrats are the only party which has consistently and unequivocally supported remaining in the EU, and opposed leaving it. They are the only party to have offered leadership and clarity ...

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As part of the European election campaign, Vince Cable visited Gibraltar a few days ago, accompanied by our lead candidate in the South West and Gibraltar, Caroline Voaden, former MEP Sir Graham Watson, and Luke Stagnetto, the Gibraltar-based list candidate. Here's how the Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation covered it...

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Responding to Sajid Javid's speech on terrorism, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesperson Ed Davey said: "The first duty of government is to protect its citizens, but Sajid Javid has essentially confessed that his own Government is failing in that duty. "In the same speech where he said how important Europol, the European Arrest Warrant and the Schengen Information System are for keeping us safe, he also admitted that there is no agreement on keeping those crucial crime-fighting tools after Brexit. "By pursuing Brexit and throwing away these tools, the Government is playing into the hands of terrorists, murderers and drug ...

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[IMG: Hey older woman, just don't stop please] The singer Madonna has an immense ability to stir up controversy and has always done so ever since she first came into the public domain decades ago. Off hand, I can think about how her... The post Hey older woman, just don't stop please appeared first on @ambitiousmamas.

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The weekend brought news of three former MPs – two Conservative, one Labour – who are voting Liberal Democrat in the European Parliament elections. Now there's news of more converts, starting with Hull (home to the best Labour leaflet ever): Former Labour city council leader Colin Inglis will vote Liberal Democrat in this week's European elections. A committed Remainer, Mr Inglis recently quit Labour in protest at the party leadership's stance over Brexit. Now he's openly backing the Lib Dems ahead of Thursday's vote – and even delivering their election leaflets. [Hull Daily Mail] Along with: After nearly 30 years ...

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In " The English Constitution" Walter Bagehot observed, in defence of the Monarchy, that the public were much more interested in "a marriage than a ministry." Given our present preoccupation with the families of Princes William and Harry, that remains true, even after over 150 years. Equally true is that both our media, politicians and the voting public much prefer to speculate on personalities rather than discuss policies. Hence the premature eruption of the battle for the Tory leadership has come as a welcome, though pointless distraction. The media need no longer cover the boring complexities of bespoke trade deals ...

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Second paragraph of third chapter: 'Oh I think it just might be.' The Doctor paused for a moment. She hopped from foot to foot. Ryan knew this dance too. It was the do we run away from this or towards it dance. And he knew exactly which she'd choose. 'Come on, let's take a little look. There's only two things I don't believe in, and one's coincidence.' Apparently the first published of the three recent Thirteenth Doctor books, by Juno Dawson (possibly the first out trans writer to contribute to the official Whoniverse; she also did a couple of Torchwood ...

Last week was the 'Annual' meeting of Bury Council. This is an important meeting, held each year following the local elections, to both elect the Leadership and committees for the Council for the following year, and to appoint the Mayor of the Borough. Mayor The new Mayor of Bury is Councillor Trevor Holt. Trevor is a Labour councillor representing East Ward in Bury and he is the Council's longest serving Councillor (36 years). It's second time around for Cllr Holt, who was previously mayor in 1996/97. His wife Evelyn will serve as Mayoress. The mayor has chosen two organisations to ...

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Five retailers in Bury were caught breaking the law during a trading standards and licensing operation over the Easter school holidays. Two under-age volunteers visited a total of 50 shops, pubs and gambling premises across the borough to see if they could buy a variety of age restricted products – including knives, alcohol, cigarettes, e-cigarette liquids and DVDs - and play fruit machines. It is illegal to sell most of these age restricted products including knives to anyone under the age of 18. While 30 of the premises visited correctly refused sales, the children were able to buy seven knives ...

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Mon 20th

Seedling and Plant Swap

Village Greens (Prestwich Longfield Centre) are hosting a seedling and plant swap on Sunday 2 June 2019 11am-2pm. They say" "Germinated too many seedlings? Bring them here and share them! Fancy trying something new? Come and see if you can pick up a new plant to grow! You don't need to bring a plant to join in, just come and see whats on offer! All plants joining in should be swapped for other plants or given away for free. Totally child and family friendly."

