Monday 22nd January 2007

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By the way, some Americans are STILL campaigning against the war

Gravatar Iraq: ADA Board Resolution Adopted by the ADA Board on January 21, 2007 in Washington, DC. Last November, the American public sent the Bush Administration and their Congressional colleagues a clear message: It is long past time for the United States to end its unjustified and unjustifiable war in Iraq. That message was echoed by the Iraq Study Group which, in its December 6 report,
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Planning, Pinegrove, Hyndford Street, Glamis Drive and more ...

Gravatar Today started with chairing the City Council’s Audit & Risk Management Sub-Committee, followed by a meeting with the Council Leader. After dictating a lot of letters, I had my weekly surgery at Blackness Primary School. At tonight’s Development Quality Committee, I moved refusal of a planning application at Richmond Terrace that had been subject to objections from local residents and the West End Community Council. With the support of Bailie Neil Powrie (who seconded me) we won 13-11. You can read the report by clicking on the headline above. Other matters today: * Fast feedback from ...
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Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan

Gravatar The City Council Cabinet today approved for consultation a draft Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan that has been prepared by the Birmingham Strategic Partnership, a group of public, voluntary and business organisations. The Strategy confirms two key aims: To reduce carbon dioxide emissions from 1990 baseline by 20% by 2010 and 60% by 2050; andTo prepare Birmingham for the impact of climate
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Life must mean life, say Lib Dems

Gravatar {Sir Menzies Campbell} Sir Menzies will attack Labour for 'abysmal failure' on crimeThe Liberal Democrats have called for a more "honest approach" to crime, with life sentences "meaning life". Party leader Sir Menzies Campbell said Labour's record in office had been one of "abysmal failure" and that the approach has to be "smarter".   "Tough community work" would be used as an alternative to prison, he said, with  those sent to prison given "fixed length sentences" in open court. Prisoners would also be put to work, with some ...
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Make It An Issue

Gravatar The POWER inquiry today launched a new website, As the website states, its four aims are: Clear democratic rules designed in the interests of citizensRemove the stench of money and patronage from politicsGive people more say in the big decisions affecting the countryEnsure power is exercised closer to the people.And they set out their point forcefully in this video (which
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Eastern Daily Press' stinging criticism of John Reid

Gravatar In an article quite unlike any I have recently seen in a regional Daily Newspaper, the Eastern Daily Press have printed a stinging piece that articulates just how John Reid is not "fit for purpose" and how Labour have broken their election pledges. Read the article yourself HERE.
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Together we can cut crime............Ming Zingin'

Gravatar This week looks like being yet another when I can hardly avoid chatting about politics. It started this morning with the press launch of our Crime Policy, continued this evening with a meeting with Lynne Featherstone to discuss the Middle East and will continue unabated all week - watch this space!!! Unfortunately the launch clashed with the news coming out of Northern Ireland about Special Branch collusion, however, it was well attended and Ming spoke well. As is his want, when he is on familiar ground (in this case the law) he speaks with real authority and gravitas. My ...
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They're both as bad as each other...

Gravatar Day 3 of diet - have taken up walking to the station in the morning (just over a mile) and resumed my exercise routine (fifteen minutes on the step machine, twenty on the cross trainer) - current weight loss: 0.9kg (gosh...) - net improvement in Body Mass Index (BMI): -0.30... Before Christmas, I commented on Labour's difficulties with ethics and waited for the opposition parties to stuff the
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Hillary starts her "conversation" tonight

Gravatar Starting tonight at midnight GMT is the first of three consecutive nights of Hillary Clinton's "conversation" with US electors. Her campaign email says: Tonight, let the conversation begin. It's live and online at 7 p.m. EST: Join me for the first in a series of conversations on the future of our country and the important issues like the Iraq war, health care, and energy independence. I'll
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Newsnight's Hatchet Job on Tory Northern Pretentions

Gravatar Paxo's chums stuff the Tories.
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Shock. Horror. Channel Four don't axe Big Brother

Gravatar Is anyone surprised at all that Channel Four bosses have decided not to take Big Brother off the air ? As a commercial channel looking to make money, indeed as much money as possible, there was no chance at all of Channel Four taking it the air. Channel Four say there will be a review. One has to ask why now ? After all, bullying and victimisation has been a staple part of Big Brother since it started, but this has been exaggerated and magnified in the last four series' of Big Brother, with it seemingly getting worse and ...
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Conservative's Hike Up Car Parking Charges...

