On July 20th 2021 I met Prince Charles. In fact, the photo above shows him actually talking to me! It happened at Porthcressa Beach, St Martins, Isles of Scilly. At 10am we queued up for our wedding anniversary brunch at "Dibble and Grub". That is a wonderful restaurant and bar in the old fire station ... Continue reading On meeting Prince Charles – and pooperscoopers

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Despite my affirmative headline I am going to start this blog post with a confession. I set up an Instagram account some years ago and quickly retreated after being told that it was a platform for young people. The advice was music to my ears at the time given that I had only started the ... The post Three reasons why midlifers should join social media appeared first on A Midlifer in London .

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So, the great adventure was under way, and I awoke with a sense of purpose in anticipation of... well, to be honest, I wasn't really sure. I knew that I had a train to catch at 11.30, and I had plans to find pork and beer at the other end but, apart from that, it was all a bit "free form". Mannheim was quiet. Shopping on a Monday morning clearly takes second place to work but that's probably what you'd expect from Germans. They do take pride in public places though and the flower beds surrounding the Wasserturm were stunning ...

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Sat 11th

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Fri, 12:56: RT @ogleforth: Adoption: a 🧵. It's exactly three years since our daughter's social worker told us that they couldn't provide us with a pas... Fri, 16:05: RT @Mij_Europe: Next week is going to be v noisy on Protocol. But it will take at least 12-18 months to pass this legislation. Will @BorisJ... Fri, 17:23: RT @RyanMcAleerbiz: Statement just issued by @NIfoodanddrink on the Northern Ireland Protocol: "While politicians may debate constitutional... Fri, 18:58: Marco Polo, by Dene October (and John�Lucarotti) https://t.co/dLwTuOHS8Z Fri, 22:07: RT @ZelenskyyUa: Had another phone conversation with 🇫🇷 President @EmmanuelMacron. Informed about the situation on ...

It seems that the House of Lords is where the sensible politians tend to practise their trade nowadays, though that does not legitimise the appointed oligarchy that they form part od, nor does it take away the need for reform. Nevertheless, when the UK government decides it wants to break international law, all the lawyers in the upper house can be relied on to get rather riled up about the whole thing. The problem is of course, that these lawyers are all profoundly aware of their democratic illegitimacy, and will eventually yield to the elected government. Still, if it makes ...

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Nine homes remain empty in a new development off Cold West Drive. The four-bedroom homes have been empty since August 2019 and there is no sign of them being sold and occupied any time soon. Tracey Huffer Shropshire Councillor for Ludlow East said: "I am utterly appalled that we have had nine new homes in Ludlow standing empty for nearly three years. There have been extraordinary delays at Shropshire Council and I don't know why the council has not taken up the offer of an indemnity in case of a claim by any owner of the small strip of land ...

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We recently had a query regarding the redevelopment of the Seabraes viewing area. The path surfacing was looking odd as new black tarmac was placed on a section of the path (see photo) which looked poor next to the original buff colour. We contacted the council's Projects Team Leader who reassured us as follows : "The buff resin bond surfacing is due to be laid around the benches. It should be noted that the new resin bond colour will appear brighter than the original surfacing due to weathering but will blend in over time."