Sun 3rd

Securing our supplies

The current fuel crisis was anticipated by us a few weeks ago when the HGV driver shortage first started to hit the headlines. We did not rush out to buy petrol and diesel but given our dependency on manufactured feeds for our poultry, we doubled up the quantity of pellets and wheat we bought and have borrowed a friend's shed to store the feed. Fortunately, we don't need to buy in feed for our

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Anne and I went up north for the weekend to celebrate our wedding anniversary (28 years ago, yesterday). Great fun. Got a great AirBnB right beside the Hofvijver (which was just as well considering the miserable rain today). We had the following meals: Friday evening: De Poentjak, Kneuterdijk 16; a good crowd and a great rijsttafel. I look a bit merry in the picture (taken by Vince, which is why only half of his head is visible). Breakfast Saturday and Sunday: Happy Tosti Den Haag, Korte Poten 5, cheap and cheerful. Saturday lunch: from supermarket. Saturday evening: Fratelli Den Haag, ...

I have written a number of times about the British police, and been highly critical of its senior management – "institutionally stupid" being my verdict. The specific cases that have provoked me were Operation Midland, the Daniel Morgan affair, the harassment of a female back police officer and, most recently, the Plymouth shootings (which, unlike ... Continue reading Why won't Britain's politicians take police reform seriously?

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Earlier today Tim Farron took part in the London Marathon, running it to raise money for the Brathay Trust, "because they do amazing work supporting young people". Tim seems to be quite happy about finishing: Flipping done it! — Tim Farron (@timfarron) October 3, 2021

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The Marble Arch Mound has become notorious for how bad it is meant to be, so where better to go on a Sunday morning than visit it?

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Sun 3rd

My tweets

Sat, 12:09: Sat, 12:56: RT @gabyhinsliff: Missed this but @louhaigh is an ex-special Constance & this is vg on police training + learning from NI, the standout exa... Sat, 14:48: RT @FinancialTimes: The west is the author of its own weakness Sat, 16:05: RT @EdSigma: Oh look at that, the EU saved Christmas when @BorisJohnson couldn't. Sat, 18:47: "The Saturn Game", by Poul Anderson Sat, 19:35: RT @esa: The first images from this morning's #MercuryFlyby are out 👇 Sat, 20:48: How an Eerie, Ultra-Rare Photo of John Quincy Adams Went From a Desk Drawer to the ...

So my dogs got me out of bed at 7:34 this morning. By 7:46, I had joined all the people on social media who have been announcing that they had put their heating on. As an added bonus, the timer now shows the correct time and day for the first time in years after I finally figured out how to change the day. This simple act is one which so many will have to put off for as long as possible because they simply can't afford to. People on the lowest incomes are facing a nightmare Winter of rising energy ...

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Sun 3rd

Paul Simon: Anji

Composed and played by Davey Graham, Anji was the track that every acoustic guitarist wanted to master in the Sixties. Acoustic Guitar explains: Singer-guitarist Wizz Jones recalled Graham playing it at the Continental Coffee Bar in London's Soho district around 1960—Anji, the song's namesake, was Graham's barista girlfriend who worked there. "Other people have claimed that they're the Anji the song was written about," Jones says, "but they're lying." For many players, "Anji" was the portal from simple folk to new possibilities. Its author was a cool, military-mannered bohemian of Scottish and Guyanese ancestry, who dazzled young solo guitar players ...

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In most China shops I have visited there has been a prominently displayed sign that reads: "If you broke it you own it." The same sign needs to hang over the door of 10 Downing Street. Boris Johnson led the Brexit campaign. He was elected on a "Get Brexit done" platform. He and his Brexiteering cabinet have broken the British economy with shortages of food, gas, petrol, turkeys and even children's toys; and yet they refuse to own responsibility for their actions. They blame it on the pandemic and international circumstances. To be fair, the pandemic and world conditions are ...

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As residents will recall, over some months, I have raised numerous concerns from residents about the state of the bins in Park Place, near to the junction with the West Port. These are not all council bins for residents' use but there are also commercial bins there for business use and the Enforcement Officer in the council's Community Safety and Protection team has been very helpful on the issue and liaising with business users. She has now updated me as follows : "I again visited Park Place and visited several of the businesses that store bins at Park Place. As ...