This morning I caught a train to Sheffield to see the exhibition Ravilious & Co: The Pattern of Friendship at the city's Millennium Gallery. This is a major touring exhibition. First seen at the Towner Gallery in Eastbourne (Eric Ravilious's home town), it will be in Sheffield for the rest of 2017 and at Compton Verney, Warwickshire, in the spring of next year. The Towner Gallery website describes it well: Based on new research and telling a story that has never been told before, this exhibition of the artist and designer Eric Ravilious (1903-1942), coincides with the 75th anniversary of ...

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So, as I said yesterday, today I'm going to talk about another game I've been playing recently: Yorkshire Gubbins. Now, unlike 4 the Words I know the developer of this game, and consider her a friend, so my normal disclaimer ... Continue reading →

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Sat 11th

Is the GCC Unravelling?

The Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, more commonly known by its previous name, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), has been in existence since 1981 and aims at a degree of economic integration between Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the UAE and Oman as well as cooperation in other fields, but some [...]

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I'm in D.C. for a few days, and have been musing on the geography of the city - how the familiar grid of streets attempts to drown out the underlying landscape, and sometimes succeeds. Googling around historical maps, I discovered Don Lockwood's fascinating 1990 reconstruction of the topography of the Federal City as it would have been in 1791, before the building started. Here's the central stretch: Isn't it interesting that the old shoreline path (the Ferry Road) was not all that far from the later route of Pennsylvania avenue? And my attention was caught by the clustering of contour ...

Willie Rennie puts immigration front and centre of his Leader's speech to Scottish Conference today. He will will set out positive examples that immigration brings to local communities and call out hard line Brexiteers who risk tanking the economy in their obsessive pursuit of a damaging Brexit. He will say: The Conservatives are about to betray Leave voters or trash the economy. This is the real political car crash that is heading our way. If immigration is not cut with Brexit then Leavers will feel betrayed because that is what they voted for. If the Conservatives keep that promise, and ...

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Fareham BC, Stubbington - Lib Dem gain from UKIP LD Jim Forest 1185 [55.2%; +32.4%] Con 769 [35.8%; +6.1%] UKIP 117 [5.4%; -37.9%] Lab 76 [3.5%; -0.5%] A massive congratulations to Jim Forest and the team in Fareham for a smashing gain, capitalising on UKIP's continuedly rapid electoral decline. Having a popular local candidate always helps of course and this will be Jim's third term in Stubbington. His campaign was largely based off his excellent record as a local champion and protecting the standards of the local area from Tory cuts. Camden LB, Gospel Oak - Labour hold Lab 1,144 ...

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Sat 11th

For whom the bell tolls

Like one of those fortune tellers who claim that they can predict the exact time and date of your death, the Government have determined that they will write into law that Brexit will take place irrevocably at 11pm on Friday 29th March 2019. This is apparently an hour earlier than previously planned. Presumably, Ministers could not be certain that Big Ben's bongs would be around to toll us out of an institution that has brought us peace, stability and economic prosperity for nearly 45 years, longer if you count the years before we joined - 'Do not ask for whom ...

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Sat 11th

Remembrance Day

Here's a telling sentence from Giles Fraser's article in yesterday's Guardian: "...I am always conscious that remembrance is too easily purloined by those who want to celebrate precisely the sort of militarism and nationalistic chauvinism that led so many young men to pointless deaths." That certainly resonates with me, and for some years, in order to try and balance the motives behind Poppy Day I've worn a white poppy* alongside the red one.. In his article Fraser quotes this poem by Ellis Humphrey Evans, who was killed on the first day of Passchendaele: Why must I live in this grim ...

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Tom, Jayne and Muhammad lay wreaths at the Wallington Poppy Planting Remembrance Service in front of Wallington Old Town Hall. Thanks as always to local volunteers from the Royal British Legion for organising these events across the borough for Remembrance Day. Advertisements

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My tweets

Fri, 13:40: RT @CatrinNye: A German newspaper has published the names of 33,000 people who have died trying to reach Europe. Fri, 16:05: 'Swallow the lot, and swallow it now': Britain is, and was, deluded about its negotiating power with the EU Same m... Fri, 17:20: RT @sandrogozi: #EMA relocation should consider the wellbeing of all Europeans: that's why #Milan is the best choice. My column for @EURACT... Fri, 18:25: Running Through Corridors 2, by Toby Hadoke and Robert Shearman Sat, 10:45: How Brexit will unfold - Britain will get a deal, but it'll come at a ...

