That's set to be the key debate at the Liberal Democrat federal party conference starting this weekend in Bournemouth: New: In next election, vote for an @LibDems majority Gov and we will #RevokeArticle50. To be debated the Sunday of @LibDems #ldconf Looking forward to supporting this and hopefully campaigning for it to #MakeItStop — Layla Moran [IMG: 🔶] (@LaylaMoran) September 9, 2019

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Tuesday reading

Current De Bourgondiërs, by Bart Van Loo Anthropological Studies of Religion: An Introductory Text, by Brian Morris How To Be Both, by Ali Smith Last books finished Resurrection of the Daleks, by Eric Saward Resurrection of the Daleks, by Paul Scoones The Devil in Amber, by Mark Gatiss Make Out With Murder, by Lawrence Block The Topless Tulip Caper, by Lawrence Block Doctor Who: 365 Days of Memorable Moments and Impossible Things, by Justin Richards Next books The Writing Life, by Annie Dillard A Local Habitation, by Seanan McGuire

In the shady churchyard is a striking modern monument in the form of a miniature church with spire, porch, windows, and battlements, set up in memory of a boy of eight, a little shrine not unlike a toy building he himself might have tried to fashion with a big box of bricks. We have come upon no other like it in any of our country churchyards.That quotation comes from the Leicestershire volume of Arthur Mee's The King's England. I told the full story of the little church at Newton Harcourt when I visited the village in 2012. Unfortunately, that June ...

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No doubt the Corbynistas will claim this is evidence of a conspiracy by the media to stop the People's Revolution in its tracks but back in the real world, a poll by Opinium of voters who backed Labour in 2017 puts Jo Swinson ahead of Jeremy Corbyn. Given Jo has been the Leader of the Lib Dems for less than two months, being ahead of Corbyn among his own voters is just plain delicious. Some in

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Events are moving quickly at the moment. The last time I heard from Lord Bonkers he was holed up with the King of the Badgers ready to give his life if Boris Johnson's tanks came rolling on to his land. Picture conditions there as something between Rogue Male and The Wind in the Willows. His diary in the new issue of Liberator, by contrast, beings on the eve of the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election. Thursday It's good to have the smell of cordite and unwashed activist in my nostrils again: I have placed myself in command of a committee room ...

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Today the House of Commons transport select committee has called for a nationwide ban on vehicles parking on pavements, except on designated streets. Currently the ban only applies in London. MPs have been examining the issue over the summer. They conclude in today's report that the government's inaction on introducing a ban "has left communities blighted by unsightly and obstructive pavement parking and individuals afraid or unable to leave their homes or safely navigate the streets." I agree with the committee. It is time to reclaim our pavements from thoughtless car and van drivers. I would welcome the extension of ...

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My readers are the best. They put up with my videos of long-vanished branch lines when what they really want is news and opinion about the Liberal Democrats. They put up with me banging on about politics when all they really want are photos of ghost signs and tin tabernacles. But through it all they stick with me. And send me my best stories. Just now one sent me news that the Duke of Wellington resigned the Conservative whip in the Lords last week. The proof is in the tweet below. It looks as though the Churchills and the Wellesleys ...

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I've had this thought for a while, and wanted to get it down in case it proves to be an enduring one. We have seen recently – by which I mean, since I have been paying attention – a number of sharp examples of the conventional wisdom being overthrown. By this, I mean suggestions or [...]

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Like most of us, I have spent an inordinate amount of time wandering around the streets of England and Wales. But last week in Sheffield was the first time I have seen one of these. It is really remarkable. It was at the junction of High Cliffe Road, Sheffield. The Historic England website describes it as: Electric transformer. c1900. Cast-iron. Made by the British Electric Transformer Co., of Hayes, Middlesex. Circular column approx 1m in diameter and 2.5m high, with vertical ribs and horizontal bands. Panelled frieze, and cornice with egg-and-dart ornament. Shallow conical top with ball finial. 2 pairs ...

