Fri 11th

London Rock (1970)

A fantastic documentary featuring The Faces, Marc Bolan, Linda Lewis, Matthews Southern Comfort and Fairport Convention.

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Brigstock has a Saxon church. It's not Brixworth, but it's still worth a visit. Inside you will find this monument to Robert Vernon, 1st Baron Lyveden, who held office under four prime minsters. Since you ask, they were Grey, Melbourne, Russell and Palmerston. Vernon's original surname was Smith - he was a nephew of the great Sydney Smith. He was MP for Tralee 1829-31 and for Northampton 1831-59. Despite what Wikipedia says, this is not his tomb inside St Andrew's. But in the churchyard you can find the family vault where he lies.

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Fri 11th

Six of the Best 790

"Come again - you mean, the sanctions regime that forces people to food banks, that leaves them without the basic means of providing for themselves - we agreed to that in order to get a plastic bag tax?" Caron Lindsay is not impressed by Polly Mackenzie's blasé revelations. Andrew Page wishes we could stop talking about Tim Farron. "The emergence of community politics owed itself directly to the aftermath of 1968. But sadly the counterculture has petered out inside the Lib Dems, and has become so much part of the background noise that nobody really notices it any more." David ...

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Second paragraph of third diary entry: Schratt has lived in Konapah for more than thirty years. The heat has dried up his energies. He has become as superstitious as the Indians of his district. If his medical ethics permitted, he would prescribe snake charms and powdered toads for his patients. This is another finalist for the Best Novel Retro Hugo for 1943, a short novel which was the basis of several memorable films. Our protagonist, a mildly corrupt doctor in a desert town in the Western USA, rescues the brain of evil millionaire Donovan, who is fatally injured in a ...

Responding to a new official report revealing that the number of over-40 renters has doubled in the last ten years, Liberal Democrat Housing spokesperson Wera Hobhouse said:"This is symptomatic of a broken housing market. We often hear about the debilitating barriers that the younger generation faces, but it is important to remember that this crisis impacts those of all ages. "The opportunity to own a home is becoming more and more restricted to the extremely wealthy in our society. "Swathes of hard-working individuals in the UK are unable to own a home and it is time the Government took action." ...

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I'm really glad to see that Stephen Lloyd has written to Esther McVey to ask for action to reform Universal Credit to ensure that victims of domestic violence have access to their own money. The Scottish Party's landmark Social Security Bill allows for the default splitting of payments between members in a household, but ideally we need to find a solution for the whole UK. At the moment, the benefit is paid to one person, usually the man. If domestic abuse is going on in a relationship, there is likely to be financial abuse too so it's important to ensure ...

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Edinburgh Western MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton has written a powerful column in the Edinburgh Evening News in which he takes apart the awful "Incel" movement's bizarre and misogynist arguments. He lays bare some of the stuff these people believe. A warped political ideology has germinated in the dark chatrooms of this scene. There are lengthy and rambling discourses which amount to a deranged manifesto, preaching the need for a "global redistribution of sex". This involves a sexual caste system where women will be forced to have sex with incel men as a punishment for being promiscuous or if they use too ...

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Fri 11th

Tua culpa maxima

How many pro-Europeans woke up today and stared incredulously at their computer screen as they sought to digest arch-Brexiteer, Dan Hannan's mea culpa, that our departure from the EU is 'not working out' the way it was planned? Who knew there was ever a plan? I thought they were winging it, at least that is how it comes across. As the UK Business Insider website reports, the Conservative MEP whose speeches against Brussels went viral on YouTube, is now saying that Britain should seek an "Efta-type arrangement, à la Suisse" to protect trade with the EU. This is a clear ...

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Sovereignty. Not many of us used that word before the Brexit referendum campaign. Now it's on everyone's lips. But that doesn't do much to help us understand what the word means in a 21st century world. The US has just withdrawn from the JPCOA agreement with Iran. It will re-impose the harshest of sanctions on [...] The post The dream world that we go into when we use the word 'sovereignty' appeared first on Radix.

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The move of the Frank Hornby Heritage Centre display cabinets from what was the Frank Hornby Room on the ground floor of Maghull's Meadows Leisure Centre to a bespoke space on the first floor is now well advanced. This was the scene last Tuesday as contractors working for Sefton Council had moved the display cabinets upstairs:- And below the still boxed up new additional display cases ready for fixing to the wall:- Things have moved on more since Tuesday and The Frank Hornby Trust hope to be announcing when the displays will be available again for viewing very soon.

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Genderquake: Channel 4 Propped Up Old Prejudices And Dressed It Up As Controversy How "Scream 3" Predicted Hollywood's #MeToo Moment Thought-provoking stuff Eurovision Song Contest 2018: China banned from broadcasting Eurovision after censoring same-sex dancing Years Before Stonewall, a Chef Published the First Gay Cookbook (American site, so American viewpoint on LGBT+ history, but still v interesting) A functional pinball machine made entirely from Lego bricks ... which I covet If you like what you see here (or even if you don't) please consider dropping me a tip: [IMG: Paypal Donate Button] [IMG: Buy Me an uncaffeinated beverage (because I'm ...

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The zealots came – as always – draped in purity, to press their claims ~ which would erase our nuances, reduce our subtleties to slates; as if a blank could live ~ in which the glories of creation would shrink to conceptual art, like angelic voices ringing locked in a crazy head ~ on roads [...]

