Good news from Uppingham, where the Rutland Bookshop is about to reopen. A note on the shop's Facebook page says: I am very pleased to note I am re-opening from Thursday 16th November. Opening times will be Thursday - Saturday 1pm - 5pm. To welcome customers old and new I will be offering a 20% discount on all stock for the rest of November. Looking forward to seeing you - good books and a cheerful chat guaranteed. You can find the Rutland Bookshop at 13 High Street West in Uppingham. I visited the town in August and blogged about all ...

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What horrific images we have seen unfold on our TV screens these past few weeks. The shocking terrorist attacks by Hamas. The bombing of so much of Gaza. The innocent Palestinians left without even food or water including premature babies dead or on the brink of dying. Families mourning loved ones, or fearing for those being held hostage.In the face of this dire situation, Liberal Democrats are making the case for a different way.We are clear that Hamas cannot be allowed to remain in charge of Gaza. We are concerned that a military solution to eliminate them will not work. ...

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Mon 13th

Low Fell eFocus no. 129

The Lib Dem team in Low Fell today published their latest edition of eFocus. Issues covered include:Christmas lights switch on;Armistice day;Dryden Road tree pruning;Looking for a child's Christmas present?;Recycling in Gateshead.You can read eFocus on this link.

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Mon 13th

After Braverman?

So now we know: Prime-minister Sunak prefers Suella Braverman's bile to come from outside the tent rather than inside. There will be much speculation abut the likely consequences. Here's mine. On the whole, I think the short-term consequences are likely to be good for the "progressive forces " (if only we can manage to harness them.) It is fairly clear that Ms Braverman is trying to position herself as the "go-to" candidate for the Conservative leadership if and when (which she expects) the party is defeated and the present leadership resigns. In fact some commentators suspect that she may actually ...

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Mon 13th

A parallel universe!

Back from feeding my livestock this morning and I struggled to believe what I heard when I put the tv on to watch the news. Braverman gone (less of a surprise) but Cameron back in government with a life peerage as well! I felt like I was living in a strange parallel universe. Is this for real? From memory, this is the first time in 50 years a former prime minister has returned to government to

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Yesterday I attended the Remembrance Sunday parade and wreath-laying service in Whickham. Over 40 organisations took part, making it the biggest parade and service in Gateshead. Cllr Jonathan Mohammed laid the wreath on behalf of residents of Whickham South and Sunniside. The video above covers the service and the wreath-laying.Councillors Sonya Hawkins, Peter Maughan and Jonathan Mohammed at

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It's all kicked off at Number 10, so we'll be updating this as events unfold... In one of the more unexpected moments of this increasingly flaky Government, Rishi Sunak has moved James Cleverly from the Foreign Office to the Home Office after just fourteen months, and replaced him with David Cameron, giving him a peerage in order to do so. It would be fair to say that the responses have been mixed... Beth Rigby, Sky News' Political Editor, notes: Former cab minister: "I'm a Cameron fan but surely the problem is that this indicates not a single MP good enough ...

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Embed from Getty ImagesEd Davey, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, has called for an immediate bilateral ceasefire in Israel and Gaza. In a statement he said: Hamas' terrorist attacks on October 7th shocked the world. We condemned them and the taking of hostages, unequivocally. Hamas cannot, for the security of Israelis nor the future of Palestinians, be allowed to continue in charge of Gaza. Right now we have a disaster. When I met with NGOs working on the ground in Gaza, they told me just how devastating a humanitarian catastrophe we are facing. Thousands of innocent civilians have already ...

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The news that Rishi Sunak had a backbone transplant over the weekend and has finally sacked his Home Secretary is likely to put a small spring in the step of many this morning. It seemed inevitable that something had to give. No Prime Minister can allow such open challenge to his authority to carry on for long, especially in a Party where the virtues of loyalty and discipline have been so clearly forgotten. And, in attacking the police in such a ham-fisted, confrontational manner, Suella Braverman had broken a number of the rules of politics, incited rioting at the Cenotaph ...

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Do public bodies in Wales learn from their past mistakes? That could well be the subject of a Phd thesis at some stage. In the meantime, we have to rely on those with long memories to dredge up incidents that may or may not have a bearing on current events. These thoughts came to mind when I read about the latest reports concerning the National Museum and Galleries of Wales. The BBC report that a bullying row which led to a former rugby boss leaving his job at Museum Wales left taxpayers with a bill of more than £620,000. They ...

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Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey and Lib Dem Foreign Affairs spokesperson Layla Moran MP have today called for an immediate bilateral ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza conflict. The purpose of such a ceasefire, which must apply to both Israel and Hamas, would be to get aid in, get the hostages out, and provide space to realise a political solution, ultimately with two states and a lasting peace. Ed Davey has set out this proposal in full here. Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs spokesperson Layla Moran MP commented: A lasting peace and a two-state solution is the only way to guarantee ...

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DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL - WEEKLY ROAD REPORT REPORT FOR THE WEST END WARD - WEEK COMMENCING MONDAY 13 NOVEMBER 2023 Brown Street (south of Douglas Street) - closed until May 2024 for construction works. Seafield Road, Dundee - closed from its westmost end (in cul-de-sac) extending for a distance of no more than 20 metres in an easterly direction to facilitate a site access for a new housing development. Commencing Tuesday 22 August 2023 for 15 months. Norwood Crescent - closed for 5 days from Monday 13 November for carriageway patching. Riverside Drive (at Riverside Approach) - eastbound lane narrows ...

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