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A few years ago, when I was in Arkansas, USA, I commented to one of the Mayors that I was with that every house seemed to have two flags, the Stars and Stripes and the Arkansas State flag. "Yes, we ... Continue reading →

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While I was in Sheffield last week, I was browsing BBC Sounds. I came across a 2015 documentary by Robert Orchard called "A Very Welsh Coup". I had not previously come across this programme or, indeed, the theory that the downfall of Margaret Thatcher was brought about by the Welsh. It is worth a listen. I was slightly gobsmacked that most of the main players in the downfall of Mrs T were from the Celtic Principality: Geoffrey Howe from Port Talbot Michael Heseltine from Swansea Plus those with supporting roles: Neil Kinnock, Opposition leader, from Tredegar Tristan Garrel-Jones, Chief Whip, ...

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My tweets

Sun, 12:56: Former @telegraph EU correspondent recounts his experiences trying to get fair coverage of Brussels in the paper. E... Sun, 14:47: Somehow this is very Belgian. Sun, 14:48: RT @LRB: 'A slim, balding, casually dressed, youngish man came into my Cambridge office and flopped into an armchair. "Well'" he said, "we'... Sun, 15:31: The 2019 Hugos, part one Sun, 15:58: I'm old enough to remember when the Austrian commissioner was responsible for Fisheries... Sun, 18:54: RT @TheRedRoar: WATCH: Dominic Raab admits that the government has not written to the EU with solutions to the Irish ...

Do you remember "crush the saboteurs"? Recall when Theresa May's Tories had a double digit lead over Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party? How in the May 2017 local elections, the Conservative party gained 563 seats and Labour lost almost 400? How all of this led to political pundits – including yours truly – to predict a massive Tory landslide? Of all the things that are weird about the current political climate, I'd pick the strangest as being the fact that the Conservative party is looking to have a repeat of the 2017 general election, one in which they lost the majority ...

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New Issue of Liberator Out Issue 397 of Liberator will soon be on its way to subscribers and the free sample articles for this issue are former Tory MP – now a Lib Dem – Harold Elletson on why Boris Johnson has no 'bottom', and Roger Hayes on how the Lib Dems can start to rebuild a broken Britain. See: Liberator will be on sale at our stall in Bournemouth along with the new songbook – come and see us. Also in this issue: ANOTHER ALLIANCE? – Should there be a Remain Alliance involving Liberal Democrats at any imminent ...

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The world on fire

If spontaneous combustion is a thing then the unwritten constitution of the UK and our democratic process are very close to that point. And that has nothing to do with MPs ignoring the result of the referendum, we are well past that argument. It is that the alliances and coalitions within the two main parties, which sustain our unrepresentative and disproportionate electoral system, are coming apart at the seams. With a proportional voting system that would not matter. There would be room for the various factions and ideological bedfellows to breath and flourish by standing in their own right, on ...

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Luciana Berger MP's decision to join the Liberal Democrats has the potential to change everything. And I am not just talking about the fortunes of one political party. For years, the Lib Dems struggled to handle the abject and increasingly bizarre comments of Jenny Tonge and David Ward, the erstwhile MP for Bradford East. Support for the Palestinian cause lapsed all too quickly into antisemitism. And yet, even at the height of these troubles, few seriously argued that these fringe figures represented the party as a whole. Contrast that with the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn: the fish rots from ...

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DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL - WEEKLY ROAD REPORT REPORT FOR WEST END WARD - WEEK COMMENCING MONDAY 9 SEPTEMBER 2019 Oxford Street (Elliot Road to Eton Street) - closed on Thursday 12 September for BT pole replacement works.

Mon 9th

Johnson in a Ditch

Given Johnson's indolent and ham-fisted ineptitude as Foreign Secretary, his incompetence and folly as Prime Minister should not be the surprise that it is. Johnson has done nothing other than play to the gallery during the recess. His bluster rings hollow to many in the UK, and no one on the continent is impressed. He ... Continue reading Johnson in a Ditch

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