Jago Hazzard presents a short but complicated history. Note one of the comments: It seems to have been forgotten that the initial pressure to build Bermondsey (and Southwark) Jubilee line stations came from the then local MP Simon Hughes, whose aims came to fruition, meaning that the line didn't run direct from London Bridge to Canada Water without stopping. You can support Jago's videos via his Patreon page.

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Tue 7th

Remembering D-Day

On 5th June I will be doing a talk about D-Day, a day before the 80th anniversary of Operation Overlord and the Normandy landings. I will be looking at some of the national coverage but much of the talk will be about how the news was received in the North East. The talk starts at 7pm in Sunniside Social Club. £1 for society members, £2 for non-members.

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Tue 7th

Worth a visit

The Whinnies Community Garden in Sunniside have yet more additions to entice more visitors through the gates. In an attempt to encourage children to eat vegetables, a series of wood carvings of vegetables has been created, using wood from a large ash tree that had to be felled last year. The carvings are proving to be quite popular with children.

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'Levelling up' chess tables costing £50k installed https://t.co/z6t9A7Nhi7 — BBC News (UK) (@BBCNews) May 7, 2024 This BBC News story has been generating outrage and ridicule all day, not least because it has been written to make it sound as though each table has cost £50,000. In fact that's the total cost of all 20 tables. And let me extend a particular hello to the gentleman from Buckinghamshire who asked if people in the North can play chess. I will admit these tables are another of the strange ragbag of policies that Rishi Sunak has come up with as prime ...

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A fun little finding from Deltapoll: overall, 40% of people are planning to watch election coverage by news broadcasters on the day and/or night of the next general election. But...

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The party has sent out this excellent May 2nd election result summary to members: [IMG: Ed Davey with Lib Dem Members, three dinosaurs and a sign which reads 'Make this Conservative Government History'] We're making this Conservative Government history, Paul – our incredible local election results in full. With all the results now in from last week's local council, mayoral and PCC elections from across England and Wales, it's official – we've pulled off another historic result. For the first time since 1996, the Liberal Democrats elected more councillors than the Conservatives, electing 522 councillors and winning control of 12 ...

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📮🗳️ Postal voting - it's time to scrap it. — Brendan Clarke-Smith MP (@Bren4Bassetlaw) May 7, 2024 If I am reading this correctly, at the last election the Conservative Party won 43.7 per cent of the votes cast at polling stations and 49.3 per cent of votes cast by post. As the Conservatives won 42.3 of all votes cast in 2019, I may have missed a subtlety or two. Perhaps it's that these figures rely on how respondents said they voted rather than how they actually voted or that the sample is on the small side. Still, Clarke-Smith's comments a ...

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Arguably Anglo-Irish relations have reached their lowest point in many years. Of all the issues that could have set back relations between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, it is not likely many would have suggested a divide would open over asylum seekers. How this has come about is comments from the Irish political establishment regarding the United Kingdom governments Rwanda Plan, a plan to send asylum seekers to the third country of Rwanda while their asylum claim is processed. Ireland's Deputy Prime Minister Michael Martin said, ""So, they're leaving the UK and they are taking opportunities to ...

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The House returns today after the Bank Holiday weekend, and Ed Davey is ready for it with a no confidence motion. If it passes it will force a General Election next month. The actual wording is: "That this House has no confidence in His Majesty's Government." Ed says: These local elections showed the country has had enough of Rishi Sunak and his out-of-touch Conservative Government. The Conservatives were pushed into third place for the first time in a generation as Liberal Democrats swept the board in former true blue heartlands. Yet Sunak continues to desperately cling on to power, holed ...

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Nation Cymru says that they have evidence that Vaughan Gething misled the UK Covid Inquiry and the Senedd by concealing the fact that he deliberately deleted records of conversations he had with other ministers: As a witness to the Inquiry, the First Minister insisted that messages had been deleted from his mobile phone not by him, but when it was serviced by the Senedd's IT department. But a previously undisclosed message that has been leaked to Nation.Cymru proves that he admitted deleting conversations he had with ministerial colleagues on a group chat. In a text message posted to the ministerial ...

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Fraser's weekly ward surgeries take place later today and every Tuesday during school term time. They are as follows : Tuesdays at 5pm prompt - Blackness Library Tuesdays at 5.45pm prompt - Ancrum Road Primary School All residents welcome - no appointment necessary.

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