Gravatar ... and anything extra to show for it? You must be joking! If the Tories get their way, parking charges in Bath are on course for a massive increase. Commenting shortly after Conservative Transport Supremeo Cllr Sir Elgar Jenkin’s plans were approved Cllr David Dixon, (Lib Dem, Walcot) said: "The report that was presented said that free local bus travel for the over 60’s has cost the Council ‘far more than was budgeted for’ and that ‘demand for free travel has exceeded all expectations’ the decision offers nothing extra for residents of Bath and North East Somerset and ...
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Saturday Party and Latter Day Saints

Gravatar My weekend was very amusing. I had to be scant on the detail prior to Saturday because I was arranging a surprise party in Oxford for an old friend who is leaving for a new life in Australia in a couple of weeks. But he didn't find out, and the party was a huge success. You can read about it, and see the photos here, if you are interested in what I get upto between postings. Tonight, as well as
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The madness of ID cards - "We can cut crime" campaign

Gravatar The Liberal Democrat "We can cut crime" campaign, launched today, is very impressive. Just take point one of the five-point action plan: "More police on patrol - Don't waste billions on ID cards". The point highlights that "Labour are already wasting £97,000 a day on their expensive, illiberal ID card sceme. We would scrap it and use the money to pay for more police officers." If ever there was
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Campbell sets out Lib Dems strong crime and punishment agenda

Gravatar Sir Menzies Campbell today set out basic principles in the way the Liberal Democrats want to see crime and punishment dealt with. He made clear that life should mean life, judges set set clear minimum and maximum terms when sentencing and a range of stronger community sentences. Lib Dem policies would also include changing licensing laws to make it easier to close problem pubs and clubs whilst prisons would not simply be left to be schools of crime but would instead make stronger efforts to give prisoners training and skills in order to break the cycle of re-offending. ...
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ANOTHER VIDEO: I'll have a fiver on the Queen abdicating

Gravatar Will Howells has had a busy few weeks, and as he says I think this video is brilliant. Also available as a screensaver if you go to the site that comes up at the end of the video.
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Dear Dad...

Gravatar I arrived home from work to find an email from my Dad challenging the post I'd put about our five steps to a safer Britain crime policies. He wondered whether I'd respond on the blog and, never one to shirk a challenge, here is his answer. Below are his points (numbered), with my responses in italics. Point 1 (a) You claim that the Government has earmarked "millions" to ID Cards. How many "
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Will South Korea win the most gold medals at the next Winter Olympics?

Gravatar My, it’s been a busy few weeks, so I will break my own rule of blogging (don’t apologise for not blogging), and apologise for being relatively quiet. As is always the case, when there’s lots to write about, you have less time to write it (and this is note to myself to blog about the [...]
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Five point prescription for Hornsey Central Hospital launched

Gravatar My Lib Dem colleagues Lynne Featherstone MP and Cllr Richard Wilson, our Spokesperson for Health and Social Services today launched a Five Point Prescription for Hornsey Central Hospital. The photo was taken outside the currently disused hospital. There is clearly backing for the £7 million bid for investment in a new building to provide local health services. But there is also the need for concerns of local residents about the impact on existing GPs and pharmacists to be addressed. The prescription sets out five key areas: 1. More GPs and clinic sessions provided - not just the ...
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Wells Next The Sea Town Council too busy to talk ?

Gravatar Having had to deal with issues relating to Wells in North Norfolk on District Council issues, I am surprised at the attitude of their Town Council towards Anglia News this evening. Anglia News were running a story about Wells Town Council closing a children's playground and park because of mole hills and Anglia enquiring why gassing of moles was necessary when experts were advising other methods of mole control, Wells Town Council told Anglia TV that they had "more important things to do" than speak to the TV about the issue. This is odd considering that only last ...
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Crime Campaign launch

Gravatar I went to the press conference for the launch of the Lib Dems' crime campaign this morning as soon as I got to London. I took this photo of Ming. The press conference also launched the Policy Paper "Together we can cut crime" (to be debated in Harrogate in March). The cover has a photo Ming talking to the police during a walkabout he did in the summer last year. I didn't take that photo but I
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Anti war campaigner strikes blow for civil liberties

