Ahead of this weekend's Liberal Democrat party conference in Southport, leader Vince Cable has challenged the Conservative and Labour leaders to a live TV debate on Brexit: With around a year until Britain leaves the European Union, Sir Vince Cable said a debate would be an ideal moment to update voters on the parties' competing visions of Brexit... Issuing the call for a televised debate, he said: "It's the half-way point in the Brexit process. It would be quite useful to have a reality check on where the parties are." He added: "Because it's not a general election, and there ...

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The developers who failed in their attempt to demolish the old Black Boy pub in Leicester have come up with a new scheme for the site that incorporates the building. Stuart Bailey, the chairman of Leicester Civic Society, has seen the plans and tells the Leicester Mercury:"They are for retail use on the ground floor - perhaps even a pub - then flats above. "The extensions proposed are at the rear away from the frontage. "It looks a very good scheme and it saves the historic fabric of the building."

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Second paragraph of third chapter:As memory of me faded, so did a part of myself. Whoever that Hope Arden is who laughs with her friends, smiles with her family, flirts with her lover, resents her boss, triumphs with her colleagues - she ceased to exist, and it has been surprising for me to discover just how little of me is left behind, when all that is stripped away.I really liked both North's previous books, The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August, whose protagonist is reborn again every time he dies and has the chance to re-live his life from the ...

Following last year's consultation on a possible new junction 18a on the M4, South Gloucestershire's Conservative Cabinet looks set to support the Western option via Emersons Green as the preferred route. This option involves re-aligning the motorway at Henfield. Residents have already contacted us to raise concerns. As yet we have seen no plan for how they intend to manage the additional traffic this will push through our villages and the residential roads in the south of Yate. Nor have we seen a plan for how, when or where a link will be provided from the new junction to Yate ...

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Embed from Getty Images Welcome to another in my occasional series highlighting interesting findings from academic research. This time, it is a look back at the work of David Cutts, Ed Fieldhouse, Justin Fisher, Ron Johnston and Charles Pattie with data from the 2010 British Election Study on the impact of contacting voters. Our analyses of the 2010 election, using data supplied to us by the individual candidates' agents, found that the more people canvassing for a party in a constituency - both members and volunteer non-member supporters - the better its performance there. Canvassers having conversations with potential voters ...

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New stats from the Department for Work and Pensions show that not far off two thirds of decisions that people are fit for work are overturned on appeal. Now, think about it. You have to go through a stressful assessment process. You get your decision. You then have to ask for a mandatory reconsideration which will almost always have the same outcome. You then have the stress of waiting for months for an appeal. Then you have the stress of actually going to the Tribunal and facing questions from a panel. By this time a year or more could have ...

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In May of last year, we had a set of local elections, as indeed we do every May. People don't talk about the results of them much anymore for several reasons. One, once they come and go, people tend to forget all about the national results of local elections – even though, immediately afterwards, they read into them in ways that can only be described as absurd. But May 2017 is worth revisiting, just for a moment. The Tories gained 563 seats, while Labour lost 382. Everyone took this as a sure sign that the Tories were going to roll ...

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[IMG: Radical Liberalism in the 21 Century] 'The place for Radical Liberalism in the 21 Century' is a paper published by Compass and co-authored by two Lib Dems: Paul Pettinger, a former city councillor who has also worked in Lib Dem HQ;... The post Radical Liberalism in the 21 Century appeared first on FeministMama @ambitiousmamas.

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The fact that Theresa May is taking a direct interest in building new homes is a welcome step. Government departments and their ministers will often roll their eyes at yet another initiative from Downing Street, catching the daily headlines but without the follow through that makes any real impact. But they also know that if [...]

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In this week's New European, Vince Cable says that the British citizens on Gibraltar must not be sacrificed in the Brexit negotiations. Clause 24 of the EU 27's joint negotiating position, published in April last year, included a Spanish veto over the application of any deal between the EU and UK over Gibraltar. Spain's prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, said it was "plainly obvious" that such a veto would be part of the EU's negotiating guidelines. Gibraltar's chief minister, Fabian Picardo, described clause 24 as "discriminatory and unfair". A footnote to the draft legal text of the Withdrawal Agreement published last ...

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On Sunday morning at the Liberal Democrat federal spring conference in Southport, the party will be debating a new strategy. I'd summarise it as a six step route to success... The post Sunday: decision time on Liberal Democrat strategy (LDN #110) appeared first on Mark Pack.

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We must recognise that universities do more than simply educate the next generation of graduates. Judging them solely on how happy their current students are is imprudent and short-sighted. Continue reading →

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The Government's Data Protection Bill is generally good, but its exemption for immigration is a very bad thing. Ed Davey explained why the measure will ruin thousands of lives in his speech in the Commons debate this week. I want to speak about the actual Bill, not amendments made in the other House. This piece of legislation is very welcome. It emanates from the EU, and I am delighted that the Government are implementing it. This regulation was being formed when I was a junior Minister in the then Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, and Britain was very supportive ...

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www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-43328566 The BBC has the article about racist chanting at Nottingham Trent University on its web site – see link above As a Nottinghamshire lad this saddens and angers me. People are not born racists they are conditioned to be like that by what they learn from those around them; that this is still an issue in 2018 is utterly appalling to me. I think we all now realise that one of the consequences of the EU Referendum has been that to some it has made intolerance towards those who are non-white and perceived to be non-British something that is ...

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Trump's threatened tariffs are not part and parcel of an America First Policy They are part of an America Directs Policy. Or, even better, an America Dictates Policy. Many would say that such a policy is no more than a continuation of a reality that has existed since 1945. They have a point. But at least it was nominally linked to a morality-based system. Trump's policies are tied to vengeance and greed. We are tired, he bleats, at being taken advantage of. The rest of the world has been laughing at us for too long. So, he is going to ...

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There has been a great deal of media speculation about the prospect of a new centre party in the UK. There has also been a great deal of media comment that "it couldn't happen here", mainly because the first-past-the-post electoral system doesn't favour new parties, and the experience of the SDP in the 1980s is [...] The post Macron's resolute walk towards radical centrism appeared first on Radix.

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Useful update from the Celebrate Age Network :

Fears about changes to the way that women's hostels are funded have not been allayed by the Prime Minister's refusal to guarantee their future during an interview for International Women's Day. As the Independent reports, Theresa May has failed to rule out the closure of some women's refuges despite warnings from campaigners that her planned funding shakeup could threaten the future of shelters for women fleeing violent partners: Domestic violence campaigners claim around a third of refuges could close if the plans go ahead, which would take short-term supported housing outside of the welfare system and hand funds to local ...

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