Wed 24th

COVID, day 7

There really isn't much new to say today. I am still feeling pretty much the same, horizontal most of the time and sleeping a lot. We have been regularly checking in with the oximeter which shows my oxygen levels just in the not-too-worrying zone. The first measurement I took this morning was definitely on the low side, but after my first cup of coffee it went back into the safe zone, and has stayed there. The Belgian numbers are very bad. As of this morning the infection rate is a hair below the peak of last October/November, but increasing at ...

Second paragraph of first entry under C ("Caldera"):In itself the caldera wouldn't appear to be a remarkable site. Though now covered over, at first glance it would seem to be little more than an absence, where the Yssgaroth incursion ate away all local matter and the Houses later surrounded the area with defences and utilities of their own devising. But its position is key. Anything exert-ing an influence on the site of the caldera will, by definition, affect the rest of history. It's the focal point not just of time but of the Houses' culture: as the Protocols of the ...

I'm very delighted to have an indoor stall at this year's Frost Fayre on Saturday where I'll be selling a range of my art and craft. Crochet crafts and hand knotted malas handmade cards and bookmarks a range of gift-sized paintings

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Wed 24th

En femme

She spoke about the sensual joys of putting on a bra and her feelings of arousal wearing miniskirts with sheer;of confidence and pass and the vulnerable's thrill...and maybe I would walk with her a while?So we'd explore a path, our mirrors left behind ~ We could share and talk and laugh and flirtover our barista cups [...]

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A month ago Daisy Cooper submitted a question to the Government, and she has only just received a reply. Her question was: To ask the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, how many ambulance trusts have moved into REAP Level 4 in the last six weeks; and how many in total are at REAP Level 4 as at 22 October 2021. REAP = Resource Escalation Action Plan. Level 4 is the highest level and indicates Extreme Pressure. I first asked this question about ambulance pressures [IMG: 👇] a *month* ago – and it's gone unanswered since. So I ...

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I'm not sure the Conservatives really thought through their selection of a Birmingham lawyer with a track record of criticising the NHS for the North Shropshire by-election.

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Wed 24th

My tweets

Tue, 12:56: RT @alexhallhall: This week I shall try to give more substance to my thread last week about US views on Brexit. But first, some background... Tue, 13:38: Hoge corona cijfers in Oud-Heverlee Tue, 14:09: RT @DaveKeating: The vaccines may not be as good at preventing infections as we were hoping, but the data shows they are clearly very good... Tue, 16:05: my employee refuses to lie to customers -- but that's our policy Dear God. Tue, 16:58: COVID, day 6 Tue, 17:33: RT @Tomfan_photos: Tom Baker has done so many interviews over the years, but ...

Wed 24th

Babies in Westminster

Pub quiz question: Who was the first MP to take a baby through a voting lobby? <spoiler alert> The picture of Jo Swinson is a red herring. It was her husband Duncan Hames, then MP for Chippenham, who carried young Andrew on one occasion when he voted in 2014. Duncan and Andrew Hames make history By the way, the reference to Harriet Harman turns out to be an untrue rumour, but neatly encapsulates the values 30 years before. Four years after Duncan's pioneering act Jo took their second baby (as seen in the photo) into the Commons for a debate, ...

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With the Plaid Cymru Labour Coalition announcing that they are planning to reform Council Tax, what exactly are they proposing to do? I have reproduced below an article I wrote for the IWA in 2014 discussing proposals put forward by Professor Gerry Holtham, that I suspect may form the blueprint for the Government's reform: In his excellent paper on Taxation in Wales, Gerry Holtham describes council tax as the 'misbegotten offspring of political misjudgement and political cowardice'. As a Councillor in the late 1980s and the early 1990s I know what he means. Driven by the belief that everybody should ...

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I have recently had complaints about a couple of issues in the Seabraes area. Firstly, one of the handrails on the steps down from the seating area at Perth Road is damaged : Secondly, there is foliage growing across the handrails of the steps up to the Seabraes bridge over the rail line : I have reported both matters to the City Council requesting these be resolved.