I've been to Leicester's Saffron Lane Estate. I've to Earl Shilton. And now I've been to Hugglescote, so I've photographed all three Edward VIII post boxes in Leicestershire. Since you ask, Hugglescote is a village that has now been absorbed into Coalville.

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It is going to be a long couple of days as the elections come in, so let's start with perhaps the most important thing: And thank you too to all the family, friends and colleagues whose support, love and encouragement is essential for all our candidates, agents and campaign managers and staff to play their part. https://t.co/i4zaM4RawG — Mark Pack [IMG: 🔶] (@markpack) May 2, 2024

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OECD report: This Conservative government is economically illiterate Polls close: Voters want an end to this appalling Conservative government Cole-Hamilton responds to SNP leadership news "End this nonsense and give the money back"- Welsh Lib Dems urge First Minister to return dodgy donations OECD report: This Conservative government is economically illiterate Responding to the OECD report which says that the UK will have the slowest growth of the largest developed nations next year, Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesperson, Sarah Olney MP said: This Conservative government is economically illiterate. Their no-growth policies have left the public enduring sky-high mortgage rates, the price ...

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It is polling day for the local, police and regional mayoral elections. For the first time ever I had 3 ballot papers each helpfully a different colour. I cast my votes however about 10 days ago. Two thirds of the people voting in my ward will do so by post. So in effect the start of polling day was the day the postal votes were posted through people's doors. I signed up for postal voting

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A rather unexpected poll result caught the attention of the political world a few days ago. Jamie Driscoll was just 2 points behind Labour in the contest for the new Mayor of the North East. Driscoll is currently the North of Tyne elected Mayor and has been described by some as the last Corbynite still in power. The "Changed" Labour Party however attempted to end Driscoll's political career by

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Thu 2nd

Is she or isn't she?

I get the impression that the Greens are pushing hard in Bridges ward in Gateshead. Bridges is normally strongly Labour and they top the poll there with minimal effort (this year may be a bit different). So, Green election leaflets in Bridges are suddenly much more interesting than usual. A read of "Election News" however will leave you scratching your head. Other than the tiny imprint at

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Thu 2nd

It's Polling Day

I don't need to remind our readers to vote today. But I thought you might like to know when the results are likely to be declared. It is a rag bag of an election with 10 Metro mayors (including the Mayor of London) on the ballot paper along with Police and Crime Commissioners, London Assembly members and local councillors where they are elected by thirds. On top of that there is a Westminster by-election in Blackpool South. Most of the counts are taking place on Friday – and Saturday as well in the case of London, amongst others. Overnight we ...

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To be fair, there has always been dirty tricks in politics. Reading an account of the life of Alexander Hamilton and other founding fathers not so long ago, I was struck at how similar the politics of that era was to the Trumpian world we have today. While in Britain, it was fairly common to buy votes and intimidate people into casting their ballot the right way right up to when Gladstone introduced the secret ballot, though there is little doubt it went on well past that time, though not so publicly. There have been rotten boroughs, slanderous pamphlets and ...

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Sadiq Khan's record of failure exposed Fiefdoms of filth: Scottish Lib Dems unveil new sewage league table Lib Dems on verge of historic breakthrough in London "Bringing truth back into politics"- Welsh Lib Dems back anti-deception proposal Rennie speaks in motion of no confidence in Scottish Government Sadiq Khan's record of failure exposed Sadiq Khan has once again failed to deliver on key manifesto promises, says Liberal Democrat London Mayoral candidate Rob Blackie. On the eve of the elections he listed 2021 manifesto pledges that the London Mayor failed to implement: Deliver a ferry at Hammersmith Bridge End rough sleeping ...

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Waters containing shellfish suffer from 200,000 hours worth of sewage Conservatives "legalising car theft" as over three in four cases go unsolved Up to 1 million pensioners in Tory seats to be dragged into paying income tax Davey: Time for Sunak to face the music Waters containing shellfish suffer from 200,000 hours worth of sewage Amount of sewage spilled into shellfish water jumps by a fifth South West Water and Southern Water sewage discharges into shellfish water doubles Liberal Democrats call for urgent action and increased testing This year saw a large jump in the number of hours sewage was ...

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Today is an in-service day at schools across Dundee and therefore schools are not open to pupils and the public. Therefore, Michael's usual surgeries at Harris Academy and the West End Campus do not take place tonight. However, we can be contacted at any time on Dundee 459378 or e-mail westend@dundeelibdems.org.uk - many thanks!

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