Second frame of third chapter: Momo: Hey, can I talk to you? [literally: are you listening to me?] Ismaël: Yes. I'm always trying to broaden my reading of bande dessinées, and this won the Prix René Goscinny 2020 so I thought I would give it a go. The setting is a really interesting alternate history (uchronie as the French put it), in which France won the Algerian war by developing giant nuclear powered robots to stomp out the resistance; but in the end, Algeria gained independence after all after the 1976 Batna disaster (which everyone mutters about but has not ...

"Damn you, don't mock and sneer at me. I'm not a doddering old fool who brags about the things he did when he was young, and what he would do now if he weren't so old. Claudio, I'm telling you right to your face that you have wronged me and my innocent child. I am ... The post Are you embracing your Greys? appeared first on A Midlifer in London.

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A game of sofas: gripping gain without profit; comic, tragic, flaws.

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In an earlier post, Lest We Forget" I have isolated four issues for which Prime Minister Johnson must be held responsible, and one pre-Johnson issue for which the Tory party is responsible, all of which should not be forgotten as the Tories bask in the successful roll-out of the vaccine by the NHS, for which they claim the credit, and which is leading to a welcome reduction in the restrains of lockdown. The following items are nearly all taken from an article by Jonathan Freedland in last Saturday's Guardian and form a very comprehensive list of Mr Johnson's errors, omissions ...

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Hitting letterboxes in Newport has been an apparent election leaflet from the Welsh Nude and Proud Party. It sports policies such as tackling crime by encouraging nudity, claiming that naked people are 90 times less likely to be mugged. But the supposed Welsh Nude and Proud Party doesn't seem to exit. It's not actually standing in the Welsh elections, and there is no party with this name registered with the Electoral Commission. As the South Wales Argus adds: There is no indication of it being a real party either with the printed website and email address both being unreachable. Why ...

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Sun, 12:22: After Arlene Sun, 14:48: RT @Mij_Europe: Big manoeuvres in French politics before regional elections in June, according to the article below, with a potential spin-... Sun, 15:29: After Arlene Sun, 18:31: The Fourth Doctor adventures, fourth series Sun, 20:48: How stalled concessions on hunger strike prolonged Troubles for years Inside information from the early 1980s. Mon, 09:30: Whoniversaries 3 May Mon, 10:45: RT @christinebelled: Good blog. Mon, 10:49: RT @five_books: "As the Philip K Dick once put it: 'The sci fi writer sees not just possibilities but wild possibilities'" —@nwbrux. From s... ...

Well, people vote... and campaigners also campaign. If you're not used to political campaigning, what happens on polling day (and indeed the very fact that it's a super-busy day rather than the quiet day it usually is in the political news coverage) can be a bit of a mystery.

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The Independent reports on a warning by the United Nations children's agency that the UK's massive overseas aid cuts, will lead to the world's poorest youngsters suffering the consequences. They say that funding to Unicef will be slashed from £40m to just £16m. This is just the latest in a series of dramatic spending reductions on key projects that have sparked criticism around the world. "We were hoping that these cuts would not fall on the shoulders of the world's children," said Joanna Rea, director of advocacy for Unicef in the UK. "There is never a good time to cut ...

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Responding to reports from Iran on Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs Layla Moran MP said: "Reports from Iran, that the UK Government must verify, spell out what we already suspected - that the cruel and heartless regime has been using Nazanin as a bargaining chip over unpaid debts. Just this morning Dominic Raab suggested the situation was more complicated than this. It isn't. "The UK has already accepted it owes the debt to the Iranian government, so if they haven't already done so I urge them to pay and set our citizens free. And if they have ...

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The admission by the Conservatives that their manifesto pledge to build two new hospitals in Powys won't be fulfilled has been described as a disappointing breach of trust by the Liberal Democrats. The Conservative manifesto pledges on both the inside cover and on page two that they will build "five new hospitals." However Welsh Conservatives have now admitted that only two new hospitals will be built, neither of which will be in Powys and instead that existing hospitals in Newtown and Llandrindod will be upgraded. Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats and Mid and West Wales Candidate Jane Dodds said: ...

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Whoniversaries 3 May

i) births and deaths 3 May 1944: birth of Carl Forgione, who played the meditator Land in Planet of the Spiders (Thord Doctor, 1974) and the Neanderthal butler Nimrod in Ghost Light (Seventh Doctor, 1989). 3 May 1988: death of David Garth, who played Solicitor Grey in The Highlanders (Second Doctor, 1967-68) and a Time Lord messenger in Terror of the Autons (Third Doctor, 1971) 3 May 2004: death of Anthony Ainley, who played the Master from the last scene of The Keeper of Traken (Fourth Doctor, 1981) till the final Old Who story, Survival (Seventh Doctor, 1989) ii) broadcast ...

DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL - WEEKLY ROAD REPORT REPORT FOR THE WEST END WARD - WEEK COMMENCING MONDAY 3 MAY 2021 Riverside Drive/Riverside Approach - give/take traffic control for one week for sign replacement works. BT Cable Renewal Programme - rolling off peak temporary traffic lights at various location from Monday 26 April for 3 weeks - streets affected in order are: Strathmore Avenue (at Hospital Street); Loons Road (at Gardner Street); Logie Street (at Ancrum Road); Glamis Road (at Ancrum Road); City Road (at Pentland Avenue); Charleston Drive (at Yarrow Terrace); Glamis Road (at Elmwood Road); Blackness Road (at Seymour ...

There's a really good contribution to the latest Oh God, What Now? podcast by Alex Andreou, I liked it so much that I transcribed it, but if you click on player above you can listen to him making it: We are never going to get the Damascene conversion en masse that we crave - "we" as in Remainers. There's never going to be that moment where Nigel Farage is marched naked down the street with Naomi [Smith] following him ringing a big bell going "Shame! Shame! Shame!" It's just not going to happen. We're not going to get that satisfaction ...

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