Gravatar Well done to anti war campaigner Brian Haw who today won his latest legal case against the Metropolitan Police. Read about it HERE. He has been accused of failing to comply with rules in the Serious organised crime and police act by mounting a vigial for nearly four years on parliament square, which he states he will maintain until British involvement in the war in Iraq is ended. The judge today stated that the law was unclear and invalid. Irrespective of whether you agree with Mr Haw's views or not, what he has done is strike a ...
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Liberal Democrats - Serious about cutting crime

Gravatar The Liberal Democrats today launched their “Five Steps to a Safer Britain” campaign, highlighting the ways that we will work to cut crime and make communities safer. I think the policies really do make sense. They’re outlined in full below. Point one, we will put more police officers on the beat. The government has ear-marked billions for their ID card scheme. They will do little to tackle the
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Celebrity Big Brother - "unpleasant middle class intellectual snobbery"?

Gravatar It is fair comment to call some of the attacks on Jade Goody "unpleasant middle class intellectual snobbery", as Ed Maxfield did. I think the basis of the row is a little more hum-drum than that. "Celebrity Big Brother" became unbalanced or dysfunctional for a week. Channel 4 could have stepped in much earlier to correct the problem. In the end, after a couple of days, they seem to give Jade a
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PFI Deals and the NHS

Gravatar 'Private Finance Initiatives' are one of those scandalous realities that nobody except Private Eye seems to care about. With any luck more stories about it will appear in the mainstream media and people will notice. Take today's story on the BBC about how PFI firms will make a 23 billion pound profit from the NHS over the next 30 years. Think how many hospitals, operations and drugs could be bought for that much money... money which has come from the taxpayer to help the NHS, yet finds its way into the pockets of shareholders and CEOs. While it is ...
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The Rule of Law

Gravatar Alex at Love and Liberty has an excellent post on the rule of law and why Labour just doesn’t believe in it - and why we need it. Simply put is that there is a combination of the old socialist utopianism which has driven many leftist regimes, they are building a utopia, nothing should get in [...]
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BNP allegations: newspaper admits its story was wrong

Gravatar There was a bit of a fuzz in cyberspace (e.g. see here) when the local paper in Halifax ran a story claiming the Lib Dems were wooing the BNP. Well, the newspaper in question has now (finally!) printed a correction admitting its story was nonsense. For a slightly wordier verson of its correction, see their website. bnp [...]
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Economics 101: The difference between “Fiscal Drag” and “Bracket Creep”

Gravatar Gordon Brown is a tricky soul, isn’t he? He maintains that he has been raising the income tax brackets in line with inflation – in fact, that this has been the case since 1977. Yet somehow over a million more people are paying higher rate income tax than when he became Chancellor. How has he managed to square both? The key is in the difference between Bracket Creep and Fiscal Drag (often called Real Fiscal Drag, with the clue being in the “Real”). Bracket Creep is the effect of inflation on taxpayers: if tax thresholds stay the same, ...
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The Court of Appeal - and Proceedings in Parliament

Gravatar Actually tomorrow is the first time that the definition of "Proceedings in parliament" has been considered in court. I thought it had been considered by the 1958 Scrap Cables case when the Judicial Committee considered the issue of a letter written by an MP to a minister. However, Erskine May was wrong on this and in fact it did not consider this. The interesting point is that if a letter
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Proud of our Yorkshire roots

Gravatar Glynis Abbott (centre in red) joins Yorkshire campaigners at the Ormesby roundabout.
4:41 pm

Flying the flag

Gravatar Left to right, Redcar Councillor Chris Abbott, Former Mayor of Scarborough Michael Pitts and International Opera Singer Stephen Laird, celebrate the erection of the North Riding boundary signs.
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Where is Pink Dog?

