Sat 27th

The Joy of Six 1224

Bill Browder, in a video interview by Kyiv Post, argues that: "Putin is a little man, who has stolen too much money, who is terrified of losing power. If he loses power he will go to jail, lose his money and die." "The learning process of having your opinions tested, being exposed to new information, or accepting there are multiple, nuanced but rational positions on many contentious issues, should be an ongoing lifelong pursuit, but if children and young people are not exposed to this approach within schools, how do we expect them to achieve this?" Claire McGuiggan and Peter ...

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Embed from Getty ImagesThe Guardian published a number of letters in response to the prime minster's claim that Britain is suffering from a "sicknote culture". One of them, from the associate professor of psychology and medical anthropology, Dr James Davies, got it exactly right: Rising distress may not be a medical problem, as Sunak claims, but it is certainly a social one, as Sunak ignores. We need to stop overmedicalising mental distress. As a psychological therapist, I know first-hand that most people seeking help aren't suffering from "mental illnesses" in any biologically verifiable sense, but from understandable reactions to life ...

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The government's decision to ignore a cross party committee's recommendation to abolish one-word Ofsted judgements is the wrong one. The pressure that school leaders and teachers feel in relation to Ofsted inspectors is huge. And it is not just those two days in which the inspectors are physically in the school; the intensity of being on 'red alert' for an imminent inspection can be just as bad – if not worse – than the inspection itself, not least because that period of time can last months if not years. The tragic death of Ruth Perry was a dreadful yet timely ...

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The $61 billion in in military aid that the US Congress voted for Ukraine this week is in the nick of time. The Ukrainians were literally running out of bullets to hold back the Russian steamroller. But war is expensive. How much bang can the Ukrainians get for their American bucks? Let's start with the workhorse of the battlefield – the humble 155 mm artillery shell and the Howitzers that fire them. For the past few months a steady stream of shells from North Korean and Russian munitions factories has meant that the Russians have been lobbing five times as ...

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Sat 27th

Dundee MyBins app

The Dundee MyBins app is a one-stop-shop for all residents' waste and recycling needs, making it easier for residents to waste less and recycle more of their household waste. You can read more about it at Please note that the bin calendar feature within the app is only available for properties that need to present a wheelie bin at the kerbside for collection. Other household property types that are serviced differently - for example, they use a communal Eurobin - will still be able to access and use all other features of the app.

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