I have been on holiday this week, but a poor internet connection at home has made it hard to upload and download photographs. Hence the number of dull political posts recently. Yesterday I was in Beeston and one of things I went to is this memorial to the comic actor Richard Beckinsale who, already famous, died in 1979 at the age of only 31. The Nottingham Post explains: Three icons of Beeston have been given a stunning lasting tribute in its town centre as part of the Beeston Street Art Festival. The late actor Richard Beckinsale, the late singer/songwriter Edwin ...

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With characteristic benevolence, Caron Lindsay on Liberal Democrat Voice looks forward to a "friendly" Lib Dem leadership contest. Being of a meaner disposition, I though about a post I wrote last year: It looks to me as though we Lib Dems are too scared of rocking the boat to have really informative leadership elections. Some like to talk of the "Lib Dem family," but in my experience happy families are those that can have lively discussions, even rows, and make their peace afterwards. We Lib Dems, by contrast, resemble an unhappy family where everyone is sat around the dining table ...

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Here is how we get from here until the announcement of our new leader on 23rd July. The most important date in that is 7th June. If you aren't a member then, you won't get a vote. So join here if you like what we are doing. And share that link around, too. It's a special one for us. 12th May Nomination forms available 22nd May Opening of nominations 7th June Closing date for delivery of completed nomination papers Closing date for membership registrations 8th June (4pm) Deadline for withdrawal of candidature Release of membership lists 12th June (4pm) Deadline ...

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Second paragraph of third chapter: A wet salty wind. And tomorrow Marion comes back. And the two of us sit here wagging our American legs. Marion, stay away a little longer, please. Don't want the pincers on me just yet. Greasy dishes or baby's dirty bottom, I just want to watch them sailing. We need a nurse for baby to wheel her around some public park where I can't hear the squeals. Or maybe the two of you will get killed in a train wreck and your father foot the bill for burial. Well-bred people never fight over the price ...

When I joined the Liberal Party in 1967, I did not do it because I wanted a career in politics or a safe seat. Just as well really as I would have been doomed to eternal disappointment. I joined because ... Continue reading →

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Still not dead. Still in excruciating costochondritis pain. Still looking down the barrel of homelessness. Still gutted that what I thought was a serious relationship with a good person turned out to be me being used as a receptacle for someone's clichéd midlife crisis. So no change really. We've got a couple of houses to look around next week, neither of which is even approaching ideal, but needs must when the deadline drives. Thanks to those of you who have helped out in various ways with all of those issues - you know who you are - and I'll keep ...

There was a bit of drama in Kingston upon Thames on Thursday morning. Construction workers uncovered a 250Kg unexploded WW2 bomb near the town centre. Massive thank you to @11_EOD_Regiment, @carverbarracks @LondonFire, @LAS_TacAdvisor, @Ldn_Ambulance, @RBKingston and all the residents for your assistance and patience in dealing with this. We will endeavor to keep you informed with all further updates. pic.twitter.com/HUd1l04EVi — Kingston Police (@MPSKingston) May 24, 2019 Local businesses kindly supplied free food and other provisions to the residents who had been displaced to the emergency centre set up in a nearby church. Councillors took time out from campaigning on ...

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Goodbye Mrs May

As predicted in the previous post, (it didn't require psychic powers) the media have now abandoned serious analysis of the problems facing our society and the world and are wallowing in analyses of Mrs May's political career and, even more prurient, having fun with the posturing of the contenders for the poisoned chalice. (The Guardian today devotes pages 2-11 - all of which I've skipped - to Mrs May and only a quarter of one page, and that mostly a picture, to the world-wide school-children's walk-out in protest about the climate crisis). Most of what I've read and heard so ...

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Last night, people were joining the Liberal Democrats at the rate of one every five seconds as our Head of Membership, Greg Foster, said on Twitter. Since @vincecable fired the starting pistol on the Leadership Election 2 hours ago, more than 1,000 people have joined @LibDems It's about one member every five seconds! Join them here and get your vote: https://t.co/sDiJ5rZjNM #libdemfightback #LibDemSurge — Greg Foster [IMG: 🔶] (@LibFozzy) May 24, 2019 If you join by 7th June, you'll get a vote in the leadership election, set to be between Jo Swinson and Ed Davey. So if you like the ...

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Fri, 12:15: RT @leonardocarella: Few data points available. But 2014-2019 turnout change seems to be higher in Remain areas. #EUelections2019 https://t... Fri, 12:19: RT @JenniferMerode: In case anyone seriously thinks the EU is about to change everything for a PM Boris Johnson... EU official: "We would... Fri, 12:29: Epic, must-read thread. https://t.co/j3wxFSl2LG Fri, 12:56: RT @binarybits: I was pretty bullish about bitcoin and blockchains from 2012 to 2014. I've gotten steadily more skeptical since then. At th... Fri, 16:05: RT @simongerman600: #Map shows how closely related a #language is to English. The graph estimates the number of weeks that might ...

Two different cuts of the early turnout data, both leading to the same conclusion: turnout in the European Parliament elections is up by more the greater the Remain vote was in the area. Change in turnout from last euros – against Remain % from 2016 40 councils so far in pic.twitter.com/AoyQ0Xfkqk — Patrick Heneghan (@PJHeneghan) May 24, 2019

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After Vince formally kicked off the leadership contest yesterday, announcing that we'd have a new leader by July 23rd. The likely candidates are Jo Swinson and Ed Davey, although neither has, at the time of writing, announced. They will have to get on with it as the first hustings take place on Friday 31st May in London. In total the candidates will be attending at least ten meetings organised by the party. You can see a full list here. I'm looking forward to an interesting and friendly leadership campaign which will be about how to consolidate our excellent results in ...

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The Liverpool Echo and BBC both have articles on their websites – see link below:- www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-48399926 A quite remarkable listing of this huge container ship. I've not photographed this particular MSC vessel previously on the Mersey but here's a sister ship of the same line:- Click on the photo to enlarge it

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"A real friend," declared the American gossip columnist Walter Winchell, "is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out." That statement perfectly encapsulates Robert Baldwin Ross, erstwhile lover and devoted friend and literary executor to Oscar Wilde as well as mentor to several younger writers, including the First World War poet, [...]

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From Blether Tay-Gither : Our May meeting will be on Tuesday 28th May at 7pm at the Bach, 31 Meadowside. THE THEME IS "STARS". Join us for a relaxed evening of stories and tales as we celebrate the coming of summer. bring a story or just come to listen. Tea, Coffee and snacks available. Free but a small donation welcome.

Responding to the Prime Minister's resignation yesterday, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable said:"The Prime Minister is right to recognise that her administration has reached the end of the road. "Sadly her compromises through the last three years have too often been with the right-wing of her own party, rather than about bringing the country together. "Conservative Party interest has always trumped national interest, and yet Conservative MPs continue to demand an ever more extreme Brexit policy. "The best and only option remains to take Brexit back to the people. I believe the public would now choose to ...

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Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats Jo Swinson has written to the Electoral Commission demanding an investigation after countless EU citizens were unable to vote in the Euro elections this week. In a letter to Sir John Holmes, Chair of the Electoral Commission, the Liberal Democrat MP said: "it is an outrage that so many people were denied the right to vote in yesterday's European elections." She added: "Not only were European citizens turned away at polling stations, but many UK citizens abroad were also disenfranchised due to breakdowns in the postal ballot system." The Liberal Democrats have also confirmed ...

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