Gravatar Duncan Borrowman is being overly pessimistic in suggesting that some terrible fate has befallen Pink Dog. Does he not realise that being a chocolate coinosseur takes time? Although I hope better quality chocolate was being used than in the Domestic Doggess video to be found on PD's blog. However, it has been some time and a sign that all was well would be very welcome.
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Minority Report

Gravatar I made a comment on the putatively Scottish antecedents of Lech Walesa. I see Lepidus suggest that Walesa is another version of the proto-Indo European word for stranger that gives English the word Welsh and the Germans the word Wendisch- and indeed is the root of the name Wallace, from which (it is suggested) the Walesa actually derives. I don't think- short of DNA evidence- that we can truly check to what degree Lech Walesa is actually Scottish- after all there were so many Scots who settled in Royal Prussia, and in particular the City of Gdansk (then, ...
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Blue Monday

Gravatar No Not the New Order Song- Apparantly it is Today- the most depressing day of the year- Official! Well, I don't feel too bad- the exercise programme continues, I have not taken up smoking, and although things political are a bit dull at the moment, I have little doubt that normal service will be resumed. Admittedly my work colleague has been quoting Julian and Sandy from Round the Horne, but I am sure that he can get treatment at the Marine Commando Club, Paddington- if required.
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VIDEO: Ming Campbell MP launches the We Can Cut Crime campaign

2:58 pm

Government to sign the European Convention on Action Against Trafficking in Human Beings

Gravatar Prime Minister Tony Blair is today formally announcing that the Government will sign the European Convention on Action Against Trafficking in Human Beings.
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RIP Pink Dog?

Gravatar A strange eerie silence has fallen on the bloggosphere since Pink Dog posted over a week ago that her Chocolate melt-off was postponed. As followers will know I was concerned by the dangers of her using a HIGHLY DANGEROUS OVEN. I fear that my concern may have been justified.
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Do It Yourself TV

Gravatar The BBC wanted to interview me about overcrowded trains and the deterioration in services under the new First Great Western franchise.  I arranged to get to the station this morning a little earl...
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Good News for Stotfold!

Gravatar I am pleased to read on the Bedfordshire on Sunday website that Stotfold is not the village of the damned or the real Torchwood. Despite the Cabinet Office telling the BBC that the village website was due to join with the Joint Military Command in being wiped from existence. A Stotfold spokesman said there will not be a problem as the town council supports its own website and therefore will not
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OI, BBC News 24, sort it aht

Gravatar News 24 have introduced new on-screen graphics today with the clock shoved so far over to the left that even when I force the TV in to letterbox widescreen it looks like it’s 3:50 at 13:50 - please fix it before I am forced to buy an actual clock, rather than using the telly as a [...]
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Life's What You Make It

Gravatar "Life should mean life": a great positioning headline - but there is a real liberal message behind it. Are we finally learning how to market ourselves effectively?
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We Can Cut Crime

Gravatar Ming Campbell's Liberal Democrats are taking the lead, proposing real action at a national level and acting to cut crime where we are in power locally. Violent crime is rising, anti-social behaviour is still a serious problem, and our prisons are overflowing. Labour have talked tough but have failed to deliver despite 10 years in power. The Tories are in disarray on crime. One day it's hug a hoodie; the next it's slap a hoodie. Who knows what the Tories stand for now? What we do know is that the last Tory government cut police numbers and ...
12:59 pm

Yet more NHS reform

Gravatar Tonight at 10pm we vote on a new local government bill which, among other things, abolishes the Patient and Public Involvement Forums which are supposed to provide some local accountability in the NHS. But these PPIFs were only created a few years ago as the replacement for Community Health Councils which had just been abolished. Now we are going to have yet another set- up - LINKs or "local involvement networks" - to provide local public involvement with the NHS. You have to wonder how long it will be before these are also abolished! Not only does all this ...
12:31 pm

Lib Dem slams triple whammy of mistakes

Gravatar A Liberal Democrat Councillor has reacted today to the claims of Local Government Minister Phil Woolas, who is applauding the 39 per cent funding increase for local government over the past ten years. Councillor Glyn Nightingale, the Council's Cabinet member for Corporate Resources, said: “I am sure the Minister is right for the national average - but the reality here is very different. A triple whammy of mistakes has cost our taxpayers £7.1million. “Despite the Government’s failure, through our own efficiencies we have been able to find a productivity improvement of seven per cent to invest £6.5million in ...
11:45 am

We Can Cut Crime: Liberal Democrats launch crime campaign today

Gravatar The Liberal Democrats have launched their crime campaign - We Can Cut Crime. Crime is one of the biggest issues in Britain today and the Liberal Democrats are taking the lead, proposing real action at a national level and acting to cut crime where we are in power locally.
11:44 am