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Credit: Powys County Times Montgomeryshire and the Welsh Liberal tradition will not see her like again 'The end of an era' is without doubt an over-used phrase when assessing much loved and respected figures who have died, but when Jane Dodds and I took our places in the China Street Welsh Presbyterian Chapel last Saturday, 5th May to celebrate the life of Shirley Hoosen (nee Hamer), that is precisely what we were witnessing. Lady Shirley Hooson was the widow of the late Liberal MP for Montgomeryshire, Lord Emlyn Hooson, who served the county for 17 years between 1962 and 1979. ...

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Fri 11th

My tweets

Thu, 12:56: RT @carmenmmachado: Hi, everyone. I'm about to make a PSA thread about a thing that happened to me recently. It's very embarrassing, but I'... Thu, 15:02: Something Like Normal, by Trish Doller Thu, 15:11: Hooray! Thu, 15:20: RT @adampayne26: Brutal but excellent thread on why extending transition is not the panacea - especially not for the Irish border https://t... Thu, 16:05: Superb thread by @pmdfoster of @telegraph. Thu, 16:50: Good. Thu, 18:39: Great tribute to Colin Rosenstiel. Thu, 19:39: Just to update on this - blackbirds are all over our garden, so it ...

Fri 11th

Waiting for Sunshine...

After such a hot early Bank Holiday, this May is all about trying to get on top of the weeds and seedlings. Planters now have onions, carrots, climbing french beans and strawberries. New fences are settling in, still some building work to be completed later in the summer. If last year was all about cutting back, clearing, repairing and reclaiming space and light in the garden; this year is the year of organising and planning... forget-me-knot & geum Cranesbill Aquilegia climbing rose & willow trellis Herb Robert, Hosta and lavender leaves Box hedge knitting together(note to self ~ pheasant eye ...

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I still think that we did the right thing to go into Government. We did a lot of good on mental health, the environment and education and we stopped the Tories from doing a whole load of nasty stuff that they proceeded to do the minute we were out the door. However, we made some howlers of mistakes. It would be very strange if we didn't. Some of them were completely avoidable. And one in particular, I can't just let pass. Recently, Polly Mackenzie, then a Special Adviser to Nick Clegg, was celebrating the Lib Dem plastic bag tax. Four ...

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Donald Trump has dropped a massive boulder in the world's diplomatic pond. Its ripples will be felt in every corner of the globe and in some cases the ripples could quickly grow to tsunami proportions. Let's start with the epicentre– the Middle East. The region is already peppered with smouldering short fuses: The Arab-Israeli conflict; Syrian civil war; Yemeni civil war; Turks v. Kurd; Qataris v Saudis and Emirates; Saudis v. Iran; The Russian presence; threatened American withdrawal; Hezbollah... . The Iran Nuclear Accord (aka Joint Consultative Plan of Action) was one of the region's few diplomatic success stories—albeit a ...

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The Times has the latest news in the Electoral Commission's investigation into whether or not Leave.EU broke election spending rules around the European referendum: The elections watchdog has referred the chief executive of Leave.EU to police on suspicion of breaking electoral law, The Times can reveal. The Electoral Commission concluded last month that there were reasonable grounds to suspect Liz Bilney had delivered an incomplete and incorrect spending return for the Brexit campaign group after the referendum. The Electoral Commission is also proposing a £70,000 fine: In a letter to Ms Bilney in April, the watchdog gave notice that it ...

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The Liverpool Echo has the article on its web site – see link above For such a welcome and positive project it seems to have been mired in controversy ever since it opened a few months back. This Echo article points to all the ways there seem to be to make a few bob out of the passing motorist. And the much older Runcorn-Widnes Bridge will be joining that controversy it seems when it reopens after refurbishment.

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Fri 11th

Lydiate – Footpath

A Lydiate resident has raised with me the uneven surface of the short public footpath that connects Oakhill Cottage Lane and Alexander Drive, the concern being that elderly pedestrians could fall on it. I have in turn put these concerns to Sefton Council's Highway Dept. and await their response.

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[IMG: Malaysia, a small nation, shows the world how democracy is done] Nationalism, a thirst for democracy and an inspiring sense of unity were the guiding concepts that saw Malaysia, a small nation-state, come together as ferocious Asian Tigers to break the shackles of a political party that dominated... The post Malaysia, a small nation, shows the world how democracy is done appeared first on FeministMama @ambitiousmamas.

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From the Curator of Museum Services at the University of Dundee : Residents are invited to join us at 6pm on Tuesday 15th May to celebrate the 10th and 125th anniversaries of the D'Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum. D'Arcy began building his collection in 1885 and opened his original museum 125 years ago in 1893. It was sadly dismantled in 1956 prior to the demolition of the building to make way for the new University Tower. The museum was later recreated in various dispersed displays around the Biological Sciences Institute, but only when it relocated to its current home in the ...

On Thursday 17 May, Shropshire Council will discuss a cross-party motion to get pavements cleared during snow events. The idea is to use volunteer snow wardens and increase collaboration between Shropshire Council and town councils. Councillors from across the political spectrum believe that more to be done by involving the whole community in clearing pavements. They are proposing that Shropshire Council investigates a snow warden scheme. It should also draw up a protocol for its highways team to work in collaboration with town councils across the county. There were two snow events in the winter of 2017/18, in mid-December and ...

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