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MBS Comes to Town

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, has been in London today, getting right royal treatment befitting of a state visit, with lunch with the Queen, tea at 10 Downing Street and dinner with Prince Charles. There was some bemusement yesterday among Londoners as electronic billboard vans drove round the city welcoming MBS's [...]

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Wed 7th

Ethical Ethnography

Ethnography, a field of anthropology, is the study of people and cultures alongside their customs, habits and mutual differences: an ethnographic researcher observes a society or culture from an emic perspective in an example of a practise-research feedback circuit. Quetzil E. Castañeda writes that 'fieldwork is intrinsically a collaborative (interactive, dialogical, collusive) endeavour'[1]and argues for a dramaturgy of research. Castañeda speculates on the possibility of codifying a methodology of experimentation, within the parameters of a defined ethnographic research question which takes into account the flexibility and spontaneity inherent in the practice. Dwight Conquergood also calls for the recognition of intersubjectivity ...

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During the 2016 European referendum, the DUP received £435,000 in a secret donation which was then spent on Brexit campaigning across the UK. The Conservatives have now ditched plans to make this donation public, ignoring the advice of the official regulator. Funnelling money for campaigning outside Northern Ireland via a Northern Irish party such as the DUP exploited a loophole that exists just for the province. Yet another Brexit campaigner fined for breaking the lawPeter Harris, who campaigned for Brexit in last year's referendum, has been hit with a record £12,000 fine for breaking the law. more Due to its ...

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It's hard not to shed a tear for days that are gone at this news from the Daily Mail: A wealthy American has paid £1 million to rent the Lib Dems' former headquarters for a year - in Britain's most expensive 'try-before-you-buy' property deal. The top end of the housing market has suffered in recent years on the back of political uncertainty, Brexit and increased stamp duty. And this has led to an increase in super-tenants who choose to 'test drive' a mansion before committing to buying. One estate agent has now claimed to have set a record for a ...

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You'll excuse me for posting this so late in the evening, but I've been reading all your lovely submitted amendments and questions and emergency motions. My, you have been busy little yellow bees, haven't you? There's nothing warms the cockles of my flinty old heart more than people engaging with conference, so I'm as happy as a pig in muck here. ANYway... I hereby present Jennie's top tips for surviving conference. These apply to both spring and autumn, so you can regard this as a hand cut out 'n' keep guide if you like.Schedule time for food. That might sound ...

Third page: Monji: I was still a little boy and my father worked hard on the railway. Monji: To make ends meet, he went fishing at the weekend. Monji: My brother Abdel tried to sell the fish to restaurants. This wasn't easy, because there were a lot of other fishermen selling their catch. This is the story of a Tunisian who moved to Belgium, probably in the late 1960s or early 1970s, as told to his grand-daughter in 2015. It's being marketed to Flemish schools as a way of starting discussions about migration in the classroom; I found it a ...

When the vote is taken on Liverpool Council's Budget tonight Lib Dems will vote against it. I explain why below Today the Liberal Democrats will do something that we have never done before in the 35 years that I have ... Continue reading →

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Wed 7th

In A Days Work

Due to the ongoing strikes, we haven't met for a Live Art seminar for a couple of weeks. So, in true Theatre Student style, we decided to put research into practice. In A Days Work was a performance action, designed by Katherine Vinogradoff, and devised collaboratively by Katherine, Lauren Burnett, and myself, with participation by students and lecturers from the MA Theatre and Performance Studies course. The durational work took place on 6th March, 2018, and lasted from 9am until 5pm at Bush House; one of the buildings that forms the Strand Campus for King's College London. The time period ...

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During March, King's College London is running the 'Make Do Play' challenge; a series of creative prompts, which invite participants to reflect on how creativity, arts, and play, can contribute towards improving mental health and wellbeing. I signed up, and on the 1st March I received my first prompt, along with the instructions to think about how the activity make me feel, and consider whether it is something I might use in the future to improve mood, to relax, boost concentration levels, etc. Day One Singing I sing to myself an awful lot already! In the shower, while washing the ...

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Last night, London Lib Dems launched their campaign for May's elections. One of the many things that is fantastic about having Vince as leader is that he gets local government. He gets why it is important as an end in itself. He's been there – as a councillor in another city, Glasgow, back in the 70s. Hackney Heroine Pauline Pearce talked about the scourge of knife crime. Caroline Pidgeon talked about winning in a safe Labour seat. The amazing Ruth Dombey, leader of Sutton Council, talked about their investment in mental health support among other things. You can watch the ...

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My speaking debut at a political conference took place almost exactly 32 years ago. It was the SDP Conference in Paisley in February 1986. The subject was drug abuse. The debate was way too central belt focused for my liking so I decided to talk about the issue as I saw it in Wick. I ended up getting described in the Press and Journal as an "all over problem." Or at least that's how they headlined my speech. It also, I believe, made headline news in the John O'Groat Journal. They even rang me up a year or so later ...

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He's finally gone to pick up his new motorbike that he should have got last week. This entails him getting the train from Brighouse to Batley, where the dealership is. He decided to get the 10.29 train, walked to the station, and discovered that the 10.29 had been cancelled due to a train fault. Luckily my mum had persuaded him to take his mobile phone (he hates his mobile phone with a passion that rages like the fire of a thousand suns, mostly because it enables my mum to ring him on it even when he doesn't want her to), ...

