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Let's get Brexit undone!

It was the oven ready deal ready to go. All that was needed was a Johnson led Conservative victory at the 2019 general election. "Let's get Brexit done" was the winning slogan. And so it came to pass - the deal was pushed through Parliament and it appeared that the Conservatives could claim "Job done." Except that it is far from job done. It now looks like Johnson is after a fight with the EU. I

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Time for another London walk with John Rogers. The YouTube blurb for this one runs: This central London walk starts by entering Lincoln's Inn Fields via Great Turnstile Street. We then walk admire some of the buildings around Lincoln's Inn Fields including Sir John Soane's Museum, the Royal College of Surgeons, and the London School of Economics. We briefly go into Portsmouth Street before walking through the garden square to Lincoln's Inn. The route then goes along Carey Street, past the Seven Stars pub, Bell Yard and Star Yard to Chancery Lane where we admire The Maughan Library at King's ...

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I am sorry I missed the Industrial Tribunal relating to Nick Kavanagh last week as I was out of the City. It seems to have descended into a farce given the reported comments of Kavanagh and our much un-missed former ... Continue reading →

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I am somewhat belatedly* reading Volume 2 of David Kynaston's "Modernity Britain" which covers the years 1959 to 62. Regarding attitudes to the then EEC, on page 252 he quotes the Liberal luminary, Lady Violet Bonham Carter (Asquith's daughter, no less) in a letter to her son (presumably Mark.), as follows: "Both the major parties are split down the middle. . . Many Tories still don't realise that we have already lost "national sovereignty" - through NATO, UN,Gatt, IMF, etc.etc. . .The Labour party are Jingo Little Englanders, economic nationalists & xenophobes who dread the "foreigner". . ." As in ...

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Sun, 12:56: RT @pmdfoster: Meow. Team Johnson bitching about "ludicrous" @DavidGHFrost to @ShippersUnbound ... "Like a footballer who hasn't scored a g... Sun, 16:03: The mystery of Sarah´┐ŻLocke Sun, 16:55: RT @GilbreathDustin: With more reports that Georgia might not receive candidate status, an (admittedly naïve) thread of things the Georgian... Sun, 20:48: RT @Mij_Europe: As @DavidGauke & others (& I) have argued, it's about to get very 2016-19 again Except I suspect EU position will be even... Mon, 10:17: RT @MarosSefcovic: Spoke to @trussliz earlier where she informed me of ­čçČ­čçžlegislation to unilaterally disapply the Protocol. The EU has ...

Being diabetic isn't something that I talk about much. It carries a stigma of blame and shame. For these reasons, I keep my condition quiet. However, if this blog post helps even one person come to terms with their condition during Diabetes Week (13 to 19 June), it will be worth it. There are a ... The post Midlife diagnosis of diabetes appeared first on A Midlifer in London .

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Liberal Democrats have urged the Government to reduce fuel duty in rural areas, after analysis found that households in more remote areas paid £114 in transport costs each week in the year to March 2020, almost £40 more than those in urban areas. The Lib Dems want an expansion of the rural fuel duty relief scheme, which is currently offered in a handful of remote areas of the UK, including Scotland islands and other areas, Scilly, and Hawes. The proposal is to extend the relief to places where "public transport options are limited and drivers are being disproportionately hit by ...

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Dobré ráno! Liberal Democrat Voice is brought to you today from Starý Smokovec, in the Slovak Tatras, where your intrepid Day Editor is spending the day. As befits a member of the Party's Federal International Relations Committee, I'm on a rail odyssey across the continent, from Stowmarket to here and back (the pretty way). And I'm drinking beer in half-litres... Slovakia has benefited from its accession to the European Union, with the average Slovak worker earning 70% more than they did twenty years ago. Inward investment has been consistently high, and GDP has risen significantly over that period. This was ...

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DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL - WEEKLY ROAD REPORT REPORT FOR WEST END WARD - WEEK COMMENCING MONDAY 13 JUNE 2022 City Road/Tullideph Road - 4 way temporary traffic lights from Tuesday 31 May for 4 days for CityFibre works. Blackness Road at Abbotsford Street - off-peak 2 way temporary traffic lights from Monday 6 June for 3 days for CityFibre Works. City Road/Saggar Street - 3 way temporary traffic lights from Wednesday 8 June for 3 days for CityFibre Works. Logie Street (between City Road and Ancrum Road) - footway closed with pedestrian walkway on carriageway from Monday 13 June for ...

Mon 13th

Signed up for conference

I took the plunge last week and booked my attendance at Lib Dem conference in September in Brighton. That was the relatively cheap bit. Then came the hotel booking. That was a bit more pricey. It's been over 22 years since I last had to book hotel accommodation in Brighton for conference. From 2000 to 2009 I worked for the Lib Dems in one guise or another. Conference attendance and staff

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