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The statue in memory of the Prestwich-born comedian Victoria Wood has been unveiled in Bury. The statue is in the Library Gardens in Silver Street Bury. Close friend, actor Ted Robbins, and Victoria's brother Chris. (Photo PA.)

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Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn both have lower approval ratings than ever before. Both of them are less popular than their respective Party which means that both are a drag on their Party rather than an asset to them. Just ... Continue reading →

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That's one of the questions being posed in an event I'm taking part in on 17 June in London. It's organised by the excellent Constitution Unit and the rest of the panel is a great line-up of people who really know their stuff. Tickets are free. Sign up here. Here's the full blurb: Theresa May has announced that she will soon stand down as leader of the Conservatives, and Sir Vince Cable is stepping down as leader of the Lib Dems in May. Election of the new leader rests with the party members, but with declining membership all parties face ...

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Heidi Allen was interviewed on the Today programme this morning. She faced a tough set of questions, mainly because of how bad things have got for Change UK in such a short period of time. Asked about her defecting to the Lib Dems, she said she wouldn't be. But her plan for what to do instead sounded bleak: "Will I stand again in South Cambridgeshire, my constituency, as Change UK? Whatever format, let's hope we know, depends when the new general election comes, later rather than sooner. If we've managed to bring together other MPs from the House of Commons, ...

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Sun, 14:48: Brexit as a surrealist movie - a comparison with Luis Bunuel's film "Exterminating Angel" Harsh, but largely fair. Sun, 16:05: Sun, 17:32: Around The World in 80 Days (1956) #oscars #films Sun, 20:48: What everyone has missed about a no-deal Brexit "It is not an end-state but the start of a... Mon, 07:46: RT @gideonrachman: If you lived behind the Iron Curtain you would know that, when the Wall came down, all of the countries there immediatel... Mon, 10:28: RT @Mij_Europe: #EP2019 & #Brexit thread. Euro elections this week. EU officials reeling, as ...

Mersey Railway sign at James Street Station Here's an interesting video from You Tube about Liverpool's James Street Station:-

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There is an interesting article in today's Guardian reporting that the Electoral Commission is under mounting pressure to launch an investigation into the funding of Nigel Farage's Brexit party because of concerns that its donation structure could allow foreign interference in British democracy. The paper says Gordon Brown has written to the Electoral Commission calling on it to urgently examine whether the party has sufficient safeguards on its website to prevent the contribution of "dirty money". They add that the former Labour prime minister will use a speech in Glasgow on Monday to say an investigation into the Brexit party's ...

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Apparently, we Liberal Democrats hate democracy. Or so I've been told by those who support an exit from the EU. Apparently, we don't respect the result of the 2016 referendum. I hear it's now undemocratic to hold any other view. It's undemocratic to spend nearly three years campaigning for and building a massive consensus for that view, to the point that going into any People's Vote referendum campaign, there would be every reason for us to be optimistic. It's undemocratic, I'm told, for us to rebuild the Liberal Democrat Party as a people's movement against Brexit and for an open ...

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What is the radical centre? Isn't it just a re-hash of the Third Way, of Blair, Major and Cameron? With hindsight, New Labour was far preferable to the current manifestations of the Labour Party; and – for all their flaws – Major and the coalition were the least bad governments we have had in my [...] The post Towards a radical pragmatism appeared first on Radix.

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DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL - WEEKLY ROAD REPORT REPORT FOR WEST END WARD - WEEK COMMENCING MONDAY 20 MAY 2019 West Marketgait (North of Nethergate) - off-peak lane closures for 2 weeks for pedestrian crossing upgrade works. Greenmarket - temporary traffic lights for 2 weeks for SSEN works. Forthcoming Roadworks Blackness Road (Glamis Road to Blackness Avenue) - closed from Wednesday 5 June for 5 working days for carriageway patching works.

The new episode of A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs is now live! This one is on "Mystery Train" by Elvis Presley, and also involves geeks, unsolved murders, and contract negotiations.

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