[IMG: An IWD exhibition of 'Honest You'-women without make up] An exhibition of women without make up will be held as part of an International Women's Day event which I am holding on 'Skin and Feminism'. The exhibition titled 'Honest You' is an on going... The post An IWD exhibition of 'Honest You'-women without make up appeared first on FeministMama @ambitiousmamas.

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My tweets

Tue, 12:56: I've walked the Irish border - Brexiters are trampling on fragile territory Excellent piece. Tue, 16:05: These were the 796 children who died at Tuam Mother and Baby Home A grim accounting. Tue, 18:15: BSFA Award for Best Novel Tue, 20:33: May 'double cherry-picking' on Brexit, says leaked EU report Tue, 20:48: Brexit: Half In, Half Out or Right Out? (PDF) @AndrewDuffEU looks forward as well as back. Tue, 21:40: RT @alexandrabulat: To everyone that tells me to stop criticising settled status because "I will be fine, cos I am a PhD student ...

Women only multi-task because no other bugger does anythingFacebook asks users: should we allow men to ask children for sexual images?#QTWTAIN, obvs. Plus, also, who would answer "yes, of course!" to this. Surely the Paedos would think it was a sting?Belief in brain myths and child development myths continues even among those who've studied psychologyMeet the teens who replaced white actors with black people in movie postersWhat If Online Movie Ratings Weren't Based Almost Entirely On What Men Think?My big take away from this is "wait, women rate Lord of the Rings films higher than men?!". But then I remembered. ...

[IMG: A walking tour for IWD using old maps of the historical women of the East End] Come and learn about the women of the East End and take in locations with historical connections to the Suffragette movement. This walk is hosted by me and will be led by Ken Titmuss of 'Old... The post A walking tour for IWD using old maps of the historical women of the East End appeared first on FeministMama @ambitiousmamas.

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The quality of education only improves if people feel comfortable in what they are wearing So said Layla Moran on yesterday's Daily Politics in a discussion about gender neutral school uniforms. Watch the whole thing here: * Newshound: bringing you the best Lib Dem commentary published in print or online.

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Bill Bernbach was one of the pioneering American ad men of the mid-twentieth century, now best remembered as a frequently referred to rival in the TV series Mad Men.

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Wed 7th

More statues needed

As a society we have been too reticent to acknowledge the role of women in building our society and our polity. Perhaps that is because we have been so male-orientated at all levels that it has been difficult for those in positions of influence to acknowledge the underlying misogyny that permeates the corridors of power and to deal with it. I am delighted therefore that there is now a movement to commemorate the role of women in society and their achievements and that this is starting with the unveiling of a statue of suffragist Millicent Fawcett, in Parliament Square next ...

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Merseyrail's new Stadler Trains, to be delivered in a couple of years time, are at the heart of the dispute about driver only operated trains. The BBC has an article about the next round of strike action on its web site – see link above Oh no you might say Robertson's banging on about those interminable railway strikes again. Well yes he is but from Jeremy's perspective! You see a couple of days ago I saw a tweet from JC which said this:- 'This @RMTunion film shows why it is essential to keep guards on our trains. Please share ...

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I've had an update on the sign/noticeboard/bus map display case at The Square from Merseytravel. This is what it says:- Thank you for your comments regarding the local area information frames at Maghull Square. Unfortunately, the repairs to these frames are not covered under the standard maintenance agreement. We are currently waiting for some external agencies to return quotes for this repair and we will action this as soon as possible. Once we have been informed that the repair has been completed we will print and display replacement notices as soon as possible. Thank you for taking the time to ...

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Before I discuss this report I want to put it into perspective: -An article in the Guardian, some time ago now, stated that there were 159 seats where the winning margin in 2015 general election was lower than the number of Muslims in the constituency; -Of Sikhs and Muslims, over 70% of them vote Labour; -Newspapers reported in the elections following the Iraq war over 20% of the voters originally from Pakistan and Bangladesh voted for the Liberal Democrats and in 2010 and 2015 general elections Runnymede points to this same voting group going down to 2%; -In the 1960s ...

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I was interviewed by the new television news arm of the Financial Times a couple of weeks back, and realised – perhaps a little reluctantly – that I am considered an expert on the rail 'debate'. I put the word debate in inverted commas because I'm not sure either of the options in open political debate [...] The post Does Chris Grayling not believe my Sundays are important? appeared first on Radix.

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The Data Protection Bill is going through the House of Commons at the moment. Christine Jardine and Ed Davey were leading for the Liberal Democrats. The best speeches in the Commons are those where rather than stick to their carefully prepared and researched notes, the MP gets incensed by the twaddle being spouted by the other side and just goes for them. Christine had intended to concentrate on personal data, but the former journalist was so annoyed by the Tories' abandonment of Leveson 2 and their lame justifications thereof that she just went for them. She understands perfectly well that ...

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In you live in the areas of either Phase 1 or Phase 2 of the recycling rollout (introduction of current recycling services back in 2015) what you put in your waste and recycling bins is changing - including how often they are collected. This affects most of the West End Ward apart from the Perth Road Lanes area which was in Phase 4 (last year - 2017). The council is making these changes because the Scottish Government's Household Recycling Charter has been introduced and it changes what will go into the blue bin and the burgundy bin. Residents affected will ...