Sat 11th

Lest we forget


Embed from Getty ImagesHere's a few stories about the encouraging elections in the USA last Tuesday. Politico summarised the news: This one was for Donald Trump. Exit polls revealed an unmistakable anti-Trump backlash Tuesday, as Democrats won resounding victories in governors races in Virginia and New Jersey. Majorities of voters in both states disapproved of the job Trump is doing as president, with significant numbers of voters in each state saying Trump was a reason for their vote. And far more of those voters said they made their choice to oppose Trump than to support him. James Hahamnn in the ...

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A Senior Judge Has Suggested Charging The Government For Every "No-Brainer" Benefits Case It Loses In Court The thing is, all this would do is take more money out of the pot. "We Must Look At The Images We Market To Our Children..." An Open Letter to Lands' End Let clothes be clothes. Doctor Who: Fans And Pros Draw The 13th Doctor In Her New Outfit Some of these are just gorgeous How can liberalism be to blame for everything when we can't even agree what it is? Why aren't the polls moving? (Despite the chaos) - Number Cruncher Politics ...

[IMG: An Asian woman in Benidorm NOT Israel] While Priti Patel was 'holidaying' in Israel in August, I was on holiday in Benidorm. While Priti Patel, the former International Development Secretary, was unwittingly orchestrating her own downfall by furtively meeting Israeli ministers and... The post An Asian woman in Benidorm NOT Israel appeared first on FeministMama @ambitiousmamas.

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DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL - WEEKLY ROAD REPORT REPORT FOR WEST END WARD - SATURDAY 11 AND SUNDAY 12 NOVEMBER 2017 Lochee Road (at Blinshall Street) - temporary traffic lights on Sunday 12 November for refuge island installation. REPORT FOR WEST END WARD - WEEK COMMENCING MONDAY 13 NOVEMBER 2017 A85 Riverside Drive - prohibition of right turn from westbound lane of Riverside Drive into Riverside approach and prohibition of right turn from Riverside Approach in to Riverside Drive for 4 weeks for works to the sea wall. Prohibitions will only be in place when required. A85 Riverside Drive (at Railway ...

I've bought my poppy and a wreath and I will wear and carry them both with pride tomorrow at Liverpool's Cenotaph Tomorrow, as I have done for the past 6 years, I will represent my Party and its supporters at ... Continue reading →

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The Federal Board of the Liberal Democrats has met to discuss the concerns expressed by members of the party over the last few days. We considered what action should be taken to address these concerns, and also to let members know about changes that are in progress already. I want to start by thanking everybody who has spoken up about harassment and sexual assault over the last few days. I know, from personal experience in the media when I was younger, that it is insidious, pervasive and demeaning and the effects never really leave you. Vince Cable and I remain ...

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The Wellie in November 2017 The Weld Blundell in 2008 Weld Blundell Pub – November 2016 We had our first visit to the recently reopened 'Wellie' yesterday and an enjoyable experience it was too. We were with our relatives from 'up north' in Preston, Jan and Ian, who know Mike Reeve the new landlord from a couple of pubs he runs in that part of the world. The old pub has certainly undergone a huge change and is much larger than before the recent refurb'. The food was good and the staff were attentive and engaging. Here's a few shots ...

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A constant theme in the sort of semi-public debates about how the Liberal Democrats are organised that you encounter at party conferences or in Facebook groups is that the party's staffing structures are too centralised. Most often in the last decade it has been the party's employed campaign staff who feature with variants on 'we'd have done better at the last election if staff had been answerable to us rather than following foolish orders from central HQ'. It is, in passing, a remarkable coincidence, how often the answers to the party's problems are always to simplify our organisation by abolishing ...

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