We can cut crime

Gravatar Ming Campbell launched the Liberal Democrats ‘We can cut crime!’ campaign on January 22, 2007 as follows, and also launched the ‘We can cut crime‘ website: Today I am launching a five step liberal campaign to cut crime in this country. It is a radical approach, a practical approach and an effective approach. And it has never [...]
11:33 am

Mother's Pride

Gravatar The rules governing parliamentary debate are simple.  Respect the speaker.  Stick to 'parliamentary' language only.  Avoid 'liar' in particular.  We are after all Honourable...
11:20 am

Mast Application in The Avenue Refused

Gravatar The first round of the campaign to stop a mobile telephone mast in The Avenue has been won. However, the mobile telephone companies usually appeal these decisions. We will post further information on the blog as it becomes available. Full decision below with web address for details. Town and Country Planning Act 1990 Town and Country Planning (General Development Procedure) Order 1995 (as amended) Application Type: Full Application Site Location: Street Record The Avenue Combe Down Bath Description of Proposal: Erection of telecommunications base station comprising a 17.5m monopole mast incorporating three shrouded 1.7m ...
10:54 am

Another move for Reid

Gravatar During a recent parliamentary by election, the future of the local hospital became a major issue.  In order to play down the issue Labour wheeled in John Reid, then Health Secretary, to deliver a strong rebuke to the campaigning smears of their opponents."The hospital is safe for as long as I am Health Secretary" declared Dr Reid.Unfortunately, this cut little ice with those that knew a little about his ministerial career.  His list of appointments shows he's the most moved Minister in the Government: As a Junior Minister John Reid served as Minister of State for Defence from May 1997 ...
10:50 am

St Raphaels Christmas Party

Gravatar One pleasant surprise for me has been the number of invitations I have received to parties for senior citizens over the Christmas period. A large number of community-spirited people in the Borough find the time and energy to organise these events, which have all been thoroughly enjoyed by those who attend. Yesterday was the turn of St Raphaels Church in Surbiton, who invited around 100...
10:44 am

Ruth Turner

Gravatar I don’t have a particular brief for the Police, nor do I think that Ruth Turner is a hardened criminal or particularly corrupt (if she is charged, it is to take the wrap for her bosses). But I really can’t understand why Labour politicians are getting their knickers in such a twist over her [...]
10:33 am

The Bedworth Patriot

Gravatar As I mentioned in my previous post, whilst canvassing in Bedworth I came across a BNP leaflet 'The Bedworth Patriot' which I liberated to add to my collection. (sad I know) The lead story caught my eye as it features Leamington. It seems that the BNP are livid that Lib-Dem Warwick District Council allowed the Sikh community to put up Diwali lights along with the Christmas lights in Leamington. "It is a disgrace. Only the BNP stands up for our culture and traditions". Leamington Spa is proud of its diversity and any part of our community ...
10:26 am

Greek dancing

Gravatar The Greek Orthodox Church in Borough Road kindly invited Ian and me to a Dinner Dance on Saturday evening. Earlier in the month I had attended their service for the Blessing of the Waters, which was also followed by a good lunch. As before, the dinner was a highly enjoyable event, with good food and conversation. And, of course, I couldn't resist the dancing.
10:24 am

Bedwoth by-election

Gravatar I spent yesterday morning campaigning with Alice Field who is standing in a by-election in Bedworth. I believe Alice would be a superb councillor for Bedworth and would help address what local people see as the neglect of their town by the borough. In this seven way election many people told us that they had voted Labour in the past yet they were unsure now. As Colin Ross experienced the day before, we often found ourselves working the same roads as the BNP whilst in one road Labour were delivering.
9:54 am

A hint of light - spring must be approaching

Gravatar I caught the 7.39am train from Newcastle to London - we have just passed through York. I always get that "spring must be on its way" feeling when being driven into Newcastle on a Monday morning and there is a hint of daylight in the east. A hint, mind you, only a hint. Of course, all this coincides with a big freeze that meant the car had to be defrosted before we hit the road. Our top target
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Build that Shelter

Gravatar With all the troubles surrounding the Government at present, perhaps they should refer to this advice on building a fall-out shelter issued in the UK many moons ago and reproduced by uniquitous YouTube. It is strange to see this and all the related clips on nuclear war on YouTube as it was this climate of fear [...]
9:23 am

Thoughts on the situation in Thailand

Gravatar Having returned a couple of days ago I thought I would put down a few thoughts on the current situation in Thailand. I have visited Thailand several times over the last few years and my views are also informed by the conversations and experiences with admittedly a very small number of Thais. I also read the Bangkok Post and The Nation every day in Thailand and attempt to keep up with life in Thailand via their web sites. My comments cover three areas - Tourism, The Economy and Politics. Tourism : The hotel we stayed in was as ...
8:52 am

Home Office data collection

Gravatar Just a cartoon, which I'm posting having done the very hi-tech thing of taking a photo of it from my copy of Private Eye. For better quality cartoons and more Private Eye stuff, go here. I know it's a slightly old story now and it *could* be a moot point if the proposed Justice/Security split goes ahead. However, interesting that the Home Office wants to store all our personal details on a huge ID card database - but actually aren't very good at keeping even basic records of some pretty important stuff.
8:39 am

Hillary for President

Gravatar No not Hilary Stephenson (the Liberal Democrats Director of Campaigns), but Hillary Clinton has announced she is running for President of the United States of America. Hillary said "I'm in - and in to win." She like Barack Obama has announced the formation of an exploratory Committee.
7:53 am

Road rage

Gravatar Today's Western Mail asked the very pertinent question, 'how many more cars can the M4 take?' As a frequent traveller on this road there is no doubt in my mind that it is struggling to cope with the sheer weight of traffic. Delays are frequent, whilst there are established bottlenecks that appear day in day out without fail. The number of accidents on this road is also worrying. Often all it takes is a change in the weather for a new set of vehicle collisions. The paper quotes the South East Wales Transport Alliance as expressing fears of ...
7:48 am

A great loss

Gravatar The death of Children's Commissioner, Peter Clarke, yesterday is a great loss to his family and to Wales. He was an outstanding advocate for children and was liked and respected by all who met and worked with him. He was a persistent fighter whose campaigns on behalf of young people have helped to set the agenda in Wales for many years to come. Above all Peter was a remarkable communicator who was able to work with people of all ages. His sensitivity, passion and charm enabled him to win the trust of both children and adults, whilst his sincerity ...
7:34 am

Equality Minister Fighting For Inequality : Independent

Gravatar The Independent reports that Ruth Kelly, the Minister for Equality is trying to get an exemption for Roman Catholic charities to turn away gay couples seeking to adopt. The devout Catholic minister and member of the "opus deii" sect, if "The Independent" report is correct, would therefore be allowing a personal religious issue to get in the way of her duty to ensure equality. If this is true, it will be an absolute disgrace. No doubt like last time I posted about Ruth Kelly I will get journalists from the Catholic Times jumping to her defence, but I ...
6:10 am

We Can Cut Crime: Liberal Democrats launch crime campaign today

Gravatar At 11.45am today Ming Campbell (a former prosecutor himself) and Nick Clegg are launching the party’s spring “We Can Cut Crime” campaign. The website is already live at, where you can read the “5 steps to a safer Britain” programme and sign the petition. You can also watch Nick and Ming talking about the campaign: A campaign [...]
4:25 am

The Today programme - alarmist and simplistic

Gravatar Unusually this morning, I listened attentively to much of the Today programme. That is to say, I wasn’t either in a half sleep or rushing to get ready for work. A couple of the items, both presented by Sarah Montague, highlighted two of the things I dislike about the programme – its' love of alarmism and simplistic solutions. When the person in charge of the anti-pollution work on the ship grounded off Sidmouth stated that the situation was under control, Ms Montague’s disappointment was almost audible. She spent the rest of the interview trying to get the interviewee to ...
4:15 am

The Castro follies

Gravatar I am not normally one to praise the opinions of Conservative MEPs, but there is an excellent article by Daniel Hannan on Castro’s closing days in this week’s Spectator. Unfortunately this has now disappeared behind the magazine’s firewall but really keen readers can always nip out and buy it. He highlights the rival madnesses that seem to afflict western attitudes towards Fidel’s regime. On the one hand many people on the democratic left regard Castro as a hero for standing up to America. As former New Statesman editor Peter Wilby put it: One of the earliest lessons ...
4:14 am

As I was only just saying…

Gravatar ...Expect a long gap. I didn’t expect it to be quite this long, but it’s harder to start blogging again once you have stopped than to keep going when you’ve started. Let’s see how it goes this time.

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